Thursday, September 7, 2017

My "Name" Level- Level 10

I've always really liked the OSR idea of getting a free fort with soldiers upon reaching a certain level in games. It's the biggest boost to power you can give to a player, moving them up to high level play. It also marks an end of the low level adventurer and the start of your much stronger, ready to retire character.

For this reason, I want to include this into my game. But instead of having an arbitrary name level, I'll just make it Level 10

Level 10
Upon reaching level 10, you gain one final hit die of your class. Every class gets a maximum of 10 hit dice for this reason, every level after this you may only get +1 to your total health roll, you still get to roll and replace if its higher, so you'll just get closer to the middle instead of adding it up.

Additionally, at Level 10 every class gains a special benefit, which is usually a very powerful new ability or allows their character go gain political power.

Manse Classes at Level 10
Upon reaching level 10, fighters begin to attract the attention of soldiers and swords of hire, becoming able to command a small army of men. You will easily be able to attract and keep control over 50 men or less. You can recruit more, but any more then 50 will be hard to manage. Every season you will have 2d6 men approach to join up if you have less then 50 men. If you lose all your troops in a climactic or morale-shattering way, you may have to do something suitable heroic to regain confidence.

If you do not own a fort, castle, lord's manor or something similar by this time, you'll be directed to a cleared out dungeon or ruined old abby you can rebuild into something useful.

Upon reaching level 10, you will be able to plant the foundation of a town. This town will rapidly grow, using whatever resources or opportunities are nearby, to sustain its inhabitants. Every season you will attract 1d4 new townsfolk families, every 10 town families grants a new service to the town.

You may choose to be appointed as the mayor of the town, or simply allow one of the townsfolk to become the mayor instead. Either way, you will be the head of the towns blossoming thieves guild.

Upon reaching level 10, you will be given a Sage's Demesne, which is an area of land (usually haunted) that is perfect for the building of a Wizard's mansion or tower. Lay lines are said to cross here and it is an ideal location to ply your craft. Once built, you will have a 1 in 4 chance to receive a strange visitor every season.

Strange visitors include oddly cursed people, strange racial half breeds, wandering fairies and ghosts, colleagues of the magical arts seeking lodging for a time, and potential apprentices.

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