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[Dungeon] Chambers of Boaldelm

Dungeon Map Key
Brown Square- Standard Door
Red Square- Trap door, roll for a random trapped door
Purple Square- Secret Door/Wall

Chambers of Boaldelm
General Atmosphere
Square hallways and rooms carved into soft stone of the mountain. Diagonal ovoid depressions in the walls are a constant pattern, occasional candle or other object set into wall niche.

Room Descriptions
[a] Old underground church room. Horse skull on center of floor, ruined alter. Silver candlestick underneath rotted table, covered by stained tablecloth.

[b] Empty room. Rat tracks leading to d follow and stops at hidden wall from d to i

[c1] Empty.
[c2] Contains a broken floor, glowing Shock Flower growing there.
[c3] Appears empty, secret door leads to tunnels.
[c4] Dead adventurer. Has one piece of equipment; 1d4- helmet, shield, poison vial, magic rod.

Shock Flower: Minor Magic Rod. Deals 1d4 + Int modifier shock damage. The players can always tell how many charges are left by counting the petals, as a petal falls off each use. 6 charges.

[d] One Porthole Warrior guards this room. Patrols between d and e

[e] Rocky outcrops contain places to hide.

[f] Darkness in this room coalesces to create 2d6 Ghasts.

[g] Decadent painting on far wall. Before it is a line in red chalk. Crossing the line curses the target, making them break their weapon on a roll of 1 or 2. The painting is an image of a blacksmith, forging a glowing ember. Worth 1d6x10 coins.

[h] Boiled bones liter the floor.

[i] Rat men warren. Scared party found their way here, as the rat men use the T1 traps and the secret doors to try and stay hidden. Roll reaction checks with 2d6 as normal, but -1 if you intrude on their home. Rats have carved out small spaces into wall from the niches, live in tents.

[j] Small room containing the golden candelabra. Automatic random encounter is rolled.

[k] Secret room. Contains an Shock Fruit. Whoever eats it gains +1 permanent lightning resistance. It is guarded by a Fat Ghast.

Fat Ghast (2 HD, 1d6 flabby claw, soul spew move hits all within cone and deals 1d4 damage, clerics immune to this ability)
AC- 12

[m1] Contains a key, unlocking the door to h
[m2] Contains a lever, which ends T2

[n] Pit leading down into further caverns. Implied that monsters crawl up from here.

Trap Descriptions
[T1] Steam diamonds. Set in the floor, metal diamonds that shoot a jet of steam around the target who steps on them. As long as you stand still, the steam doesn't hurt you. 1 in 6 chance that the steam diamond depresses instead and the steam fires directly at you, dealing 1d6 damage.

[T2] Walking through this room activates spinning weight traps, which spin lead weights on chains around each of the four pillars really fast, dealing 1d6 damage each round you're next to one. Must pull a lever at m2 to turn them off, have to save to move through the threatened area.

[T3] Swinging spike door trap. If you turn the corner here the door swings to slam you into the wall and deals 1d8 damage. Easy save.

Wandering Encounters - 1d6
[1] Ghasts (1 HD, undead, 1d4 ghost claws, anything that gives off light counts as a +2 magic weapon vs them)
AC- 12
Number Appearing- 1d6

Ghasts are the lowliest form of spirit, nothing more then animal instinct, rage, and hate forming into ghosts from pure darkness. Physically very weak.

[2] Porthole Warrior (3 HD, undead, +1 to hit, 1d8-1 rusted longsword, glass window on chest can be smashed with a blunt attack, then stabbed for instant kill)
AC- 14
Number Appearing- 1 or 2

Large Porthole zombie creature, its still beating heart glows red with unholy vigor. Its movements are somewhat mechanical, and its arms bend weakly when they swing the sword's weight.

[3] Porthole Marksman (3 HD, undead, +1 to hit, 1d6-1 creaky crossbow, glass window on chest can be smashed with a blunt attack, then stabbed for instant kill)
AC- 13
Number Appearing- 1 with 50% chance to be accompanied by 1 Porthole Warrior

Smaller then the Porthole Warrior, but with a faster beating heart. Seems mildly more intelligent then the Porthole Warrior, as it can reload and fire a crossbow. The bolts it uses are stuck in its thighs.

[4] Mechanical Attendant (2 HD, 2 shredding claw attacks at 1d4, deals 1 bleeding damage per turn after combat equal with duration of turns equal to number of hit point damage inflicted by claws)
AC- 14
Number Appearing- 1d4
Morale- 12

Nonhostile creatures, crawl up from [n] to look over the traps in this part of the dungeon. Don't seem capable of communication or intelligence but use chest claspers to interact with machines.

[5] Heart Removing Tools (1 HD, animated objects, 1d6 surgical implements)
AC- 11
Number Appearing- 1d8

Tools used for ancient ritual and sacrament. Now animated with the same power that envelopes this place. Tends to attack people's chest. Sometimes can be found removing hearts from a corpse.

[6] Rat Men Scouts (1 HD, 1d4 clubs or 1d6 spears, once per combat may avoid one attack)
AC- 11
Number Appearing- 1d6
Morale- 10

These rat men come from i and are exploring to make sure everything is alright, as well as potentially foraging for food from the outside world. The rats raise their weapons when they first meet you, but don't seem to want to fight. Roll reaction checks.

Good- Rats will invite you back to their camp, but will not show you secret door, instead helping you navigate steam diamonds [T1]. Don't have much of value, but will give a hint about the silver candlestick in [a] and secret caves around [n]. They are incredibly desperate for a new home and would love more then anything to be able to live in the basement of a lord or in a human town's underbelly.

Neutral- Rats disengage back wherever they came, all the while giving warnings despite clearly being outmatched.

Bad- Rats run to [i] as fast as they can, try to lead party into steam diamonds if they can, otherwise they rally their forces for immediate relocation.

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