Thursday, August 22, 2019

10 Blog Spells

These spells are based on posts I've made on this blog. Every spell contains links to various other tables, spell lists, generators, or monster stats.

10 Blog Spells
[1] Marvelous Marble - 3rd level
This spell creates a statue- generate a statue when you cast this spell. The statue is conjured from the earth or air and pantomimes the caster in slow, jerky movements. Every round, the statue either does exactly what the caster commands, but the caster must give up their action, OR the statue follows a set of instructions given to it. You can give any number of commands to the golem in a single round, and it will follow the instructions without fail, but slowly and one at a time. Because of this, it is very possible for the moves to become ineffective over time, or even accidentally strike allies.

The Golem can be made to do one of the following every round- the caster can use basic words or phrases to give these orders, but this is the limit of the statue's ability. The only other thing the golem can be made to do is follow the caster's walk if led around by the iron chain stuck into its throat. If the statue is struck by a wild magic pulse or if the caster is gutted and screams unintelligible; then the golem will do something random instead.

Golem Orders – 1d8
  1. Strike a pose. Does nothing, but effectively passes a round.
  2. Strike the nearest target with a stone fist. -2 to hit and 1d10 damage.
  3. Strike a specific area by throwing something. Will pick up and throw people if it runs out of heavy inanimate objects to throw.
  4. Grab the nearest target. Hard save to wriggle free.
  5. Crush anything the Golem has grabbed. This is a save vs death. If nothing is grabbed, the golem will crush its own rocky hands and fingers.
  6. Defend. Curls its arms around the nearest person in front of the golem or between its legs. The person cannot move from its grasp, but treats their AC as 18.
  7. Slam. Either slamming its entire body into the ground to knock all adjacent targets prone if they fail a save, OR slamming its body weight into wall or object. The Golem will always run in a straight line to perform the slam, meaning if something gets in the way it will hit that instead.
  8. Self Destruct. The Golem tears off chunks of itself and flick its material as shrapnel. It takes 1d6 damage, deals 1d6 damage to everyone hit by the shower, and loses -2 AC.

The Golem has a base AC of 16, 4 HD, and takes no damage from piercing or sharp weapons. The material the statue is made out of, as well as its subject influence its abilites. Golems made of magic wax can be cut with sharp weapons, where as if the statue was made of gold it gains a 1 in 3 chance to bounce off any spell cast on it, and so on. The Statue-Golem lasts a maximum of one hour.

[2] Crystal Centurion - 4th level
From a pulse of energy from a small focusing crystal; the caster is instantly clad in a suit of armor made from magical crystals. The “caster” for this spell can also instead be anyone who is holding the magic focusing crystal when this spell is cast, letting warriors or rogues hold it before the wizard activates the enchantment. They treat their AC as 18 for the entire duration of this spell. They are also equipped with a large, heavy crystal bludgeon. The bludgeon deals 1d6+2 damage, counts as magic, and grants the holder a random power pulled from the Azurite power table. They also have a crystal shield which grants +2 to all saves and has a 1 in 3 chance to deflect spells of lesser level then this one; this deflection also applies to dragon breath and can be bounced back at the dragon. This spell lasts long enough to fit an entire battle within; up to a maximum of one hour.

Additionally; the wave of energy generated by this spell causes magic crystals to grow in the area. The crystals grow into a specific formation and type, which is generated using the Mana Crystal generator. These crystals can explode when touched, using an X in 6 chance, where X is the stability of the crystal rolled on the Mana Crystal generator. If these crystals are touched by magic crystals as well, they don't explode, meaning the caster is safe from the detonations.

Finally, this spell is very powerful and taxing, and has a price. Every time you are the subject of this spell, draw a crystal on your character sheet. Once you have three crystals drawn, you must make a save each time you use this spell or touch a mana/magic crystal; on a failure, draw yet another crystal AND roll on the crystal mutation table to see how you change. If you ever get 10 or more Crystals on your character sheet, your character is frozen in place by enigmatic paradox crystals, with no guarantee that they'll ever be able to escape.

[3] Maw of the Mound - 4th level
After the incantation of this spell, the caster's body falls apart into dark black soil. The ground shakes and their face appears etched into the dirt itself. They can move as a tidal wave of dirt, which requires a save to avoid getting knocked over when it goes under you. The maw can charge into barricades, knock up tiles, uproot trees, and anything else a huge mobile earthquake like this could do. This is a powerful spell, and requires a handful of salt distilled from the ocean beneath the soil and rock of the world as one of its major casting ingredients.

Every round, the caster can either attack with a bite attack that has a +4 to hit and deals 2d10 damage OR open their mouth and use their tongue as a ramp to allow forces of the underworld to charge out. These monsters are not capable of distinction for surface dwellers nor would they follow the caster's orders anyway, and as such charge onto the battlefield attacking anything in their path. The spell only lasts for 3 rounds.

The biting attack doesn't kill its target if they reach 0 hit points or less. Instead, they are swallowed by the maw and fall into a pit of blackness. There, they come to an uncomfortable realization and are trapped in a temporary prison outside of time. They will return in 1d50x50 years, but are dead for the purposes of this campaign.

The tongue bridges allows monsters to come out. Only one monster can be released by the maw- the monster that is released is random. If an extra round is used to open the tongue bridge- more of the same monster is released. Roll a 1d3 then roll on the table.
  1. The Monster is accompanied by a black cloud that blots out sunlight in a 100 ft area. It is a strange beast from another realm shourded in Midnight.
  2. The Monster comes from deep within the Earth. Roll on the Wandering Monster Table from the Dead Underground City
  3. It is a detachment of the Slaugh; the dark elves, who will use it as a staging attempt to invade the surface world. After this battle, they will attempt to capture the spellcaster of this spell to use them to create another strategic Maw.

[4] The Faithful Two - 1st level
This spell is low level despite its effects, but requires two similar characters, both already sworn to service to the spell caster. This spell merges the two together in spirits, and they can an emphatic link that connects them across as many miles as they have HD collectively. The two become more intertwined in combat as well, roll on the Super Combat Bros. Generator to see what gimmicks and uniforms are drawn to the collective group. This spell can only be cast by any individual magic user once; it creates their faithful bodyguards, but no more. Though often these Fighters come from specific Warrior Cults, or from a very specific Mercenary Group.

[5] Drake-Twist - 2nd level
Both of the casters arms twist together and transform into a small but fearsome dragon head. It takes one round for the twist to happen, you may perform one action with your dragon head in the second, and in the third the arms decouple. You cannot block, attack, or cast spells or do anything requiring your hands in the first and third rounds of this spell. If the caster is killed during this, or if the arms are both severed while the dragon head is mostly formed; it may crawl off on its own to become a stunted regular dragon in the wild. This dragon will be very desperate to rejoin all dragon kind.

Once the head appears the caster may either bite at the nearest enemy, dealing 1d12+1 damage with a +2 to hit, speak or stare in the manner of dragons through this head (save vs stuns all kobolds nearby, opens dragon lair secret walls, etc.), or use a powerful breath weapon or spell. The color and type of dragon is randomly selected when you first learn this spell, and is always the same. The dragon that this spell treats itself as a caster level = HD, with that amount of power in its breath. The dragon head can cast magic that isn't just a breath weapon; the powers of dragons are numerous when tied to their elemental affinity and color.

The colors and types of dragons are randomly determined by using this dragon table. If the character is more Lawful, replace number 8 with the Holy dragon. If the character is more Chaotic or if magic is more dark and sinister in your setting, keep number 8 as the Blood dragon.

[6] Coffin of Chaos - 3rd level
This spell requires a large wooden coffin to be carved and used as the focus for this spell. When cast, the spell creates a massive amount of energy within the coffin. Every round, the coffin's door slams open and something flies out. Roll each round on the table below. The creature or thing is always aimed at the direction the coffin's opening is, so the spell can be “aimed”, but is chaotic and could easily be deadly even to those who cast it. This coffin lasts for 6 rounds, or until it rolls two 8s on the table.

Coffin of Chaos Effects – 1d8
  1. The Coffin spits out 1d8 Weird Skeletons. They are lifeless, but a necromantic pulse from the coffin could animated them into lifeless undead. Painted skeletons become helpful instead.
  2. Swarm of buzzards fly from the coffin. Many of the buzzards know that this coffin produces food for them, and so some will reenter the magical portal inside after they have eaten. The buzzards don't do anything except circle ahead, but act as a shield against arrows and will attack undead dealing 1d6 damage as a swarm per round, picking off dead flesh for consumption.
  3. The Coffin releases a cyclone of Death Energy, which circles around. The first round it travels in a straight line from the coffin as fast as a man can run. If you are struck by the tornado you take 1d6 damage and must save vs death or lose a level from level drain. Every round after the first, it travels in a random direction using a 1d8. 1 in True North, 3 is True East, 8 is North-West, etc. There is also a 1 in 3 chance that whenever something dies near the cyclone, it travels towards that being instead, with a higher chance if a more powerful high level or HD creature was slain; it is attracted to the deathly energy.
  4. Necromantic Pulse. Pale green light illuminates everything within a 20ft cone of the coffin. If it hits any dead bodies, they rise as mindless undead.
  5. 2d6 Undead Creatures come out of the coffin. The creatures are all of the same specific type of undead, who are weak to a specific element. The very next round, instead of rolling on the table, the coffin shoots out the element that destroys these creatures. For instance, if the coffin spewed out some Dry-Vine Skeletons, the next round it shoots out of a gout of flame. If the coffin released Clay Mask Mummies, then the next round it fires out a sandstorm with rocks and flung stones which deal physical damage, etc. The undead will all attack once and then be destroyed by the elemental discharge unless if the coffin is rotated to no longer aim at them. These elementally challenged undead are not under anyone's control when summoned.
  6. Massive skeleton hand appears through the coffin, and throws a fistful of Magic Arrows. The arrows have 1d2 kinds of magic arrows, and the number of arrows fired is 1d6 per type. They seek or are thrown at random targets, though usually it will be someone near front facing to the coffin, as they are spotted first.
  7. The Coffin emits a loud shriek. This attracts nearby attention, and lowers the AC of everyone by -2, which stacks any number of times this is rolled. Additionally, someone in the party has feverish dreams that night about an Ancient Evil, scrawling their name onto their own chest; scratched on by their blood nails.
  8. The coffins hums ominously, but does nothing. Mark a checkmark on the coffin for this combat. If this is rolled again; Random Strange Item drops from the coffin; roll once on the list. The lid slams shut, and is found to be nailed shut with tin nails that can only be removed with a +1 claw hammer or equivalent. Many prefer to burn this one and get a new coffin.
[7] Hand of Punishment & Prudence - 3rd level
This spell creates a giant glowing hand that flies forward from the caster's position towards a target. Whoever gets in the way of the hand will take the blow instead, so it can be blocked. Once it hits someone, the hand does a martial art moves that deals 1d6 damage. On a failed save, it also deals 1d2 debilitating special techniques to the person, which take a round each to clear up. The hand also performs its techniques in a specific martial arts style, which can be countered by someone who knows a superior style, giving them advantage on the saving throw.

[8] VampNight - 4th level
Whenever this spell is cast, it must be cast at dusk just as the sun is going down. An eerie feeling extends over the surronding area; this spell can easily cover an entire town and the surrounding farms. After the first hour of quiet, vampires begin to appear. The vampires are not “true” vampiric beings by any means, they don't have much detail to their minds or bodies, appearing only with the most basic of physical traits. These false creatures however still thirst for human flesh, and attack anyone they can find; draining their blood for their eternal hunger.

Every exploration turn, or every 10 minutes, you must roll a 1 in 6 chance to have an encounter. The encounter will always be a group of vampires. If you are being very quiet (no spells, no animals, no children), make it a 1 in 8 chance. If you are hiding somewhere and being quiet, increase to a 1 in 10 chance. Every time you encounter vampires all the vampires you encounter will be of the same type. You encounter 1d6 Vampires at a time, attacking barricades to taste hot blood.

Every hour, the spell changes. Each hour, a randomly determined vampire bloodline is what people will encounter whenever they roll an encounter with vampires. The vampires will attack any living being with blood, and have a higher 1 in 4 or even 1 in 2 chance to be encountered for those trying to escape the radius of the spell. This spell lasts until dawn.

[9] Esoteric Polymorph - 4th level
The caster is transformed into a Weird Monster form. You new body is very random, having many disparate elements, and you must roll a new body plan and all the appropriate limbs. You also must make two saving throws vs spells. On one success, you regain some of your mental ability while in this new form, and gain a random power on the Weird Monster Generator table. On two successes, you become an Elite version of the creature, gaining yet another ability. This spell lasts for up to an entire day, but can be ended early by resting in a calm place.

The Esoteric Polymorph changes people into weird monsters. You will be mentally forever changed by the experience. Shift the characters alignment one step towards Chaotic if appropriate, and/or permanently reduce their Wisdom by -1d4 points. This is only done the first time they use this spell, but continued use of the spell is like a drug, picking up more mannerisms and a calling to explore otherworldly places and speak to unnatural beings. If the number of times you've used this spell exceeds your Wisdom modifier, each season you have a 1 in 6 chance to disappear and return as an Other, you've lost your magic but have gained something far worse.

[10] Eaann's Magic Wand - 2nd level
This spell conjures a silver magic wand. It has a random appearance, but is always made of or painted silver. This wand has the magic powers of a single type of Magic Rod in addition to the Magus Rod, rolled randomly when this wand is conjured. If you roll a 12, double the number of charges instead, and the wand is topped or hilted with a purple crystal. If this crystal is removed, the wand vanishes and the shard can be kept as a minor mana crystal of the weakest power level.

If your character masters this spell, you can shrink the size of the die with your favorite type of Rod taking up the spot of 1 on the table- roll a 1d8 or a 1d6 to get a better chance of your favorite, etc. Eaann's Wand disappears when lost or when all its charges are expended. It has 2d6+2 charges.