Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Land around the Great Temple of Mozz

Base of the Temple
Enchanted Plots
Exposed Trenches
Quiet Estuary
Migration Stone
Lovely Slots
The Lump
Overlook Mesa
Drytalon Canyon
Perching Stone
Gnoll Camp
Vulture Block
The Peaks
Tricksome Spire
Shadowy Recess
Avalanche Pass
Camp Remnants
[20] Savannah
Eggeater's Shrine

Wandering Encounters - Roll 1d6
[1] Giant Spiked Lizards (1 HD, +2 AC, +1 To-Hit, 1d4 Bite, 1d2 Eyebleed)
Morale- 6
Numbers- 1d6+1

Desert creatures- hungry for their next meal. Covered in thorns but not too dangerous. When threatened (if they take damage and survive) they shoot blood from their eyes- the blood stings like nettles. However after they shoot the eye-blood they become blind and can't see for the rest of the fight.

[2] Bird-Eating Snake (1 HD, +1 AC, +3 To-Hit, 1d4 Bite, Necrotic Venom)
Morale- 6
Numbers- Just one

Drab desert snake, blends in well. Sans rattle. If it bites you, save or take 1d6 damage per turn for the next hour. Its bite causes the flesh around it to rot away. This is a purely defensive tool; as the snake only eats birds. It hates the color green.

[3] Drytongue Camel (3 HD, +1 AC, 1d4 Hoof, Dryspit, Undead)
Morale- N/A
Numbers- 1d6

Shambling undead creatures from the deep desert. Desiccated corpses of camels; these creaky abominations move with surprising speed. Unless you are mounted, you cannot outrun them. They are Undead, and can be Turned.

While their sandy hoof-falls are not especially dangerous on their own, the camels spit is its most dangerous weapon. Each time one spits on someone, make a save. On a failed save, that person is suddenly extremely thirsty and must drink any liquid nearby (like a potion) or pass out from dehydration. If there is no adequate supply of water nearby, they will die in one hour. Camels can only spit once every three rounds.

If you brought horses along with you that died in the desert, this camel encounter will be joined by them. They have the same stats, but they can't spit.

[4] Giant Termites (2+2 HD, +2 AC, 1d6 Bite, Xylophagy, Blind)
Morale- 11
Numbers- 1d6 + 1 per round

Huge bugs that crawl around. There's never just one. If you "finish" this encounter, you didn't kill them all, they just got busy doing something else. The Termites are blind and won't be able to follow you if you just walk away quietly; as long as you aren't carrying anything too smelly.

Termites eat wood. On a hit, the termite has a 1 in 2 chance of consuming a wooden haft or handle of whatever weapon you're holding, or taking two rounds to fully munch down a wooden shield. If you don't have a wooden weapon, ignore this. Throwing down a sheaf of arrows is a good way to get them to leave you alone.

[5] Spanshadow (1 HD, +6 AC, Ethereal, Spells)
Morale- 10
Number- 1d3

This creature appears as the shadow of a great bird flying overhead, but if you look up- you'll see nothing in the sky. It is only a shadow on the ground, and a thing of powerful dark magic.

The shadow passes by quickly, as though it is in flight. You can only harm the shadow with a magic weapon, and only by striking its shadow as it flies by with great speed. In addition, the shadow casts spells- curses or hexes, but it can only strike those whose shadow passes over it. For this reason; ignore any spell effects that target an area of effect or hit more then one person. The shadows will keep casting spells and harass anyone until you defeat them or rest under something shady for 1d4 turns.

[6] Gnoll Patrol (2 HD, 1d6+1 Cruel Weapons, Pack Tactics, Superstition)
Morale- 8
Number- 2d6 Patrol OR 2d8+1 Shaman

Uh oh. Gnolls are strong and brutal, and get a bonus to damage. Gnolls aren't especially smart, but like to use basic flanking tactics- one attacks the front, while another circles to the rear to go in for the stealthy kill. Gnolls of this group are superstitious; the first time you cast a spell on them, they'll all be stunned for one round. Once the initial shock of this has worn off- they'll be back to normal.

There is also a 1 in 4 chance the Gnolls will be escorting their shaman to some place of magical importance or an especially interesting piece of carrion. Witchfinger is a 2+2 HD Gnoll Shaman that casts all sorts of nasty spells; but his favorite is his Whirlwind.

Monday, January 30, 2023

[ToM] Gnoll Camp

The Gnolls have set up a camp high above a desert ridge. This gives them a view over all of this part of the valley; everything from the desert to the savannah and as far to the perching stone. They are gnolls and make their living on both robbing as well as eating travelers. These gnolls are a lot more lean and well prepared then gnolls most people in the civilized places are used to- most of the people that end up in this valley are tougher then the normal stock- given they probably crossed through a desert to get here.

There are about eighty gnolls that live at this camp. Twenty are noncombatants (children, elder males). Of the rest, about half will be out hunting or patrolling at any given time, but they are notably less active in the day and more will be at camp (they are mostly nocturnal). The camp is visible from a good distance from both the fires, the smell of cooking flesh, and the tents made of skinned humanoids. You can roll a reaction check if you approach with your weapons sheathed, but it will probably end badly. Their only useful things to trade are information, gnome leather, or a four man guard that will follow you into the temple and help you fight monsters (the four gnolls they'll give you are the dumbest and smallest runts). Witchfinger will absolutely give you the gnolls as permanent henchment if you bring him the head of the leader of the Orcs, who disappeared into the temple just a few weeks ago.

The Gnolls are ruled by a shaman, who is a superstitious magic user skilled in necromancy and basic elemental magicks. His name is Witchfinger (most Gnolls name themselves after the most interesting thing they've eaten) He knows healing spells; but only uses them sparingly even on his most loyal warriors- those who succumb to their wounds are too weak to survive in his tribe and are of better use dead.

Witchfinger (3+3 HD) has also stolen some magical power from a nearby site- the Overlook Mesa. This place has connection to the harsh desert wind- and is the source of power for his Whirlwind spell. If you desecrate this site, Witchfinger will lose this spell permanently, and will likely seek out the one who did it to extract terrible vengeance upon them.

This spell create a whipping wind about twice as big as a man. It goes as the caster directs it- they must channel and chant to move the wind about as it goes. Anyone struck by the wind will find their skin ripped by sand and harsh hot gusts, dealing 1d4 damage, and they must save or be knocked to the ground. Anyone laying flat on the ground is immune to this spell's damaging effect, but they cannot get back up if they failed their save until the wind passes over them or someone comes to help them. The whirlwind can be parked directly on someone if Witchfinger really doesn't like them. The wind moves as fast as a man can run and can go as far as the caster can see- but will break apart if moved through rocky terrain or vegetation- as it will break up the mini-storm.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

[ToM] Drytalon Canyon

Dusty desert canyons- offering the first shelter towards The Great Temple from the inhospitable flats. The canyon is very old indeed, with deep raised sides near impossible to climb. Beyond the red colored stone; the walls have a curious feature. There are white scratches and marks all over the canyon's interior walls, as high as a man can jump and some farther up- all scratched with deep grooves which have only barely faded with time. This was once the canyon where Mozz' warriors sharpened their talons and practiced their art of war.

There is a small and perilous hiking path up to the Overlook Mesa. It takes two hours to reach it from the floor of the dry canyon.

The Canyon is also home to a rare type of creature; a large dusty beetle. Its back is the exact color of the canyon walls, and most have grown a peculiar marking on the back in the shape of an off-white scratchmark, just as the ones on the walls of the canyon, meaning you can walk into a swarm of them as they sit on the walls without knowing until they strike.

If you explore the Canyons, there is a 1 in 8 chance you enter a side area with walls covered in them; you will enter combat surprised. They eat flesh.

Drytalon Beetles (1+1 HD, +3 AC, 1d4 Mandible, Horrid Buzzing)
Numbers- 2d10
Morale- N/A

The Beetles are hard bodied and possess limited flight. They swarm on the nearest living thing and attempt to rip them apart, having no regard for their own life or safety. However, if you manage to get out of the canyon, they won't follow you and will return to clinging to a wall for camouflage.

In addition, the Beetles produce an awful buzzing noise whenever they are in combat from their wings. While this sound is being made there is an X in 20 chance of any spell cast failing from the incantation being drowned out by the horrid buzzing; where as X is the number of Beetles remaining.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

[ToM] Tricksome Spire

Large and steep spike of stone jutting from the sandy Earth. Just away from The Peaks, which was once the housing district of the People of Mozz, this large spire may have once held a massive mansion for a great and powerful ruler, or perhaps a community center for many small winged souls.

Now, the spire stands bare. But the top of the spire hints at great treasure- a great bird's nest. The interesting about the spire is what happens to those when it is traveled around. The spire's tip appears unreachable from the ground, but if one were to circle around to find a way up, they would find a great change overcoming the spire.

If you walk around the Spire clockwise, the peak seems to get higher up, and a perilous, short path appears along the sides, but the nest bigger and more interesting place to visit.

If you walk around the Spire anticlockwise, the peak seems to get lower, and a safer, longer path appears along the sides, but the nest looks smaller and less impressive.

These effects seem real, but are local. Nobody in the far distance ever sees the spire getting bigger or shorter, it just looks the same. But if you stand at the base of the spire and someone else walks around it in circles, you can notice the changes too. It is not merely illusion.

Rotating around the spire takes a good bit of time on foot- going around on horseback or through some other faster way of traveling doesn't speed up the changes- it takes 1 Turn of circling the Spire either way. The X on the chart below is the number of rotations.





Steep path. Takes two turns to get to the top if anyone has -1 Con modifier or worse. Top has an eagle's nest- eggs are worth one ration.

Placid Path. Take two turns to reach the top.

Top has an eagle's nest- eggs are worth one ration.


Very Steep path. Give everyone 1 nonlethal damage from the exertion. Finch nest has 1d8 silver coins nicked from the landscape.

Gentle ramp. Takes three turns to reach the top.

There's an owl's nest with a few rat bones.


Perilous Path. Make an easy save- if you fail, another person must save to catch you else you fall to your death. Nest is for a pack of buzzards (1 HD, 1d4 beaks, low morale). The Buzzards have collected a bunch of golden bones worth 2d20 gp.

Barely inclined. Takes four turns to reach the top. Nest is abandoned.


Suicidal Path. Nobody can access without climbing gear or Dexterity +1. Thieves get a bonus. If you fail a save on the way, you just fall to your death. At the top is the nest of a Roc and a Roc's egg. If you break the Egg and drink its juice- 1d6 Max HP permanently.

Spiral stairs. The ground has morphed into stairs. At the top, a fake nest made of grass. There is a sign; “Display purposes only.”

Friday, January 27, 2023

[ToM] Desert

It's a desert. Sand, cracked earth, sad grasses and hot sun. There's not much alive or decent in this place. The desert is one of the most straightforward ways to get to the temple; it just requires a very long trek through an inhospitable hellscape.

The desert is so dry and desolate that you must keep track of water and heat- things that the rest of the valley is still safe from- despite how arid it is. The desert is just that formidable. If you travel across this desert without camels or a way to conjure or create water, you will suffer the consequences. Traveling through the desert is its own minigame.

Travelling Thru the Desert
It takes three days to move through the desert if you have a guide (someone who has been to the temple before OR the member of a desert-dwelling race who can help). Otherwise, it takes five days total.

Each "Day" you can travel during the Daytime (in the heat) or the Night (in the cold). Each travel action counts as a "Day", but in universe your actual number of days travelling through the desert depends on how long you rest or if you chain them together (you could travel by day THEN by night without stopping, which would count as two "Days" traveled though only one day has passed- but naturally that would cause some serious exhaustion or other consequences!)

For each travel action, you suffer the consequences written in the square for that number of days travelled. These always ascend and are kept over the whole trip. So for example, if you travel by night the first day, then by day the second, and then day again the third, then you would have suffered the consequences in the first night box, then the first day box, then the second day box, in that order. If you have a large barrel of water (large enough for a man to bathe in), you can ignore the consequences of the first "By Day" result.


By Day

By Night


All of your horses die.

No effect.


Take 1d6 Con Damage

Random Encounter.


Save vs Death.

Everyone takes 1d2 Dex Damage from cold.


Permanent HP Max Reduction by 1d6 Points. Save vs Death.

Random Encounter. If you stop to rest after;

roll another Random Encounter.


All of your camels die. Save vs Death.

All your horses die. Scorpions seek your warmth- save or take 2d6 damage.

In addition; this large flat area of land is where the Gnolls of the Gnoll Camp watch most closely for prey- and especially love caravans or adventurers weak and thirst-weary from a long trek through the sandy desert as their newest victims. If you travel the desert by day or under a bright moon, the Gnolls will see you coming and try to ambush you out on the plain beneath their camp. You can always flee back the way you came if you see their tents made of human skin- but then you'd have to trek back through the desert the exact same way back.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

[ToM] Lovely Slots

This large raised mound of earthen stone is carved with very deep grooves, almost as if by hand. The carves in the stone are very narrow, shallow canyons giving the impression of an open-air cave system. The canyons are thin enough to only let one or two men walk abreast and only about the height of a two story house, but they still provide excellent cover from the wind and rain. They're also basically impossible to climb both from within and outside, making them safe from attack if someone even knew you were there. The canyons themselves are strangely unknown to the creatures and beings of this land, making them an ideal hiding and resting place; do not really random encounters or wandering monsters while within the slots.

The slots are nicely situated. They are only about three hours away from the base of the temple itself traveling over the dunes and thru the enchanted fields, only about an hour from the migration stone, and about three hours from the strange lump in the desert.

Within the mess of canyons is one that narrows very tight and then terminates in a small enclosed area with only one entrance and exit. It's difficult to find- but if one camps at the slots during a full moon they will see a shaft of moonlight come directly straight out of the opening- leading the way to a secret place. Still appearing fresh and new is a large worked circle of clay-stone within this small cul-de-sac in the canyons. This is a ritual site for the People of Mozz- an adjoining holy place to the temple associated with the moon and secrecy. The Lovely Slots are the location of the Moon Circle.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

[ToM] Vulture Block

Heavy block of stone towers over the dry landscape. Only shadowed by the Peaks uphill nearby- the vulture block is constantly swarmed and inhabited by an army of vultures. The vultures will flee if you get close- they are only here for the free meals.

This is the dumping ground for the nearby Gnolls. Everything they kill and consume they bring their remains here in great heaps- keeping any annoying scavengers or cursed undead from intruding on their nearby camp. The piles of bones and carcasses rot to high heaven and have begun to pile up considerably; to the point that this place has become a nexus for dark magical energy. Digging through the pile, one can find gnawed bones of all kinds of animals as well as intelligent beings- humans, elves, dwarves, and even orc bones are among the trash.

This also acts as good hiding spot if you're approaching the gnoll camp. If you stay here at least one turn; you will become so saturated with the smell of death that you'll be able to sneak right up to the ugly dog-men. Any other creature will abhor your passing until you take a bath.

Also; if anyone in your party is a Necromancer, give them a free 500 xp if they spend a good long while examining the bones and states of death and decay here. This takes too long to be something you get if you just visit once; you have to either have driven off or made peace with the Gnolls, or somehow avoid them for several days. If you end up making peace with them or live at their camp; then you can study the remains from there easily.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

[ToM] Jungle

Verdant jungle. Fed by the rain and water from the great temple; this is an oasis of life among a vast arid landscape, set in a depression in the earth. This jungle was once more temperate, and sacred to the People of Mozz as a place to gather material for their nests- sticks, straw, and strong vines to bind them together. The forest floor is a danger, but the canopy is like another world- a level above the violent earth.

The Jungle is vast- and hides secrets. If you come to the Jungle seeks the Eggeater's Shrine, you will not be able to find it. You can only roll a d20 and on a 20 you will find the shrine. However, each day you spend exploring the jungle, add +1 to your d20 chance to find the Shrine. If you read ancient lore from the Great Temple or are carrying Mozz eggs, add +1 to your chance. Once you have visited the Shrine at least once, you can find it again. The secret of the shrine is to pass between two great trees with vines strung together; this is a gateway that hides the Shrine by its magic.

In addition; the Jungle is unlike the rest of the land around the Great Temple. Use a jungle or tropical list for random encounters here.

Monday, January 23, 2023

[ToM] The Peaks

This place was once a great metropolis. For the Mozz, these peaks were where they build their nests; elevated off the hostile earth and within a short flight of the Great Temple's light overlooking them; this was where the Mozz who were not priests and favored of the gods could live.

These great spires poke up from the ground- sharp and steep. The only sign of the once-city are the deep grooves and notches embedded in the very stone of the spires- places where great nests and buildings were built, perilously suspended from the dusty ground beneath. Any valuable construction materials were scavenged long ago, and the wood rotted to nothing.

This place is haunted. Too many memories to pass on quietly, even from the race that spawned them. Dark energy inhabits this place; the despair and pain of the people of Mozz as they fell from grace- the seediness of the literal undercroft beneath their feet at the height of their glory- such things are not forgotten by places so easily. While the peaks act as good cover and are an elevated location to keep track of things in the valley- simply resting here is perilous.

If you camp the night here, you are assaulted by night terrors. Every character sleeping here gets either bad luck (rolls with disadvantage on their next saving throw) or takes 1 damage to their Wisdom score. Additionally, if you trek away from a fire at night in this location, you will be beset by Boogeymen.

Boogeymen (1 HD, 1d6 Cruel Weapons, Bug-Spit, Made-Of-Cloth, Playful Sadism)
Morale- 8
Numbers- 1d8+3

Boogeymen are creatures of the night- appearing from nightmares and negative emotions. They appear as bipedal beings made of decaying cloth. The boogeymen seem intelligent, but cannot speak, only capable of using some basic metal scraps, wooden spikes, and throwning rocks as weapons. Each Boogeyman is made up of thousands of squirming bugs inside of their bodies which animate them- and their intelligence is determined by the number of bugs inside them. As such, the leader of each Boogeyman group will be the smartest one animated by the most bugs- which to you will simply appear as the biggest and fattest one.

The Boogeymen leak bugs whenever they are hit. Spears and arrows do normal damage. Blunt weapons deal half damage, unless spiked or bladed. Slicing weapons like swords or glaives kill them in one hit, spilling their guts out and causing the swarming mass inside to seek cover under rocks and plants.

If a group of Boogeymen attack and grapple a character, they'll spit bugs onto them in close range. This will cause a small swarm of poisons spiders and centipedes to bite and sting them- causing 1d2 damage to a random stat.

Finally; the Boogeymen are creatures of nightmares and sadistic by nature- but aren't especially lethal. They much prefer tormenting people over actually killing them, which they seem to fail at doing with an almost childlike ineptitude. Whenever the Boogeyman could lethally strike a character, they just target someone else unless they're the only one left.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

[ToM] Avalanche Pass

Located between two large sand-banks, this pass of fine sand is the easiest and most obvious way to descend into the valley of the Great Temple. It's also a really useful open alleyway to get camels or a large convoy of supplies (or looted treasure) in or out of the valley as well, with good points for sentries to look out and see potential threats. It's strange that the gnolls active in this area don't use this as a base of operations- to your eyes at least. The gnolls don't use it because they know better.

When passing through the pass and there is more noise then a whisper (people talking, heavy metal armor, loud animals, etc.), there is a chance the pass will be covered in an avalanche of sand. The chance of this happening is a 1 in 10, which increases by +1 in 10 each time you pass thru without it collapsing. Once it collapses; over the next few months the sand will slowly be blown away until the pass can avalanche again- until then it is safe. Anyone buried in the avalanche is presumably dead; but digging here for a while you can recovery anything they were carrying, or in the case of beasts-of-burden, dig them back up for much needed rations.

Some say that the Gods of the Mozz created avalanches of snow and sand- any disaster made by disturbing the earth could not be made by passage on silent wings.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Eggeater's Shrine

Deep within the Jungle, there is a hidden place. Outsiders cannot find it, as it is hidden with a spell. Even to this day, uncountable years after it was long abandoned, it is still protected.

If you go looking for the Shrine in the jungle, you only have a 1 in 20 chance to find the Shrine each day spent exploring. However, you may increase this chance by +1 in 20 for each of the following events;

  • Fight / Follow Snakes encountered in the jungle as per random encounter
  • Spend a day looking for the Shrine in the jungle
  • You are carrying the eggs of an intelligent creature; the Eggeater calls to them
  • For each piece of literature or warning about the Cult you find that once worshiped here.

The Shrine itself is a circular ditch of dirt in the jungle floor. Despite how obvious it should be, especially from the air, the enchantment hides it- you can only reach the shrine through two tall, ancient trees with vines passing between them. Crossing under this archway, now you can reach the shrine. Once someone has visited the shrine at least once, they may find it again as if it was any other location.

Food and offerings for the giant snake are left out here on the dirt circle, with stomping the feet or playing the drums being traditional ways to wake up the great serpent for his next meal.

At the end of the small clearing is a black pit in the earth with a sloped floor. You can follow it down to go into a small dungeon made of dirt and loose stone pressed into the walls; the lair of the godling and its worshipers.

[1] The Place for Wine
[2] Burrowers Room
[3] Dim Barracks
[4] Embalming Workshop
[5] Gem Chamber

Snake Stealth Mechanics
The big snake that lives in this dungeon has its own mechanics. It is a very heavy sleeper, but will wake up the same as any normal, mortal creature that dares to disturb it. The snake is used to small creatures clamoring over it- but it can sense if someone is doing something dangerous for it (like poison it) or digging through the pit at the back of the gem chamber. Any kobold, goblin, gnome, or halfling party member could climb over the snake- but the passage is too small to allow anyone larger back behind the creature.

If you make noise in a fight in the central hall (the place for wine), touch the snake, shout, or dig in the gem chamber- the snake will stir. When the snake is stirring, you must make a stealth check to move or do anything other then stand very still and quietly. After one exploration turn, the snake will fall back into its deep slumber and you are safe again. If two things that disturb the snake are happening at once, it will wake up. This means it is impossible to yell back to someone in the Gem Chamber if they start digging in the pit- at least without waking up the snake.

If Eggeater has just had a meal of a few adventurers or consumed an offering- it now takes two actions to stir the snake from deep sleep to stirring- meaning three total before it wakes. Whenever the snake is awoken, it investigates one source of noise or disturbance at random.

Friday, January 20, 2023

[ToM] Dim Barracks

Carved out of the soft earth, this burrow was once a living space for cultists. The ceiling is pocketed with gently glowing crystals- giving this room a comfortable atmosphere. Good half of the crystals have fallen out of the ceiling; shattering on the floor into dull bits- only the whole crystals glow bright enough.

These crystals can be pulled out by hand from the soft soil ceiling. They are worth 150 gp each, and there are 3d8 of them here. You can also strap a few of them together on a stick and make an endless, smokeless torch.

The room was divided by curtains for privacy. Round "beds" long since rotted to straw and sludge that curl high at the sides- looking much like birdnests for the Mozz cultists to lay their heads. Each nest is elevated on a stone box, some of which have fallen in, and the box once contained their belongings. It should go without saying these cultists did not much trust each other. Many ancient bird bones remain within these piles.

If you search the room thoroughly, you will encounter two traps.

The first trap is a silver hand-trap shaped like a bird's talon. If you stick your hand under the nestbox it snaps shut, disabling that hand and dealing 1d6 damage. It can't be removed by hand and requires a healer and 1d3 days to fully remove. While you adventure, the talon doesn't do any more damage to you- just makes you unable to use that hand for a bit.

The second trap is an Explosive Rune.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

[ToM] The Place for Wine

This dark place has a raised rectangular dais stretching across the center of the chamber. Along the walls are smashed and fallen apart bits of ancient woods and rotten cords from furniture from what was once fine furnishings. The entire floor is coated in a discoloration the color of a deep brown rust. This is also the entryway into the Eggeater's Shrine; coming in from a raised earth and stone ramp from the jungle above.

The People of Mozz made no use of intoxicants of any kind, except the priests in their special religious revelries. This place was created by some of the bird people who were deviant, twisted, feeding eggs to a snake-god and caring for both wealth and worldly pleasures- they made great use of them. Seed-wines were drank here, in the view of their snake God, in their intimate damnation.

If one were to scrap up the remains of ancient wine stains and burn or divine them in some way; they would see a vision of ancient revelry by feathered figures. Then, the vision will twist to show the sky without a moon, and the Moon Door within the Temple of Mozz staying open while thieves steal eggs from the temple to feed to their snake God. This is a clue to how to enter the Temple's upper floors.

At the far end of this chamber is where Eggeater lays his head. If he is still alive, he will be sleeping here- his body blocking the way to the Gem Chamber where his treasures are excavated from deep beneath the earth. You will not be able to slip past him without either having someone sneak down here while you feed the demigod his offerings; though they will be trapped by the snake's body when he returns if they remain in the chamber. You can also awake him by attacking him, naturally. While down here, Eggeater cannot constrict or tail-slap anybody, as its too cramped for his massive body.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

[ToM] Embalming Workshop

This room is filled with human-sized jars and snake artworks on the walls. Stucco paintings remain with vivid colors. Metal hooks hang from the ceiling, embedded in the stonework. Despite their age, they are as shining and clean as if they were just used; the oils put upon them and all other things in this chamber keep it almost timeless.

This room belonged to the Cult of the Eggeater. Used to preserve the bodies of the cult members in a bid for immortality, or to keep bodies fresh for necromantic rites; things which the people of Mozz despised. Wholesome Mozz' are always cremated to rejoin with the sacred skies; only these deviants or those harshly punished for heresy would have their corpses buried or preserved.

If you search the room, you find gold bindings (worth 2000 gp) of various sizes and lengths; ropes to bind corpses and undead who have gone feral. You will also find a dark magic implement; a Black Brain-Hook used to pull the brain out of a skull. The black hook increases the power of all necromantic spells cast with it- treating the caster as though they were one level higher for the spells' effects.

Making any noise in the room above a whisper causes the jars in the room to jostle and shake- the lids falling away as the disgusting goop within comes to life. These corpses were embalmed as well as the cultists could; but eons longer then even they could have predicted has led to a cursed state of undeath for all those kept in the huge jars- they don't even resemble birds anymore.

Jar Zombies (3+1 HD, 1d8+1 rotting slap, Wet, Undead)
Morale- N/A
Number- 2d8

The Jar Zombies are partially liquid, like a slime, and are resistant to fire (taking half damage), but are susceptible to lightning (taking double damage). As undead, they can be Turned. When Turned, these creatures slink back to their jars and shiver in fear. Breaking a jar open with a blunt weapon will stun the one inside for two rounds.

Additionally, this encounter will introduce a lot of chaos and filth to the room as the embalming jars are knocked over- causing it to fill with foul juices and miasma from the upturned jars. Everyone who participates in a combat in this room must save or catch a common disease; or take 1d2 damage to their Constitution score.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

[ToM] Gem Chamber

Underneath Eggeater's Shrine is a direct connection to the primordial earth- and its spoils. This is Eggeater's treasure room, dug up from the deepest parts of the world where no surface-dweller has ever trod.

The chamber has shallow earthen walls and was clearly dug by the great snake itself- it cared little for its appearances. There is a divot in the center of the chamber where the snake could once have dug to the center of the world to bring back its spoils. Now, the earth has closed back around it. You can see sparkling things in the snady pit- gemstones left behind from its previous trips below. Each turn you dig, you found gemstones of every color and type, mostly fancy and semi-precious with a few truly rare ones there too, varying in size from as large a a baby's fist to jewels that fill your pocket like an apple.

The first turn you dig, you find 10,000 gp worth of gems. Every turn after, you find 1000 less. If Eggeater still lives, you have a 1 in 6 chance of him returning and attacking you for trespassing in his lair.

Monday, January 16, 2023

[ToM] Burrowers Room

This room is coated in a floor of downy, ancient fluff. It is almost decayed to nothingness. Around the room are holes dug in the earthwork pillars and floor, as well as piles of even longer decayed leaves and shed snake skins. It is a nesting room. As you explore with any light source, several curious but shy eyes will peak out behind cover- this place is still inhabited.

The Burrowers are a bird-like creature, stunted, of a sickly gray-green color. These creatures exist to clean and consume the shedding-skins and leavings of the great serpent, the Eggeater. There are only half a dozen of them left, and all are heavily malformed and scrawny- wretched little birds. They have no combat stats; their skin is thin as paper and their bones brittle as flower stems- even their peak cannot piece the shell of the smallest beetles. It seems impossible that this generation could even still live.

In the corner of the room is a small altar lit by two small crystal stones; a dim light like a dying candleflame illuminates a handful of bright green feathers, fastidiously cleaned- a shrine of ancestral worship.

The burrowers will seem agitated if you take the feathers or search through their squalid nesting sites, but can obviously do nothing about it. Even if you are "friendly" to them, they will watch at distance, and will follow you out in the Eggeater's burrow, but will never step foot outside willingly.

Beyond the green feathers- you can also find a handful of grime-covered ancient silver bangles; much too big to fit around any of these stunted things' necks. They are worth 250 gp in total, and take a turn to dig up.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Eggeater + Eggeater's Pact

Humans are only preyed upon by a few species. The closest thing to a human predator is probably a big cat; a tiger or lion, which may be one of the reasons fear them but also revere them as well. Tigers are filled with a seductive power; a sort of evolved response of enforced respect or admiration towards a thing that could end you without much difficulty- a coping mechanism ingrained in inheritance.

For the People of Mozz, who were birds, they have this same response to their greatest predator- snakes.

Not all of the Mozz' were so loyal and devoted to their pantheon of Gods. Some of them were seduced and tricked by a massive snake- the Eggeater. Coming from the realms beneath the Earth, the greatest uncharted frontier for the Mozz, he brought riches and power to those who sacrificed the unhatched eggs of their own young. Stolen from their nests, this unthinkable sacrifice granted Eggeater more and more power; fed by his death-cult, until eventually the people of Mozz disappeared. Since then, Eggeater fell into a deep slumber- though he lives still.

Eggeater (14 HD, +4 AC, 1d10+4 bite, 2d10 constriction, Earthshake, Swallow, Spiritual Power)
Morale- 10

The Eggeater is a giant snake. It is a demigod; though it slithers drowsily around those who bring it offerings, it strikes fiercely in self defense. Every round, the Eggeater will attempt to constrict one member of the party- it can still perform its bite attack while it is curling up another person. If that person fails a save, they are constricted and take the constriction damage each turn they are wrapped up. If you confound its efforts to constrict someone (like wearing spiked armor, or being too hard to catch), the snake will slam its great tail against the ground in a rage. This causes a small Earthshake, which stumbles party members who are off balance (-1 Dexterity or worse) and causes animals born of the earth to take a morale check. This only applies to terrestrial animals and animal-companions; birds, flying sharks, and amphibious creatures don't count.

In addition, Eggeater can also swallow people whole. It will do this on an attack roll of 20 instead of its bite damage. The person is swallowed whole and deals 1d6+14 damage per turn as you are digested. If you manage to kill the Eggeater before the person within is dead, they can be cut out of the stomach and saved; otherwise they are digested, bones and all, upon taking lethal damage and cannot be revived by normal means.

Finally; Eggeater is a semi-divine being fed by many years of sacrifices. The snake gains 50% magic resistance to Cleric spells cast upon it; either giving a 50% chance to resist the spell entirely or reducing the damage of the incoming spell by 50%, whichever makes more sense.

Eggeater's Pact
The Eggeater is a hungry beast. It desires nothing more then to consume the People of Mozz- especially their eggs. It was once that loyal Mozz' cultists would bring him his meals, and he would return the favor with treasure and more. The people of Mozz may be gone, but it still may be possible to earn his favor.

If you wake Eggeater from his slumber in the Eggeater Shrine- he will attack those without an offering. If you leave an offering, Eggeater will emerge from underneath the earth with a tail curled around a handful of precious gems; and toss them into the air at your feet as a reward for the sacrifice. If you bring him an offering of any kind he will not attack you once he has consumed them, and return under the earth to go back to sleep.

Mummified Mozz' Monk - Grants 1 favor but no treasure.
Petrified Mozz Egg - Grants 3 favor and 1d3 gems worth 400 gp each.
Petrified Peacock Egg - Grants 5 favor and 2d6 gems worth 400 gp each.

If you reach 10 favor, the snake will not go under the ground when it has consumed its meal. The one in the party who represents them, is the most forward, or is the one who has the highest Charisma score will be chosen and approached by the snake. It will graze their forehead with one fang, just enough to leave a small scar. This mark becomes a Snakebite Sigil and grants the character +2 maximum HP and the ability to cast level 1 spells through the sigil as though it was a spell focus; glowing a bright green when being channeled for magic.

If you reach 20 favor, Eggeater will scratch a second mark by the first on the head of the one with the Snakebite Sigil. They gain +1 to their Charisma modifier, +2 more maximum HP, and the ability to sense gold, silver, and gemstones nearby in a 20 ft radius. The sigil is permanent but anyone carrying the mark will be ruthlessly targeted first in combat by the Eggeater and all the snakes in the Jungle if they ever attack the Eggeater; the snakes attempt to end the betrayer who ran away with their sacred mark.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

[ToM] Shadowy Recess

Located between two large rock spires; this recess is invisible until you get close. This landmark is the only raised elevation until you reach the sandy Avalanche Pass, and the Tricksome Spire with The Peaks further off in the distance. The land gets flatter in the other direction- grass becomes thicker until eventually it becomes the Savanna.

Between the two rocks is a small shadowy cave formed from the two spires in close contact. At best, it's a good place to get out of the sun. Within the recess is a skeleton of an adventurer, who succumbed to some injury here. Searching his belongings, you can find some rusted chainmail (as chain -1), a jar of flammable oil, and a long, strong length of rope. This rope is exactly long enough to be used to climb up to the Skydoor from the ground. In addition, there is a bag of almost depleted silver pieces used for traveling expenses; there are 2d10 coins.

Friday, January 13, 2023

[ToM] Quiet Estuary

The water from the Temple of Mozz travels down a river and feeds the jungle. Along the way, a slow-moving section of the stream has grown into a small oasis. There is a large tree overlooking a cool pond. The fish are docile and have forgotten the ancestral fear of shadows crossing over the pond- a once sure sign one of the Mozz was practicing their hunting skills.

This acts as a landmark and place of rest. If you follow the river towards either the temple or the jungle, this acts as a nice halfway point. Resting here recovers 1 bonus Hit-Point, but you still have to roll for a reaction check.

The tree here stands alone. It stands tall over the fish sanctuary. If you touch the tree, you will feel a supernatural sense of growth and living strength in its trunk. The tree is fed power from a sacred site beneath it; in the aquifer zone below. If you take the Roothand Gauntlet from its altar, this tree will die and the estuary will become quiet and dead- no more little fishes seeking shelter in its aquatic roots.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

[ToM] Savanna

Arid grassland with a few trees dotting its area. This area is what remains of what was once serene grassland and the beautiful expanse of land that lead up to the temple; now wild. The savanna is hot in the day and cool at night, and very open. You cannot be surprised on the savanna, except by The Cat.

The savanna is also notable as it is the best place to hunt for game nearby the temple. The main herbivores here are gazelle, who travel in large herds. They were once totally placid and wouldn't even run if a bipedal animal approached them; that was until the gnolls and orcs came, which made them skittish. This is also the hunting ground of The Cat, who drags its prey up into the trees. The skins and remains of some of its kills can still be seen hanging in the branches.

The most notable feature of the savanna is it is the home of a group of Brownies. These brownies wear suits of African animals and are most active at dawn and dusk- if you wait around a full day you'll catch their silhouette in the distance at least once. If you get a positive reaction check, you can speak to them and trade with them. Among their possessions are a handful of bright green feathers; still as vivid as ever in their forever-young fingers, which once belonged to one of the people of Mozz. The boys don't understand the feathers' true value for those trying to enter the Temple and will trade them for a handful of toys or treats. If you piss them off they'll give you one last chance to earn the feathers- but only if you permanently put down The Cat.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

[ToM] Perching Stone

This was once a point of rest for young and weaker Mozz to make the journey between the Great Temple and their homes farther away among The Peaks. Now? It becomes a place of respite once again.

This is the only stone big, tall, and thick enough to block the deadly light from the cracked part of the Temple of Mozz- and is the last place you can hide behind safely on approach to the temple from the dangerous light. If you hide behind this stone and wait, you can always safely begin moving after the light emits- but you may not be able to make it in time. However, no other creature lives or travels this close, so this acts as a nice stopping point. Do not roll for random encounters here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

[ToM] Camp Remnants

This small raised hill between two small plants sticks out a bit from the surrounding meadow and badland. When examined up close there are tell-tale signs that a force of people had camped here for a time; holes in the ground where barricades were once staked around the camp, ash and moved stone for firepits, rows of shoveled dirt for latrines. It is clear it was a military force that moved here. There are very faint tracks that hint that the force moved towards the Great Temple after packing up their camp. Experienced trackers can tell this camp was here no less then two weeks ago.

This is a hint that an expedition of orcs exists within the temple. It is also a hint at the existence of the gnoll camp nearby, overlooking this place, as the orcs were defending from a possible attack.

If a creature of the earth (dwarf, drow) examines the camp for a turn, they can dig through a small pile of dirt to find a pair of cheat dice. These dice weren't actually designed to cheat, they were just really poorly made and always seem to roll the same numbers. This still gave the old owner an advantage and the dice were then secretly buried and left here by a jealous rival. Returning the dice to the leader of the orcs in the temple grants you +1 to your reaction check with him.

Monday, January 9, 2023

[ToM] Enchanted Plots

At the base of the tower lay the once-vibrant gardens and plots of farmland, richly irrigated and abundant. Here the people of Mozz feasted on worms, seeds, fruits, and many more. Now, it has degraded into a small collection of plots of land, with weeds growing in perfect rows and absolute order, still regulated by that ancient spellwork.

The plots of land no longer have any sign of habitation; though Mozz rarely built dwellings this close to the ground. It's become wild, but yet still somehow orderly and of civilization. If you spend a Turn exploring the plots, roll on the table below. Every time you roll on this table, add +1 to all future rolls. If you've already rolled one result, just pick the one one number higher.

Enchanted Plots Table - Roll 1d6
Silver Sickle, once belonging to the Nestmaker Priesthood. It's still sharp and shiny as ever, but the handle has long since rotted away. Worth 350 coins.

[2] Food! Tubers or grains, a lucky find. Gain 2d2 rations.

[3] Medicinal Herbs. Skilled herbalist will find one paralysis antidote, one bundle of sagebrush (dispels magic), and three poison antidotes. Takes two turns to gather.

[4] Stumps hidden by vines and overgrowth. There's a gnome living in one of them. (Replacement PC, Gnome Rogue of 1d6+1 level).

[5] Rope fibers. With a good twist, you could make these plants into strong rope. There's basically an unlimited amount of rope here, but would take many hours (multiple days of camping) to make any significant amount.

[6] Sleepy Gnoll. He's a forward scout, got lazy and fell asleep. If you bring him back to the Gnolls unharmed, you get +1 to your reaction check with them.

[7] Nothing.

[8+] Something waiting for you in the grass. Roll a random encounter. If you've pissed off the Gnolls, they'll know you've been going to the Temple and will ambush you here. Once you've dealt with this encounter, or once you've inevitably set fire to the grass, there is no longer any reason to roll on this table.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

[ToM] Overlook Mesa

An important overlook above the Drytalon Canyon, which you must naturally pass thru to reach the top. You can see for miles up here; including the valley up to the temple and beyond. This gives you the best vantage point of the area where the deadly light shines from the temple while still being safe from it. If you watch the light go off from up here; you get a better idea of its total range and where is safe and where isn't; reduce your travel time thru the Exposed Trenches by one Turn.

This mesa is also significant to the gnolls of the area. If someone in your party is a Druid, they can tell it is a sacred site to a shaman; related to the powers of the wind and harshness of a desert. Bones are placed with care around the rocks and edges of the cliffside- a sort of bleak temple. If you desecrate this sacred site, the shaman will lose his most powerful spell but you will anger the gnolls who will track and hound the scents of anyone they smell that has been here.

Underneath the sand and dust on the mesa is a central altar made of smooth carved stone, embedded into the rock. It is made of an identical "clay-stone" material as the temple itself. This was once a sacred site to the people of Mozz. You can only find the true nature of this place if divination is used on the mesa to uncover this secret, or this information is found in the Temple itself and its long forgotten map carvings. The Overlook Mesa is the location of the lost Sun Circle.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

[ToM] The Cat

Art @Jenna Barton

The Cat
(5+2 HD, AC +2, Claws at 2d6, Bite at 1d8, Instant Reflex, Cannot be Surprised)
Morale- 6

The Cat is the name the brownies of the savanna have given this creature. Take the picture with a grain of salt; you'll certainly never find The Cat indoors.

The Cat is a predator and is opportunistic. It is a man eater but is a coward and has a low morale score- however its morale score doubles when attacking someone alone. In addition, the first time the creature it hit with an attack each combat, it instead dodges it instead. Roll a morale check after the first attack is dodged; on failure, it runs away and stalks for its next ambush. The creature cannot be surprised, but can pretty easily creep up on you if you aren't keeping watch.

The brownies mock the cat and throw stones at anyone who is a cat-person or has a cat on their heraldry- they laugh it off. However, if they actually know the cat is around, they run and hide. They are afraid of The Cat- as should anyone here who is a halfling, gnome, dwarf, or any other creature that the cat would consider its most ideal prey.

Friday, January 6, 2023

[ToM] Exposed Trenches

On the approach to the Temple; one must mind what side they approach from. This is the dangerous side.

Far up on the temple is a giant crack. This crack reveals to the outside little; only a shadowy darkness that hint at the darkness inside the temple. But this crack runs deep; all the way to the core of the temple. And it is from this core that the deadly light issues forth- cascading the land in lethal emission. Any living thing caught in this light from this distance will die. There is no cover; all of the trees or plants which may have shielded you from the light have long since been killed. The biggest clue you are within the killing field is when there are no more birds, insects, or grass at all; only the tiniest of grasses grow half covered and wilted behind small stones. The light is bright enough and at a high enough angle that even small walls for cover or your cloak cannot protect you- it even penetrates a few fingers deep into the earth, destroying the worms and burrowing things that enriched the soil. Now, only a cracked and dusty earth remains here and the corpses of those who dared approach. Do not roll for any random encounters here; nothing that lives in the valley will come this close.

The light emits randomly from the temple. It is a bright white. The light only lasts a few seconds, but is still enough exposure to be lethal. After the light fades away; there is a period of 2d6 Exploration Turns before it emits again. There is no way to tell how long or short the time between emissions is.

Those with a supernatural sense for danger (Wisdom +2 or better) will also have a bad feeling right before the light emits again. If this happens, there is a 1 in 6 chance your party can find the hole that leads down to the trench-tunnels down below- which is the only place of safety this close. Once you get to the base of the tower, you are once again safe from the light. The light within the temple also gets just a little brighter right before another release; but if you can see that, it's already too late.

It takes a certain amount of time to travel on foot through the danger zone of the Exposed Trenches to the Temple. The time to go back the other way is the same. If you're traveling on horseback, half your time.

From the Trench-Tunnel Hole to the Temple - 3 Turns
From the Drytalon Canyon to the Temple - 6 Turns
From the Perching Stone to the Temple - 7 Turns

The corpses are also very well preserved- no scavengers. If you stop to loot the corpses- add a turn to your travel time but find 1d20x10 gold and silver coins- many from dynasties that have already ended.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

[ToM] Migration Stone

This large standing stone in the middle of a dusty flat provides the only shade for a good mile in any direction. It's a semi-cylinder that stands about three men tall. Close inspection of the stone during dawn or dusk will lead to strange inconsistencies with its shadow compared to your own; but without any nearby landmarks to compare it too, the stone keeps its secret.

When not watched, the stone moves. It moves at a glacial pace, but "migrates" around the valley it is kept in, between four sand dunes. If you try to use the migration stone as a landmark to navigate around here, you will lose an extra turn of walking when it isn't in the right place.

If you had several very strong men (or a giant) topple the stone over, one would find that at its base an ancient word of power has been chiseled in. Once you learn this word; you will know the magic spell to create Golems.

Any golem created by this word have a strange quirk. They will serve dutifully for thirty-six years and then, without any explanation, be consumed by a fierce wanderlust and leave regardless of any orders or binds that attempt to hold it in your service.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023


Brownies are small nature spirits. They are related to the fae; and like all fairies, are mischievous and flippant in nature. They look like prepubescent boys; except dressed up in animal suits with open faces. They have the personality of children and will never grow up. While not especially dangerous, they can be nightmareish for any party traveling through the wilderness if angered; throwing stones or even luring wild animals to your camp at night- they are known to speak to animals, even your own, and getting them to run away from their owners. They aren't especially malicious either, and have short attention spans. Their first reaction is always the strongest; if they see someone in an even slightly funny hat carrying a broom, they'll assume that must be a witch and will start to hassle you. Meanwhile if you're wearing a dress and give them candy when you first meet them, they'll think you must be some kind of princess and will come running whenever you cross their territory.

Brownies don't have stats. Just assume you can't catch them. If you do manage to get into a fight with them, they can do 1 point of nonlethal damage to you (sticks and bites) and you kill them in one hit. They're basically just kids with just a sprinkle of magic.

Traveling in bands, Brownies collect all manner of useful items and secrets. Their valuation of things is based more on a gut reaction or how useful whatever treasure it is would be to a 8 year old. They'll gladly trade dirty and dingy gold coins for a nice set of ivory dice, or a handful of copper coins if the emperor on it has a funny face. Be careful if they have something really useful though, as if they sense you really want it they'll start demanding something absurd to trade, and may just refuse to give it up just so you can't have it in a sort of childish flex.

They have a strange fascination with hounds, and will lure away hunting dogs from their pack. This isn't out of spite, they simply don't have any "cute doggies" out here. It is also said that if you manage to catch a Brownie, tear them out of their suit, and force them to take a bath; they'll become a regular if somewhat unruly boy and grow into a normal adult- all the many countless years as a nature spirit fading from their memory like waking from a dream. Good luck catching one though as they can move through any type of terrain both without leaving any tracks and without being slowed down; passing through thick foliage and bramble as though it was an open field.

Finally; Brownies appear in animal suits based on where they are. In the European bland human kingdom, they'll appear as badgers, squirrels, hares, and bobcats. If you are in the not!Africa part of the campaign setting, they'll appear as warthogs, meerkats, baboons, and civets. It is also said that at a distance it is impossible to tell if they are a brownie or if they are the animal they dress up as; so seeing strange groups of different animals walking together is said to be a sure sign you are looking at a Brownie band.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

[ToM] The Lump

Hardened lump of earth jutting out of the ground unnaturally, like a pimple. Located to the southwest of the Temple of Mozz in the dry desert beyond the rises that flank the structure. Someone with really good hearing (elf) can press their ear against the lump and hear bubbling water underneath its exterior.

If someone in your party is capable of dealing 12 or more damage in a single strike, they can "pop" the Lump with one blow. Otherwise it takes two turns of cutting away at it with shovels and picks to open it up. When burst, the lump releases a torrent of fresh drinking water captured beneath the earth. Once the water stops coming, there remains a wet tunnel which is a few miles long. This leads to the secret aquifer beneath the Temple of Mozz.

Triangular tooth marks along the walls hint at this being the work of a giant sandworm; but these marks are fake. In truth this tunnel was dug by exiled desert-dwelling tribes of Mozz to attempt to save some of their "heretical" kin from being given a cruel wet burial.

Monday, January 2, 2023

[ToM] Base of the Temple

The Great Temple of Mozz is held up for seven long legs. These legs stretch out radially from the towering structure; the bottom of the temple does not touch the ground at all, leading to a large shadowy space underneath. If you were to stand underneath the temple's center, one could look above and see the perfectly circular black entrance to the temple itself; this is the Skydoor, and has no ladders, bridges, or walkways which lead upwards. This is the most basic defense of the Temple- and it works very well for a race of people who are winged. To enter the temple from the base requires a long grappling hook and ropes to climb; a task that any 3rd level Thief could accomplish. Magic Users with Levitate could also reach the entrance from the ground, but naturally couldn't bring anyone with them without a more powerful spell.

The legs of the temple are crafted from some incredible stone material. They almost appear fluid and organic, like the massive roots of some oversized tree, but are clearly a technique of masonry even a great master-dwarf would be envious of. Each temple-leg terminates in a large circular pad on the ground to hold the temple's weight. Each pad has a shallow incline to the center which contains a large pool of water in a deep bowl. The water is pure and fresh, said to be collected by the Temple itself, running down its specially carved exterior to the legs, which transit the water to the pools like aquifers. Each one of these "ponds" also has sluice gate which is supposed to empty water down irrigation channels carved into the ground running outward like spiderweb from the base of the temple in all directions; but as of now all but two of these gates are broken and ruined. The two gates which still hold their enchantment directly border the Enchanted Plots, and are where the water that feeds that uninhabited farmland comes from. Also at the very deepest point of each pool is a shallow depression which can open to drain excess waters to an unseen place below; this drain only opens once per day and only for a few moments; only a very small being like a kobold or gnome could fit and if they tried they would get flushed away to a great underground reservoir.

Every pool at the end of each leg is perfectly clean and drinkable, except for one, which has stagnant and foul water, despite looking clear. This is because that pool is inhabited by an invisible crocodile. The crocodile and everything it eats and shits out is also invisible; so you could be drinking invisible poop water and not even know it. The crocodile rarely gets prey and will be desperate; it will not retreat from its pool.

Invisible Crocodile (3 HD, 14 AC, 1d8 Bite, Bite becomes 1d10 and stun on a failed save if you're in the water (it deathrolls you)

It takes about one turn to walk from one leg of the tower to the next one.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

The Great Temple of Mozz

Standing over the enchanted fields and farrows, the great Temple of Mozz once was the crowning achievement of the last great people. The Mozz were bird men, with the powers of flight, who lived and worshiped closely with their powerful pantheon of Gods. All who saw the temple once were struck by its splendor, and the bird-men of Mozz showed it off to all beings of the earth, as a sign and symbol of their great strength. Now, it still stands, but in decay and ruin. The land surrounding it, once the land of plenty for the bird men, is now uninhabited and desolate; except for the enchanted stream from the temple's own feet.

The temple towers over the land. It is more akin to a temple complex or even a small city standing upright. Long cut slits along its height allowed for both light and Mozz to fly to and from the temple; as a window and door are one in the same to the bird men. Now, they are possible points of entry, but also peril, to those who wish to plunder this ancient tomb.

Yet even though the oldest elves have only the most vague and ancient of memories of the people of Mozz; there are tales of their great wealth and riches still stored within that temple. These stories inspire young adventurers to make the dangerous journey into the badlands towards the place where nobody dares go; to plunder the riches of the ancient temple. Even on approach one could be killed; the issuing forth of baleful light which slays even the most brave of adventurers. It is this peril most of all that inspires those to seek it; as it is said to come from the most sacred treasure at the core of the Great Temple of Mozz...