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Gonzo Derelict Ship Encounters

Dead ship giving off SOS signal
 Gonzo Derelict Ship Encounters
Roll 1d20

[1] An extremely primitive robot greets you in a very quiet voice. It lacks any form of locomotion; it all appears to have been damaged or removed a long time ago. It now comprises only of a sensor area/”head” and speaker. It asks you for your name. If any character responds with a name, either true or false, the robot will immediately shout “DANGER X YOU ARE IN DANGER!”. This makes enough noise to make one roll on the wandering monsters table unless the head is smashed immediately when the noise begins.

[2] Within a small housing unit or kitchen. There is a very large vat or pot that contains a strange, squirming blue liquid. It's a gigantic amoeba, though only about the cize of a very fat house cat. It is extremely slow but also hungry, and will follow the party in an attempt to digest them.
It cannot digest anything it can't fully encapsulate. Only a little green man, a young child, a pet, or someone in the fetal position could be eaten by the creature. If fed any organic material and led around it may become a pet.

[3] Gravity Distortion! The ship's artificial gravity is messed up in this area. Roll 1d8
  1. Gravity is normal (down)
  2. Gravity is reversed (up)
  3. Gravity is off
  4. Gravity is localized; all pulling towards one random point in the center of the area. Tiny ball of soot, dust, and small debris float there as a 'core'.
  5. Gravity is 3x heavier. All exploration is slower and acrobatics are extremely hard.
  6. Moon Gravity- much lighter. Everyone moves faster and can acrobatics with ease.
  7. Gravity is set as to whatever is most useful for the highest Charisma character.
  8. Gravity is whatever is most debilitating for the lowest Charisma character.

[4] Roll on wandering monster table. That group is all here, but dead.. The only injury they all share is two tiny holes in the head. Look peaceful.

[5] Armory found! Either the ship's old security station or a private collection from a paranoid crew member; this armory contains several weapons. Roll 1d6 once for each party member.
  1. Laser pistol. 2D10 shots on battery
  2. Laser rifle. 1D10 shots on battery.
  3. Energy Sword. (deals d6 + burns)
  4. Personal Force field. (absorbs 8 damage before needing a recharge)
  5. Pack of batteries, offering a full charge. (pistol = 20, rifle 10, force field 8)
  6. Energy Disk Grenade. (Thrown like frisbee, deals 2d6 damage to all in radius, only used once because explodes)

[6] Small bedroom or office. Floating in the center of the room is what appears to be a tiny ball of light, orbited by colorful orbs and tiny stones; it appears as a miniature solar system. If any of the party members touch or block the movement of any of the stellar bodies; several tiny star-destroyers fly from several of the planets and bombard them with tiny lasers and bombs.

Tiny Cruisers (2d8 appearing. Successful attack rolls only deal 1 damage, unless AoE attack. Each Cruiser only has 1 HP. The whole fleet deals d4 damage in tiny weapons to each party member. If there are less ships then party members instead it deals d4 to each of the closest party members to the ships.)Capital Defense Cannon (Only one, appears only on the 2nd planet from the star in this system. Seems to be homeworld; the dark side is totally glowing with electric lights. If party member gets close to this planet the cannon fires, dealing d6 damage in cataclysmic damage. Can only fire once as a trap.)[7] Gigantic pile of alien pornography and smut. The top layer contains human stuff, but as it goes down the female creatures become more and more alien and exotic. Any type of alien that exists in the setting can be found in the Xenoplayboy pile in 1d6 minutes.

The pile of pornography is probably not worth much except to a huge pervert.

[8] Airlock system with 4 functioning space suits still within. Outside the airlock are several astronaut suits, still floating on their taglines. Closer inspection reveals corpses inside each one, perfectly preserved without bacteria or flies to decompose them. They have little of value except the tools they hold and their suits.

10% chance each time you go out here a strange cosmic radiation wave reanimates the dead into vicious astronaut zombies. Maybe be smart enough to try and cut the tag lines or break the oxygen tanks of your characters.

[9] You find a hidden storage locker containing 'human suits'. Artificial skin, compression plates, even mechanical muscles in the face and eyes to have the illusion of emotions and facial expressions.

There are spots for 6 of them, but 2 are missing. At least two human survivors or characters on the ship are actually aliens in disguise. Your alien party members could also put these to use as well.

[10] You come across a freezer or refrigeration unit. Several chains, police tape lines, duct tape and other binders are trying to keep it closed. It also has the words 'DANGER KEEP CLOSED' written along it hastily in paint.

If opened, a Mollobster jumps out.

Mollobster (2HD+1, d4 tentacles, d6 claw, slick froth, AC +4)
This creature appears to be some rare cross between a mollusk and lobster; attacks with tentacles and large claws. It spews a slippery froth from its mouth, causing clumsy party members to fall to the floor.

It attacks hard and fast, and its shell is extremely resistant to damage. It seems very aggressive because it has eaten almost all the food that was in the fridge with it. If killed and eaten it tastes absolutely delicious. The shell can be made into a small piece of armor that grants +1 AC. If captured alive, can be sold to a gourmet chef for several hundred credits.

[11] Advanced simulation chair containing a starving human gamer within, still alive and moving, but only in the context of the simulation. He's been trapped inside there for who knows how long, and been getting an IV drip and insulin from his own cruel AI.

The AI is not self aware or disobeying its owner; the owner simply programmed the AI to not allow him to leave without beating the simulation. However whatever caused the ship to get ruined also messed up his game, causing it to become much harder. 1D4+1 remaining mind-jacks allow the party members to enter the simulation if they choose to.

The simulation is a war game. The simulation follows a large medieval kingdom under attack by extremely advanced aliens. The kid has been running through it and failing again and again trying to unite the medieval people to be able to fight their superior enemies.

Combine the intelligence of all party members jacked in + 16 for the kid. If the total >50 you win the simulation in 1d6 hours. If the total is >70 you win in the first round. Party members are trapped if not intelligent enough to succeed the simulation.

If simulation wins; the kid will join you. He starts as a level 1 specialist with good skills in programming and hacking, plus he knows the layout of the derelict.

[12] Radiation is leaking from the engine or nuclear weapons in this part of the ship. The area is somewhat dangerous but most space-suits or medkits can make someone immune to radiation.

If more then 2 turns or twenty minutes are spent here, the party will encounter 1d6 Giant Cockroach men, made from the radiation. You will encounter another 1d6 each ten minutes further.

Cockroach Men (1HD, 1d4 bite, AC +2, 50% chance to not die when reaching 0 HP) The cockroach men will use any weapons they found, but aren't smart enough to reload or repair them.

[13] Robotic police enforcers have been set up in this area. The robots do not have any lethal weapons, but do posses tasers and pepper spray. Their criminal scanning systems have been compromised after the lawlessness on this station for the many years of looting, now even simple acts of aggression or picking up dropped goods count as theft. The police bots will do this to both party members and enemies, but will also follow anyone around that seems the most latent criminal.

Law Bots (3HD, nonlethal weapons only, AC +4)
The law bots will pepper spray and taser anyone who attacks them, but cannot fight back harder then that and could be destroyed by continued assault.

[14] Hologram generator. It creates holographic copies of scanned into it, including party members. The holograms last for 1d8x10 minutes divided by the number of holograms.

Intelligent enemies can also use this to make themselves appear like there are more of them, or some other clever trick like fake equipment on the ground for a trap.

[15] Small group of survivors hiding out in a storage container. They are snacking on a couple of deep-dehydrated rations. The survivors have a 50% chance to be here from when the ship was originally here, or they are another group of scavengers who were trying to raid the ship too but got trapped.

They are neutral in temperament, or make a reaction roll. Add +1 to the roll if the whole party is human.

[16] Part of the ship is seemingly in great repair. Artificial gravity and oxygen is perfect, and the walls even appear clean and smooth. The ship is repairing itself here, metal slowly bending back into shape, wires and cords fixing themselves. Anyone that damages the ship here, even indirectly, is subject to the security system's wrath.

There is also a stuck door, that must be forced open to find treasure inside. Will trigger alarm.

[17] An insane man growls at your party like an animal. He's defensive, prefers to run instead of fight but is naked and doesn't appear to have any intelligence.

The next encounter you roll, add in a two legged dog that speaks and appears very concerned. He claims he was body-swapped with his dog. This is true, but if he finds out you killed his old body he will be very angry, attacking the person responsible. However even if found alive, it seems unlikely that he knows how to switch.

Regardless, if friendly enough the dog-scientist will join your party.

[18] Four men cower in four corners of a large and comfortable living space. The entire room is covered in blood, blast marks, knife cuts, and other symbols of damage. The four men say that they are only allowed to leave if they kill each other.

The men usually argue about trying to work together, but will eventually start fighting regardless of party intervention, end up dying. When all four end up dying, a subtle mist descends on the room and make the corpses shamble back to their starting positions, restores their wounds, and makes it start over again.

Each cycle plays a little differently, but all the men usually end up dying within an hour and a half or so. If their bodies are removed from the room the fog will travel outwards and eventually try to reanimate the corpse. If taken away or blocked somehow, instead the cycle will continue with only three men.

[19] Praying mantis like alien being that has developed god-like powers over everything within a single room of the space ship. The entire room hums like a rainforest and the floor is a giant leaf. He is currently engaged in intercourse with several females of his species.

The door will fade away and be nearly impossible to find again without either gaining the mantis-god's favor or killing him.

[20] Cryogenic freezing room. There are three kinds of tanks here; ones with a gray or dim light to show the subject with is dead, ones with a blue light to show subject is alive and will return to normal when unfrozen, and finally tanks with red lights indicated that the subject will go berserk when frozen. There is no obvious instruction showing what the colors of the light means, it must be learned by trail and error.

In this room are 1d4 Dim light tanks, 1d4 Blue tanks, and 1d6 Red Tanks. A small button on the far away console is an 'all clear' button; opening and unfreezing all the tanks at once.

There are spots for 1d8 other tanks that appear missing. They are hidden around the ship, but without lights above them there is no way of knowing what their occupants are like without unfreezing them and finding out. When you open a tank, roll 1d20 on the Cryogenic Statis Tank table.

Wandering Monsters
Roll 1d6 for a wandering monster
(1) 1d8 Space Pirates (1HD, +1 To Hit and AC, d6 general laser weaponry. They like to gang up on people and are cowardly.)
There is a 50% chance one of them is carrying a heavy laser gun (d8 damage)
There is a 50% chance one of them is a medic (can heal another pirate 1d6 HP per turn)
There is a 50% chance they have a robot with them (extra enemy, 2HD, +3 AC, fists only)
(2) 1d4 Psychic Wraiths (1HD, 1d4 psychic lash, takes no damage from physical attacks, takes half damage from energy weapons, cannot hurt robots or psychic 'blanks'.)
The Wraiths are leftovers from when the ship wasn't a derelict. The can be destroyed with enough energy attacks, psychic attacks, or can be put to rest by completing a task the ghost wished to complete when it was alive, but this is difficult if not impossible to determine.

(3) Nanobot Swarm (1HD total, +3 AC, each attack except for AoE only deals 1 damage to swarm, swarm deals d4 to everyone in it.) Tries to rearrange the molecules in the party's bodies. 
(4) Lobotomized Chimpanzees (1d6 appearing, stats as goblin but can throw disorienting blasts of psychic energy).(5) Security Turrets(1d4 appearing, 2HD, cannot move but can swivel 360 degrees. Fires 1d8 heavy laser at -1 To Hit)
Placed at hard points around the ship, you can usually avoid it by just moving around it, or disable its targeting systems by finding security chips off of corpses and implanting them.

(6) Clone-Vat Men (1d10 appearing, 1HD, no armor or weapons, 1d4 bites and scratches.) These vat men all appear the same, clones that come out of a few large cloning vats at one point in the station. A simple science check will reveal that the clone men come out every 2-4 years as the clone station auto-attempts to repopulate the ship with useful technicians to repair the damage, but without any educational material or people to learn from they become feral instead. If one of them could somehow be trained they would be revealed to be very naturally talented with machines.
What's in the Cryogenic Stasis Tank?
Roll 1d20
  1. Extremely strong human body builder, freakishly flexible along with it.
  2. Alien bounty hunter still armed with plasma gun. Very trigger happy.
  3. 2d6 Raccoons, all hugging for warmth.
  4. 80 year old man identical to the Clones. Has multiple stab wounds from where his DNA was extracted during his cryo-sleep.
  5. First appears as a mutant, actually a man with a tremendous amount of body-modifications including horns, claws, eyebrow ridges, scales, etc.
  6. Brain on a metal pan. Will jump at anyone with a Wisdom of 7 or less; trying to wiggle into their head to control them.
  7. Several thousand cockroaches bust out, the pod was packed to the brim with them.
  8. A skeleton. If the cosmic ray from [8] has occurred; this skeleton will also animate.
  9. Forty bottles of space cola, stored here to keep them icy cold and fresh.
  10. A Calico Housecat. Collar reads Princess
  11. Young, nubile naked blonde women. First thing she says “Do I really need to pose like that?” before she realizes where she is.
  12. Three extremely skinny mutants, all pushed inside the same pod. Spots on their skin have been marked with X's as if for later surgery or study.
  13. Service droid. Because it is not organic, it has been aware this entire time while frozen. Its memory banks contain the only constant account of what happened on this ship, but only from the perspective of a tiny glass window and the noises outside it.
  14. Man with a massive piece of metal stuck in his head. He screams constantly; he was frozen for later surgery. He dies within 1d6 minutes of being unfrozen.
  15. Several high quality stakes of a delicious creature that has been eaten to extinction.
  16. Violent space alien that lays eggs in dead bodies. Runs and stalks the party instead of fighting directly if it can.
  17. Station Sheriff. Armed with a laser revolver (1d6+1 and +1 to Hit) and a security clearance badge that gives whoever wears it clearance + clearance to everyone traveling within 10ft of wearer.
  18. A chimpanzee, not yet experimented upon.
  19. Appears empty, but releases a faint cloud of reddish smoke. Was actually filled with frozen Neon gas.
  20. Fourth dimensional being. One of its 'fingers' was stuck in this tube.

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10 Fishing Village Rumors + 4 Magic Boats

You get a rumor each time you ask a fisherman in town for a story or rumor. Each rumor has a 1 in 6 chance to be true. If multiple rumors are true, they are all tied together in some strange way. If none of them are true, then this is the most peaceful town in the world.

 Fisherman Tales – 1d10
[1] He once caught a huge eel, which the family cut into round slices that never spoiled. He says his wife has still got one sealed away somewhere.

[2] Once he took a nap in his boat, and when he woke up he saw a river shark dancing on the surface of the water. As soon as he gasped, the shark jumped back into the water and pretended like nothing happened.

[3] Strange orange flickering lights are seen under the water on Sunday nights. If there was a new baby born that day, the lights turn blue and spin in circles instead.

[4] Secretly there is a current in the lake that can whisk a boat out to sea in the span of an hour. You have to knock on the right rock three times.

[5] The fish in this lake are just fine with worms, but if you want to catch the really big ones you have to bait your hook with human flesh.

[6] When it rains, a lonely fish man comes to the shallows to look for his lost love. If you leave a necklace of shells and bones by the shore, you'll sometimes get a glimpse of him dashing out of the water to grab it, before retreating to the depths.

[7] Once, I caught a talking fish. It said it was my grandmother, and said if I let her go she'll tell me about buried gold. I did let her go, but that bitch just swam to the bottom and disappeared.

[8] There was once a little boy in the village who could clap his hands and fish would jump onto shore or into his boat. But he became a soldier and went off to war.

[9] There's a giant crab in this lake. It's shell could be made into nearly impenetrable armor. The only thing that draws it to land is the music of a flute.

[10] Many years ago, an evil cult sacrificed virgins in this lake by tying rocks to their feet and drowning them. Their bones are still down there.

Fishing Boats1d4

Each fishing boat can be purchased from the master fisher or local lord of the village. He has 1d4+1 boats. If you roll a 4+1 assume that they are all collecting dust and he'll give a 20% discount.

[1] Armor Boat
Very strangely painted boat, with all kinds of metal joints, rivets, and straps on the inside of it. If dragged onto land and given about an hours time to twist the knobs, the boat collapses and reforms into a bulky suit of armor. Counts as platemail, but made of wood and has its AC permanently lowered by -1 each time an axe strikes it. Takes half as long to snap it back into boat form.

[2] Magician's Canoe
The front of this small boat has a carving of a horned woman, with polished stones for eyes. By smacking the side of the boat with an oar three times, the eyes release a blast of Magic Missile straight ahead, dealing 2d4 damage. It will require a large amount of skill to coordinate the boat's facing with the three oar taps to hit a moving target, but its trivial to hit something stationary.

[3] Razor Hull
Fatter then a normal fishing boat, this one has metal straps built down the sides studded with very sharp hooks and spikes all along its underside. Creatures who try to ensnare or ram the boat will take 1d6 damage if they do, and creatures with tentacles will be unable to get a grip.

[4] Unsinkable Raft
Large flat square raft, no sail or discernible features beyond its strong ropes that bind its logs together, which have been painted white. If the raft ever sinks, you can simply speak a keyword to raise it from the depths, lashing itself back together on the surface as much as it needs to and tightening its ropes around whatever is left of the wood. It is actually the ropes that are magic, not the logs, and by simply tying the ropes around anything underwater and saying the keywords they will raise it up. It can lift something as heavy as a boulder.

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Fungal Forest Encounters

Fungal Forest
For OSR Adventures

Spore Mechanic
Encounters, Monsters and Items may release 'spores' with a number next to it. These sports are common in the fungal forest and can have some very negative effects when you accumulate too many of them.

Each time a player gets spores, have them roll a 1d8 against their spore total. If the die rolls under their spore count, erase or remove all spores they currently have and advance them one stage in the Fungal Infection. If they succeed the roll and do not roll under their spores, the spores are accumulated for the next time they get spores and are forced to roll again now with more spores.

If players are very careful and take many precautions against the spores, such as sleeping only in airtight rooms, washing all clothes, wearing masks and gloves, etc. Then they may roll a d10 whenever they get spores instead. The only other characters that get any protection against spore rolls are Elves, whose natural magic give them a +1 on spore rolls.

Spore Disease Tract
Each time you roll under your spores, you will gain one step in this disease.
All stages except 6, and 7 are curable with common practices and time, but can only be cured outside of the fungal forest / downtime.
Stage #
Description & Effects
Minor sniffling. No negative effects.
Shortness of breath. -1 to sneak rolls
Stomach Pain. Require double rations.
Yellowing of eyes. Potions ½ effective.
Rash. -1 AC
You are now unable to leave the fungal forest, use d6 for future spore rolls, plus your body has visible fungus growth.
Instant fungal zombification. No save.

[1] Exploding toadstools. Make a save while walking through a field of toadstools or they start exploding- deals 1d6 damage and gives the character a spore point for each toadstool set off.

[2] Giant brown shelf fungi make up the path here. 1 in 6 chance that they crack when stepped upon, meaning get off now or make an agility save to avoid falling 1d6x10 feet. Also, if any of the fungi shelves crack and fall, they send up a big cloud of disturbed spores at the bottom of the area, giving a spore point to all who breathe it.

[3] Still waters of a black pond, the top of which is covered in a disgusting soggy mess of humid spores and algae. The humidity here means it is hard for spores to travel, and as such all spore points gained around the pond are reduced by -1 point (if any source only gives one spore point, it is instead ignored).

There is a 1 in 4 chance each turn around this pond, if no other random encounter is rolled, Abyssal Zombies will crawl from the bank of the pond to attack anyone nearby.

Abyssal Zombies (1HD, 2d4 claw attack damage)
Appearing; 1d6

Bone thin black zombies, make no noise and like to choke victims and drag incapacitated victims into the black pool to drown them.

[4] Golden locket and chain in the center of a circle of nearly transparent mushrooms. If you take the necklace 50% chance the mushrooms shake violently and release 3 spore points at whoever is in the center of the circle and 1 spore point to anyone standing nearby outside of the circle. No save.

[5] Large cluster of 'blackbread' fungus. Well known for being perfectly edible, even delicious, and long keeping useful for rations. There are 1d10 rations here, add the highest Wisdom character's Wisdom modifier to this number.

Each time one of the blackbread fungi ration is eaten, it gives the consumer1 spore point.

[6] Regular looking grove of trees being subsumed into the fungal forest, but holding out slowly. The center of this grove has the corpse of a dead elf, a smile on her face, looking as fresh as ever. If her corpse is disturbed the party gets a permanent -2 to reaction rolls with the elves living in and around the fungal forest.

The elf corpse has an elvish wooden chess-set of master level craftsmanship. Worth 50 gold.

[7] Fungal Zombie Deer come flying through the trees, attacking anyone in plain sight.

Fungal Zombie Deer (1HD, +1 initiative, release spores on death)
Appearing; 2d8

The zombie deer like to attack people with weak bites and kicks. Upon death, releases a cloud of pollen that delivers 1 spore point to whoever killed the deer in melee.

[8] Lynched corpse up on a tree. If examined the corpse was in stage 6 of spore exposure, with a toadstool coming out his feet and back. The corpse is no longer infectious.

The lynching rope is 30ft long and is still strong and could be useful for dungeoneering. The corpse itself has little of value except for a crudely drawn map of the area, with a X marked over [9].

[9] Small cave with heavy rolling stone near the front door. If the party shelters in this cave they will have no worries about wandering encounters or taking extra spore rolls during the night.

Additionally this room contains one random crate per party member. For each crate roll a 1d4 to determine its contents;
  1. Rosy Neckerchiefs- Perfumed, reduces spores by -1 once.
  2. 8 Golden Coins nailed to the bottom of average and muddy shoes.
  3. Bottles of Grog, stylish mushroom topper but free from spores
  4. Animal skull trophies, 1d8 skulls; worth 1d6x10 silver pieces per skull.
[10] Spore Cloud! Giant Cloud of spores on the horizon, incoming fast. If caught out in the open everyone takes 1d6 spore points from exposure. Reduce this to 1d4-1 if wearing a mask or something perfumed strongly.

[11] Kind old witch living in a mundane stone house among giant toadstools. She will sell discounted food and rations, untainted, if your party looks ragged enough to need it, and will also agree to bind up your wounds for free but each time she does spores fall into your open wound from her hair, causing you to take an equal number of spore points equal to the points she healed.

There is a 50% chance that underneath her floorboards there are 3d10 Fungal Zombies that obey her every command. She will only use them if the party tries to rob or attack her.

[12] Secret elf mushroom village. Ropes and walkways connect giant hollowed out mushrooms together. The place is abandoned, but the party will realize soon that the elves are still here, just hiding. They will not use their spore-based weaponry in their own home. If they take or ruin anything the elves will rain Arrow Shoots on them from afar as soon as they leave.

Arrow Shoots are a special and rare kind of mushroom, cultivated in secret grottos among regular mushrooms. They grow long and straight, and very hard, and when pulled from the ground their roots curl out into bristles like the fetching on an arrow. Only deal 1d4 damage, but also give the hit target and equal number of spore points to the damage dealt by the ranged attack. They typically lose all their spores after hitting a target.

[13] Shroom man merchant. Giant mushroom head, kindly disposition. He's a typical traveling merchant with one unique special item (d4);
  1. Mushroom Shaped iron helmet.
  2. Spore Cloak- Ignore the next 5 spore pts
  3. Mashed Fungus- Smells terrible, stored in jar. Acts like bait for Fungal Zombies.
  4. Bright Red poison fungus. If eaten it cures the body of one spore stage, but consumer takes 3d10 damage.
[14] Shallow cave houses a dozen sarcophagi. Roll 1d4 to determine origin;
  1. Elvish
  2. Dwarf
  3. Ancient Human
  4. Something else entirely

Within each sarcophagus is 1d6x10 GP worth of artifacts and treasures, but each requires a prybar and a turn of pure lifting to open. Additionally there is a 50% chance when each Sarcophagus is opened it will release a cloud of spores, inflicted all openers with 1 spore point.

[15] Ruined campsite filled with 1d8 Fungal Zombies. Underneath one of the tents is a bag filled with silver rings, each one engraved with the name of a dead orphan hero.

[16] Giant Ant colony. The hole in the ground is heavily guarded by a Door Ant. The ant colony has several valuable larva by the queen as well as a huge amount of edible Blackbread fungus the ants cultivate within them. Naturally the entire colony is swarming with literally hundreds of giant ants so trying to hack and slash your way through it would be a challenge for anyone.

Door Ant (2HD, +2 AC if facing enemy, can block tunnels with head, 1d4 weak bite)
Door Ants are used exclusively at the front entrance as well as the key rooms of the colony, guarding them. There is one at the front entrance, one at the larval room, one in the queen's chamber. Unlike other kinds of ants they are not enraged by pheromones and just want to keep people out.

[17] Armor-Lichen. Strange yellow moldy lichen growing on a discarded plate vest in the forest. If you scrap some of the lichen onto your own armor or a shield it will help knit the armor back together whenever it is damaged, defend it against rust monster attacks, and absorb a single blast of dragon fire before being destroyed utterly.

The armor-lichen only needs a bit of moisture and a damp place in return. It will take an advanced knowledge of fungus to identify it though and it can only be spread to one piece of armor or shield.

[18] Giant Sac Fungi. There is a slight stirring inside one of them, actually contains a forest elf. Releasing this elf will grant +1 reactions with the elves here and they may even be friendly with the players at [12]. The other sacs can be used as a way to hide from enemies. Roll 1 random encounter.

[19] Glowing mushrooms found under a fallen log. If ripped out and squeezed for juice they provide a new kind of lantern oil that lasts thrice as long as regular lantern oil and gives off a strange blueish glow. If you touch this liquid with your bare hands though you get 1 spore point.

[20] Crazed Wizard apprentice. Will assume the party members are walking talking trees and asks them to hold still as trees should (Cast petrification spells, Hold Person, etc)

On his person he has a bag with 1d6+1 psychoactive mushrooms, worth 5 gp each.

Wandering Monsters
Roll 1d6

(1) Fungal Zombies (1HD, d6 bite attack, infect 1 spore point on a roll of 5 or 6)
Appearing; 2d6+1

Humanoid fungus zombies with mushrooms growing out of their skulls. Love damp, dark places and hiding in muck to attack humans.

(2) Forest Elves (1 HD, d4 and spore damage Arrow Shoot mushroom arrows, each carries a 1d8 silver arrow)
Appearing; 1d6

Territorial and unfriendly elves inhabiting the mushroom forest. Fungal Zombies seem to ignore them, and the elves don't seem to mind if intruders get infected or become fungal zombies themselves. They use their silver arrows on tough opponents or those immune to the spore arrows.

Make a regular reaction roll for them. If it succeeds you just don't see them. Failure means they attack with arrows.

(3) Fungeater (2HD, +1 AC, d6 claws)
Appearing; 1

Huge furry anteater-looking creature that is immune to and enjoys eating fungus spores. It's shaggy coat is strong enough to keep spores away as well as bladed weapons a bit.

If party stands still and lets the Fungeater eat the spores off their body they'll receive a d10 next time they roll against spores.
However moving or making noise will enrage the creature and it will attack with its sharp digging claws instead.

(4) Giant Ant Party (Varies)
Appearing; 1d4 Warriors, 2d6 Workers

Warrior Ants (2 HD, +1 AC, d8 bite)
Huge ants with heavy mandibles, unable to feed themselves. Defend workers.

Worker Ants (1 HD, d4 bite)
Weaker and smaller giant ants that mostly gather mushrooms and rotting plant life to bring back to the hive. Each worker ant has a 10% chance of being infected by cordyceps and if a fight breaks out it will try to climb up somewhere high, grow a toadstool out of its head, and release 1 spore point to anyone fighting below.

(5) Crawling Multinucleate (2 HD, drains 1d4 health as attack)
Appering; 1 or 2

Huge ambulatory web of fungal networks, awoken to feed on living things and bring them down for more nutrients to feed the forest.

(6) Fungal Zombie Bear (stats as bear, feels no pain, roar infects 1 spore point to those that hear)
Appearing; 1

Huge grizzly bear infected with fungal zombie fungus. Still rubs itself on tree trunks, which now just leads spores everywhere. Its pelt is too dusted with fungal spores to be valuable.

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Fantasy Vietnam Jungle Encounters

Fantasy Vietnam Jungle
For OSR Adventures

[1] Every square foot of this section of jungle has been trapped. There is a tripwire between every shrub, a pit on every level footing and barbed nets hanging overhead waiting for activation.

Takes 3 exploration turns to move through. Moving faster then a very slow crawl causes 1d6 damage every turn to any party member who isn't careful.

[2] Tiny silver hand bell; the clapper inside is stuffed with leaves so it won't ring unless these are removed. The first time it is rung, it disarms all nearby traps. There is a note on top of it that explains this.

The owner of the bell is a sorcerer who was turned into a Jaguar; he enchanted this bell so that he can hear its ringing anywhere to lead him to easy meat. It also disarms all traps so the people who ring it are more likely to be fresh.

[3] Pygmy Elephants (2HD, +1 to hit and damage from tusks. Can use their trunk and attempt a grapple or disarm) There are 1d6+1 of them.

They are being attacked by (equal to elephants +2) pygmy people- stats and tactics of (1). If you kill the pygmies the elephants will let you take the meat and ivory of their dead after sadly trumpeting for them. If you help the pygmies they'll just turn their spears on you after all the elephants are dead.

If you don't interfere, 50% chance for either side to win. Elephants will not let you take the meat or ivory from their dead if you didn't fight off the pygmies with them.

[4] Road-Tree. If you climb the tree and stand on a branch, the tree will make a safe path through the canopy of the jungle to take you there. Riddle hinting to this carved on tree trunk; speaking the name of your location will take you there.
Can lead to [5], [12], [13], or [15].

[5] Sacred Grove. Surrounded by painted ropes, standing stones, cairns of rocks, curved tree archways and other symbols. All random Encounters and beings native to the forest are terrified of it, and will not chase the party within its borders.

The Grove itself is immensely well tended and bountiful, but if any fruit is plucked, water is drunk, or a single sapling is trod upon it will invoke the wrath of the Woodwraiths.

Woodwraiths (Stats completely as Ghouls, including petrification, but totally immune to Turning.) Equal number to party members.

If Woodwraith attack kills party member, their body rapidly turns into a groaning wooden statue made of driftwood pieces. Full statues of people can be restored and returned to 1 HP with a powerful spell, but after combat ends the Woodwraiths will typically pick apart these statues and burn them in a bonfire, then spread their ashes as fertilized for their grove.

[6] Giant Purple Bloom flower; fat pedals and lays on the forest floor smells very sweet. If flower is cut into pieces and dried; dried pieces functions as a Cure Wounds and Cure Poison potion (3 doses), but taking the flower will anger [7], which will attack the party when they first take the flower and once every 1d4+1 days for as long as they remain in the forest.

Since Wasps do not make honey or gather pollen, their fervor to punish anyone who defiles the flower is a complete mystery.

[7] Giant Wasp-Nest. Hung between a cluster of trees and made of sticks, vines and bones clumped together with spit and mud. The Nest constantly releases 1d4 giant wasps (1HD, +1 to hit, poison deals 1d4 Cha damage; causes blotches on skin).

The wasps don't attack anyone unless they've interfered with the colony or have killed other wasps in the past. The wasps are somewhat intelligent though and can predict who is going to invade their nest (carrying climbing equipment).
The nest itself contains about a hundred giant wasp larva, each of which counts as a day ration or can be used to apply a 1d4 Charisma damage poison on any weapon, either or once each. Asking price is about 2 silver per. Obviously wasps will attack anyone who tries to take their larva.

[8] Pair of trees unnaturally twisted into an archway over a path. The first person to pass through the arch suddenly gains a wound (1d6 damage), lost a random item, and gained another one rolled on loot table below.

The person who went through the arch had vivid memories of the rest of the party disappearing, being attacked by wombats and being forced to climb a rocky cliff and go into a cave. Thus, they lost one item and found another in the cave. They swear this happened and only when they returned to the arch hours later and tried walking through it again did they return to the party.

This effect happens for each party member that passes through the arch with different stories invented by the players, but the wounds increase each time. (first 1d6, then 2d6, then 3d6, etc.) Those who would die from their injuries simply disappear.

Random Loot Table (d8)
  1. Magic Stone- Allows magic users to cast 1 more 1st level spells a day each day.
  2. Skull of a Panther. All Big Cats who see it run in terror.
  3. Bone Amulet- The wearer is invisible to divination spells and scrying
  4. 1d4 Snail Shells packed with strange herbs- If ignited and thrown act like a grenade that makes all hit by it much slower; -3 to Initiative and Agility modifier
  5. 4 large gold nuggets, worth 6 gold each.
  6. Stone Spear and Leather Shield. Magic; as strong as steel at half the weight.
  7. Fertility Goddess Statuette. Anyone who kisses it is cured of infertility enough for one child- but that child will be wild and troublesome.
  8. Pet Wombat. Cute.

[9] Giant Hammock tied up in the trees made of vines, leaves, and comfy stuff. If the party sleeps here they will recover +1 HP over night.

[10] Giant scratch marks on the ground lead to a huge tree. Underneath its gnarled roots there is a chest visible, but they are too clustered together to reach normally. Cutting the roots wakes up the tree, which is actually a giant tree-squid in disguise.

Giant Tree-Squid (4HD, Attacks all party members close enough each round, deals d6+1 damage). The branches and trunk of this tree turn out to be a kind of weird shell that surrounds the land-dwelling mollusk and its 'roots' are many hundreds of tentacles it uses to attack people.

The chest is locked and is filled with silver coinage, a golden goblet, fine silks, spices, and a unicorn horn. Approximate value of 400 gold within. It is sealed with a nearby Kingdom's Noble Crest- it was stolen and ended up here.

If the noblemen nearby discovers the party sold the chest and contents they will send guards to arrest them, believing them to be the thieves; but will only otherwise offer a pittance (1d6x10 copper) for returning all of it to their family.

[11] Dangling Apes (2HD, 1d4 damage, attack at long range) Two apes with ridiculously long, retractable arms (20 feet at longest) swing their fists down at you from high up. If arms are ripped off or cut, they will regrow in a few days. They tend to annoy people more then try to kill them, but will steal any unsecured items from your character and drag them up into the canopy. They especially love grabbing hats and helmets.

[12] Trader Camp. Large semi-permanent camp in the middle of the jungle. Will sell you machetes, bug repellent, ape blinding-spray, arrows and other useful goods in return for the bounty of the jungle or coin.

The Trader's have no affiliations outside of the Jungle but have a kinship among themselves, if you attack one of them, all will fight back.

[13] Pygmy Cave. Cave is obviously inhabited and has several guards stationed at multiple entrances. The pygmies small size makes this place ideal for them but difficult for any party member to traverse unless they are small. Each area has 2d6 pygmies currently in it.

Thousands of bones liter the outside of the caves and make it harder to sneak up on the guards without alerting them (-1 to sneaking).

The cave itself should be treated like a small dungeon with seven major areas;
  1. Communal Area- largest area with a shallow recess for stored drinking water. Pygmies are not smart enough to have invented pots yet.
  2. Filthy Latrine ditch; [14]
  3. Crafting room. Filled with many 'anvils' of small stones as well as spears, atlatl darts and clothing scraps.
  4. Sleeping room. Small fire has blackened the ceiling.
  5. Drawing Room. Walls are scrawled with pygmy cave paintings and mystic symbols. One Pygmy Shaman guards this place at all times.
  6. Shiny-Shiny room. Small pile in center contains one random piece of armor, three silver arrow heads and 2d6 gold and silver pieces.
  7. Animal Room. Room contains a captive, legless pygmy elephant and the bones of many others. Trumpets sadly to anyone but pygmies that enter, clearly wants death.
[14] Large latrine ditch partially dug and partially found in this cave room. Smells horrible and air is combustible from fire based attacks or sources. Down in the filth is a Goblin who is just trying to lay low. If anyone in the party is a goblin or can speak goblin the goblin will beg for them to help him escape; he came here thinking he could rule the pygmies but found out they were so primitive and shitty that he couldn't' handle it.

Surprisingly; the goblin carries a Scroll of Mass Charm that he was planning to use on pygmies. Will give it to the party for helping him escape.

[15] Great standing stone, flat and monolithic. There are four pillars around it, riddled with holes.
These pillars fire poison darts at anyone who crosses between them, save vs poison or die.

The monolith itself is etched with runic letters and magic symbols on one side. Magic Users can read this and copy it down to their spellbook to learn the spell Curse of the Lost. When cast on a target this curse causes the target to take a save vs magic or be lost permanently. After the first time you get hit by this spell you are immune.

Important characters such as villians, important NPCs and player characters hit by this spell should roll a d6 and add their wisdom modifier for the results.
  1. (or less) Permanently Lost. Essentially removed from game world.
  2. Lost until they die, their body may be found by important allies or family.
  3. Lost for 1d10 years
  4. Lost for 1d6 months
  5. Lost for 1d6 days
  6. Lost for 1d4 turns.

[16] Giant Pitcher plants hand from nearby trees and use vines to try and drop party members inside of them. Vines only have one health each and are easy to hit, but each party member is attacked by 1d4 vines each round.

If dropped in the pitcher plant party member will take 1d6 damage per round inside and will not have the space to use anything but a knife inside.
Can cut their way out if they use a knife, or someone else can cut in. Climbing the slippery walls is basically impossible.

Within one of the pitchers are the bones of several pygmy people, it has since vomited up the spears.

[17] Giant Centipede carvings. Several fallen logs have been arranged and carved as giant centipedes. Each centipede log contains a few hundred regular sized, but still poisonous centipedes.

Underneath one of the carvings is a pile of blue gems worth 2d8 gold.

[18] Stuck within the trunk of a large tree; four weapons. Axe, Dagger, Sword, Arrow. Each one has a random quality only determined when removed from the tree.
Roll 1d4
  1. Weapon animates and attacks
  2. No magical qualities, but weapon is highly decorated and worth 1d6+1 gold.
  3. Flaming Enchantment. +1 damage, weapon glows red hot unless quenched.
  4. Weapon warns holder when undead are near.

[19] This entire area of jungle is flooded with murky waist-high water. Roll for a random encounter.

[20] Party is suddenly attacked by rain of arrows and sling-stones from all directions. The attack lasts only 1d4 rounds- each party member not in cover, with a shield, or fails a save will take 1d6 damage.

There is no apparent source of the attack. Investigation will lead to [12] or [13]

Random Encounters
Roll 1d6

(1) Pygmy Scouts (stats as goblin, no darkvision)
1d6+1 Appearing. Pygmies are extremely primitive and brutal creatures without any known language, agriculture, or religion of any kind. Pygmies are very cowardly and a loud noise or flashy spell will almost always scare them away. They attack with stone spears, slings, and atlatls.

(2) Jungle Tiger (3HD, 2 attacks deal d6+1, incredibly leap, speed and stealth)
The tiger is an animal that preys on party members, typically it singles out the smallest one or the one with the least protection around its neck. Flees combat after 3 rounds regardless of how much damage it deals, but will stalk party for days.

(3) Pythons (2HD, d6 bite attack and d4 constrict)
Attack in pairs. Wait in ambush.

(4) Pygmy Warriors (stats as goblin, +1 to hit and AC, no darkvision)
Appear in groups of 8-12. These Pygmies are much more aggressive and brave. Additionally, they will always be accompanied by at least one shaman who can either cast Entangling Roots or conjure a small lizard with a 1 damage bite.

(5) Barkerthing (2HD, d8 damage, +2 AC, blends in perfectly with surroundings on a tree)
Rare creature. Looks like a mix between a rodent and a bug, has two large 'shield' arms that look exactly like tree bark and two more 'sickle' arms that are designed to cut and bleed people.

There is a natural scientist at [12] who refuses to believe these things exist and has promised 200 gold for anyone who tells him otherwise. He doesn't actually have that much gold.

(6) Gorilla Flesh-Eater (stats as ogre, but can swing between trees and doesn't use weapons)
Large lonely gorilla, expelled from his troop due to haven eaten flesh. Has an unnatural aura because of this, and detects as chaotic/evil. Will attack humans on sight, but is neutral towards demihumans and other races.