Monday, September 11, 2017

Mutation Tables

"Hardcore" Mutations
Roll 1d10

[1] You grow an additional thumb on one hand, opposite your other thumb.

[2] Your face becomes incredibly wrinkled and sags downward.

[3] Your lips slowly extend out to under your ears. Opening your mouth lets everyone see your cheekbones.

[4] You now have a cloaca.

[5] Your skin becomes extremely smooth, gain +1 Charisma. But even the slightest rubbing causes intensively painful chaffing, the softest fabrics feel like sandpaper.

[6] All the fingers on one hand grow a skin membrane connecting them. You now have a fleshy mitten on one hand, -4 to manipulating things with your hands in that hand.

[7] Your ears grow completely around and become thin tubes. Your hearing becomes very sensitive, but only down a very narrow range on both sides of your head. Otherwise, your hearing is poor.

[8] Your hair line grows down your neck and to just above your tail bone, giving you a huge mane.

[9] You grow watermelon sized bursting cysts on your upper thighs. The huge purple sores must be lanced once every week or you will not be able to walk.

[10] You grow a mouth on your stomach, which can eat food directly into it. You cannot control this mouth and may bite anything warm and appetizing brought near it.

Animal Mutations
Roll 1d10

[1] Your mule grows a hand on the end of its nose. It can now pick up things, for better or worse.

[2] Dog grows alligator scales and tail. Plays far too rough with other dogs and you. Can hold its breath for a long time and track smells underwater now.

[3] Moth grows a cat's eye on its belly. Is now attracted to magic items in the same way normal moths are attracted to light.

[4] Cow grows many teats along its belly like a sow. Huge boost to milk production, but all of its children will be disgusting cow/pig hybrids that start to walk and talk and kill people after running off to live in the woods.

[5] Favorite hunting dog becomes a spindly cheetah. Fast and retrieves prey, but only has 2 hit points.

[6] Sheep that grows toenail like protrusions on its skin instead of wool. Can be fastened into some kind of simple armor or laminated and made into lightweight weapons.

[7] Wolf or lion grows bat like wings on its front legs, but keeps claws. Can use it to fly away from danger but rarely can fly during combat.

[8] Snake constantly sheds its skin. Skin flakes turn into very thin and hard to use bits of silver. When the snake dies, all the silver it shed will turn to ash.

[9] Domestic housecat that gains ability to glow in the dark. Will complain terribly if you take it into the dungeon, but can be used as a mobile light source. The light fades in one turn if the cat dies.

[10] Cerberus Goat. The second and third heads of the goat have different ornery personalities, and if you meditate for an hour with it the random bleating of each head becomes a chorus that tells of the nearest evil creature with 4 HD or higher.

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