Thursday, November 30, 2017

Mipui Barred/Locked/Trapped Doors Generator + 1d4 Random Door Traps

Mipui is a great website that I've been using to design my recent dungeon maps. It's awesome, but it doesn't seem to have a trapped/locked door icon for separator between two squares. So instead, I've worked in a system to randomize them when you come upon them.

Whenever you come across a door that is marked on your map, roll 1d4
  1. Barred
  2. Locked & Trapped
  3. Trapped
  4. Locked
Barred doors are blocked by metal or wood poles, junk, foot thick spiderweb, corpses, etc. Barred doors can be opened with prybars and time, but make a lot of noise and you must make a wandering monster checks to open.

Locked doors must be picked open by a Rogue. Locks have a difficulty of 10 + average HD of the monsters in this dungeon or the dungeon's general level.

Trapped doors have a random trap. They activate when the door is opened, make a save to avoid it if you're the character opening the door. On locked & trapped doors, traps activate when the door is picklocked instead.

Random Traps 1d4
  1. Gong Trap- Loud gong, no save. Make a wandering monster check.
  2. Crossbow Trap- Each passed save, person behind makes save. First fail takes 1d6 bolt.
  3. Boiling Trap- Releases liquid that instantly boils and spills through archway. 1d4 to all passing.
  4. Trapdoor- Fall to the floor below, or take 1d6 from short drop, half if unencumbered.
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