Thursday, January 19, 2023

[ToM] The Place for Wine

This dark place has a raised rectangular dais stretching across the center of the chamber. Along the walls are smashed and fallen apart bits of ancient woods and rotten cords from furniture from what was once fine furnishings. The entire floor is coated in a discoloration the color of a deep brown rust. This is also the entryway into the Eggeater's Shrine; coming in from a raised earth and stone ramp from the jungle above.

The People of Mozz made no use of intoxicants of any kind, except the priests in their special religious revelries. This place was created by some of the bird people who were deviant, twisted, feeding eggs to a snake-god and caring for both wealth and worldly pleasures- they made great use of them. Seed-wines were drank here, in the view of their snake God, in their intimate damnation.

If one were to scrap up the remains of ancient wine stains and burn or divine them in some way; they would see a vision of ancient revelry by feathered figures. Then, the vision will twist to show the sky without a moon, and the Moon Door within the Temple of Mozz staying open while thieves steal eggs from the temple to feed to their snake God. This is a clue to how to enter the Temple's upper floors.

At the far end of this chamber is where Eggeater lays his head. If he is still alive, he will be sleeping here- his body blocking the way to the Gem Chamber where his treasures are excavated from deep beneath the earth. You will not be able to slip past him without either having someone sneak down here while you feed the demigod his offerings; though they will be trapped by the snake's body when he returns if they remain in the chamber. You can also awake him by attacking him, naturally. While down here, Eggeater cannot constrict or tail-slap anybody, as its too cramped for his massive body.

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