Monday, October 16, 2017

ASU- Another Shitty Ultralight

This is a super simple hack of my older ruleset, and something I've been throwing together from the various different houserules and concepts I've been working with before. By far the biggest 'sacred cow killer' here is the totally descriptive combat, which is basically just freeform.

Character Creation- Roll your stats, pick your class, and choose equipment.

Stats- Roll 3d6 and grant bonuses per number rolled, stacking. Then roll 2d6 and reverse effects.

[1] Strength: +1 to hit, load, and starting equipment.
[2] Dexterity: +1 to AC and skill checks
[3] Intelligence: +1 language known & magic rolls
[4] Constitution: Roll +1 health die & take highest
[5] Wisdom: +1 healing rolls and saves
[6] Charisma: +1 reaction rolls and supply item

Classes- Pick your classes based on your talents; here are some Extra Classes.

[Fighter] d10 – Add level to Combat saves
Whenever you make an attack roll, add your level to that roll. You can also use any weapons and armor, and can learn secret techniques.
Start with 4 equipment and 2 supply items

[Rogue] d8 – Add level to Hazard saves
If you have an appropriate tool, you can add your level to any skill checks you perform. Add your level to sneak rolls.
Start with 2 equipment and 3 supply items.

[Sage] d6 – Add level to Magic saves
You can use magic to heal wounds; cure sicknesses, curses, and poison; ward against the supernatural; create light; purify or mend items; sense danger; bless others; and revive the dead.
Start with 1 equipment and 2 supply items.

Health- Roll your class die. If you rolled talent 4 you roll additional die and take the biggest, or negative talent 4 take lowest. That's your health.

Equipment- Armor, weapons, and tools. Anything 1 handed can be taken, 1 piece of regular armor can be taken per pick. Only Fighters can wear and can pick metal armor.

Supply Items- Anything that runs out or is used up. Rope, torches, rations, paper for maps, etc. Each supply item pick is equal to 1-3 uses of your item, and are carried in bundles of the same size.

Combat- All characters roll their class die. The highest number goes first. All rolls of 6 or better have advantage on their attack, all rolls of 10 or better get to perform a super move.

This is done each round of combat, and is the initiative of the game. After everybody is done attacking, the round starts again.

Combat is all narration. Each attacked must be described, with the possible effects and intention stated. Creatures usually take their number of HD in order to kill of weakening or wounding blows, which can be tracked by 1d6- but monsters can be killed early with finishing blows/super moves. All attacks are rolled with a d20 + attack roll bonuses. If the attack stated is intended to be lethal and the attack roll > enemy remaining health it's lethal.

Super Moves- Attacks that can hit multiple foes, cut an enemy's health in half, or cause a lethal hit to go through even if creature is not weakened. Must be narrated as always.

Secret Techniques- Special magical fighting moves, learned from reclusive elders and vision quests from warrior ancestors.

Sage Magic- Healers and wise men, not witches.
Roll 2d6 + (x2 Sage level – x2 HD of difficulty), must get at least 7 for it to work. Every roll of 1 causes -1 to all Sage magic rolls until return to town/sanctum.

Difficulty HD = number of points of damage of a wound, HD of creature's special move or poison, number of steps to cure this curse normally or HD of creature casting the hex, number of 'candles' of light you want to produce for 1 exploration turn, number of rations of food or water you are purifying, amount of turns it would take to repair the equipment, amount of damage dice this trap does to sense it, or the size of the die of this bless to another character's d20 roll.
(Bless difficulty HD: +1d4 = 1, +1d6 = 2, etc.)

Progression- When you clear a dungeon, the level of difficulty of the dungeon = XP. Takes XP equal to your current level to level up.

When you reach max level 10:
[Fighter] Build a fortress and train soldiers.
[Rogue] Become mayor/mob boss of your city.
[Sage] Find a magic site, attract pilgrims.

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