Sunday, May 7, 2023

Six Desperate but Heroic Lords

Sir Gridwane of The Fens
HD- 10 AC- 15

Attacks- 2 w/ Bow (d6+1) or 2 w/ Sword (d6)

Special- Move Thru. Underbrush / Immune to Entangle

Tall and clad in gray-green light armor with tree motif. Perfect salt & pepper hair. Joined by twelve Fighting-Men, all in light armor and trained with swords and bows. They like their bows more then their swords. Two are elves. Gridwane also has a magic bow (+1) and a magic cloak which lets him slip through bushes and thorns like they weren't even there.

Sir Gridwane is a kindly lord of a forested land; well connected to nature and the animals of the land. He's here because his grandmother got fused to a tree. That's not unusual where he is from, it's just he doesn't have enough money to make her comfortable right now so a little treasure would go a long way. If you help him out he'll teach you how to make you acorn ale.

[2] Dragonlord of Highguard
HD- 12 AC- 18
Attacks- One w/ Flame Greatsword (d12+1 Fire Dmg)
Special- Immune to Fire, Commands Kobolds

Dazzling armor, emblazoned with red and gold. Dragon's face carved into the helmet. His armor is magic and gives him immunity to fire and also prevents him from aging. No shield. He is imbued with dragon-power and kobolds will always surrender to him and obey his commands- unless a true dragon is nearby and says otherwise. Currently accompanied by 2d20 Kobolds.

The Dragonlord is a dragon rider and very powerful. However, his last dragon mount died and now he's stuck here and can't fly back to his homeland which is only accessible by things that can fly. Looking for a juvenile dragon to train or a dragon egg to raise up if he has to. Will also settle for a gryphon.

[3] Two-Ton Lo Chi
HD- 15 AC- 12
Attacks- One w/ Strong-Iron Kanabo (d10) or Roll-Over (d4)
Special- Drunken master, Roll-Over

Outrageously fat lord from a far away rice kingdom. Wears a green robe with dragon design- his belly poking out. No armor or helmet- only gauntlets to protect his hands. Currently guarded by six elite samurai and shadowed by an elite ninja who wants to kill him. He can smash you with a Kanabo but can also use Roll-Over to literally roll over your square and behind you instead of attacking for a turn, letting him escape if he's cornered or flanked. It only does 1d4 damage and knocks you prone but you're basically getting flattened by a sweaty sumo wrestler so it isn't a fun experience.

Two-Ton Lo Chi's land is in disarray after his clan's sacred Jade Mirror was broken. Looking for something very reflective to serve as a replacement. Anything from a mirror shield, really shiny sword, silver goblet, etc. will suffice. If you help him, he'll give you a magical healing gourd from his land. The gourd need only be filled with water and after 1 day will become a healing elixir that restores 1d4 hit points- this can be done an infinite number of times. If your party seems morally dubious the ninja will offer you fifty thousand gold to help kill the lord instead.

[4] Master of Malsits
HD- 9 AC- 14
Attacks- One w/ Ebony Blade (d8+1) and One w/ Dueling Dagger (d4)
Special- Ambidextrous, +2 To Saves, Healing Potion

Slender, black leather. Moves like a cat. Silver braclets. Sword is made of black-metal and razor sharp- counts as a magic sword +1. Dueling dagger used for parries and rapid stabs. Can attack two separate people every turn in melee, or can use his dueling dagger at add its damage roll to his AC for one round. Carries a potent healing potion which restores 2d8 Hit-Points and can drink it while still attacking or blocking with his other hand- will attempt to drink the potion when at or below half health.

Dark and brooding, but holds to his word and a unwavering slayer of evil beings. Very wealthy and feels bad about flaunting it, despite his advisors constantly telling him to keep up appearances as a lord like him should. Still unmarried. Currently here seeking a specific family heirloom; without which he cannot have children and his family will end. Real name Jeffery. If you help him get the heirloom back he'll kill any one person in the world for you as a favor.

[5] Lady Johanna Umbal
HD- 7 AC- 14
Attacks- One w/ Glass Sword (d8)
Special- Destroys Illusions, Sworn-Protectors

Strong warrior-woman lord of an island nation. Her sword is made of blue-green glass and cuts through illusions, glamors, false walls, and all manner of magical trickery. She wears chain armor with a black symbol to represent her house of the black soil- volcanic island with extremely fertile farmlands. She is joined by her four younger brothers- her sworn protectors who are immune to all first level spells in exchange for their vows of celibacy, silence, sobriety, and vegetarian diet.

Johanna is a strict no-nonsense type and wastes no time in explaining her situation. Her island is sinking into the ocean and will be completely flooded in five years if she doesn't find something truly unbreakable and unmoving to act as its new foundation- a unmovable rod or something of a similar size made of adamantine (like a sword). If you help Lady Johanna, she will give her sworn protectors to you, who will be sworn to serve you dutifully for one year and a day in her stead. One of the younger brothers is a weak link and will easily break all of his vows if offered a night on the town; thus making all of the brothers lose out on their magical protection.

[6] Sir Olan of House Shian
6 AC- 18+

Attacks- One w/ Shield Bash (d6)
Special- Greatshield, Damage Block, Great Steed

Very old and frail man dressed in livery. He's shrunken considerably in his old age and his armor doesn't fit very well. Carries a shield bigger then he is; inscribed with a magic rune which glows when facing a foe. This shield grants tremendous protection from all attacks in a 180 degree angle coming at him. Sir Olan can also summon his horse, a huge black beast named Siegebreaker. This horse can outrun any normal horse and ignores caltrops- it can only be harmed by magic weapons.

Sir Olan is here seeking treasure to buy a cure for his daughter's illness. It's extremely expensive. If you go with him and give him the best cut of the treasure, he'll give you Siegebreaker.