Saturday, January 28, 2023

[ToM] Tricksome Spire

Large and steep spike of stone jutting from the sandy Earth. Just away from The Peaks, which was once the housing district of the People of Mozz, this large spire may have once held a massive mansion for a great and powerful ruler, or perhaps a community center for many small winged souls.

Now, the spire stands bare. But the top of the spire hints at great treasure- a great bird's nest. The interesting about the spire is what happens to those when it is traveled around. The spire's tip appears unreachable from the ground, but if one were to circle around to find a way up, they would find a great change overcoming the spire.

If you walk around the Spire clockwise, the peak seems to get higher up, and a perilous, short path appears along the sides, but the nest bigger and more interesting place to visit.

If you walk around the Spire anticlockwise, the peak seems to get lower, and a safer, longer path appears along the sides, but the nest looks smaller and less impressive.

These effects seem real, but are local. Nobody in the far distance ever sees the spire getting bigger or shorter, it just looks the same. But if you stand at the base of the spire and someone else walks around it in circles, you can notice the changes too. It is not merely illusion.

Rotating around the spire takes a good bit of time on foot- going around on horseback or through some other faster way of traveling doesn't speed up the changes- it takes 1 Turn of circling the Spire either way. The X on the chart below is the number of rotations.





Steep path. Takes two turns to get to the top if anyone has -1 Con modifier or worse. Top has an eagle's nest- eggs are worth one ration.

Placid Path. Take two turns to reach the top.

Top has an eagle's nest- eggs are worth one ration.


Very Steep path. Give everyone 1 nonlethal damage from the exertion. Finch nest has 1d8 silver coins nicked from the landscape.

Gentle ramp. Takes three turns to reach the top.

There's an owl's nest with a few rat bones.


Perilous Path. Make an easy save- if you fail, another person must save to catch you else you fall to your death. Nest is for a pack of buzzards (1 HD, 1d4 beaks, low morale). The Buzzards have collected a bunch of golden bones worth 2d20 gp.

Barely inclined. Takes four turns to reach the top. Nest is abandoned.


Suicidal Path. Nobody can access without climbing gear or Dexterity +1. Thieves get a bonus. If you fail a save on the way, you just fall to your death. At the top is the nest of a Roc and a Roc's egg. If you break the Egg and drink its juice- 1d6 Max HP permanently.

Spiral stairs. The ground has morphed into stairs. At the top, a fake nest made of grass. There is a sign; “Display purposes only.”

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