Thursday, November 9, 2017

Silent Hill Campaign Generator

Themes- Roll 1d12
All monsters and the Otherworld should be twisted to symbolically represent the theme.
[1] Age or Forgotten- Otherworld is faded and old, everything covered by blanket of dust, clocks.
[2] Persecution- Flames, stockades, torture devices involved in puzzles
[3] Insecurity- Interrogation rooms, every room contains windows, glass floors/walls, etc.
[4] Disease- Hospital beds, graves, wilted flowers, dirty sheets, garbage.
[5] Forbidden Desires- Low cut clothes and sexual imagery, boxes, magazines, mirrors
[6] Guilt or Depression- Water and floods, suffocation, traveling downwards
[7] Madness- Restraints, broken mirrors, cells, things that change like walls on wheels
[8] Puberty or Pregnancy- Vines grow on everything, parasites common, doors too big or small
[9] Inadequacy or Disability- Claustrophobic, prosthetics, lack of guardrails
[10] Hatred or Rage- Blood, corpses, smashed objects and shell casings
[11] Greed or Gluttony- Cold, machinery, artworks and comforts are ruined
[12] Fear or The Cult- Barbed wire, metal gratings, air raid sirens

Locations- Roll 3d20
The first roll is for the starting area, second roll for the middle area, and third roll for the end area. If an area doesn't appear large enough to serve as an entire section; it has strange otherworldly extra rooms and labyrinths that shouldn't be there, or incorporates nearby places.
[1] Hospital
[2] Amusement Park
[3] Offices
[4] Apartment Complex
[5] Prison
[6] Hotel
[7] School or University
[8] Police Station
[9] Submarine
[10] Museum
[11] Storage Facility
[12] Mansion(s)
[13] Graveyard
[14] Shopping Mall
[15] Sewer
[16] Subway Tunnel or Bridge Underpass
[17] Industrial Plant or Workshop
[18] Bunker or Winery
[19] Mill
[20] Bunker or Mine

Key Items- Roll 1d10
Key items are required to solve or open the main obstacle of an area, such as opening a door or activating an elevator. Each key item is protected somehow.
[1] Video Tape
[2] Door Key
[3] Jar of Acid
[4] Wrench or Tool
[5] Battery or Metal Detector
[6] Fishing Pole or Blood-packet
[7] Candle or Dagger
[8] Empty Birdcage
[9] Wires or Hoses
[10] Doorknob or Gasoline Can

Key Item Protection- Roll 1d4
[1] Boss or Miniboss Guards it
[2] End of long spooky hallway or staircase at hard to reach location of the area
[3] Protected by a physical puzzle or challenge
[4] Protected by Puzzle Items

Puzzle Items- Roll 1d6
Puzzle items are used to gain access to some key items. Where as key items solve practical problems, puzzle items are usually strange or seemingly random. Tie them into the theme of the campaign.
[1] Tablets. Roll for 1d4+1 tablets on Tablet subtable.
[2] Word Keys. Roll 1d6 random words out of the dictionary.
[3] Occult Objects. Requires a chain, a ritual blade, and then 1 item from the Theme.
[4] Rings. Put on fingers of character or statue. 3 Rings of random materials.
[5] Musical Instrument parts, 1d4. To be played on the completed instrument.
[6] Dolls. 1d6 Dolls; 50% chance dressed as historic figures or characters in game.

Tablet Subtable- Roll 1d8 per Category. (50% chance Animal or Human featured)
[1] White
[2] Blue
[3] Red
[4] Green
[5] Black
[6] Rust
[7] Purple
[8] Orange

(Animal OR Human)
[1] Monkey / Criminal
[2] Wolf / Oppressor
[3] Snake / Leader
[4] Raven / Witch
[5] Rat / Child
[6] Cat / Mother
[7] Pig / Scholar
[8] Elephant / Artisan

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