Monday, January 16, 2023

[ToM] Burrowers Room

This room is coated in a floor of downy, ancient fluff. It is almost decayed to nothingness. Around the room are holes dug in the earthwork pillars and floor, as well as piles of even longer decayed leaves and shed snake skins. It is a nesting room. As you explore with any light source, several curious but shy eyes will peak out behind cover- this place is still inhabited.

The Burrowers are a bird-like creature, stunted, of a sickly gray-green color. These creatures exist to clean and consume the shedding-skins and leavings of the great serpent, the Eggeater. There are only half a dozen of them left, and all are heavily malformed and scrawny- wretched little birds. They have no combat stats; their skin is thin as paper and their bones brittle as flower stems- even their peak cannot piece the shell of the smallest beetles. It seems impossible that this generation could even still live.

In the corner of the room is a small altar lit by two small crystal stones; a dim light like a dying candleflame illuminates a handful of bright green feathers, fastidiously cleaned- a shrine of ancestral worship.

The burrowers will seem agitated if you take the feathers or search through their squalid nesting sites, but can obviously do nothing about it. Even if you are "friendly" to them, they will watch at distance, and will follow you out in the Eggeater's burrow, but will never step foot outside willingly.

Beyond the green feathers- you can also find a handful of grime-covered ancient silver bangles; much too big to fit around any of these stunted things' necks. They are worth 250 gp in total, and take a turn to dig up.


  1. enjoying this series of posts so far. seems like a cool environment, with a nice focus on how bird people might have seen the world and how that would affect their culture and buildings.

    random thought for when you start stocking the inside of the temple - birds get some wacky diseases and infections. there might be treatment facilities in there that wouldn't be of obvious use to humans and such. just, content warning if you decide to go doing any research into avian diseases on your own.