Saturday, June 30, 2018

20 Non-Gold for XP Progression Systems

[1] The prince needs elephants for his army. Adult male elephants are worth 300 XP, Female adults are worth 200 XP, and babies are worth 50 XP each. Double XP for 'unusual' elephants (pregnant, covered in tattoos, double tusks, magical, etc.)

[2] The Evil King has 9 evil counts, tyrannically ruling over the Kingdom; The COUNTS OF CHAOS. Defeat one to get a level up; at level 10 you can finally fight the King. Good luck.

[3] Conquistadors. Travel a tropical island archipelago and level up for each island that has been mapped out, the natives pacified, and a fort built to trade back to the glorious empire.

[4] Survival. Gain +1 XP per pound of monster/animal meat made into food and +25 XP per handful of edible berries and leaves picked.

[5] Lighthearted Wizard school adventures. You level up after each semester, if you pass exams.

[6] All of you were touched by a extra-dimensional being and are now lost in an otherspace. Instead of leveling up, you must collect memory gems to learn the skills, spells, and knowledge of other beings that were absorbed by the being's uncaring malevolence.

[7] Monster campaign. You get 100 XP per human you brutally murder. You get 10 XP for each human family scared off by your group's raids. Once you level up you can reincarnate into a monster of 1 higher HD the next time you die.

[8] Fantasy metropolis gang warfare. Gain +100 XP per street you take for your gang, get +50 XP per member you initiate. Get +10 XP if you spend all day tagging. Normal XP per HD for kills.

[9] You're monster hunters; and you hunt something specific. Vampires, werewolves, etc. Your level is HD of your biggest kill.

[10] Everything your character can do is based on stats. You increase stats through training, drugs, and magical elixirs. Develop super Strength for multiple attacks and cleaving blows. Get really high intelligence for psychic powers, etc.

[11] All progression is based on equipment. You get gear which gets better as you add in powerful gems into sockets, find better base loot, add enchantments and sword oils, and so on.

[12] Your players are master chefs; seeking monster meat and rare ingredients for the perfect dish. Create a new recipe and wow the critics. Your level is based on your average 'star' rating; 5 stars for the greatest chefs. If you fail over and over, your rating and strength will fall.

[13] Players are clan members on the wild, untamed highlands, and have a blood feud with another clan. Get +10 XP per farm animal stolen, +25 XP for each yurt burned down, and +50 XP per their cowardly “warriors” you put down.

[14] You are deceased paladins and have become angelic guardians of the afterlife. Every 100 years you spend defending the pearly gates from the hoards of evil souls and demons grants you a level.

[15] Merchant caravan guards. Get +1 XP per camel that makes it to your destination.

[16] Defend your dirt-farm simulator. Get +50 XP for each month's worth of food you grow. You won't grow enough for the year.

[17] Dark Cultists. You have to complete an evil ritual to level up, which gets harder the higher you go. Each ritual also makes the Dark One stronger.

[18] You get gold for XP but now it's from heists. You have to steal it from the goblin banks or the great king's treasure vaults, not from dungeons.

[19] Megadungeon. Each floor = 1 level up.

[20] Find the shards of the relic; The Sacred Crown. Each shard grants +50 XP. Snort the dust for a vision of where the next shard is.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Garden City Slashers + Slasher Generator

The slasher as described in the Garden City General Encounters is for a specific purpose. It's the type of creature that the characters run into once, defeat, then move on. Remember, the Slasher on that blogpost only has 2 HD. They don't realize he's going to come back, start hunting their friends and family, become a nightmare, and try to kill them at every turn. That's what a Slasher does.

Slasher Info
Slashers are people that turn themselves over to a murderous persona. They become empowered by it, and their longevity is increased. More then one amoral wannabe has taken up the knife in an attempt at immortality. But there is more to them then this. You see, while Slashers are undoubtedly a psychic phenomenon of the queer city of Garden, an actual Slasher who is psychic is unheard of. It could be that being a Slasher requires a mind that is incapable of becoming a psychic, or perhaps becoming a Slasher IS a psychic gift, just a despicable one. Even the most revolutionary psychic scholars would be unlikely to classify it as a legitimate psychic power.

However all Slashers begin as normal people, and normal people have morals. Slashers don't kill just anyone, they always begin by killing only the right type of people. They only kill gang members, they kill for revenge, they kill bums or prostitutes, or they kill people of an alien species they don't like very much. But the more they kill, the farther their standards degrade. Eventually Slashers become so numb they'll kill almost anybody once their back is turned, retreat from any kind of normal life, and become totally outcasted. Taking the mask off at this point feels less like the real them then leaving it on. Eventually the Slasher ceases to be a person at all- their house left abandoned and they simply stalk the night. They still have territory and lair they stalk, but they no longer can communicate or care about anything but killing.

As Slashers kill, they become stronger. This general level of strength isn't always constant, as Slashers can become stronger against certain people by hunting them down and increasing the fear and suffering they cause that person. Slashers with 1 HD are barely starting out, and have limited abilities. Slashers with 2-4 HD are legitimate slashers now, starting to lose themselves or having already lost themselves to their persona. At this point, even after you defeat a Slasher, you may not be able to remove the mask from their face. It may be stitched or melded with their face directly, overtaking their entire being. Slashers at this point also start displaying their supernatural abilities such as super stealth, disappearing when nobody is looking, and incredible endurance; able to come back even after confirmed to be dead. Slashers with 5-8 HD or more are truly terrors of the night, and have an almost mythic reputation among the city's populace.

The Slasher's ability to come back from the dead is their most fel power and what helps along their immortality. Lesser Slashers of the 1-2 HD variety are simply tougher then most people and are capable of coming back after a few stab wounds or shotgun blasts. Unusual, but not impossible. Slashers of the higher tiers of power break reality much more. These Slashers may be able to recover incredible amounts of damage, even decapitation, blowing them apart, or watching them burn to ash may not stop them. At this stage they can return as a sort of semi-spirit, weakened but still capable of killing and becoming stronger. Even stronger Slashers may return fully corporeal immediately, or have a body that regenerates itself as soon as it is damaged and put themselves back together.

Ending a Slasher
It is still possible to end a Slasher; and a few madmen in Garden do it regularly to make money or just to make the city a better place to live. Defeating a Slasher requires the hunters to have no fear, and to keep their family and friends safe as the Slasher will seek revenge. While enough damage can kill lesser Slashers, more powerful ones will require many repeated gruesome deaths to put down or one of these advanced methods. Since one won't always cut it, using as many as possible to finally end the beast once and for all is what most Slasher hunters will do on their toughest adversaries.

The first way to end a Slasher is to remind them of their humanity/alienanity. By using one of the Slasher's still living family members or very close friends as bait, the Slasher may hesitate before killing them, and in that moment they become vulnerable to being put down for good. This can backfire if the Slasher kills the bait target instead; losing that last little attachment from the world will just make them even more dangerous.

The second method is to use a silver bullet trick. Many cultures in Garden come from worlds with rumors about special or sacred weapons; Humans have silver. Pink, eyeless Rhino people believe the Fingers of Isk'Kassa has monster-killing powers. Ratlings have poison gas from a rare type of weed in their world, and so on. These weapons ONLY work against Slashers coming from the same culture and species; so if you wanted to end a human Slasher you'd need to use a silver bullet. If this weapon hits it will only work once, and reduce the Slasher's HD by the damage dealt. If brought to zero or less HD, or if they are weakened enough to be finished off by conventional weapons, then the Slasher is finally defeated for good. It is also said that the supernatural weapons or items beneath Garden in the service tunnels may be extra effective against Slashers.

The third method involves destroying the Slasher's connection to the world. Destroying their lairs where they may store trophies or their victim's bodies, extra weapons, and create dark altars is a good way to reduce their connection to the physical world. Many Slashers leave behind their first mask and weapon in their old dwelling as a normal person, as well as sketches or diaries talking about their experiences at becoming a Slasher. Destroying these will cause the Slasher physical pain; but may draw their anger at you if it isn't enough to remove them from the world. You'll have to destroy their body again once their fetters are gone to send them to where they cannot return.

The final method involves psychic powers. Psychic probing of the Slasher's mind will only find a black hole of despair and evil that causes 1d6 psychic stress to the psychic that attempted to read the Slasher's mind; but Psychic attacks can cause damage on the Slasher's seemingly magical abilities. Extremely powerful reality warping psychics may be the only answer to the most powerful Slashers. The most famous Slasher of Garden, the Headsman, who chopped off and collected heads for his various collections was ended by a reality warper. Since the Headsman preferred to take the heads of powerful individuals, he hunted a reality warper. When detected, the reality warper simply erased the Headsman from existence, which ended his reign of terror once and for all. But there are still rumors to this day of decapitated corpses and mounted heads; some believe the Headsman managed to come back from even this and is stalking the night once again.

Slasher Generator
Roll once in each category.

Slasher's Mask 1d12
[1] Made of grass and leaves, two soulless slits for the eyes.
[2] Gas Mask.
[3] Bucket. Metal shards welded on to make spiky.
[4] Iron tragedy mask. Random expression.
[5] Minimalist rubber mask. Small mouth and eye holes, black cloth around head.
[6] Cardboard box. The faded logo is of an offworld company.
[7] Leather mask made from a face of a random alien species. -1 to hit if you're of that species.
[8] Upper skull of a strange and feared creature from outside the city's walls.
[9] Wears a large hood that obscures face with supernatural darkness.
[10] Carved, painted wooden head that mimics a random animal or alien animal.
[11] Motorcycle Helmet.
[12] Chainmail veil.

Slasher's Lair – 1d12
[1] Windowless white hover-van. Never seems to drive anywhere, just shows up.
[2] The service tunnels beneath the city. The tunnel's inhabitants seem amused by these antics.
[3] Stores all of its victims' bodies in a large black dumpster until it is found.
[4] Old scary complex out in the wilderness made of rusty alien-world shipping containers.
[5] Cluttered house. Multiple booby traps and tunnels in the garbage.
[6] Tin shack built on the roof of a skyscraper. Uses the “out of order” elevator.
[7] Uses a half sunken boat in Garden's water district. Air pockets are within.
[8] Abandoned slaughterhouse. Bioluminescent flowers grow along the blood gutters.
[9] Lives in a mysterious red subway car in Garden's subway system. Common superstition means almost nobody except new immigrants use that car.
[10] Abandoned wing of a still active shopping mall. Entrance boarded up, little trails of money, candy, or bullets try to lure people into the dark lair.
[11] Lives in a back ally, sewer tunnel, or under a bridge; walls nearby are totally covered with spooky scratches from the Slasher's weapon.
[12] Random apartment. Strangely spares little old lady next door neighbor, and even leaves her gifts of fabric and jewelry from the murdered victims. She'd be devastated if she knew.

Slasher's Iconic Weapon – 1d12
[1] Big butcher's cleaver. Has several smaller ones hanging from the belt.
[2] Pitchfork or heavy metal rake.
[3] Giant power drill. Used to drill in massive screws in constructions by big aliens.
[4] Giant wire cutters. Used to cut the giant metal wires by Garden's power industry.
[5] Punching fist circular-saw blades. By squeezing the handles can make the blades spin.
[6] Hover Chainsaw. Same as chainsaw, but uses hover tech to make chain rotate.
[7] Very goddamn big kitchen knife.
[8] Rusted long 'toothed' saw fashioned into a sword.
[9] Axe of alien design. Strangely organicly shaped, but still functions perfectly well.
[10] Lead pipe with sharpened end. When people get stabbed, blood flows out the other end.
[11] Super Nailgun. Fires whatever is loaded into chamber when pressed against victims. Shards of glass, long wooden splinters, rebar pipe, etc.
[12] Giant sack of coins. Likes to take one coin from each victim; gets mad and brutalizes corpse if they aren't carrying any.

Friday, June 22, 2018

20 Things that Quell the Barbarian's Rage

[1] Beautiful, one of a kind potted flower.
[2] Giving a piggy-back ride to a young child.
[3] The smell of freshly baked bread.
[4] Shearing sheep.
[5] Fractal crystal catching the light.
[6] Music from a harp.
[7] The sound of a flowing river.
[8] Puppet & shadow puppet shows.
[9] Listening to the ocean in a seashell.
[10] Resting head against a fluffy pillow.
[11] The spell Sleep. Just calms them down.
[12] Cup of wine.
[13] Braiding a horse's mane.
[14] Origami.
[15] Sharpening & repairing his weapons and equipment.
[16] Epic warrior ballads.
[17] Tiny piglets or other cute animal that isn't a puppy or kitten.
[18] Knitting.
[19] Rosary beads they knead in their hands.
[20] Back-breaking physical labor.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Super Combat Bros d6 Generator

Outfit Coordination1d6
[1] Same outfit, different insignia
[2] Different outfits, same insignia
[3] Different outfits, matching accessory/weapon
[4] Same outfits, radical difference in size
[5] Both wear full body cloaks displaying their designs; exact same height.
[6] Same face, heterochromia; each bro having swapped eyes with the other.

Complimentary Bro Designs – 1d6
[1] Red and Green
[2] Blue and Orange
[3] Yellow and Purple
[4] Black and White
[5] Vertical Stripes and Horizontal Stripes
[6] Xs and Os

Bro Combat Style – 1d6
[1] Heavily armored warrior and supportive caster
[2] Lightly armored warrior and destructive caster
[3] Supportive caster and Destructive caster
[4] Two lightly armored warriors
[5] Heavily armored warrior and archer
[6] Two archers

Bro Special Cooperative Move 1d6
[1] Bro Resilience. Bros must be defeated simultaneously, during the same round. Else the standing Bro will revive the fallen Bro back to 1 hit point.
[2] Super Bro Attack. Battlefield-wide special attack/spell/move that must be charged up for a round. The Bros will loudly announce it and you have one round to brace for impact.
[3] Super Bro Defense. Bros will defend each other and raise their collective AC to 20, plus deflecting projectiles and getting advantage on all magic saving throws. Lasts one round.
[4] Super Bro Slam. Single target move where the Bros perform a powerful combo. If you are hit by it and survive, you take massive damage and are stunned for 1d4 rounds.
[5] Bro Buff. The Bros will buff each other with an extremely powerful temporary boost to all their stats and abilities OR they will combine into one super being. Lasts 3 rounds.
[6] Super Bro Vengeance. When the first bro falls, the other bro is permanently empowered with rage, gaining increased power, speed, and aggression to avenge their fallen bro.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dirt Simple Size Modifiers

All creatures have a size category. The size category influences how good you are stealth, your ration consumed per day, combat charging bonuses, and bonus Hit Points. Bigger creatures are stronger, but less stealthy and require more resources. Smaller creatures are sneakier, but less powerful. The bonus HP gained by size applies to player characters and NPCs generated as hirelings or playable monsters, not monsters that already use HD.

On the first round of combat a creature may choose to Charge. Charging into combat lets you add your charge bonus to your AC AND to-hit until you either miss an attack OR are hit. This can be positive or negative based on your character's size, as smaller characters are likely to dash themselves on a charge. Mounted creatures get to add their mounts size to their charge bonus. If you do not charge, you have to enter combat by stealth or fire at range until the melee is upon you. Some weapons, like spears, can ignore an enemy's AC bonus when charging, making them better against charging foes.

Size 1- Gnomes, Housecats, Kobolds, Goblins
+2 to stealth rolls, -1 to charge bonus, -2 to starting HP. 1 meal needed daily.

Size 2- Halflings, Hobgoblins, Dogs & Goats
+1 to stealth rolls, not change to charge bonus, -1 to starting HP. 2 meals needed daily.

Size 3- Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Boars, Wolves
no change to stealth rolls, +1 to charge bonus, no change to starting HP. 3 meals needed daily.

Size 4- Dragonborn, Gnolls, “Giant” Insects, Bears
-1 to stealth rolls, +2 to charge bonus, +1 to starting HP. 4 meals needed daily.

Size 5- Half-Giants, Draft Horses, Trolls & Ogres
-2 to stealth rolls, +3 to charge bonus, +2 to starting HP. 5 meals needed daily.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Garden- 20 Alien Drugs

[1] Xalian Eye Drops
Only work on Xalians, in which case they grant a feeling of euphoria and make everyone and everything the Xalian sees look more colorful, friendlier, and more beautiful. If someone other then a Xalian takes one, causes the eyes to pop out of their skull and the empty eye sockets to leak blue fluid like a faucet until they die of dehydration within 1d4 hours.

[2] Bottled Smoke
Created by trapping smoke from naturally occurring bonfires on an alien world. The smoke within must be released underneath your nostrils and breathed in. Makes your entire trachea an erogenous zone, making each breath pleasurable.

[3] Raka Spine-Sticks
Inserted into the spine and other vital points similar to acupuncture. Causes relaxation, improved flexibility, and slight liquefaction of body tissues and bones, letting users squeeze into tighter places then normal and take -1 damage from blunt weapons and fists. Repeated use leads to internal organs moving around and losing form.

[4] Illuminated Dust
Bright white dust that glows whenever it moves. If mixed into water it creates a nicely glowing lamp. If this glowing water is drunk, causes some stomach aches followed by flashes of insight and an increase of intelligence, along with a soft glow and pleasurable glow from inside the user's bladder. Lasts for as long as they can hold it.

[5] Glove of Ceaseless Pleasures
Scaled glove with unique texture from a world with a unique leather made from the skin of a worm-leaf. If a special lotion is applied to this glove AND THEN on the skin, creates a very pleasurable sensation and increase in sensitivity. Feelings of good health and warmth from all touched areas.
Once the glove runs out of lotion you can buy more of it separately, the glove is not used up from a rubdown session.

[6] Magic Sau
Chocolate-like substance shaped after a celebrity named 'Sau' from their world. Tastes a little sweet but with a bitter aftertaste. Ingesting some makes you see outdoor areas as looking wild and free, a wild river runs nearby, and the sky is always a beautiful sunset until it wears off. Often used by landscape painters for inspiration.

[7] Feel-Good Batteries
Batteries filled with an addictive electrical charge. Casual users lick the diodes, more hardcore users use jumper cables on their nipples and connect them to the battery. The jolt of electricity feels like it “stays” in the nerves and feels very good for a few seconds after getting shocked. Batteries have many charges and can be used over and over before losing power. Will eventually fry your nerves and inhibit fine motor control.

[8] Dragon Dance Powder
This powder is either snorted or twice as much is eaten to get the effects. During the drug's duration, the user feels invulnerable, powerful, confident, and extremely coordinated. However, they are compelled by a very strong urge to dance- the higher the dose the longer and harder the user dances for, eventually sweating it out. All attempts to use this drug as a battlefield weapon or to remove the dancing compulsion have failed. Those who take too much may die of exhaustion from extended intense dancing.

[9] Jooki Berries
Tiny white berries with addictive juice. Drinking the juice grants mental clarity and removes -1d4 psychic stress per bottle, but on any roll of 4 you become addicted to the juice and cannot lose stress without it. Withdrawl symptoms cause random psychic outlash and power usage, even non-psychics have weird things happen around them.

[10] Skintint Powder
White powdery substance used in makeup kits, a common drug for young women in Garden. Using the drug enhances the colors of the face or other applied areas. Addicts suffer from very low self esteem without the powder and facial peeling.

[11] Betsy Batter
Special batter used to fry meat. Fried Meats made with this batter are extra delicious and fattening. Each ration consumed made by this batter counts as 3 times as more filling, but the user also gains +1d6 pounds.

[12] Addictive Flame
Fire that burns slower then normal fire, but is enjoyable to feel on your skin. Still hurts you like normal flame. Burns with a whitish glow, kept alive constantly by being fed tinder and fur in small aired boxes for trading.

[13] Sch'Scitalr Energy Rings
Rings placed on your fingers, toes, tail, or other digits that give a pleasing energy pulse to the user to keep them active and focused. Described as caffeine without the crash. The Rings lose their charge over 3 days. Users find that after a few weeks of using the Rings they are lethargic and unable to be focused without them. Hardcore addicts of the rings will stack several on each finger or other protrusion to try and keep their energy levels up.

[14] Chattertooth
Very cold ice farmed from a glacier far up river from Garden- not from offworld. Each trip is exceedingly dangerous. Small bits of ice are held in the user's mouth, which lowers their body temperature to very cold. To some races it's an incredible thrill or even a way to calm down their normally hot body temperature, but to humans and many aliens it's just a way to get hypothermia.

[15] Spectral Bean
Psychedelic bean that makes the entire user's body glow random bright lights upon ingestion. Also gives hallucinations and feelings of euphoria. Those with psychic abilities are said to be able to astral-project while under the bean's effects, but have to risk overdosing to be able to project themselves more then a few feet from their body.

[16] Bogo Tablets
Fizzy tablets that are mixed in with liquids and drank to produce muscle relaxation and warmth.
They're called “Bogo” because they are always sold in two conjoined halves, each half being a single dose for a regular sized being. “Buy one, get one free”. Used common as a muscle relaxant, and also an unfortunately popular date rape drug.

[17] The Drug of Names
Considered a “hard” drug that must be injected. The user feels a sense of interconnection with all beings and automatically knows the most common names and nicknames of anyone they see. They blurt out these names when prompted; and the drug has found incredible usefulness identifying spies and gang bosses. However the drug has very negative effects on the user, including withdrawal amnesia, cataracts, and forgetting their own name.

[18] Losso Crystal
By crushing up and ingesting this crystal, users can find their muscles getting stronger and faster; adds +1 to strength/body and agility for three days after use. Continual use grows crystal in the user's muscles, which causes pain while moving unless MORE crystal is ingested.

[19] Wormy Jr.
This drug is administered via allowing a parasitic worm to enter the subjects ear canal. While it is within, the worm can speak to the subject and shed light on the memories and thoughts of other subjects as well as people in Garden in general, but an assistant must be present to pull out the worm before it consumes the host subject's brain. Wormy Jr. is a psychic phenomenon which can persist a few days after being extracted from the subject's brain. The “original” wormy was killed for not respecting its hosts enough.

[20] Clown Spritz
Spray used on the back of the tongue to improve charima and reaction checks by +1 during its effect. Also gives a great immunity to practical jokes and the ability to pull them off flawlessly. Overuse of the drug leads to enlarged feet, a large red nose sprouting, pale skin, depression, and an inability to communicate without honking. Largely considered to be an urban legend.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hearthstone C'Thun as Tabletop Encounter

Before you read this, please note that I know almost nothing about Warcraft lore. Be warned.
One of the ancient Void Lords, also called the Old Gods. C'Thun wishes to plunge all of Azeroth, indeed, all of reality into despair and an unending nightmare. He was once sealed away by the Titans, but now struggled against his bonds, and his cult hastens his return to the world.

C'Thun (6+X HD, +4 to-hit and AC, 2d6 tentacle attack, can summon 1d6 more tentacles per turn, casts powerful spells, releases incredible power when first encountered)

C'Thun appears as a monsterous eye atop a great pillar of flesh and writhing mass. He is incredibly powerful; one of the strongest beings to ever exist on Azeroth (and outside it). When first encountered, C'Thun deals Xd6 damage to all who oppose him through the powers of the void, where X is the number of his total HD, split up however he chooses.

C'Thun does not exist at the beginning of play. Instead, he is slowly gaining power through his cult. As his cults fulfills their objectives, they increase his power. The X modifier of his HD is equal to the amount of strength gathered by his cult; each sacrifice, mission, and dark ritual completed. Each mission the players stop will make C'Thun less powerful for the inevitable confrontation; but failure increases his HD by yet another die.

C'Thun Cult Mission Random Table – Roll 1d8
[1] Kidnap and sacrifice a princess or priestess to C'Thun
[2] Steal mana crystals from an Archmage
[3] Blood cult recruiting new members to mutilate themselves for C'Thun
[4] Poison and corrupt a Moonwell
[5] Brainwash several Gnome and Goblin engineers to forge mystical machines
[6] Pervert the teachings of a Church of Light to worship C'Thun instead
[7] C'Thun whisperers spread chaos and panic among factions and peoples of Azeroth
[8] Steal a dragon egg

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

WASTED- 20 Deep Cooler Hangovers

These powerful bottles of Booze can only be found in deeper levels of the Cooler. If the first time a Waster drinks Booze is one of these Deep-Cooler Boozes, they receive one of these powers; all further drinks of regular Booze roll on the normal subsequent Hangover table. If the Waster already had a regular power, but drinks a Deep Cooler Booze, they roll on the normal subsequent Hangover table but double the result.

20 Deep Cooler Hangovers
[1] Pabst Polyglot
You can fluently speak both the Enchanted Tongue (Spanish) and the Heartless Tongue (Korean). If you hold a coat-hanger up to your ear, you can make out the transmissions of nearby robots. By sniffing the air, you can identify chemical markers left by mutated animals. You count as having +3 Tinker when hacking computers. Finally, you can roll a reaction check to attempt to imitate the voice of someone else, the moaning of a Rottyman, or the harsh barks of a Spewman and on a good result you can fool someone into thinking that's what you are.

[2] Bloody Mary
Take a flask full of warm blood and hold it in your hands. You can transform it into a Flask of alcohol with a positive buzz effect of your choice. You can use this power once per Cooler run/day.

[3] Millionaire Moonshine
You wake up from getting this WASTED with your pockets and pack stuffed with 3 ply toilet paper. You're filthy rich; gain +1,000,000 TP.

[4] Tuning Fork Tepache
Your body can act as a tuning fork and create very loud reverberations and vibrations as an innate ability. Once per Cooler floor/overworld encounter, you may do one of these-
  • Shatter a melee weapon that doesn't have a positive quirk; either on hit or when hit.
  • Destroy and reduce an enemy's armor by -3 on a successful melee hit or touch
  • Break open a locked door by holding your hand against it and focusing
  • Supersonic scream that drives away mutated animals; too high pitched for humans.

[5] Spiked Fruit Punch
You can empower a single extremely powerful punch with radiation power. This turns your fist bright green and glowing with power as you swing it. The punch deals 3d6 damage to a single enemy and can be used once per Cooler run/day.

[6] Vigilant Vodka
You can alert yourself to wakefulness even when asleep, and all enemies have -3 Stealth if they try to sneak past or stealth attack you. You gain +3 Oblit. for remote mines and other explosive traps. You can also set up a weapon-trap with one weapon of any type and minimal scrap materials.

[7] Metallic Mead
By concentrating for a combat round, you can turn your body slightly metallic which gives you +3 armor against all attacks, but you always go last in the initiative order. If you concentrate again you become unable to move or attack, but gain +6 armor until you choose to come out of it.

[8] Wishing Wine
Once per Cooler run/day, you can wish for a minor item of 250 TP value or less to suddenly appear in your hands. Items that come in stacks can also be wished for in stacks, as long as the stack is less then 250 TP in value. You can also use this power to wish for a minor helpful coincidence, or to deal 2d6 damage to one enemy.

[9] Sword-Sangria
Gain +2 Hit. You may conjure forth a sword at any time as long as both your hands are free. It counts as a melee weapon with all positive quirks. If the sword is destroyed or ripped from your hands, you will take 1 damage, but it can be summoned again after this Cooler run/day passes.

[10] Battery Bock
Your body is infused with electricity and you can fire any energy weapon at the cost of 1 HP. You can also shock enemies to stun them and can absorb a full battery of 20 energy units to restore 1 HP. You can also power most standard items that require batteries, such as electronic doors, flashlights, discjoys, and so on without draining any HP.

[11] Klepto Kumis
Gain +2 Sneak. Whenever you pickpocket enemies, you can add your Sneak score and jam up their weapon for that many rounds. You can also slip them an explosive, which will only explode when they violate a 'rule' you set when you place the explosive. Such as “when they exit this room” or “when they notice us”.

[12] Super Duper Stout
You restore +1d6 hit points every time you drink alcohol.

[13] Lucky Liquor
Once per Cooler Floor, you can declare your next attack will be a 'crit'. It deals double damage.

[14] Mentalist Margarita
Gain +3 Tinker. If you concentrate on someone, you can detect some of their thoughts and what faction they belong to, but their secrets will be locked away in a more protected part of their mind. This concentration also gives those who it targets a subtle itch or tic. Most leaders of the various factions and powerful merchants will probably have trained to detect when they are having their mind read.

[15] Absolute Absinthe
Roll four times on the subsequent Hangover table. You gain all of those bonuses, permanently.

[16] Canine Cognac
By giving a treat or Rubber Ducky to a Mutamutt, you can befriend it and have it follow and fight for you. There is no limit on how many dogs you can attract and command, but dogs require food and many dogs will be too noisy to safely take into a Cooler without attracting all of the enemy's within.

[17] Blackmail Bourbon
You wake up from being WASTED with a strange knowledge in your head; you know a terrible, life ruining secret about the leader of one of the main factions of the Western Wastes. Roll on the backgrounds table to see which faction your secret belongs to.

[18] Shooter's Screwdriver
Gain +2 Shoot. Once per Cooler Run/day you can strategically ricochet your bullets off walls and objects to shoot around corners, cut ropes, and do other amazing feats.

[19] Russian Mule
You can now wear 6 fanny packs at once and can carry twice as much.

[20] Bath-Bud
You have this strange, almost irresistible urge to bathe. As one of the only people in the Western Wastes to do this, you get +2 to all reaction checks and are easily considered a 10/10 in terms of attraction to potential sexual partners. Also, taking a bath in semi-clean water lets you purge your body of a negative buzz effect of your choice.