Friday, August 9, 2019

20 Unusual Fighting Styles

20 Unusual Fighting Styles
[1] Three-Blade Style. Places swords in both hands, with another blade in the mouth. Novices fit knives between their teeth, masters place yet another sword.

[2] Cube Style. Uses a single hard metal cube, about a cubic feet of solid iron. Smacks with the sides, stabs with the corners, blocks incoming attacks with its edges and so on. Some cubes are tricked out with acid sprays on a hidden button press or are hollow and can release a deadly snake or trap an opponent's hand within and so on.

[3] Animal Style. Using animals as your weapons; terriers attached to your arms for punching bites, birds as ranged eye-peckers, tortoises as living shields. Well trained or magically enchanted to serve as powerful weapons. Obvious weakness? The animals. Stupid.

[4] Deathly Ribbons. Using long, graceful ribbons as slashing weapons. Due to not being a mighty godly magic weapon, not as reliable as a knife or sword, but has range and flexibility. Ranged grapple checks allow for trips and disarms of enemies along with slashes.

[5] Martial Arts and Kung Fu. Not really that unusual for fantasy worlds, but you'd have to be fucking insane to fight people with swords with your bare hands.

[6] Engineer's Weapons. Fighting up close with spring loaded blades, rotating sawblades, punching hammers and industrial oils and choking fumes.

[7] Water-Bending Style. Requires the use of a domesticated water elemental, or a friendly martial artist transmogrified into water. Uses hand and arm motions to direct water as a whip, stunning blasts, temporarily blind or drown some targets.

[8] Death-from-Above style. Requires powerful and high jumps to use- jump and then attack downwards with divekicks or weapons.

[9] Spike-Suit Style. Fight while encased in a spiky armored suit- mostly punches, grapples, and just running into people. Get swallowed by giant monsters- deals optimal damage!

[10] Spring Style. Wrap metallic springs around your arms and/or legs, adds force to all straight punches and kicks; powerful shockwaves emit from clanking steel. Any amount of water on it rusts it in seconds, causing limbs to be locked in place.

[11] Other Style. Using your own body was a weapon; fingers transform into mouths, sockets pop open to spray freezing or burning liquid, mouth snaps 180 degrees to bit through steel. Needless to say, you can't be a normal person to do this.

[12] Deadly Sand Style. Fighting with sand in a pouch or pockets, blinding powders or poison dust. Shove handfuls into the open mouths of foes, or just throw out large clouds while leaning back to avoid breathing your own toxic spores.

[13] Charging Bull Style. Throw your head around, charge into foes, gore like the raging bull. You'll need a powerful helmet, a thick skull, or horns of your own.

[14] Special-Move Style. Pretty similar to a Disciple, they just use a different special move every round. From weak to strong, every round they loudly shout the name of their chosen technique, using each move only once each combat. While having more options and being more powerful then a basic fighter, if they run out of moves they'll be helpless. Sometimes a basic attack is best.

[15] Iron Yo-yo Technique. Throwing out heavily modified and armor plated Yo-yos to strike their foes. Can hit at a decent range and can wrap up and strike multiple foes at once, but you can render it useless by simply severing the cord.

[16] Elf Style. Outlive your opponent. Each time the fight ends, stalk them for a few years until they get older and weaker. Repeat until they die, or until you can finally achieve victory while they are a senile old man. Not a real fighting style.

[17] Stake Style. Attack foes with hundreds, thousands of wooden stakes and splints. Thrown, inserted, roughly snapped off with a palm-thrust to keep half the strike embedded. Impale a joint and twist to cause paralysis. Person will be carrying so many wooden stakes they are essentially a bonfire waiting to happen; weak to fire.

[18] Spell-Fist Style. Instead of fighting with weapons, fight with spells. Shocking Grasp, Burning Hands, Necromantic Fingertips and so on. Main weaknesses are running out of spell slots and anyone with good magic saves.

[19] Shield Style. Fight only using shields. Could be a heavy tower shield or some small bucklers; parry attacks and slam into foes. Absorb spells into the shield's face and blast them back out.

[20] Hook Style. Fight with two iron hooks, may be connected to chains for ranged grabs. Stab into flesh and rip through shields, pull and twist foes into position. Especially brutal and gory, expect a notorious reputation for using these.

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