Saturday, November 25, 2017

ASU- Bonus Classes

These are some extra classes I have been brainstorming to be added to the ASU ruleset. I am not planning on using these classes anytime soon, they are just advanced or extra content that one could use. I would only use these classes if I had a larger group who want more character differentiation, long time players who are bored of the basic three, or a campaign with a larger scope then going into dungeons since these classes could approach more topics.

To keep with the original quality of the first three classes, these classes need to be unique and equally special, resulting in some much needed changes. For starters, Fighter attack bonus should only count for melee combat and the Sage saving throw bonus should be changed to Save vs Death. The Occultist being resistant to magic spells fits better, since the Sage is the one more about exorcism and protection vs level drain and undead and all that.

I think these classes are pretty close in keeping with the spirit of the original three; each is a bit unique and brings something new to the table, and none of them step on each others toes.

The Marksman being highly skilled with ranged weapons and the inclusion of some magic arrows means that they are the best at dealing large amounts of ranged damage. It gives a sort of Legend of Zelda vibe with the elemental and special arrows, and it also sort of makes the 'blaster' class not a Wizard but instead the Marksman.

The Courtesan and new language rules make them practically the only class that can actually trade or barter with intelligent creatures.

Finally, the Occultist is more like a traditional Wizard then the support magic of the Sage with a more restrictive resource management and freeform magic.

[Marksman] d8 – Add level to Bombardment saves
Whenever you make an attack roll with a ranged weapon, add your level to that roll.
Start with 2 equipment, one special arrow, and 2 supply items.

[Courtesan] d6 – Add level to Mind saves
You gain 1 language point per level. If your level + language bonus + reaction check bonus is at least double the highest HD creature of a group you roll an Encounter check with, then your result will always be least Unfriendly, never Hostile. If your total is triple the HD, the result will always be at least Neutral, never Unfriendly or Hostile. If quadruple or better, at least Friendly.
Start with 1 equipment and 3 supply items.

[Occultist] d6 – Add level to Spell and Magic Item saves
You add your level to rolls to identify items. You may cast spells by expending reagents and making a magic roll. You can cast a number of spells per adventure equal to your level. If the spell roll fails, the reagents are lost but your use is not expended.
Start with 1 equipment and 2 supply items.

When you reach max level 10:
[Marksman] Create a killing arrow meant for one specific creature or person.
[Courtesan] Appointed to political position. Granted legion of flunkies and writ of travel.
[Occultist] Gain a tower, attract apprentices.

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