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Abyssal Eyes

Abyssal Eyes are magical, strange objects found only in the treasure troves and possession of being from the primordial darkness. The Abyssal creatures only come out through dark fault lines in the Earth, seemingly native creatures to the underdark, or perhaps even below it.

Abyss Eyes all have the same property. If you cut out one of your own eyes and replace it with an Abyssal Eye; you'll regain the sight in that eye and gain darkvision from that eye. Your new eye glows with the color of the Abyssal Eye- Red, Blue, Pale Gray, or not at all for Ghastly Eyes. Each type of Eye also has a special power which can be identified, and this power is gained once you replace one of your eyes with an Abyss eye as well. Roll on the relevant tables below. Finally, Abyss Eyes are tied in with the powers of darkness and actually installing one in yourself permanently reduces your Charisma by -1d6, with the exception of Ghastly eyes which reduce it by -1d8 instead.

Murderous, Seeking, Hypnotic, and Ghastly
Abyss Eye Powers
Murderous Eye – 1d6
[1] Murder Charge. Once per day, you can empower your body on a charging attack in combat. Your weapon and body glow bright reddish orange and strike at the enemy. This attack is obvious and enemies can make a saving throw to avoid the blow. If they fail this, roll to hit as normal. On a hit, they take double damage.

[2] The first type of weapon you use in combat after inserting this eye is now empowered for you, permanently. You gain +1 to hit with that weapon type, and weapons of that type are outlined to you in a reddish sheen. Additionally, you gain a weapon power specific that can be used by any weapon of that type. For example, when using a dagger you slice skin even on a missed attack; dealing 1 damage from blood loss. Or hammers can sunder armor, giving the enemy -2 AC from the dent, and so on. If you could already do this, instead just make enemy's have -2 to saves versus tricks with this weapon type. You lose this bonus if you lose this eye.

[3] Your eye turns bright red and fires a glowing red dart projectile. It deals 1d4 damage as a dart. If you are firing at a skilled warrior who has seen this trick before, they get +2 AC. You can only fire this attack from this eye once per day.

[4] Eye of Flesh. By closing this eye, you lose the power to see out of it for the rest of the day. Your body is healed 1d6 hit-points by an explosion of flesh-energy inside of you. You must roll a saving throw to avoid getting a random mutation.

[5] You gain an additional attack on your first combat round, once per day.

[6] Increase your Strength modifier by +1. If you're in total darkness and can only see through this eye, then increase it by +2.

Seeking Eye – 1d6
[1] By spending your combat round focusing, you can create a magical gray aura around a single creature. This creature glows in the dark, cannot enter stealth, has their invisibility or chameleon power ignored, and becomes much easier to hit with all attacks, granting +2 to hit as well as nullifying any defenses or bonuses from vision based obstructions. This aura lasts up to three exploration turns, which means you could also track the creature as well by following its glow.

[2] If you run out of arrows, the eye creates a spectral semi-transparent arrow instead. This attack is harder to see coming and harder to reflect or deflect by magicians or warriors, but deals a die size smaller damage due to not being solid matter. (Reduce a d6 bow to d4 damage). These spectral arrows can be used up to 3 times per day.

[3] Once per day, you can stare at any standard weapon or a single arrow. This weapon or arrow gains a fuzzy white aura around it, which makes it unwieldy and as though tipped with cotton, unlikely to penetrate a defense. The weapon has a -4 to hit, which lasts for up to 3 rounds.

[4] Sizzling Shots. By concentrating with your eye, once per day you can fire a flurry of arrows. These arrows shoot 1.5 a round, or you get a second ranged attack every other round as long as you continue this assault. Once you are hit you lose concentration and this power fades. This power also stops prematurely if you run out of arrows. Every odd round past the first (starting on round 3), the intense heat from your string motion and whistling speedy arrows starts to singe the tips of your projectiles; the arrows deal +1 fire damage.

[5] You can focus the eye and make it project light onto or wall or other surface. It can control shadows, allowing you to create shadowy puppets or false images. You can use this ability as much as you want, but you cannot move while using it and could be crept up on.

[6] Increase your Dexterity modifier by +1. If you're in total darkness and can only see through this eye, then increase it by +2.

Hypnotic Eye – 1d6
[1] You can supercharge a spell or magic rod attack, increasing the damage die size by two sizes (so d6 to d10). If the die size would go over d12, just add +1 instead. The supercharged spell is infused with bright blue energy from your eye, and anyone else with any Abyssal Eye can will your spell to be harmless if they so wish. After using this ability, the Hypnotic eye clouds up and cannot grant you regular or dark vision and you cannot use this power again until the next day.

[2] By staring at someone with eye contact, you can hypnotize them. The target is transfixed for up to a turn, in which you stare at them with a bright glowing eye- the blue light from your eye cannot be blocked by anything nor can their attention be ripped away from it, or else the spell will be broken. Any damage the target takes will also snap them out of the hypnotism. Once you break eye contact yourself or after the turn, the target will be confused and unable to act for one round as they snap out of it. You can use this power as much as you want, but after the first time targets will get a save to avoid looking into the blue eye.

[3] Once per day, you can project a magical blue barrier in front of you. The barrier can be up to 10 ft high and 20 ft across, allowing you to block up passages. This barrier has no effect on physical matter, but blocks all magical and arcane energies that collide with it; the barrier prevents artificial conjured objects or creatures from passing through, causes magic missiles to rupture on contact, and so on.

[4] This Hypnotic Eye seem unusually able to remember written text put in front of it. The first spell scroll you read once this eye is inserted is lost, the words vanish from the paper but remain in the eye whenever you close it; superimposed on your vision with arcane colors. Once per day, you can cast that spell. If the spell is above a 1st level spell in power, then it is somehow reduced until it is a 1st level spell in terms of power.

[5] By staring at a magical crystal, charged rod, or other source of magical energy you can absorb enough power for a single 1st level spell after a turn of concentration. This is much slower and less efficient then other forms of draining or power transferring- but this can be done at range and through clear barriers like cell bars or a glass wall. The drained object only loses a single use, or if it's a permanent enchantment, loses its magic for 1d6 turns.

[6] Increase your Intelligence modifier by +1. If you're in total darkness and can only see through this eye, then increase it by +2.

Ghastly Eye – 1d6
[1] Whenever you cast a summoning spell or use an item that summons a creature, you can specify the exact individual being you wish to summon. If you could already do this, improve the reaction check or turns duration by +1 from the improved magical binding with the entity.

[2] Whenever you cast a summoning spell or use an item that summons a creature, the creature summoned is enhanced by gaining a dark aura and +1 HD, +1 damage with all spells and attacks, and also is able to manifest itself inside a mirror painted black. This mirror makes it possible to carry the creature through holy ground or places it couldn't survive normally; when the mirror is shattered or its name is beckoned the creatures will exit the mirror or when the duration ends. The creature is also trapped in the mirror, but if it manages to escape while you took advantage of its entrapment it will use the dark aura to great effect in getting its revenge.

[3] You can now cast Speak with the Dead, once per day. Your caster level for this spell, if it is relevant, is equal to the number of days you have gone without seeing the sun.

[4] You can cast Maw of the Mound once per season, regardless of your class. You still receive the negative effects of using this spell, and lose the ability to see in the darkness from this eye for 2d6 days.

[5] Mutation Slot. You can now forcibly add a mutation to your character permanently. This mutation is no longer removed by a cure mutation spell or potion, and is now forced to be beneficial. Mutations with negative effects or tradeoffs have their negatives reduced, while having their positives improved.

[6] Once per day, you may spray a shadowy substance from this eye like tears onto any object. The object counts as 2 encumbrance units lighter to carry, as long as you are in darkness. The substances vanishes the next time the object is exposed to light brighter then a candle. The substance makes the object look dark and the shadows collect heavily on it; but it is permanent until burned off by light.


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