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WASTED OSR Roleplaying Game

This is an OSR-ish dungeon crawling game based on the mechanics and setting of the Adult Swim Game WASTED- A post Apocalyptic pub crawler. Look, it even has Crawler in the name. Not only do I really enjoy this game on its own, but the system of gaining mutational hangovers from radioactive alcohol deep within Coolers fascinated me. 

Oldschool Dungeons and Dragons had the similar concept, going into dungeons to become more powerful, and created a weird gameplay style where you might get involved in politics and warfare but the only way to get personally stronger is from dungeon delving. This game takes that idea and refines it for an in-universe reason for it.

In the 1980s, the world was consumed by nuclear war between the United States and the USSR, destroying all civilization. The smartest, richest, and most politically connected men and women sought to stay off the devastation by cryogenic freezing in the Cool-Air bomb shelters. Unfortunately, a radiation leak failure killed and mutated all within the Cooler's, and now only the stupid and violent wasters remain to carry on.

Welcome to the Western Wastes, the bombed out hell-hole that was once called California. There are many gangs and factions fighting for control of this place; trying to amass power in the form of wealth or might or influence.

But the most precious of all resources is locked up in the Cool-Air shelters; Booze. Radiation has infused the potent alcohol in the shelters, giving those who drink it mutational hangovers. Those who seek a drop of the good stuff are called Wasters. This is you, and what you're after.

Character Creation
First, roll your stats, then roll your character background. Stats are SHOTS

Shoot- Increases firearm damage and increases reload soak.
Hit- Increases melee damage and increases damage soak per combat encounter.
Oblit- Increases explosive damage and decreases explosive damage you take from traps.
Tinker- Increases energy weapons damage and increases your ability to craft and open locks.
Stealth- Increases the damage you deal on sneak attacks and how well you can sneak past enemies.

Roll 3d6 for each category. Each 6 is a +1, each 1 is a -1, the total is the stat's modifier.
Character Backgrounds
Your character has experience and a background from before they became a Waster. Roll 1d12

(1) Generic Raider
There are hundreds of tiny, insignificant raider gangs all over the Western Wastes. Mostly just an excuse to hang out and shoot at people, raiders are a common threat in the wastes to travelers and Cooler Runners alike.

Perhaps your gang was disbanded, absorbed by another you didn't agree with, or you just wanted to ditch your guys to find someone better to dive for Booze with.

Gain +1 Hit and choose a positive quirk for one of your starting weapons.

(2) Tater Farmer
Once, you tried to make an honest living. You farmed Taters, hunted mutants for their meat, crafted scrap and so on. Just to get your daily TP.

Your ranch was overrun by mutants, taken by raiders, maybe you lost your job or couldn't take the boring life anymore. You took your life savings, and became a Waster.

Gain +300 Starting TP

(3) Bartender
Alcohol is the lifeblood of the wastes, and you make it special. Most bartenders are from Barstown, and though the swill they create there isn't as good as the stuff deep in the Coolers, its still welcome to any strung out waster.

Perhaps you sampled too much from the tap over there and got kicked out, or maybe you're seeking some excitement or new tastes in the coolers.

You can attempt to identify the effects of a flask. The DM will secretly roll a 1d6. On a roll of 5 or 6, you'll know what the flask's buzz effect is. On a roll of 1 you'll get a misleading false positive. On a 2, 3, or 4, you won't learn anything.

(4) Culture Vultures
Some wasters value the old world more then others. The Culture Vultures are a gang of fashion-friendly raiders who like to collect, buy, and sell outfits and clothes from the past era, as well as anything else they happen to find.

You might have accidentally stained your leader's favorite shirt, or scavenging dead bodies for their clothing wasn't lucrative enough for you. You maybe just dreamed of finding a pristine outfit, wrinkle-free somewhere down in a Cooler.

You start with an outfit that grants +4 total stat points. It is ruined once you take damage to your health while wearing it. Plus start with +100 TP

(5) Road Couriers
The Road Couriers are a neutral gang all about delivering packages and mail throughout the western wastes.

You may have become too friendly with a gang that compromised your neutral position. Maybe you took something valuable from a package instead of delivering it, or maybe you just got thirsty after all that time delivering packages.

Gain +1 Oblit. and an unmarked brown box. Once per Cooler run you can open the box and declare what you had in it all along; limited to one supply item or a small amount of common ammunition.

(6) Cervezmen
Hailing from the South, in a land once called Mexico, the Cervezmen are conquers seeking to steal the military might of the old world and expand their reach into the Western Wastes. The Cervezmen are ruled by Coyotes; men who have been mutated by radiation in the military bases they raid. They wear luchadore masks, and are the most fearsome fighters of the Cervezmen.

Due to a distaste for war, greed, or maybe just looking one of the coyotes in the eye too long, You now fight for yourself.

Gain +1 to Shoot and you can speak in an Enchanted Tongue (Spanish)

(7) The Beez
When the bombs fell, a group of young girls called the Bella Scouts were trapped in Goner park, far away from the safety of the Coolers. They used their survival skills to scavenge and live after the bombs, and befriended the mutants of that place. Their rivals, the Dinner Party, have driven them to find new lands and a hive to call home.

You might have once fallen in love with a man, forbidden to the Beez. Maybe you tried to usurp the queen bee, or wanted to put your skills to your own use.

Gain +1 Stealth and +1 to reaction checks with mutant animals.

(8) Junk Dogs
The Junk Dogs are a gang who love technology and cheap electronics. They use energy weapons and are delving the Coolers for rare pre-war technology.

Perhaps you failed Saurabi training and were disgraced, or maybe you insulted the leader, Master Y. Maybe you stole some technology just for your own personal gain.

Gain +1 Tinker in the field and you speak a Heartless Tongue (Korean).

(9) New Skeleton Army
The New Skeleton Army, or just called the Skellies, is a loose organization of Raiders dedicated to wiping the S.O.B. presence from the Western Wastes once and for all. They operate in secrecy, most raiders gangs having a few agents as spies with true loyalty to the skellies.

Maybe your cover was blown and you left, or you just sort of are doing what you used to do- you never left the group. Skellies aren't exactly known for being principled.

Gain +1 Hit and you know a secret code phrase you can use to communicate to other skellies and ask them for aid. You're also expected to help others if they come to you.

(10) SOB Deserter
The SOB, or Syndicate of Buzzkills, is a religious, puritanical organization who wants to wipe out all Wasters and mutants. Anyone who drinks booze is considered only worthy of death.

The curiosity got the better of you. The moment the booze touched your tongue your time with the SOB was over. Or maybe you just didn't see eye to eye, either way you're dead to them.

Once per Cooler run you can summon forth the powers of Sobriety. You can do this to shrug off a negative buzz effect or to act lucid for one exploration turn once you get Wasted.

(11) Mutant
While not much of a background on its own, mutants aren't as common as they used to be due to less radiation in the more modern years of the Western Wastes. However, enough exposure can still make them.

You've mostly lived on your own already, perhaps you found a group of friends that can finally tolerate you, or you just seek the power of Booze. As a mutant, you have some kind of physical tell that is hard to hide, like a second head, a tail, strangely colored skin, and so on.

You are immune to, but not healed by, pools of radiation and radiation poisoning from mutant attacks. Plus start with +2 HP.

(12) The Chimps
Hailing from Patrolia, the Chimps are the remains of the pre-war police in California and still use modified versions of their armor and equipment. They have become a fierce and independent gang.

After being outed, losing your rank, or betraying the gang you may seek the wastes for your own benefit and a drink of that sweet Booze.

Once per Cooler run you can speak a command in an authoritative voice that weak willed raider or waster scum must obey. Plus, you start with a +1 piece of armor equipment.

Each round, you may make an attack. Roll your weapon's damage against the enemy you want to hit. Enemies have damage reduction in the form of armor (automatically reduces incoming damage by an amount equal to armor) and the rest goes to HP.

Whenever you take damage, you will also reduce damage taken if you're wearing armor and the rest of the damage can be soaked by using your HIT score. Each point of Hit you have, either naturally, from a buzz or hangover, or from equipment lets you absorb 1 point of damage per combat encounter. Once you run out of soak then the rest of the damage must go directly to health.

Your weapon and attack determines when you go in the initiative order;
1st – Stealth Attacks
2nd – Pistol-Type Weapons
3rd – Mutant Animals
4th – Rifle-Type Weapons
5th – Melee Weapons

When using firearms, you can shoot 3 times before needing to reload. Whenever you do, you gain reload soak, which lets you soak damage only from ranged weapons equal to your Shoot score. This is because you always dive for cover when reloading. You can also choose to gain your reload soak any round you don't attack or run at enemies. Melee attacks are not effected by this, so when enemies reload that's the time to get in close.

Energy weapons instead only need to 'cool off' for a round after rolling maximum damage. You do not receive reload soak when using energy weapons, but energy weapons have high damage.

To purchase starting equipment, each character begins with 50x1d6 TP to spend.

SHOOT clothes- Any western, cowboy, mexican or action hero themed clothing. Adds a bonus to your Shoot stat while worn.
100 TP for +1 or 250 TP for +2

HIT clothes- Tough clothes like biker jacket, trucker flan, workout outfits and so on. Adds a bonus to your Hit stat when worn.
100 TP for +1 or 250 TP for +2

OBLIT clothes- Any types of clothes related to exposure to elements, or hazard protection gear. Adds a bonus to your Oblit stat when worn.
100 TP for +1 or 250 TP for +2

TINKER clothes- Scientific or nerdy clothing. Doctor's labcoat or patient smock, sweater vest, etc. Adds a bonus to Tinker stat when worn.
100 TP for +1 or 250 TP for +2

STEALTH clothes- Stealthy or secret agent themed clothes. Business attire, wetsuits, balaklava. Adds bonus to Stealth stat when worn.
100 TP for +1 or 250 TP for +2

Armor- Armor plating includes scavenged and left over bits of protection. You CAN wear +1 armor over an outfit, but the outfit gives maximum of ½ stat bonus. +2 armor = no outfit bonus.
200 TP for 1 armor, or 450 for 2 armor.

Melee Weapons- Add your Hit stat to the damage roll for these weapons. Deals 1d6 damage.
20 TP for a negative quirk weapons, 50 TP for a normal weapon, and 100 TP for a positive quirk.

Firearms- Add your Shoot stat to the rolls for these weapons. There are many kinds, each with its own ammunition.
Pistols deal 1d6 damage. 50 TP for negative quirk, 100 TP for normal, and 180 for positive quirk.
Revolvers deal 1d8 damage, but have uncommon ammunition. 100 TP for negative quirk, 240 TP for normal, and 320 TP for positive quirk.
Shotguns deal 1d8 damage, but deal 1d4 at longer ranges then a single room. 80 TP for negative quirk, 160 TP for normal, 250 for positive quirk.
Automatic Rifles deal 1d6 damage; roll twice and take the better result. 120 TP for negative quirk, 220 TP for normal, 350 TP for positive quirk.
Sniper Rifles deal 1d10 damage, but cannot be used in close quarters. 150 TP for negative quirk, 260 TP for normal, and 400 TP for a positive.

Energy Weapons- Add your Tinker stat to the rolls for these weapons. All of them use Powerpaks to shoot, with charge drained equal to the bonus damage added to the roll. Overheat on a maximum damage roll.
Lasers deal 1d6+2 damage. 70 TP for negative quirk, 150 TP for normal, 240 TP for positive quirk. Pistol grip adds +40 TP to the cost.
Plasma deals 1d6+4 damage. Expensive shots. 130 TP for negative quirk, 240 TP for normal. 450 TP for a positive quirk. Pistol grip costs +60 TP

Explosives- Add your Oblit. stat to the damage roll for these weapons.
Mines are set up and will explode when enemies trigger them. Deal 1d10+2 damage. 150 TP for a single mine, 280 TP for a double pack.
Grenades are thrown and deal 1d6+1 damage to all enemies in a room or small area. 80 TP for a single grenade, 200 TP for a three pack.

Pistol ammo- 20 for 10 TP
Revolvers ammo- 10 for 50 TP
Shotgun ammo- 10 for 30 TP
Automatic Rifle Ammo- 10 for 20 TP
Sniper Ammo- 2 for 30 TP
Powerpaks- Battery of 20 for 50 TP

Swill Flasks filled with highly strained, watered down alcohol from Barstown. Heals 1d6+level hit points, with a 3 in 4 chance of a negative buzz.
Each flask costs 150 TP

Medistim are special injected drugs that let you get over the effects of mutant poisoning, radiation sickness, and other negative effects. Will always remove a random buzz when used.
Each stim costs 100 TP

Rubber Duckies can be thrown to make a lot of loud noise and can be given to Mutamutts.
Each ducky costs 40 TP

Fanny Packs can be used as a way to easily carry flasks, ammo, or other goodies. You can wear up to 3 fanny packs at once.
Each fanny pack costs 100 TP

Can Openers can be used to try and open locked doors or containers in the Coolers. They pick 1d6 + Tinker points off the door's lock strength.
Each Can Opener costs 30 TP

Cooler Maps give a general overview of the Cooler's floors and their layouts.

Weapon Perks
Each weapon can have perks or quirks. These may be specific to the make and model of the weapon itself, since the actual brand or type of category the weapon is is kept vague in the rules, or it could be due to modification or deterioration of the weapon in the post-apocalypse's rough condition.

Weapons held by normal enemies or found on moderately deep Cooler floors will usually have no perks. Scavenged weapons or those found on rookie or recruit enemies will often have negative quirks, and weapons held by commanders or the most pristine caches of weapons in the deepest Coolers will usually have a positive perk or two.

Firearm Quirks
(1) Gain +1 reload soak.
(2) Deal +1 damage vs those using the same gun
(3) 1 in 6 chance to recover 1 ammo after fight
(4) Can shoot 1 extra time before reloading
(5) Can be used as 1d6 melee weapon
(6) Enemy morale checks get -1 against it

(1) Can shoot one less time per reload.
(2) Takes 2 people or an extra round to reload.
(3) Jams on first max damage roll.
(4) Deals -1 damage.
(5) Rattles; -1 Stealth while carried.
(6) Takes up double ammo on max damage roll.

Energy Weapon Quirks
(1) Overcharged; +1 bonus damage/ammo cost
(2) Ignores 1 point of armor
(3) High heat- 10 units to count as 1 can opener
(4) Energy Cycling. Uses no ammo roll of 1 or 2
(5) Enemy morale checks get -1 against it
(6) Silent Firing.

(1) 1 in 6 chance to break from melee or fall
(2) Loud whirring on startup, no sneak attacks
(3) Drains double battery on max damage roll
(4) Use 1d4 for damage roll.
(5) Overheat takes 2 rounds to cool off
(6) Requires 1 turn to replace batteries.

Melee Weapon Quirks
(1) Add +1 armor vs other melee
(2) Add +1 damage vs those holding guns
(3) Ignores 50% of armor
(4) Go one initiative step sooner (Rifle-Type)
(5) Deals +1 damage vs mutants
(6) Counts as 1d8 damage roll

(1) Breaks on maximum damage roll
(2) Go after other melee weapons.
(3) Counts as 1d4 damage roll
(4) Guns deal +1 damage against you
(5) Energy weapons deal +1 damage against you
(6) Looks stupid and people make fun of you
There are two types of alcohol that you will encounter. The first are flasks. Flasks heal and grant buzzes, which are semi-permanent effects that last until you finish a Cooler run. The Swill Flasks in town are much weaker and have more negative buzz effects then the ones you'll find in the Coolers.

The second type of alcohol is Booze. Booze glows a bright green color and can only be found in the Coolers. The ones nearer to the surface tend to have weaker effects then the ones deeper in. Booze makes you WASTED and grants permanent Hangover effects. These mutational effects are, according to the New Skeleton Army, the next stage in human evolution.

Cooler Flasks heal 2d6 + level and have a 50% chance to grant a positive or negative flask effect.

Whenever you drink Booze, count the healing as the same as a Cooler flask but you get a Hangover instead, and become WASTED

Once your character drinks Booze and becomes Wasted, the player controlling that character is no longer allowed to look at the party's map. Booze's effects are very powerful and people remain Wasted for days, unable to remember anything. Once the entire party is Wasted, you'll wake up at your stronghold with your newfound powers.

Buzz Effects
# Roll
+1 Armor
-1 Armor
+1d4 Random Stat
-1d4 Random Stat
Float a few inches
Constant sneezing
Mutamutts ignore
-50% Radiation Res
Find +50% TP
Find no TP
Random Hangover
Must chug 1st Booze
Ignore bad quirks
Ignore good quirks
+2 to saves
First save auto-fail

First Time Hangovers
Gain +4 maximum health and Roll 1d10. The idea behind these Hangovers is that the first time one is stronger and redefines what your character is all about, and you have to chase that dragon with further hangovers that are still useful.

[1] Brawler's Beer
You gain +1 Hit. If you rush at people or objects you deal +1 damage with unarmed attacks. Deal +3 damage instead of you're obese.

[2] Lightweight Lager
Gain +1 Stealth and you no longer trigger floor traps, but take +2 damage from melee attacks.

[3] Gunner Gin
You can spend double the normal ammo amount to hit up to 3 enemies with a firearm attack.

[4] Survivor's Sake
The first time you would take lethal damage in a Cooler, you instead slump to the floor for 1 exploration turn before getting back up again with 1 hit point.

[5] Apocalypse Ale
You always receive a minimum of +1 stat bonus from your outfit, even when ragged and worn. You also can make any weapon, no matter how worn, function but it will have a negative quirk.

[6] Cinder Cider
Gain +2 Oblit and all of your fire based attacks light enemies up, dealing 1d4 damage per turn.

[7] Pupae Pilsner
The first time you take damage on each Cooler floor, you release 1d6 Mutapupae that seek out and attack, slow, and poison enemies. You can also release them by injuring yourself freely.

[8] Wicked Whisky
You deal +1 damage with all weapons. Little children and mutamutts are afraid of you.

[9] Techies Tequila
Gain +2 Tinker and you have an innate sense for the purpose of old complex technology.

[10] Reaper's Rum
Gain +1 Shoot. If you killed something with a gun last round, gain +1 Shoot this round.

Subsequent Hangovers
After your first Hangover, all further Hangovers have basic effects.
Gain +2 maximum health and Roll 1d8

[1] Increase or improve the power of your first hangover's ability.

[2] Gain +1 to a stat of your choice.

[3] Once per Cooler run your body can act as a medistim; letting you remove a poison effect. You can also choose what buzz you lose with this.

[4] Your Unarmed attacks deal 1d6. Each time this is gained, it goes up a die size. 1d6 → 1d8, etc.

[5] You no longer take damage from radiation or mutant radiation poisoning. If gained again, you gain a minor mutation.
Each time after, you gain yet another minor mutation or improve old ones. If you were already a mutant you skip the first two steps and go straight to new/better mutations.

[6] Permanent +1 to reaction checks

[7] When at full life you have +2 damage soak per combat encounter.

[8] Gain 1 armor vs a random damage type.
Roll 1d6-
  1. Bullets
  2. Melee Weapons
  3. Mutant/Natural Attacks
  4. Energy Weapons
  5. Explosives
  6. Fire
Characters can have a maximum of 9 Hangovers.

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