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50 Custom Blasters

All Ray Guns found deal 1d6 damage for “blasting mode” and use universal energy cells. They can be refueled with magic, being heated by a fire, or struck by lightning in a fantasy world, but other then that recharging them will be very unlikely.

Some Ray Guns are two handed. These gain +2 to hit and +1 damage, but require two hands to use and are not as quick to take out from the holster and harder to use in a enclosed space, etc. Feel free to increase the die size of them by one if you think they should be more powerful and therefore increase the disintegration beam damage to d10 for a two-handed blaster instead of the d8.

Each firing mode of the guns and a short description of each are listed below. Each firing mode uses up some battery, extended use of a mode over an exploration turn should drain the battery by an extensive amount or completely.

Firing Modes
Blasting- Fires an energy projectile, deals 1d6 or base weapon damage. Standard mode.

Heat- Soft wide-ray that slowly heats up whatever its pointed out. Melts ice, dries out fabrics, and solidifies mud. Can be focused to start fires, melt your way through a bulkhead, or boil water.

Stun- Intense blast of energy that shorts out the nervous system of most creatures for a moment. Good non-lethal option, but is less effective on larger creatures. Small creatures may have their heart stopped by it. Criminals in space prison get stunned so often they build up resistance.

Sound- Directional speaker- focused down a narrow path. Can play music, amplify your voice, or just be so shrill to hurt you or break glass.

Light- Flashlight, projector, can be made wide angle. Some get so strong they can shoot a beam that can be seem from space, useful for SOS signals. Maybe can shoot a flare.

Radio/Signal- Self explanatory. Useful for planetary communication, doesn't travel faster then the speed of light unless you hook it up to a Hyperwave reactor.

Plasma- Fires out super-heated gas like a flamethrower. Damage is variable on how much it could reasonably do to a target, short range but ignites many materials.

Hologram Projector- Produces 3d images at a distance, but will flicker and look pretty shitty. Real issue is what you can project, you'd have to program anything you'd want to project.

Levitron- Point this at something to make it levitate, be pulled towards or away from you. Has a clear weight limit and doesn't work as well against moving targets.

Transfer Beam- Firing this very weak beam lets it specifically seek out and recharge other power cores you point it at. You can use your gun like a battery pack for your other gear.

Detection- Uses a form of energy to detect objects, metal detector, amplifies incoming sound, sonar or radar pings, etc.

Wave- Builds up a powerful single blast of sound, wind, or pressure. The shockwave will break glass and knock back nearby creatures. Probably the best way to defend yourself underwater.

Disintegration- Fires a constant stream of energy that breaks objects down into tiny cubes of their most base elements. Pretty useful industrial applications, but against biological beings it can really fuck you up. Increase damage to d8, but its a battery sucker.

Scrambler- Direct hit disrupts technology. Stuns robots, causes cloaking devices and personal protective shields to stop working. Many unsecured doors can be forced to open by blasting them with this ability. Causes cybernetic implants to be useless hunks of metal for a short time.

50 Custom Blasters

[1] The St. Benard – One Handed
Modes- Blasting, Heat, Detection

Used by mountain rangers on snowy planets; can defend self as well as locate and rescue those caught in avalanches. The detection mode features a heartbeat amplifier with a wide angle, much more accurate then most other models.

[2] Bug Burster v99 – Two Handed
Modes- Blasting, Heavy Plasma

Specially designed blaster, has a wide nozzle for the plasma. Plasma deals increased damage and fires at a wider angle, as well as taking up even more battery power to operate. Used to totally destroy biological infestations.

[3] Executioner – One Handed
Modes- Stun, Modified Stun

This black-painted ray gun only has a stun setting to stop struggling prisoners who are assigned to execution. The second setting is fired directly at the head for 5 seconds, if the target is totally still and has a human-level of neurological activity, then their nervous system will be totally fried and permanently destroyed, causing death that can overcome even cybernetic or genetic modifications that allow for self-resuscitation or consciousness-cloning from active brain matter.

[4] Snack-Attack – One Handed
Modes- Heat, Stun, Projector

This gun was used in an interstellar market by a small business owner operating a small stand. The alien wasn't allowed to use a lethal self defense weapon, as most shoplifters were on the market's payroll. It's a general purpose tool, preprogrammed with several loud blaring advertisement holograms, heat modes for various food items, and the stun setting.

[5] Glass Monkey – One Handed
Modes- Heavy Blaster, Light, Scrambler

This is the name for a custom gun used by a high profile cyberpunk-city gangster and assassin. It has several tubes and custom lights. The blaster setting on this weapon is heavy and more powerful then most, dealing 1d8 damage and having enough kinetic force to break bones or punch through weak cover. The light feature as a small laser can also be turned on in tandem with the other modes as to act as a laser-sight, and the scrambler is used to reach rooftops and other escape routes.

[6] Crazy Dragon – Two Handed
Modes- Heat + Wave, Blaster, Transfer-Beam

This weapon is painted bright red. It has a combined heat + wave function, meaning whenever it charges a blast of pressure or force it also uses the heat setting along with it, creating a wave of vibrating particles that set things on fire in the same dispersal arc. It also has a standard Blaster mode and a Transfer-Beam to recharge other devices.

[7] Grim Harmonica – One Handed
Modes- Blaster, Modified Sound + Wave

Name of a gray, metallic blaster that often traded hands in prisons. The weapon can create thrumming beats that damage the tissues of creatures subjected to it night after night; used by prisoners through the walls to next-door cells specifically for the purpose of killing or injuring rival gangs or high profile targets. It can also create shrill noise that makes it impossible to speak over or hear intercom messages; useful for disrupting guards over a prison riot.

[8] Busted Lip – One Handed
Modes- Weak Blaster, Heavy Wave

Hot pink, tiny weapon that looks like it could fit on the end of a keychain. This weapon seemed to belong to a cyber prostitute. It has both a standard blaster option that only deals 1d4 damage due to the weapon's constrained size and energy usage, but has a powerful wave function that knocks back targets and can disarm small weapons from people's hands if aimed correctly.

[9] Gryax Corp. Multitool – One Handed
Modes- Heat, Light, Hologram, Levitron, Transfer Beam, Disintegration, Scrambler

Highly developed and useful multi-tool with a touchscreen display and a safety lock mechanism. The gun does not operate until the user speaks the passcode, in which case it is permanently unlocked for that user. Anyone carrying the gun around for 3d6 days eventually has it unlock for them with a beep after they make a strange noise like a stifled sneeze or slur their words after a night of drinking that just so happens to be the passcode in the alien language.

[10] PvT Blasting Tool – Two Handed
Modes- Advanced Blaster, Advanced Disintegration, Advanced Wave

This tool is used for a specialized crew of miners. All tools are advanced meaning that several values can be adjusted and are generally enhanced, treat as +1 for damage rolls using these modes. The advanced blaster cuts with angled bolts of energy, the advanced disintegration beam similarly cores out rock and soil samples as per the standard disintegration but with a more accurate and battery-conserving beam, and the advanced wave can be so gentle as to blow off dust or so hard as to crack stone sheets for mining. Of course, if applied to living things these tools become much more powerful.

[11] Ping-Boy – One Handed
Modes- Blaster, Advanced Detector

This gun was used in subterranean dwellings to catch oversized pests and runaway pets; the detector setting can detect movements by feeling tiny changes in air pressure.

[12] Innovation Prototype – One Handed
Modes- Advanced Scrambler

This technological marvel was supposed to be a powerful and useful tool to interface with technology, be an all-in-one tool for programming and communicating with machines, and be used to even control starships in motion in one handy tool. The result was a terrible never got off the ground prototype that jumbles up any technology used into it; randomly deleting and replacing vital data with instructions to make sweats in a replicator and so on. Coincidentally it actually works better then devices intentionally designed to scramble technology- its effects last for a minimum of 1 exploration turn or until a hard reboot is used.

[13] Trusty's Blaster – One Handed
Modes- Blaster, Projection, Modified Detection

Trusty” is known for being a great trick shot, mostly because of this gun. It's projection and detection modules can be used to create 3d maps of areas; and the targeting computer in the gun greatly aides in shooting stationary targets, such as bottles put up along a fence. If you get a round to scan the targets up to 30 paces, and the targets don't move, you can shoot with a +4 to hit on the next round as the targeting computer aids. While not so good against living things, this can be used to chain together several difficult trick shots; like shooting out all the lights in an area so you can slip away in the dark.

[14] Black Hill's Backup – Two Handed
Modes- Modified Blaster, Sound

Has a highly accurate blaster which has a +1 to hit and doesn't cause as much burning on the entry point, making it easier to gather the pelt for hunters, as this weapon was designed for hunting aliens on natural and untamed worlds. The sound function also works, usually to act as a lure, and is preprogrammed with ten thousand very strange animal mating calls.

[15] Worker Droid-Arm – Two Handed
Modes- Heat, Advanced Levitron

This gun is literally the arm of a worker-droid turn off, and repurposed with a trigger to send a signal up the innate wiring to fire the mechanisms inherit in the robot's arms. It has a more powerful version of a levitron mode, letting it lift heavier objects. Additionally, its heat beam is used for welding but can also be used as a weapon if focused on a single target for a period of time. Beyond this it's pretty simple, but the robotic exoskeleton on the arm means its very durable and gets +1 to saves to avoid being broken or melted by other weapons.

[16] Remoee – One Handed
Modes- Radio/Signal, Advanced Transfer Beam

Cute pet name for the AI once installed on this thing. After many years running on emergency power, the AI had to delete almost all of its memories and personality files to keep active. It's a remote control that can interface with and activate most non encrypted technology. It's transfer beam has a larger range and even uses quantum entanglement; once connected to an object by transferring a beam of energy the Remoee can be moved and brought away and it can continue the transfer even through solid lead or rock by using hyperwave particles. This stops if the Remoee loses all its charge or switches targets.

[17] Family's Gone – One Handed
Modes- Disintegration, Plasma, Modified Wave

This weapon is so named for its rather bleak inscription, scratched on the side of the handle. The weapon has a powerful disintegration beam and plasma thrower, but has a special modified wave function. The wave function can be switched on to automatically activate when the trigger is released, meaning the weapon blasts forth all the plasma it had just fired in a puff of superheated gas or scatters all the pieces of whatever it has just disintegrated to the wind.

[18] Gap – Two Handed
Modes- Modified Blaster

This weapon can only fire once every other round, but gets a bonus +2 to hit. It's remarkable durable, and has paint scratched off one side, as though it laid on a sniper platform getting the paint peeled off by cosmic dust winds for many years.

[19] Macabre – One Handed
Modes- Stun, Levitron, Modified Transfer-Beam

This black-painted pistol has a little alien skull drawn on the sides; clearly not made or used by a human. It has mostly defensive functions, but with proper tuning with its control panel its energy beams and highly focused electrical shocks can make dead bodies perform certain actions. This is used by grave-keepers to help bend corpses into more convenient to carry and bury shapes, usually before rigor mortis sets in.

[20] Hard Dropper – One Handed
Modes- Blaster, Levitron, Timed Blaster

Has a small screen with a few thick and clunky buttons between. Beyond having a typical blaster and levitron setting, also has a unique blaster mode that fires faster then normal, but on a timer that allows just enough time to swap targets on the fly- you can shoot twice per round with this but cannot turn the gun off instantly, meaning you could accidentally shoot the wall or anything that jumps in front of you, friend or foe. Also, it has Tetris installed on its computer.

[21] Vanisher – Two Handed
Modes- Modified Disintegration, Sound

Creates a powerful energy beam that destroys matter- unlike other disintegration beams, this one leaves no dust or material cubes behind, simply dismissing the target into energy. The core constantly juggles its antimatter charge- by switching modes the gun can undampen the core and a loud shrill noise that can destroy glass or deafen creatures with sensitive hearing emits.

[22] Squint's Rifle – Two Handed
Modes- Modified Light, Advanced Light

This rifle is specifically designed to find and mark ranges, and then fire highly energized photons into the eyes of its targets. The weapon causes blindness, not death. At closer ranges and if hooked up to a computer, the onboard laser can perform some simply brain and nerve surgery, using the eyes of your opponents as gateways to burn its radiance into their nervous system.

[23] Gixess- Personal – One Handed
Modes- Light, Advanced Light

Given out to explorers and settlers on a dark planet, the lifeforms there evolved to be especially sensitive to light. This device is the “personal” edition, granting protection from the planet's most common pests, but not strong enough to deal with the strongest beings there. The light feature here can project many textures, colors, and flashes or strobes of light. The advanced light allows for enhanced brightness, or a fully animate projection that can be put on a surface.

[24] Plymoss Carbine – Two Handed
Modes- Blaster, Signal, Self-Destruct

This weapon is given to soldiers fighting for a powerful consortium in space. The weapon is well made and has a long battery charge; it is a reliable blaster and can both send and receive field reports or orders. It has a final special feature, the self-destruct feature that lets the gun expunge all its energy in a fiery blast that deals 1d10 damage and kills its holder. Plymoss conscripts low in the pecking order were told to self detonate to thin the enemy ranks. When they just detonated their guns and threw them like grenades instead, they were court martial'd for wasting military resources.

[25] Lion Child – One Handed
Modes- Blaster, Modified Heat

Designed to burn the fur off big game hunts, but not a primary weapon for hunting. Seems designed to be carried as a sidearm or by an assistant to finish off and prepare a wounded animal; heat mode useful to burn fur off a corpse.

[26] Crikaa-Core Repeater – One Handed
Modes- Blaster, Projection, Advanced Projector

This standard issue battle-pistol is given to soldiers at the core of an interstellar empire. It has a projection feature that lets it set up targets for soldiers to shoot at for target practice. These targets can even be programmed with smart AI and run tests and building-clearing exercises with fake hostages and gunmen in simple wireframe holograms with fake blasters of their own. Any use of the weapon this wide in scope will require several of the repeaters to be linked up. If the weapon is damaged or the core removed it can still function to create these simple training AI; projecting its light like a lamp instead of out the end of the barrel.

[27] Dog Box – Two Handed
Modes- Blaster, Modified Detector

The Dog Box is so named because of its heavy and bulky shape, and the grating at the front of the gun that can be slid open to let the gun “smell” scent particles in the air, which it can track. The gun tracks extremely well, letting you follow trace scents for hours on end; it is very hard to avoid once you get the trail.

[28] Paperback – One Handed
Modes- Blaster

This gun is made of partially fibrous material and can be easily rolled up or stored in a flat or confined state. The flat, flexible battery with this unit is much shorter in lifespan then a proper hard and rigid battery, which would have to be smuggled in separately.

[29] Corvyern – One Handed
Modes- Sound Beam, Projector

This weapon fires a focused beam of sound, only those in the beam can hear it. The sound is a high pitched squeal mixed with a warning and command to surrender in several alien languages. Due to how focused and loud it is, the beam has a 1 in 6 chance to save or cause your head to explode the first time it strikes you, your specific cranial makeup contributed to the explosion. The weapon can also put up a bright white projection of a square, which makes shooting the gun's user difficult and provides a cover bonus of +2 AC.

[30] Magic Doo – Two Handed
Modes- Accurate Blaster, Levitron

This weapon obviously isn't magic, but has a sparkly effect after being fired, and has energy bolts that home in slightly on their targets. Additionally, it has a levitation device to push away enemies or pull in ammunition.

[31] Open Concept – One Handed
Modes- Blaster, Transfer-Beam

Pistol shaped design with bright yellow barrel. Very minimalist with a comfortable grip. Designed to be easily interfaced with other technologies, new blaster modes can be snapped on in seconds if you find the modules, requiring no crafting time or extra resources to set up the connectors.

[32] Ringtone – One Handed
Modes- Sound, Modified Sound, Modified Signal

This weapon fires invisible waves that interface with devices. Tends to cause phones and computers to send out their alarms or ringtones, hence the name. It can also produce sounds from a very large internal library, and can throw and distort them a far distance, but is limited to the sounds onboard the processor. There is a generic “river sound” and if anybody listens to it long enough they'll realize it's looping. This device can also be used in conjunction with a computer or data-pad to hack an electronic at range.

[33] Ripple-Effect – One Handed
Modes- Modified Wave + Blaster

This weapon fires a regular blaster shot as a wave of energy. The scintillating bolt deals damage to all in a cone, but has short effective range compared to any normal blaster.

[34] Path of the Builder – Two Handed
Modes- Levitron, Weaponized Levitron

Picks up and flings matter, including at enemies. Has several automated functions; pointing the gun on a tripod at a big enough pile of bricks and it will build a simple, prebuilt design of a house for you. The only problem is running out of battery before it gets done with the kitchen.

[35] Flying Ape – One Handed
Modes- Blaster, Stun, Modified Levitron

This weapon was designed in the shape of a boomerang (with an unfortunate banana-yellow paint job.) If thrown in the air, it uses the gravity modules and thrusters to fly wherever it was programmed to go. By default, it returns to the throwers hand in 20 minutes. This gun is often thrown and then the user can surrender or pretend to be unarmed only for it to swing back and return to them just when they need it.

[36] Azure Striker – Two Handed
Modes- Detector, Advanced Blaster

This weapon can scan for life forms and heat through walls, and the advanced blaster can fire energy bolts infused with gravitons, allowing them to punch through thin walls or flimsy cover to attack opponents. It's sleek design and fast fire rate hint that it was once used in special police forces as a tool for breaching urban locations.

[37] Glatherin – One Handed
Modes- Modified Heat, Heat, Blaster

The name of this weapon roughly translates to “witches who fly but never leave the ground”. Beyond normal blasting and heat ray modes, this weapon can also create heat in the potential energy of objects. The invisible beam may feel similar to a tickling or bugs-crawling-on-your-skin type if it hits you, but is not painful or obviously noticeable at first. After 1d6 turns, the area blasted by this energy beings to heat up, the molecules burning themselves up. Fully inoculated beings are consumed by this fire with no way to stop it, unless they can cool themselves down enough before the flames start to cook their skin and melt their organs. This weapon is highly prized by assassins but the battery is drained after one use of the modified heat setting AND it has a short range when using its special stealth mode.

[38] Khan Rifle – Two Handed
Modes- Blaster, Disintegration, Stun

This weapon is short like a carbine and can be easily loaded and fired while mounted. It is adorned with tribal ornaments; a primitive culture with an advanced weapon. It has a weight pulley within the short stock that transfers some of the kinetic energy of the weapon rocking during long travels that help keep it fully charged for combat.

[39] “It's OK to Lose” - One Handed
Modes- Blaster, Scrambler

Clearly modified for stealth and ease of quick drawing; this gun can be stored in a pocket. Belonging to a famous dirty gambler alien, who met a quicker gun once and hasn't gambled since.

[40] Bird Caller – Two Handed
Modes- Sound, Stun

Shoddily made, this unnecessarily large weapon can mimic the sounds of various tropical alien birds and stun them, making them easy to capture. It has an auto-lock on feature to hit fast moving targets, but the charge on the stun is too weak to stun anything more then a few dozen pounds. Instead, stuns by this gun stun individual body parts of larger creatures.

[41] Port-A-Maid – One Handed
Modes- Modified Hologram-Projector

This gun has a white and black color scheme and is presented as more of a household product then a weapon. It creates a dainty looking maid out of holographic, solid light that can interact with her environment. It is still a weapon, because you can program the maid to attack people with rolling pins and knives and it deals damage like the real thing! The Maid Projection cannot die but can be temporarily disabled via a concentrated blast or a stun setting; destroying the gun will obviously also stop the murderous cleaner.

[42] AV41 – Two Handed
Modes- Wave, Modified Wave

This weapon is a high tech design. It has a simple wave function that can be so weak as to just blow away dust or so strong as to blast apart glass and break bone. It's so advanced as to have a ranged wave function; through setting the range-finder you can set the wave to expand outwards from all directions in a sphere disjointed from the weapon, resulting in beings or objects exploding from the inside out and creating makeshift shrapnel bombs.

[43] Carnage – Two Handed
Modes- Repeating Blaster, Levitron

This weapon can fire extremely fast. Every other round it shoots, it gets an extra shot. The blaster wounds from this weapon are especially damaging to the body and it deals +1 damage. The weapon is also equipped with a levitron function to move debris out of the way or to create cover by levitating an object in front of your advanced. Clearly a soldier's weapon. Well known design flaw; if you hit the weapon at the right spot the levitation engine overflows and causes the weapon to implode, taking its operator's hands and part of their face with it.

[44] Asmog – One Handed
Modes- Light, Modified Light, Sound, Wave

This weapon has a dark paint job and was created for use in back alley cyberpunk dystopias. It can create light, but can also “reverse” the light function and deflect light rays away from an area, thus creating darkness or projecting a cone of darkness. It can also create sounds, usually to make a crime in a crowded city, and finally can produce waves that blast through trash or temporarily disable police hover drones by throwing them to the ground.

[45] Power Raygun – One Handed
Modes- Blaster/Heat, Intensified Heat

This weapon fires short duration beams of heavy heat energy. It straddles the line between heat rays and blasting shots. As it is used, it can pour the internal heat sink as well as its power into a greater and more focused beam of heat energy- the beam becomes extremely destructive akin to Disintegration, but reducing anything to it naturally from its intense heat projection.

[46] Invader's Clapper – Two Handed
Modes- Blaster, Stun, Special Projection

This weapon is used by advanced races to invade and capture planets and bases of lesser races. Beyond its normal blasting and stun functions, it can also use a projector to create a “slow burn” function. The projection can create transparent walls, manacles, or cages of energy which can either burn things that try to pass through them or remain solid for a short period of time. The projection costs a massive amount of batteries, but is a self-contained system once created and lasts for a few hours.

[47] Second Opinion – One Handed
Modes- Stun, Levitron, Heat, Sound & Detection

This is a medic weapon. Beyond lacking lethal methods of defense on its own, it has a 'sedative' function as a stun. It can also levitate objects to get easy access to patients, heat to cauterize wounds, and sound/detection function to take field x-rays and ultrasounds of patients bodies. Extremely valuable and useful for field work, this 'weapon' is well sought after.

[48] Tribesman's Fire – Two Handed
Modes- Heat, Sound, Projection, Light

Painted, with a bone handle. This weapon can by splayed open to create a “false” fire, the illusion of flickering flames with the exposed core providing the heat of a fire. It can also emit a heat or light beam to stun or injure pray, but the damage to the front of the weapon from stones indicate it was heavily abused and may have lost several features before being turned into an advanced weapon belonging to a simple people.

[49] Booster Dynamics – Two Handed
Modes- Blaster, Enhanced Blaster, Wave, Advanced Wave, Recharging Function

This weapon is charged with a long handled crank along the side, which neatly folds against the weapon when not needed. This crank requires an exploration turn of charging to fire a single shot in the battery, and is therefore not very efficient, but can be charged before any regular shot to increase it's power by a much more effective degree. Improved shots have +1 damage on a hit, the blast striking with more force and heat. This power can also be used with its wave of pressure function to allow the wave to deal 1d4 damage to creatures even above water from the bone-cracking force.

[50] Asmon's Assembler – One Handed
Modes- Heat, Advanced Levitron, Scrambler, Signal

This assembler is a weapon with a vitally important and useful function; repair. Its levitation device can force parts back together, the heat function can laser weld metals and singe plastics back into shape. This does require a data stream in real time to keep up with the repairs, of which the signal function lets it pick up any of the low-grade frequencies some advanced objects constantly emit to aid with repairs back to factory settings. As with all pieces of technology, the power to create is similar to the power to destroy, and as such this can also create scrambling white noise to both reboot machines as well as disable them for a short time for more destructive or nefarious purposes.

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8 Rune Spells

Magic Runes are always inscribed on something. They are activated when read. You only get a save to avoid reading them if you detect the writing is dangerous, otherwise the spell effect will trigger. Illiterate creatures, or very unintelligent beings with a -2 or worse Int modifier, can also avoid activating this rune on accident due to the slowness and deliberate nature in which they can read, if they can read at all.

8 Rune Spells
[1] Phalanx Rune - 1st level
When read, all of the other text on the scroll or within the book is shuffled into rows and columns, and 'marches' like an army instead. You can only 'defeat' a rank by reading it, and all ranks march linearly. This essentially means you cannot read anything secretive or sensitive until the very end if the spell-scribe wanted to protect it; greatly increases research time and makes the book impossible to use for quick research. This spell is mostly written on books to protect their secrets.

[2] Alteration Rune - 1st level
This rune doesn't automatically activate when it is read, it must first detect changes made to the text it is written on- the original draft of the text is what is now forever bound by the rune. It can “scan” a number of pages equal to the caster level of the one who scribed it, so a very well furnished spellbook may have multiple runes spaced out every 'chapter'. If the book has been altered in some way in the text, such as through ripping out pages, spilled ink, gotten wet, or doodles drawn in the margains; the rune will activate when it is read to reformat the book's text back into order. Due to the limitations of this spell and the magic, words will become cramped into the corners to avoid wet spots, text will use ellipsis and generalizations to parse over missing sections from destroyed pages, and excess ink or graffiti within the book will be reused to make the text bold at random points, and so on. This cannot repair all the damage done to a body of work, just to the text, helping to keep it back in shape. Some clever spell casters may also use this to do things like create self-wiping notepads or cleverly hide notes in wizard school that they can destroy in an instant.

[3] Rune of Inspiration - 2nd level
When this rune is read, the reader feels a rush of creativity and mental resurgence. They instantly gain another saving throw against any minor mental effects currently plaguing them, like a brain fog curse, and gain a +1 to their Intelligence modifier for their next action. Whenever this rune is read, it turns gray from its normal brilliant blue coloring and takes 1d4 weeks to recharge. Magic users often scribe these into their spellbooks on a specific page or even on the end of their staff, covering it with a cloth until it is time to use the magic rune for a burst of mental activity.

[4] Blinding Flash Rune - 3rd level
When read, this rune destroys itself in a blinding flash of light. The target must make a saving throw else they go blind for 1d4 days. If the being had poor eyesight to begin with, or was reading with glasses, they may go blind permanently instead on a second saving throw.

[5] Rune of the Cell - 3rd level
This rune only works on beings who are either two dimensional, or are beings who were warped into a flatland/flat world space. Touching or trying to behold this symbol while close enough reveals it is a box; and the being is warped inside. To them in the flat world, it has surrounded them entirely, where as in the three dimensional world looking in, their figure is simply trapped in a small square rune. The 3rd dimensional being can then destroy this figure by pressing their finger into the page, or burning it or whatever other method to annihilate this being, or can set them free by erasing part of the Rune. This useful rune is often employed against spies trying to steal secrets directly out of a Wizard's library, as only a few books need to be trapped to hopefully catch a thief, or to catch flatlander creatures like word-worms and spell-thieves among the text. High level thieves can express a moment of inter spatial power to slip out of this rune if they are skilled enough, leading to incredible exploits of the 2nd dimensional rogues and their ability to move “over” and “under” things; inconceivable to the minds of beings native to that dimension.

[6] Flying Curse Rune - 3rd level
When this rune is read, it peels itself off the paper and has three additional effects. First, it sours all milk in the area, sickens livestock, and makes births more painful. Second, it floats above the reader's head, flapping away with little wings if they try to attack it or cast a spell to make it go away. Third, it emits a loud crow's caw every few minutes, drawing attention to the unfortunate cursed individual. As such, those affected by this rune are cursed and driven out of communities, shunned through no fault of their own due to the misfortune they bring to others. Beyond wishes and curse-ending spells; this spell can be cured by hitting and 'killing' the rune with a surprise or ranged attack by an exceptional individual, or by having the mark branded into your skin. This causes 1d6 permanent damage to your Charisma score, but ends the aura.

[7] Rune of Restoration - 4th level
This powerful Rune spell was devised by ancient spell-scribes as their own method of immortality. While it is very difficult to rune, and requires many years to both hunt down the rare inks and quills necessary as well as the process of drawing this intricate rune in exact perfect detail; it has a great power. The moment the user reads this rune, they are restored to their same physical and mental state when they first read it. They forget everything they learned after they read the rune for the first time, but regain their youth, health, and all other features. By using this rune, it is possible to turn back the clock, but you also lose all experience points, levels, mutations, etc. Unfortunate use of this rune could cause the user to get trapped in an infinite time loop, such as being trapped in another dimension where you are horribly maimed, read the rune, and then repeat the process forever without remembering what happened or how to escape. If the rune is altered with even the slightest ink smudge or paper crinkle it can cause disastrous paradoxes in time and space. The Wizard must make a hard save or be trapped in paradox crystals, endlessly reading the rune over and over and beholding its infinite true form.

[8] Cold Rune - 4th level
The Cold Rune is slightly different. When it is first carved or drawn, it is locked in place with magic ice. Over the next 10 years, the surrounding lands become colder and colder, the winters longer and the snow thicker. The sun gets darker and struggles to rise over the horizon. The people will start to suffer and be forced to leave the land or die in such extreme conditions, though some cultures like dwarves or elves will adapt much better then others. The Cold Rune effect eventually turns the land into a land of never melting ice, endless frost and winter, where the ice fairies dance and call home.

The only way to end the Cold Rune's spell is to find the rune, chip away the ice protecting it, and read the incantation aloud. The person who reads the incantation will freeze and turn to snow, blowing away in the mind, as the land returns to its natural state. Due to the sacrifice required to use this spell, few are willing to venture to the lands of permafrost and give up their lives to bring back the spring.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Garden- 10 Garden Gun Stores

This table only generates Gun-Stores. If you need another appearance and personality for a store owner, roll on the Random Merchant tables for Garden. Roll 1d10 to see which one is in your neighborhood- Each district of Garden only gets one unique gun shop- the rest are rinky dink mom & pop shooteries that are serviceable, but nothing special.

10 Garden Gun Stores
[1] Full-Service Jackets
The owner and two employees wear gray jackets and faded yellow patches. The place is worn down and clearly very old. The gun racks only have a handful of functioning guns, with the rest having their parts gutted or missing their barrels. The owner says you can reserve the guns for a low price, and he'll have them completed shortly (they will not.)

However, this store is quite proficient at repairs. Whenever you repair your weapon at this store, there is a 1 in 8 chance they found the source of one of your gun's flaws and fixed it.

[2] Minecart Armaments Emporium
This store was created to tap in on the market of the (obviously doomed) underground minecart and electric tram network tunnel that was being set up in the service tunnels underneath Garden. While their clientele dried up pretty quick with the project's collapse and slide into obscurity; they still specialize in making snub nosed and short-stock fire arms.

All weapons purchased from this store have half the normal damage and accuracy penalties for their snub-nosed parts, which confer negatives to damage and accuracy in exchange for handling.

[3] Fatal Weaponry Inc.
This burgeoning weapon manufacturing corporation has a very strong presence, and hires their own private armies to fight off gangs nearby their headquarters. They keep the area safe, but are considering taking over local businesses and only paying the workers in corporate dollars; thus making the money useless anywhere else and having a total stranglehold on the surrounding area. They sell overpriced guns but of every variety and with a huge inventory.

Actually trying to get any of your weapons fixed or owned here is also a massive pain in the ass, and always more expensive then you expected with hidden fees, but they have a specialist or department that can work with any weapon with its rare quirks and ammo types. Even your unique one of a kind lightning cannon; somebody here can fix it.

[4] Hunter Firearms and Wildlife Supply
This rugged, outdoorsy shop is located in a very wooded and heavily forested area, just like the Treebranch district. The shop itself is little more then a log cabin hidden by its own grove of trees. The shop is small and decorated with mounted heads of various midnight forest creatures, along with a small shrine of bullet casings for fallen comrades in the back for the owner's old friends. The owner is a kindly and stern old stegosaurus man with a straw hat. He prefers rifles and thinks automatic weapons are for spoiled brats and people who can't shoot.

This seller specializes in rifles. If your gun is bought here, it will have a bonus +1 to hit with all rolls from being so well scoped. Beautiful wood grain finish.

[5] The Post
What was once Garden's first and only post office; this historic squat brick building once ferried mail and packages all over the city in heavily armored conveys back when the gangs were even more ruthless and imperious then they are now. Which they are. The Post has since lost much of this prestige and no longer delivers mail, much to the chagrin of its turtloid owner. The owner is named Chancey and is in fact one of the oldest members of the city, given his species's long lifespans. Using his guidance, the post has still found itself in relevant by collecting and trading weapons with some of the most obscure, out of the way, and otherwise secretive communities based on Chancey's knoweldge of the city.

The weapons once carried by the infamous postmen must be as lightweight and easy to use as possible. All weapons purchased here have their total load reduced by -1, to a minimum of 1.

[6] Military Surplus
This store almost exclusively buys old weapons from military units and veterans that come to Garden. The vast majority of these people are alone; either deserters or separated from their units, getting lost, and ending up in the Garden's alternate dimension, which is probably why no random military detachment from an alien world hasn't conquered the place yet. Like most business that target new arrivals, they tend to under price everything they buy from the arrivals, using their ignorance to their advantage, but they do offer a military discount. Guns from other worlds are broken down into parts to repair Garden's own brand of weapons here, since wholesale military hardware will break down quickly anyway, and can't use Garden's own homebrand of bullets and bombs.

This store specializes in explosives; increase the damage die of any weapon that fires Payloads here by one higher size. If this would exceed a d12, make it a +1 to damage instead. Besides this, regulars and those with special access and can browse the collection part of the store; containing fully functioning weapons from other worlds straight from the manufacturers, well maintained and with their own special ammunition types and parts. These special weapons may have totally different rules then normal Garden weapons, and they do not jam on very high attack rolls- they don't even have flaws! However, these weapons are almost like collectors' items and rely on parts and ammunition that isn't made in Garden; as well as being prohibitively expensive.

[7] Fruit Stand
The store is hidden as a simple, humble fruit stand with many sturdy display shelves and very little actual fruit. Much of the shelves contain plastic fruit, and at least one of the baskets has a little man hiding inside with a gun to make any muggers or thieves eat hot lead. Beyond the penchant for secrecy, the owner of this store likes to keep a low profile and keeps all their lucrative deals on the down low.

The Fruit Stand sells weapons that are stealthy and low in rattling parts and poorly painted chrome. You ignore any penalties to stealth while carrying this weapon. Silencers are half off. Additionally, you can schedule a meeting with the mobile fruit stand- meaning you can make the guns come to your headquarters and have no risk of ferrying them around.

[8] Delilah's Gun Shop
Delilah is an older woman, coming from an alien world whose primary inhabitants are large, powerful jaguar people with 4 arms. She is still quite strong despite her age, and uses a ridiculously large heavy chaingun the last time her shop was robbed. But that was years ago, and she doubts she could lug it out of the office like that again. The store is very cozy and smells of grease.

This store specializes in heavy weapons. Most of the weapons they sell like this should be fitted onto vehicles or buildings as defensive fixtures, but exceptionally strong individuals could actually lift them if they needed to. It's very rare to find heavy duty weapons like this anywhere else in the city except for one offs or special projects by private gunsmiths.

[9] Kingpin Grocery
Once a store exclusively used to sell weapons to thugs and gangsters, it has now slowly become more family friendly and devolved into an actual grocery store. The place even has a friendly greeter, and a little statue of a fat kingpin alien holding a cigar to his mouth and a gun safely holstered on his hip. They still sell guns in the back. The owner of the place, the Kingpin himself, was never much of a gangster and is really a big softy.

Kingpin Grocery doesn't sell anything special, it just gives good deals and discounts. If you buy guns and ammo in bundles, you'll receive an ever larger discounted rate of up to 20% off all your weapons. Also, he'll throw in a free orange.

[10] Dopend's Wholesale
Weapon store owned by a large stick-insectoid man, incredible strength in his spindly arms. Many high shelves filled with uncomfortably packed and unsecured explosives and ammunition. Hasn't been an accident, yet. Gives repeat customers obnoxiously long punchcards- 'Buy 130 ammo belts and the next one is free!'

Dopend is good for one thing beyond his stinginess; volume. He's skimped and saved on bullets and guns over the years and is one of the few places in Garden you can get bullets, shells, or cartridges in bulk without having to steal them from a gang stockpile or making them yourself. You could outfit a small army with these, essentially unlimited supply, but it will cost you dearly.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Abyssal Eyes

Abyssal Eyes are magical, strange objects found only in the treasure troves and possession of being from the primordial darkness. The Abyssal creatures only come out through dark fault lines in the Earth, seemingly native creatures to the underdark, or perhaps even below it.

Abyss Eyes all have the same property. If you cut out one of your own eyes and replace it with an Abyssal Eye; you'll regain the sight in that eye and gain darkvision from that eye. Your new eye glows with the color of the Abyssal Eye- Red, Blue, Pale Gray, or not at all for Ghastly Eyes. Each type of Eye also has a special power which can be identified, and this power is gained once you replace one of your eyes with an Abyss eye as well. Roll on the relevant tables below. Finally, Abyss Eyes are tied in with the powers of darkness and actually installing one in yourself permanently reduces your Charisma by -1d6, with the exception of Ghastly eyes which reduce it by -1d8 instead.

Murderous, Seeking, Hypnotic, and Ghastly
Abyss Eye Powers
Murderous Eye – 1d6
[1] Murder Charge. Once per day, you can empower your body on a charging attack in combat. Your weapon and body glow bright reddish orange and strike at the enemy. This attack is obvious and enemies can make a saving throw to avoid the blow. If they fail this, roll to hit as normal. On a hit, they take double damage.

[2] The first type of weapon you use in combat after inserting this eye is now empowered for you, permanently. You gain +1 to hit with that weapon type, and weapons of that type are outlined to you in a reddish sheen. Additionally, you gain a weapon power specific that can be used by any weapon of that type. For example, when using a dagger you slice skin even on a missed attack; dealing 1 damage from blood loss. Or hammers can sunder armor, giving the enemy -2 AC from the dent, and so on. If you could already do this, instead just make enemy's have -2 to saves versus tricks with this weapon type. You lose this bonus if you lose this eye.

[3] Your eye turns bright red and fires a glowing red dart projectile. It deals 1d4 damage as a dart. If you are firing at a skilled warrior who has seen this trick before, they get +2 AC. You can only fire this attack from this eye once per day.

[4] Eye of Flesh. By closing this eye, you lose the power to see out of it for the rest of the day. Your body is healed 1d6 hit-points by an explosion of flesh-energy inside of you. You must roll a saving throw to avoid getting a random mutation.

[5] You gain an additional attack on your first combat round, once per day.

[6] Increase your Strength modifier by +1. If you're in total darkness and can only see through this eye, then increase it by +2.

Seeking Eye – 1d6
[1] By spending your combat round focusing, you can create a magical gray aura around a single creature. This creature glows in the dark, cannot enter stealth, has their invisibility or chameleon power ignored, and becomes much easier to hit with all attacks, granting +2 to hit as well as nullifying any defenses or bonuses from vision based obstructions. This aura lasts up to three exploration turns, which means you could also track the creature as well by following its glow.

[2] If you run out of arrows, the eye creates a spectral semi-transparent arrow instead. This attack is harder to see coming and harder to reflect or deflect by magicians or warriors, but deals a die size smaller damage due to not being solid matter. (Reduce a d6 bow to d4 damage). These spectral arrows can be used up to 3 times per day.

[3] Once per day, you can stare at any standard weapon or a single arrow. This weapon or arrow gains a fuzzy white aura around it, which makes it unwieldy and as though tipped with cotton, unlikely to penetrate a defense. The weapon has a -4 to hit, which lasts for up to 3 rounds.

[4] Sizzling Shots. By concentrating with your eye, once per day you can fire a flurry of arrows. These arrows shoot 1.5 a round, or you get a second ranged attack every other round as long as you continue this assault. Once you are hit you lose concentration and this power fades. This power also stops prematurely if you run out of arrows. Every odd round past the first (starting on round 3), the intense heat from your string motion and whistling speedy arrows starts to singe the tips of your projectiles; the arrows deal +1 fire damage.

[5] You can focus the eye and make it project light onto or wall or other surface. It can control shadows, allowing you to create shadowy puppets or false images. You can use this ability as much as you want, but you cannot move while using it and could be crept up on.

[6] Increase your Dexterity modifier by +1. If you're in total darkness and can only see through this eye, then increase it by +2.

Hypnotic Eye – 1d6
[1] You can supercharge a spell or magic rod attack, increasing the damage die size by two sizes (so d6 to d10). If the die size would go over d12, just add +1 instead. The supercharged spell is infused with bright blue energy from your eye, and anyone else with any Abyssal Eye can will your spell to be harmless if they so wish. After using this ability, the Hypnotic eye clouds up and cannot grant you regular or dark vision and you cannot use this power again until the next day.

[2] By staring at someone with eye contact, you can hypnotize them. The target is transfixed for up to a turn, in which you stare at them with a bright glowing eye- the blue light from your eye cannot be blocked by anything nor can their attention be ripped away from it, or else the spell will be broken. Any damage the target takes will also snap them out of the hypnotism. Once you break eye contact yourself or after the turn, the target will be confused and unable to act for one round as they snap out of it. You can use this power as much as you want, but after the first time targets will get a save to avoid looking into the blue eye.

[3] Once per day, you can project a magical blue barrier in front of you. The barrier can be up to 10 ft high and 20 ft across, allowing you to block up passages. This barrier has no effect on physical matter, but blocks all magical and arcane energies that collide with it; the barrier prevents artificial conjured objects or creatures from passing through, causes magic missiles to rupture on contact, and so on.

[4] This Hypnotic Eye seem unusually able to remember written text put in front of it. The first spell scroll you read once this eye is inserted is lost, the words vanish from the paper but remain in the eye whenever you close it; superimposed on your vision with arcane colors. Once per day, you can cast that spell. If the spell is above a 1st level spell in power, then it is somehow reduced until it is a 1st level spell in terms of power.

[5] By staring at a magical crystal, charged rod, or other source of magical energy you can absorb enough power for a single 1st level spell after a turn of concentration. This is much slower and less efficient then other forms of draining or power transferring- but this can be done at range and through clear barriers like cell bars or a glass wall. The drained object only loses a single use, or if it's a permanent enchantment, loses its magic for 1d6 turns.

[6] Increase your Intelligence modifier by +1. If you're in total darkness and can only see through this eye, then increase it by +2.

Ghastly Eye – 1d6
[1] Whenever you cast a summoning spell or use an item that summons a creature, you can specify the exact individual being you wish to summon. If you could already do this, improve the reaction check or turns duration by +1 from the improved magical binding with the entity.

[2] Whenever you cast a summoning spell or use an item that summons a creature, the creature summoned is enhanced by gaining a dark aura and +1 HD, +1 damage with all spells and attacks, and also is able to manifest itself inside a mirror painted black. This mirror makes it possible to carry the creature through holy ground or places it couldn't survive normally; when the mirror is shattered or its name is beckoned the creatures will exit the mirror or when the duration ends. The creature is also trapped in the mirror, but if it manages to escape while you took advantage of its entrapment it will use the dark aura to great effect in getting its revenge.

[3] You can now cast Speak with the Dead, once per day. Your caster level for this spell, if it is relevant, is equal to the number of days you have gone without seeing the sun.

[4] You can cast Maw of the Mound once per season, regardless of your class. You still receive the negative effects of using this spell, and lose the ability to see in the darkness from this eye for 2d6 days.

[5] Mutation Slot. You can now forcibly add a mutation to your character permanently. This mutation is no longer removed by a cure mutation spell or potion, and is now forced to be beneficial. Mutations with negative effects or tradeoffs have their negatives reduced, while having their positives improved.

[6] Once per day, you may spray a shadowy substance from this eye like tears onto any object. The object counts as 2 encumbrance units lighter to carry, as long as you are in darkness. The substances vanishes the next time the object is exposed to light brighter then a candle. The substance makes the object look dark and the shadows collect heavily on it; but it is permanent until burned off by light.