Wednesday, February 20, 2019

10 Purple Spells

[1] Velvet Skimmer - 1st level
Conjures an almost paper-thin insect, it's flat shell is a deep purple color that changes based on how the light strikes it. The bug is called a skimmer and floats on water, and can easily slide through clothing. The insect has strangely ribbed legs that curl with tiny pink hairs as people speak near it, up to a total of 24 words can be “recorded” on the hairs. When the bug rubs its legs together to attract a mate, it recalls the words that were spoken and replays them in a strangely melodic scratching voice. The insect has normal behaviors for a bug, shies from light, and cannot deal damage or fight in any way. It would be easily squished if even 1 hit point of damage is done to it. It disappears after 12 hours.

[2] Poison Thistle - 3rd level
This spell creates a bright purple, lightly glowing poisonous thistle bud in the caster's hand. This spell can only safely be cast with thick leather gloves. The thistle can be squeezed, which wilts and destroys the bud but drips out a thin purple liquid that mixes with water that is a deadly poison if ingested, or thrown as an attack. A normal attack roll has to be successful to hit with the thistle; on a hit target saves or takes 2d10 damage from the poisonous barbs- save or take 1d20 damage, each point of damage happening once per round and lasting as long as there is damage remaining. This makes slow poison or an antidote the only real counter to the deadly thistle.

[3] Enchantment of Brytthwind - 4th level
This spell must be cast on a long strip of fabric that can serve as a blindfold. Traditionally, it is cast on a pure purple-colored cloth, but due to the rarity and expensive of purple die, a standard white or gray cloth with a patch or circle of purple on the center is acceptable. The spell is cast on the cloth and then wrapped around the caster's head or the head of a willing target, blocking their vision permanently while they have the blindfold on. Once it is attached, the wearer of the blindfold cannot physically remove the blinder in any way. They cannot cast a spell to move it either, it can only be removed by another living, conscious being either against or with the will of the wearer.

While blinded, the caster cannot make ranged attack rolls or cast ranged spells (only hit on a 1 in 20 chance if they know exactly where the target is somehow), and melee attacks are made at a -4 to hit. However the blindfold has several magical enchantments that come with the powers of the Brytthwind. You cannot see anything physical, but you can see the winds of fate and space. People with an incredible destiny draw the winds of the Brytth to them, picking it up around the wearer of the blindfold. The blind sage can see the multi-colored wisps of wind and dust picked up by this invisible, arcane wind. Once per day the caster can draw the powers of the Brytthwind around themselves, causing a minor coincidence or accident to deal 1d6 damage to harm the next person who attempts to attack them. The victim's attack roll automatically fails unless they have a magic weapon, but they still take the coincidence damage and they only hit if they manage to make their attack roll.

Secondly, the Brytthwind can be picked up around a target. Those with a great destiny, like a high level character, or a fabled folk hero, or a seventh son of a seventh son and so on are attractive to the winds. The Enchanted wearer of the blindfold can speak words of advice or speak in riddles to the destined figure, and that figure can roll a hunch roll. The hunch roll is a d20 roll that is rolled immediately and can be used in exchange of any other roll they make once. The mystic powers of the wind also mean that if the figure with the hunch hold out their hand dramatically, they can force the hunch roll onto someone else; meaning the destined figure with a bad hunch roll can force it on another creature so they fail their attack, saving throw, etc. This power can be done once per person, bestowed by the bearer of the blindfold of the Brytthwind. It is for this reason those who wear the blindfold, blinded by birth especially since wearing it has no negative effect, seek to consul rising stars or great heroes, and is responsible for the blind seer stereotype.

Finally; the Brytthwind has a final ability of manipulating space. Those with the Brytthwind blinder can channel magic into a space they live within, expanding its inner walls to be larger within then on the outside, creating extra-dimensional spaces that can be build into things like secret chambers, mystic traveling tents, or trans dimensional dungeons. Those Enchanted by the Brytthwind are sometimes imprisoned for this reason, to expand the inside of a lord's castle, not realizing the blinded can use the powers to expand the dungeons and slowly let monsters leak in from other realms.

[4] Lavender Lameness - 3rd level
This spell is cast over an area of up to 30 ft area or 3 squares if using 10ft squares. The area is magically covered in lavender purple magical energy, floating at about knee height for an average human. Anyone who enters this field, or takes even a single step once it is cast around them, is instantly slowed to a crawl and a sharp pain in their foot prevents them from walking again for this round. You can only crawl or take slow, pitiful steps in agony up to a maximum of 10 ft per round, or through a single square.

Additionally, each time you are affected by this spell you must make a saving throw. On success, no effect. On failure- your foot and leg feel as though smashed with hammers. You lose -1 AC and your movement is halved permanently until you get long bed rest, at least a season. The spell's magical field lasts 5 rounds.

[5] The First Shimmering Shield - 1st level
This magical shield spell is the first, and weakest in a series created by the greatest abjurers in the world. This spell can only be cast on a shield, wielded by the spell caster or an ally within visible distance. The shield's face that points towards the enemies has its covered in mystic purple markings and a sheen of energy. The shields lasts 1d4+1 rounds.

The shield magically pushes weapons on course to strike away, inflicting -2 on to hit rolls versus the holder of the shield. The first time the shield (not the holder) is hit with a spell or special move that would destroy or disarm the shield from its holder, it grants the shield holder a saving throw to ignore the effect if it didn't already have a save. If the effect already had a save to avoid or mitigate the effect, then the shield grants +3 to its saving throw. Regardless of if the save was successful or not, this ends the shield effect prematurely,

[6] Powder of Final Mystery - 1st level
This strange spell requires the decapitated head of a dead person. In this case, a “person” qualifies as anything that is intelligent enough to make coherent (or once coherent) thoughts, so mortal races, monster races, awakened animals and similar beings may count, but standard undead, animals, and constructs would not. The spell is cast on the head as it is being crushed into a pulp- the head will dryly crack open and a fine purple powder will fall out. The head must be crushed either by a spell, with the help of a clamp or tool, or through the use of a person with supernatural strength (at least +3).

The powder has two uses. The first and most obvious use is to sprinkle it on any object or person. This gives it or them an infusion of “mystery”. Doing so makes people have one degree of separation when trying to think of this person or object. For instance, the first time someone wants to put out a bounty for the character, they'll think of their group instead, and will only be able to remember the character directly if a second clue arrives in their mind, such as seeing a tunic of a similar color as the character they were trying to remember and think of. In game terms this adds +1 stealth to the person or +1 stealth when trying to hide the object influenced by the sprinkles. The person who used the sprinkles and those who witnessed it are not effected by this spell.

The second use of the powder is more philosophical. The powder has often been hinted to be related to mysteries and many believe this powder can show the answers to the greatest mystery of all; what happens after death? The powder is snorted to find the answer. Each time it is used the character requires an additional spell's worth of material to get the high again, and they convulse for 1d4 days as they have powerful spirit visions. While secrets are revealed each magic user who uses the powder for this reason reports different, often personalized events of both the greatest fears and triumphs they could imagine being played out in rapid order with even more powerful emotions underneath. Objective answers are still unknown in regards to the true answer, but scholars have determined that whatever it is, it's special for each of us.

[7] Explosive Mulberry - 2nd level
This spell conjures a cluster of mulberries in the caster's hand. When thrown or dropped, they explode and deal 1d4+1 damage to the target. The one who throws the berries must make an attack roll to hit, but even on a miss, the target must roll a saving throw or take half the damage of the berries anyway. Every round, the berries start to grow roots and become thicker, darker in color, and hissing with stored up energy. Each round, the size of the die AND modifier increases. So at round 2, the cluster deals 1d6+2 damage, and on round 3 deals 1d8+3 damage. The damage die stops at 1d12 but the flat modifier keeps growing each round up to a maximum of +10. The first round the berries are weakest and mostly inert- but the roots start to grow entangling roots afterwards.

Whoever is holding the cluster every round starting at round 2 has a 1 in 3 chance for the roots to entangle around their hand making them unable to throw or drop the berries without accidentally blowing them up, the round after it spreads to their feet and makes them unable to walk. You can toss the berries to someone in such a way it is easy to catch and doesn't explode, hopefully having it entangle them. If you are accidentally entangled the only way to get out of it is to wait for the plant to wither and die after a full exploration turn, or to carefully cut out the trapped individual.

[8] Lesser Schism - 2nd level
This spell is cast over a period of meditation taking 1d4 exploration turns, which if interrupted spoils the spell and uses up this spell slot. This spell slowly unravels another magical spell you have prepared or ready to go, and allows you to separate two elements of a spell. These two elements are the most obvious and straightforward of a spell; for example if a spell deals 1d4 damage and freezes an enemy in place, then this spell lets you cut that into two effects; dealing 1d4 damage and freezing an enemy in place as two separate effects.

Once done, this split spell can now be cast twice, with each effect being cast separately. The level of the spell is counted as one less, so splitting a 2nd level spell counts it as two 1st level spells, and splitting a 1st level spell counts as a 0th level spell for the purposes of magic resistance and counterspelling, making the split spell much weaker. The Schism spell creates two magical glowing purple runes over the caster's head when finished, and they float there until the split spell is finished. If you are struck or don't cast the 2nd part of the split spell, then you must make a save or the negative aspect(s) of the spell hits you instead of a foe. An especially agile enemy may be able to grab the rune off your head and use it to channel one of the two effects at random; selecting whichever you want them to have access to the least, though in the case of an offensive spell being cast on themselves or vice-versa this could still work out in your favor. This spell can only be used on spells of the same level or less of this spell.

[9] Royal Mat - 1st level
This spell conjures a 4ft in diameter purple carpet beneath the feet of the caster. It's cramped, but up to 3-4 regular sized humans could stand on it. Everyone standing on the mat detects as royalty, or are immune to spells or magics that only effect those who are not of royal blood as long as they stand on it. Also, standing on the mat of those ignorant of its powers grant +1 to reaction checks with royal or kingly figures, even those who are just self-declared Kings like the “King of the Kobolds” and so on. The mat works if you step off and then back on, and it can be curled up and carried and moved if needed, but the spell only works if the mat is on the ground and you stand on it.

The purple magic mat lasts for 4 exploration turns.

[10] Wizard Wine - 4th level
This spell can only be cast when bottling a specifically prepared bottle of wine, crafted from magical berries and a curled glass bottle. The magical wine is poured in, containing many swirling purples and pinks, aging and improving in taste and potency like regular wine. The wine smells fruity and magical, and lets off a shower of sparks each time the cork is popped. It requires a 1st level spell slot to reseal the bottle, which is important lest it lose its power. Each bottle costs 3000 coins to make.

Drinking a glass of this wine has several effects. Firstly the swirling magical energy can be seen somewhat in your veins, especially in a dark room, as it courses through your blood. Secondly this wine grants a bonus of +1 to all magic rolls (including damage rolls of offensive spells and healing on healing spells) rolled while under its effects, as well as +2 to all saves versus your own spells. This wine, like many others, grants a minor feeling of ease and lower inhibitions. Unlike other wines though, this one does not grant mental clumsiness, instead its effects are more abstract. You can also drink multiple doses of the wine at the time, doubling their effects.
While under the effect of the wine your astral form sways and wobbles, as well as your place in the cosmic universe. The wine has made your soul “drunk”. If you are within 15 ft of a portal to another dimension, a highly cursed or blessed magic object, or nearby any spell scroll or spell book there is a 2 in 6 chance that the item will activate or you'll be whisked away through the portal, as though your magical energies are unsteady on their feet and fallen into the object in question. If you have drunk more then one glass of the wine, then this range doubles each time. Also, any spell cast after at least 2 or more doses of the wine miss their target or the target succeeds a spell, the caster loses control of the spell instead and it rolls either a random negative spell effect or transforms into a slurry of energies that rapidly change and mutate whatever they touch.

Finally, there is a 1 in 20 chance that when you sober up from the Wizard wine, which takes an hour per dose, that you come back with a magical revelation. You either find a new spell, a variant of an old spell, the true name of a powerful outsider, or lose 1d4 Charisma to gain 1d2 Wisdom.

Monday, February 18, 2019

10 Green Spells

[1] Thread of Jade - 1st level
Target thread, string, or vine turns a bright glowing green color. Magically strengthened by this spell, the thread can only be cut by a very sharp magic weapon of at least +1 or equivalent. The thread also becomes capable of supporting much more weight then it normally could, such as a simple bit of string being used as climbing rope. The thread is changed for a full day, or until it is broken.

[2] Shamrock Bunker - 4th level
This spell suddenly grows a large, magical bunker with a dome-like top out of ivy, leaves, shamrock clovers, and other greenery. The vegetation is incredibly thick and smells very strong, its magic keeping it powerful and protecting the magic user and anyone within a 15 ft radius. The bunker has 8 windows, one in each direction, that can be used to peak outside or fire spells or projectile weapons. Small creatures can scamper through the windows in or out, but everyone too large or not agile enough cannot enter or leave the bunker.

The magical structure regrows any damage it takes, but could theoretically be destroyed if something does 80 damage to it within 2 turns before it grows back. The magical structure takes a round to create and while quite fast, still can't stop you from getting hit by a projectile in motion. The bunker lasts for up to 8 combat rounds. Druids, spriggans, and similar creatures may just be able to move through the walls of the bunker without resistance if the magic user fails a save to ward their sanctuary from intrusion.

[3] Noxious Nova - 3rd level
Conjures a powerful and thick field of green energy immediately around the caster, and then expands outwards after one round as a thick smoke-like energy filled with the powers of poison. Because of the glow and time to charge, targets near the outside edge of the Nova's 40 ft diameter range can escape it if they run out by the next round, but those closer to the center must make a saving throw to brace themselves instead, reducing the damage by one die.

The Nova explodes outwards on the final round, dealing 3d6 poison damage to everyone hit. The Nova hits as a smoke explosion which goes out and upwards, meaning targets who duck into a ravine or something similar won't be hit by it. Those wearing a breathing mask or other equipment are still harmed by the Nova since its poison it magical, but it will reduce the damage by another die. After a target is hit, they must roll a saving throw or else take 1d6 poison damage each round until they save against it. The caster is protected from the first blast of poison, but not the second blast, meaning they have to make a save each round or else also take 1d6 damage like everyone else.

The Nova's smoke also bleaches metallic surfaces a slight greenish tint. Those who hunt Wizards may show off their green stained chainmail with pride, showing their success.

[4] Field of Battle - 3rd level
This spell creates a magical, razor thin floating platform. It appears as a grassy field gently swaying in the breeze. The platform magically is solid for only two people; which are the first two who step onto it. For everyone else, the platform is just an illusion they fall through. If a saving throw is made, a magic user can attempt to use the platform to break their fall, but will only stop the first two to hit it and still causes falling damage to that distance. The field is oval in shape and about 50ft in length, and 30 ft across, giving space for the warriors to meet each other.

Normally this spell is cast to allow two warriors to battle on even ground, above or away from the ruckus of a real field. The spells ends when one of the two warriors on it are dead, or after two exploration turns if only one person landed on the platform. If both people landed and both remain, alive or dead, the platform will not fall, which could mean the field stays for centuries until it is dispelled or the corpses removed.. Those on the platform can jump or fall off of it if they get to the edge, but have no protection from the fall.

While the bottom of the platform is opaque, projectile weapons and spells could still fire through it and hit the warriors from below, and flying creatures could deftly move through the field; using it to their advantage to hit and run by slipping under the false ground which is very real for those on the field.

[5] Encased in Emeralds - 3rd level
This spell can either be cast on a single creature, and effects all their jewelry, or can be cast on up to 3 adjacent creatures and effects all jewelry they are wearing in the same position such as ring, amulet, tail-braclet, etc. There is no saving throw for this spell, with only the exception of jewelry worn on body parts the caster does not have- make a hard save to avoid the effect.

Once incanted, the spell magically seals each article of jewelry; rings, amulets, talismans, bracelets, ankelets, earrings, tiaras and so on in magical emerald crystal which grows from within each piece. The emerald is transparent enough to see that the jewelry is still present, but now has a magical emerald covering on it like a cancer. As long as this piece of jewelry is covered in emerald, its magical powers and effects cease to work. This spell only works on items of a precious nature such as silver, gold, items studded with gems or jewels, etc. Magical trinkets made of bone (other then expensive ivory), wood, base metals, or glass are not harmed by the spell. Fools gold and colored glass is also not applicable, which is a way to trick spellcasters into wasting this spell on pretty baubles instead of actual enchanted jewelry. Once a piece of jewelry has been encrusted it can only be freed through painstaking labor by a master jewelry-smith over the course of a season per item locked in emerald.

[6] Lime Corpsewalker - 1st level
This minor illusion makes you appear as a disgustingly putrid undead corpse. Your clothes and equipment are still visible, but very rotted and reveal as much of your disgusting decaying body as possible. From even a far distance you look very wrong and people are very afraid of undead as putrid as you appear; bright green undead tend to give off horrible diseases and parasites. Others automatically have the lowest reaction check possible (immediate attack) if they are living beings. To undead, however, you appear as one of them and get a +2 to stealth rolls trying to blind in with or move past undead without being detected. This spell lasts for 3 exploration turns.

[7] Buried Man's Leaf - 1st level
This spell creates a long spindling stalk of a plant out of the tip of the caster's finger, which strikes upwards until it reaches sunlight. This stalk can travel through dirt and soil, and once it reaches sunlight the energy and warmth of the sun are transferred down to the caster. This spell cannot give you enough energy to heal wounds, feed you, or even grant much protection against the elements but it will keep you alive if you were buried alive for up to one full day, at which point the stalk beings to wilt and die.

The stalk as well as the survival usage of this spell was specifically designed by paranoid magic users after their rivals started using a false death curse to have them falsely buried alive. However, more useful countermeasures were needed as coffins block this spell entirely. It is still quite useful if buried alive under snow or quicksand, and can also be used through loose gravel and rocks of a cave in to signal for help or see how far away the sunlight is. The stalk has a maximum length of about 50 feet regardless or material; if you truly want to bury a Wizard you need to dig deep.

[8] Sage's Seal - 4th level
This spell must be cast on a single summoned creature or other similar supernatural entity. The creature is locked in stasis with a magical green seal floating around their body for 1d6 exploration turns. While in stasis they cannot be harmed or damaged in any way, and maintain their same location in space, so if they were in the middle of the air they stay floating there. Once the time is out, the seal breaks and the creature can move again.

If the creature has total hit points remaining equal to or less then the duration of turns they are sealed for; they instead make a hard saving throw. On a success, spell as normal. On a failure, they are instead sealed in stasis forever, only capable of being freed by another magician or by collecting enough dark power from other realms to grow stronger and break free.

[9] Hellish Loogie - 3rd level
This spell requires a to-hit roll modified at +4 if you are within melee distance, and +2 if at a farther range. This spell makes the magic user cough up a horrible green phlem booger that flies and seeks the target, growing as it travels through the air as a sticky projectile. The loogie keeps growing before and after it hits; within one round it swells to the size of an ogre and can stick any living creature of the same size or smaller within its grip, forcing a saving throw to escape.

Additionally, the Loogie begins to boil and burn. Each round it becomes hotter, the phlem boiling and smoking each round. If you are trapped in or touching the loogie for the first round, you take 1 damage. The second round, it deals 2 damage and so on. The Loogie lasts 10 rounds, at which point it gets so hot that it is boiled into a tiny black clump of hard tar, all the moisture burnt out with a horrid smell of burning salt filling the room, causing a morale check against easily disgusted targets (elves mostly).

[10] Brigand's Band - 2nd level
This spell conjures a magical headband, which must be worn to keep hair out of your eyes. The headband is bright green, and while within a forest grants +1 due to a semi magical camouflage effect it puts on the wearers body. The spell lasts until you mug one person or misplace the band.

The main power of this band is well known- if the wearer leaps from stealth and demands a small amount of money, minor item, or a minor favor for information from a target in the context of thuggish banditry, such as leaping out from behind a rock on a road with sword in hand, the target will instead simply relinquish in question as long as their reaction check does not roll the worst result (instant attack). The amount of money, the item, or the information must be something very insignificant to the target; while a poor traveling family will fight to the death over every silver piece, a noble woman would gladly hand over a purse of gold coins to the charming rogue. Additionally the victim of this spell will not seek to punish or report the crime unless it violates one of the above rules; however justice will still come to the wearer as gossip gets around about a dashing rogue demanding valuables from travelers in the area. Those targets who are aware of the band's abilities and wish to resist them, not fearing the Rogue in question can get a saving throw to resist the mental effect.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

DEEP TIME Generator

Roll on this table to determine the past era or civilization, which fell eons ago. Every time you roll, the new roll is even further back in time, and acts as the past for that civilization, only the smallest signs appearing to the ones after it in hints and writing. It keeps going back every time you roll, essentially creating super deep time.

DEEP TIME Table - 1d12
[1] An ancient starship from another world, the long necked and long fingered blue alien beings aboard the vessel taught ancient secrets to the civilization after them.

[2] Each drop of sand fell here by chance, the long circling pattern on the floor of the cavern enlightened the primitives who lived within it, seeing the first piece of art and from it created the first magic spell.

[3] Calenders built into each other, each one a record of a day, month, year, decade, and century of production. Clear indicators show the loss and gain throughout the years, with a solid downward trend that led to the final collapse of this empire after hundreds of thousands of wheels on this massive stone calendar.

[4] Biosphere of the planet, carefully cultivated but wild and unforgiving. Entire ecosystem with wild creatures and megafauna from a biogone era were all just experiments and carefully constructed living tools to sculpt ancient precursor world. They killed themselves with harmless but cunning small parasite that eventually broke through their safety measures and killed them all, going extinct in the process.

[5] The week has 8 days. The 8th day is named Friend, at least in the most ancient of tablets that mentioned it. Every single 8th day was taken away by this ancient race, who lived them all out to give them more time. They devolved into something lesser, and at the end of all the 8 days that would ever be time resumed as normal, 1/8th of it, gone.

[6] Standing stone that collected magical energies. Over millennium it became self aware, and used its power to create all your see before for, before it slipped back out of unreality when it found no more purpose to live.

[7] Plane of Psionic being. Entire world or area was wrapped in psychic energy, entire empire built around manipulation of emotions and astral space-time. Lived a glorious existence for uncountable years of time dilated luxury, but when winked out all their works were lost- the creatures deleted along with the psychic fields that sustained them, only the tiny anchors to the physical reality remain anymore.

[8] Ancient society of faux-lizards, clammy skin with prongs of gross proto-feathers. Utterly reliant on a super syrup- bright green nectar packed with energy and supernatural properties. They ran out, but decided to seal the last of it in a massive cavern deep beneath the earth, the trickle of this sugar stuff has fed the entire underground world and all of the following civilizations that live there.

[9] Once ruled by the sloth people; slow and cautious. Had absolute mastery of the world with incredible bio-technology, until a small climate change killed them all off. Undone by a few degrees difference. May be the creators of the strange chimera races, or maybe entire species were once made wholecloth.

[10] Massive carved cavernous wall or cliff, each inch engraved with many details, slowly etched by a single being with its long and prehensile tongue. It labored for centuries to tell its story, but is cut off near the bottom when the creatures tongue rotted away; causing the immortal being to starve to death. Each word is a glyph with layers of meaning and abstraction, and the wall is covered with so very many.

[11] The Great First-Men. Huge, imposing, wielding two stone swords that a man of this lesser age would struggle to lift one. The warriors that carved out this place for humanity; or were defeated and drove mankind into hiding if this was rolled second or later in this last.

[12] Before emotion, all creatures big and small simply deduced every single action they should take. As the world became more vast and complex, it took longer and longer, standing still until they would starve to death in thought. Eventually they reasoned that being inefficient was better and created emotions, pain, desire, and magic.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

[Class] Charm-Caster

Art @hiroshark
HD- d6
Max AC- 13

You aren't much of a Sorcerer. You can cast spells, but you were probably never formally trained. You've never known much of magic beyond the minor enchantments and bits of craft you can weave, but you have become very good at it. You're not as much the academic, scholarly wizard but more the eccentric hermit. You probably use magic to entertain people or to scam the gullible- going on adventures will earn you a lot better coin, even if it won't gain you any more respect.

You don't have the same education or depth of thought as a regular magician, and as such learning spells is difficult. You probably can't read or write, and will need someone to physically show you how to cast a spell to learn it, as such you can only learn spells from other Wizards. This restriction is lifted at 3rd level or if you generated your character with a +2 Intelligence modifier. However, you get double starting spells to a regular Magic User.

You also don't have the same sixth sense or ability with magic as a caster, but you are slightly more well rounded and have a sort of innate knack with magic. You can entangle bits of magic into a standard object; your shepard's crook, your straw hat, your coinpurse. This object can be recalled to you by simply holding out your hand and willing the object to fly into your hand. The object will fly as long as there is a clear path, but enemies nearby can make a saving throw to keep it from flying back to you, using their strength to stop the pull. If this object is destroyed or stolen it loses this power and you can bond with a new object to have this power.

You gain +1 to attack at 3rd level.

At 10th level, you become a Master of Charms. If you see someone casting a 1st or 2nd level spell, even once, you can memorize it in your mind and later transcribe it down to cast later. You must do this the following season of downtime from the adventure, else the details and exact incantations slip your mind and you have to learn the spell the old fashioned way.

Magic oozes from you. Every object you own for at least a year and a day becomes magically enchanted. These objects gain a personality and some minor abilities to move around; objects like to clean up after themselves now, perform simple work, sort easily on their own, and care for their master in some strange empathetic way. This happens if you like it or not, and your objects start to become attached to you as well, making separation difficult. As a result, you may become a bit of a hoarder. These objects act as though under an Animate Objects spell at all times, freely, but can only do a maximum of 1d2 damage even if crowding someone. Objects gain personalities based on what they are and where they come from; crocodile leather boots nip at your toes playfully when you put them on, candles taken from a church will spit wax at people who blaspheme near it, etc.

Spells per Adventure Table
1st Circle (1st level spells)
2nd Circle (2nd level spells)





Tuesday, February 12, 2019

10 Yellow Spells

[1] Amber Wave of Force - 3rd level
Creates a yellow wave that expands outwards at the highest point of the caster's body. If the caster is holding up a wand or staff that is bound to his life force, then that object counts as the highest point. The wave expands outwards in all directions in a perfect circle, and any target it strikes will be affected by it depending on where it hits them. The wave hits everything it physically can, regardless of the number of power level of the enemies in question.

To hit animals, the caster may have to stoop their body lower. To hit something very large like an ogre or dragon, the caster may have to jump up on a stool or raise their hands over their head, etc. Agile beings may be able to stoop under or jump over the wave as another method to avoid its worst effects.

When the wave hits;
Waist or lower- No effect
Chest- Easy save or lose breath, going last in initiative order this turn.
Neck- Save or lose breath, going last in initiative order AND getting -2 on all attack rolls.
Head- Save or be stunned 1 round.

[2] Friendly Banana Snack - 2nd level
This spell conjures a roughly 1.5 ft long fat little yellow slug. It's bright colors are a misdirection; the slug is not at all poisonous or dangerous in any way, and smells faintly of a candied-banana. The slug creature is slow, but strangely cuddly and likes to be held. Holding and stroking the slug, which “purs” in response, is very relaxing for those who look past its gastropod exterior. While holding and stroking the slug, you get advantage on all nervous disorder rolls or saving throws versus ongoing mental effects, but this slug cannot stop the direct visceral terror of a morale check on its own.

Beyond its pleasing touch and friendly nature; the slug is also totally delicious. It is soft and weak enough it can be directly bitten into, chewed up, and swallowed in a few brutal bites. It doesn't bleed either, and tastes like a candied gooey banana with a unique salty aftertaste. The slug counts as a basic meal or ration when used like this, and can exist as a living slug pet for 2d4 exploration turns before going bad and becoming inedible. Bad slugs turn to yellow goop with a hiss and give off a putrid smoke that gives anyone who breathes it heartburn.

[3] Golden Band - 4th level
To cast this spell requires a bracelet, tiara, or ring made of gold of high purity. This spell casts a powerful enchantment over the item, making it give off a constant dull golden glow, and grants the item magical protective powers. Anyone wearing a Golden Band gets +1 to saving throws versus spells and may also gain a minor increase to magic resistance if your game features it. The golden band has greater powers on larger and more ornate pieces of jewelry; rings have a maximum bonus of +2 and tiaras and bracelets have a maximum bonus of +3 to the spell saves.

Golden Bands are very magically potent and keep their powers semi-permanently. Magic users wearing them get to add these spell bonuses to their own saving throws if used to control their own spells or manipulate a magical effect in progress. The Golden Bands stack if multiple are worn, and only cease to glow and be empowered with protection if the Golden Band is ritually debased or destroyed. For example, tossing the golden band on purpose into a muddy river would end the enchantment, but if it accidentally slipped off your head and laid on the floor of a dusty dungeon for a century it would still glow, just waiting for someone to claim it.

[4] Mustard Sharks - 3rd level
This spell must be cast on a body of water at least large enough for a rowboat to comfortably manuver in; so a small pool or bath wouldn't count but a pond, lake, or the ocean easily could. This spell creates a murky yellow cloud to appear in the water, with about 160 ft of surface area (16 squares on a map?) that is affected; which can be in any shape or orientation as long as it is continuous and each area touches another adjacent area. The caster must dip a foot, finger, or be in the water to cast this spell- unless if you're a max level Wizard, in which case you can just piss in the water from your boat instead.

The cloudy area becomes home to mustard sharks; which are dull yellow sharks that can only live in this yellowed water. They attack anyone who enters the water, but the magic user can make a save each round while within to avoid the sharks notice; if they fail even once then they are also a target and cannot attempt again. The mustard sharks each have 3 HD and deal 1d8+1 damage on a hit, preferring to bite off limbs- if they kill a target with less HD then them, they merely bite off a random limb instead, their blood from the stump turning yellow and self-closing from the attacks. The mustard sharks last 3d10 combat rounds but reduce the time they last by -1d4 rounds for each shark killed.

[5] Yellow Orbs of Magic - 2nd level
This spell can only be cast in an area rich with ambient magic. Places like ancient standing stones, mystic pools, fairy circles, houses of wizards, and so on. The magic in this area coalesces in several bright yellow orbs, waxy and smooth, with a light glow of magic around them. Depending on the ambient magic of the area, you will generate between 3 and 10 orbs. The magic orbs float around on their own, gravitating around interesting people or character with the highest Charisma. The magic user can move the orbs according to their will, but requires a saving throw vs spells to control the orbs if they're currently infatuated with an enemy.

Each orb can be used while casting spells. By holding an orb and speaking the incantation, the size of one die relating to the spell can be increased by one unit, to a maximum size of 1d12. (a spell that restores 1d8 health now restores 1d10 health instead, same with damage or number of turns of duration). Each spell can only have one orb used on each, but the orbs can be ordered to follow to last for later. The orbs will slowly dissipate next sunrise or sunset, whichever is closest.

[6] The Endless Stream - 3rd level
This obnoxious curse is a favorite of the wizzards. Cast upon a target the caster can see, they feel the urge to urinate. Technically, they are urinating all the piss they have ever pissed out over the course of their entire life, but the spell doesn't have the power to enforce that. Instead, the person must spend two exploration turns every 6 (hour) doing nothing but relieving their extremely swollen bladder. The target gets a saving throw every two days to end the spell.

While this curse is annoying, it doesn't stop the affected from casting spells or fighting, just wasting a lot of their time. It will make stealth nearly impossible, as the tinkling of their urine will give away their position in a life or death situation where they need to piss so badly.

[7] Noise Modifier - 1st level
The spell is cast in mid air, creating a yellow swirl. The swirl appears at mouth level of the caster, and cannot be adjusted once cast, meaning if shorter or taller people want to use it, they'll have to maneuver themselves around. Anyone who speaks into the magical yellow swirl has their voice boosted much louder; whispers become shouts, speech becomes a proclamation, and yelling becomes nearly deafening- shouting into the swirl causes 1d4 damage to anyone within a short distance of the 'output' of the swirl from the incredibly noise if they fail a save to cover their ears.

You can also speak or flip around the swirl; anyone speaking into the large end of the swirl has their voice shrunk in volume; with even a loud sound of a battle or spell being barely above a whisper. This method could allow you to make the cry of a banshee or a wampus cat, but a more powerful version of this spell of at least 2nd level would have to be researched before you could actually aim it as a method to quiet noise.

[8] Yabbin' Flyswallower - 1st level
Summons a fat toad. It's colors are black and yellow and it has a fuzzy bottom that it gets by padding its butt with pond scum. It even has a tiny pair of gossamer wings made of stitched together mosquito and dragonflies; it does all of this to pretend to be a bee. The toad uses its tongue to eat insects, but especially bees, and can also speak. The toad is incapable of aiding in combat unless you are a fighting a swarm of insects or similar small creatures; it can eat 1d2 of them per round dealing that much damage to the swarm. The toad only sticks around for one exploration turn.

Also whenever the toad eats a bee, it can hold it in its mouth to listen to its buzzing, then after swallowing it it can repeat what was whispered by the bee to you. Flowers listen closely to gossip unlike bees, and as such can sometimes spill juicy details of secrets or events from the surrounding area wherever there are flowers. However this chain is unreliable; the flowers hear it, spreading the rumor among themselves, before picked up by the bees, who are then eaten by the frog, who then repeats it back to you, and as such the meaning of the statement may be totally changed or mistranslated.

[9] Helmet of the Dandelion - 2nd level
This spell conjures the Helmet of the Dandelion in the hands of the spellcaster, which seals itself to the head of whoever wears it first. This helmet is covered in bright yellow tassels. The helmet releases several slowly drifting and yellowish orbs whenever the wearer turns their head, making stealth nearly impossible while wearing the helmet unless you hold completely still for at least a minute.

While wearing the helmet, the wearer can jump the height of a man, and gets a second jump while mid air which puffs out their tassels and releases white spores of the dandelion and asorted common plant seeds everywhere beneath them. Additionally, while in the air, the character receives +2 to hit and AC from their fast flying movement. By concentrating, the wearer can also direct the yellow sparks around them to crowd around any fast moving creature and slow them down, giving up your turn to push an enemy to the bottom of the initiative queue, or forcing their next turn to roll an automatic 1 on their initiative dice if you use that system.

After three exploration turns, the helmet begins to fade and die. The yellow turns a dark, melted brown. The wearer must take 1d2 damage to have the helmet removed in any way; fire and knife both hurt them to scalp the melted magical mess off of them. If the helmet is not removed within three days, a stunted tree or random grain crop will start growing out of the wearer's head, its health and longevity tied to the wearer. This isn't a problem if you found the real helmet, as this spell just conjures an unstable duplicate.

[10] Thundershock Scroll-Twister - 2nd level
This spell can only be cast on a target within the range of a spear. This spell creates a powerful shocking blast of electricity, twisted up in a yellow lightning bolt curling up around itself like a helix. The target gets a saving throw to reduce the size of the damage die from 1d4 to 1d2. When the damage is rolled, a number of magic scrolls equal to the damage rolled the target is carrying twist up into tangled knots. These knots can only be untangled slowly and carefully over the course of a whole exploration turn and they cannot be used or read until after it is untied.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

10 Red Spells

[1] Hotfoot - 1st level
Turns one of your feet bright red. That foot becomes immune to fire, and very hot to the touch. If you walk across something that deals fire damage (hot coals, burning ground, a red hot pan, etc.) you only take half damage, since only one of your feet is getting burned.

The hot foot also lights flammable things on fire that it touches or presses weight on; running through a dry forest in autumn will almost certainly cause a massive forest fire (but the fire will be, literally, at your heels.) If you kick someone with the hot foot, deal +1 fire damage and will ignite them if they're very weak to fire, such as a strawman.

[2] Ruby Gel - 1st level
The minor prototype of the spell Ruby Goop. This spell turns a 1 HD slime, gelatinous cube, or ooze creature into a harmless, bright red version of itself. This spell has no effect on slimes that are already red. This spell has half effectiveness against a 2 HD slime regardless of size, the slime turns a bit more red in color and has pinkish spots, but deals half damage for the spell's duration instead of no damage. The spell lasts 2 combat rounds.

[3] Maroon Butterflies - 2nd level
When this spell is cast, the caster must declare an action. This action is something everyone can be doing, so “touching the monument” or “keep working” are acceptable actions, but “not being a filthy orc” is not. After being declared, hundreds of glowing, maroon-colored butterflies appear and follow around each person. As long as they continue to obey or follow that action, the butterflies do nothing but follow. If they break the action, then the butterflies start to dive bomb them and explode, dealing 1 point of magic damage per round the person is breaking the command.

This spell lasts up to 6 combat rounds, but another version can be cast with an orb that lasts up to an hour of time instead, used to keep workers in line instead. In this version, each person only gets 1 butterfly and once it is gone, the other butterflies have to follow them meaning that distraction can allow others to escape or destroy their own butterflies to thwart the spell.

[4] Back Alley Dusting - 2nd level
This spell must be cast in an enclosed area with a “dead end”. It creates a small amount of “snow” of red dust, which falls on people and objects exactly as snow would, but is room temperature and smells lightly of spices. While this dust is falling, violence comes easy. You get -2 to all reaction checks if cast with this dust present, but you and your allies all deal +2 to-hit and damage with attacks. The dusting continues for 1d4 exploration turns, in which case the dust turns a darker red and becomes inert. You could theoretically sweep up the dust or carry it out of the alley where you cast the spell, but in such cases reduce its bonus to +1 to hit and damage instead.

[5] Blasting Smoke - 1st level
Creates a red cloud of smoke. If this smoke is later exploded by another force, it deals +1d6 damage to the original explosion's damage value. The damage caused by this spell is not an element, so fire based explosions will still do fire damage + the bonus damage from this spell, and so on. This spell can be attached to an object like a bomb arrow or a trapped chest, can be put around a person about to spontaneously combust, put low to the ground in an area lined with mines, and so on. This spell does not have any damage nor explodes on its own, and can merely support other spells.

[6] Blazing Hair of the Warrior-Clans - 3rd level
To cast this spell, the recipient must have their hair combed for at least 3 combat rounds or out of combat for a few seconds. Their hair turns a bright red-orange color, and becomes empowered by the warrior clans. Once active, the hair also grows out very large and becomes animated, swinging around in all directions to protect and invigorate the person with the warrior's hair.

The first person to successful strike the person with the magic hair each round must make a combat saving throw, else their attack is deflected by the hair, the strands parrying blows like a sword or dagger would. The person with the warrior hair also gains +2 to hit for their own attacks for each round. This spell lasts for 10 combat rounds, but can be suspended for up to a turn if done before combat, readying itself for a fight.

[7] Scarlet Spike - 4th level
This spell contorts into being a wand, red and sharp, made of an unknown red material. The “scarlet spike” as it is called is a magical item that can be used to make attacks with. Each time the wand is flicked, it fires a small red beam of energy that deals 1d8+1 damage, but only against living creatures. Creatures struck by the wand's attack feel intense pain and a red burn that spreads from their skin; the wand can also be used as a dagger up close, but only deals 1d4+1 damage. You cannot fire the wand while in melee.

The spike can also be used to draw symbols of chastising. By 'drawing' a symbol in the air at the tip of the spike, or scratched onto a surface, it glows a bright red and keeps there for as long as the spike exists. The symbol blasts anyone who physically touches it, or who breaks the symbol by violating its contract or “rule”. Symbols drawn may be something like a glyph in elvish that represents silence, which blasts anyone who speaks aloud, or the symbol could be less abstract such as a large lock symbol over a door, which attacks anyone who picks the lock.

Symbols deal 2d8 damage when broken, and only work once. Targets who are aware of the symbols power or prepared for it can make a save to reduce the damage to 1d8 instead, or half damage. Those who break the symbol's rule without knowing what it means do not get a save, as it happens as a surprise.

The spike lasts for one season, or until it is physically broken. Nobody who has been a slave may cast this spell, and the spike simply falls through their fingers if they try to take ownership of it.

[8] Bloody Channeling - 1st level
The caster must first cut their hand or other similar body part in order to cast this spell. Each round they channel this spell, their blood flies through the air and turns into a fine red mist when it hits another living entity, or at the end of its range at 15ft. This creatures heals 1d4 + Wisdom modifier of the caster hit points per round, where as the caster loses the same amount rolled on the die each round without including the Wisdom bonus.

This stream is a physical object and as such can be blocked by anything as heavy as a curtain. Enemies could jump in front of the spray or deflect it using a magic mirror shield to absorb the life force for themselves. Once the caster is hit by an attack or stops channeling, the spell effect ends and cannot be cast again unless prepared and cast another day.

[9] Red Stygia - 3rd level
When this spell is cast, it concentrates a circle of red lines and circles, aiming towards a central point. These symbols represent magical energy, focusing towards the center which is a smaller circle. The inner circle is 10 ft in diameter and the outer circle covered by the symbols and secondary circles is 20 ft. Anyone within the central circle can draw upon the power that is being funneled into it; boosting either saves by +4, increasing level-related abilities by +1, or granting +4 to hit and +2 to damage with magic arcing energy coming off your weapons. The Stygia can only have one person drawing off its power per round, meaning whoever has the higher initiative. Ties are resolved by an opposed d10 roll modified by Charisma to see who has more cosmic draw.

The symbol on the ground glows red as the spell is used and channeled, the lines in the ground are scorched with the heat of the energy traveling towards it; walking on it smolders your boots and deals 1d4 fire damage. If someone draws power off the Stygia even once then the heat on the ground scorches the symbol into the wood or stone on the floor as a chalky black soot, which could be scrubbed off with some elbow grease. The Red Stygia lasts up to an exploration turn or up to 4 uses of its drawn energy. This spell is often used by Wizards to focus their powers, but a younger, faster person may be able to take the energy for themselves if they can get past the conductive heat of the symbol.

[10] Divine Rose - 4th level
To cast this spell, the magic user must plant a rose seed in a sacred or magical place. Then, it must be well tended to, watered with pure clean water and kept free from being looked at or touched by any unbaptized individuals, not plucked before its time, and magically enchanted with several rituals by at least three lay priests. During this period of time, the magic user does not get access to this spell slot as it is currently growing the magical rose. Once this is complete, the rose will bloom as a single rose blossom on a single bright, pure green stalk growing from the ground- the rose glows and draws beautiful animals and plants to be around it.

The rose is imbued with the powers of beauty and divinity. Anyone who carries the rose, even if suspended and protected in an object like a crystal orb, count as having a Charisma modifier of +2. If it was already +2, make it a +3. While carrying the rose, magic is also boosted and the magic users spells have saves harder at -2 to succeed against them.

Additionally, the rose can be plucked to cast powerful magical effects as minor wishes. These effects can replicate the effects of a 3rd level spell or less, cause a minor coincidence, create something of 1 HD or less, or do anything else a semi-divine magical wishing rose could feasible do. The wish must be spoken aloud- and wishes not made immediately are lost forever as the petal disappears before it hits the ground. Mind controlling and polymorph effects grant the subject a save, but are permanent if failed. The rose's magic only works on things or places the magic user can spy, and after a rose petal is plucked it can never be reattached. The divine rose has 12 thick petals which disappear into a burst of magic when used to make a wish.

Friday, February 8, 2019

10 Blue Spells

[1] Azure Walkways - 2nd Level
This spell creates up to 4 pathways of a maximum of 30 ft in length each. The pathways are cast to connect several floating or suspended platforms and landings and ledges over a cliff or pits in the floor. The spell lasts for 2d6+6 exploration turns. All of the platforms are made of a semi-solid blue magical energy that have a buoyant upwards force. Anything with at least 1 point of magical resistance, or anything that is immune to spells, must make a saving throw and if failed they fall through the magical floor, as it can only support things that are affected by its enchantment. Even the magic user cannot stop this from happening, a willing or friendly target is just as unable to cross as any other if they are immune to magical spells.

[2] Dewdrop Orb - 3rd level
This spell requires casting on a body of water at least as large as a barrel. The water must also be pure, not salt or swamp water. This spell collects and combines the water into a hard crystal-like orb of clear blue glass, called a Dewdrop orb. If this orb is placed at the end of a staff or rod, it can be used to create blasts of water magic that deal 1d4 damage to a target, or 1d6 damage while underwater. Water magic isn't especially dangerous to most living things, but certain creatures like dry mummies, lotion zombies, or creatures made of fire may be weak to it causing these blasts to do far more damage.

The Dewdrop orb can also be expended to double the duration of another spell involving water; usually spells that control the tide, let the caster breathe underwater, or create/control water elementals. When used up, the dewdrop orb evaporates fully, the water within lost. The orb doesn't ever really go away if used for magical blasts or for other purposes, but will slowly lose size via evaporation and become less effective over the centuries, and as such Wizards tend not to stockpile more then a few of them at a time.

[3] Lapisaur - 4th level
Momentarily, the caster will transform into a dinosaur. The creature stands 7 ft tall, has two claw attacks at 1d6+1 and a bite attack at 1d12+2, and has magical bright blue skin. All of the casters clothes fall off during the transformation, and they cannot act with more then an animal intelligence during this spell, though their newly found hormones make them violent and aggressive, they will still avoid harming their allies in this new form. This creature has the same hit dice as the caster did, but has 17 AC and is immune to acid.

This spell lasts for 1d4+4 combat rounds, and the transformation is so terrifying that any intelligent enemies will need to make a morale check to avoid running in fear from the horrible ancient creature. Also, while pursuing fleeing enemies, the Lapisaur can reroll failed attacks once each, their vicious little claws and teeth looking to find a mark.

[4] Guardian Tattoo - 2nd level
To cast this spell, the magician must inscribe a magical symbol of protection on the body of the target in magical blue ink. This takes a minimum of 4 exploration turns. When the spell is invoked by the wearer of the tattoo, which they can do at will, it creates a magical blue guardian spirit above them, which matches the pattern on the tattoo. Most tattoos are drawn as spirit animals like bears or tigers, or sometimes as mythical beasts like dragons or unicorns, or even as familiar guardians. This tattoo appears above and around the person as a glowing light in the shape of the tattoo, granting them +2 AC versus all incoming attacks and having the ability to knock a maximum of one 1st level spell out of the air aimed at the tattoo-barer each round. They can also do this to elemental blasts from rods or from monster powers in the same vein, still limited to one per round and limited to blasts that deal 1d6 or less damage; equivalent to a first level spell.

The spell lasts for 1d4+4 combat rounds and once it is done, the tattoo's ink fades to a dark blue and is still permanently marked on the targets skin. The recipient of this spell could have multiple tattoos prepared at once for use but they are permanent marks on their skin; only able to be removed by other magical spells or alchemical salves that can remove tattoo ink.

[5] Sword of Throguus - 3rd level
This spell conjures a sword made of solid blue energy. The handle is embedded with three hexagonal cut yellow topaz gemstones. Each time the sword hits its mark, the user of the sword can mentally command the sword to inject blue fire into the wounds, causing a burning feeling that travels through the targets veins and deals +1d6 additional fire damage internally. Targets without blood are immune to this effect, but the sword is still a powerful magical sword that deals 1d8+1 damage on a hit. The wielder of the Sword may also willingly smash it against a hard surface (if they have at least +1 strength modifier). The moment it is smashed, everyone who had the fire of the sword blown through their veins is healed for that damage, but falls asleep for 1 day per point of damage they just healed. Dead targets are not revived, but their bodies do burn into bright blue ash.

The sword lasts for 4 exploration turns. If it is not broken when the time is up, the secondary effect of the sword doesn't happen and the damage the sword caused is permanent, without the sleep effect.

[6] Great Parade - 1st level
Can be cast on up to a dozen horses or twice that number of men. Creates brilliant fake tabards of a bright blue color, blue flower petals as confetti, blue banners, and other such parade wear. By walking this attractive assortment through a town or city, it is sure to attract attention and is a good way to fake or make a parade. All of the clothes and items conjured by this spell are very weak, and will fall apart the moment they are caught on something or an offensive spell or attack lands on any participant.

This spell can be cast multiple times as well to branch out the effect. If cast while in the parade that has already been hit by the spell, then nearby town homes will fly blue flags and carpets from the windows, with blue flowers lining the roads. If cast again, then those watching the spell may have blue garments as well; turning everything more and more blue.

[7] Cerulean Magnetism - 4th level
The caster must target an object or a person with this spell. They must also decide the polarity; either attractive or repulsive- the color of the person or object changes based on their polarity. Repulsive targets turn darker blue on the outside, with a lighter color nearer to their center, and attractive is lighter outside and darker internally.

Once the target is determined along with polarity; they become magnetized- but this is no mere magnetism of a lodestone. This spell is special as the next metal the caster speaks aloud is picked as the subject of the magnetic spell effect, relative to the target. Any metal can be used with this spell- bronze, gold & silver, steel and iron alloys, magical metals like adamantine and mythril, etc. If the target was made repulsive, then the metals fly away from them as though they were a powerful magnet, and if made attractive the metals fly towards them. As this spell offers no inherent defenses against the metals, this spell can be used to make all nearby weapons fly towards the target in an attempt to wound them. If used with a metal floor, could be made as a levitation spell, or could stick the target against a surface from where they couldn't pull themselves off.

[8] True Fractioning-Flask - 4th level
When cast, this spell conjures a bright blue but clear flask of a glass-like material. It's slightly heavier then glass and much harder to break, having an AC of 18 and requiring a strong hit with a blunt object made of stone or lead, or any magic club or mace of at least +1 damage bonus. The flask also isn't shattered by long drops. Anything shoved into this flask is forced to become it's true self within and it blocks disappearing magic out of the flask, so tiny gnomes or pixies shoved into this flask cannot teleport out, and an imp shoved into the flask could not keep up a disguise. People that are changed into animals that can fit in the flask (like a mouse or insect), will be forced to polymorph back into human form within the flask, cramped into an uncomfortable but thankfully not fatal state. The flask can also be filled with nonliving things too, as per a normal flask.

The power of this flask is through sweating. When the flask it brought before a hot flame, the flask 'sweats' or 'bleeds' the essence of whatever is trapped within. This condensation has both a color and magical properties of whatever is inside the flask; if you sweat a demon within the flask, then the dew on the outside of the flask will be dark black and contain pure evil. This makes the inside of the flask hot, but not immediately fatal for whatever is inside. For each unit of condensed essence, any living things inside the flask lose -1 HD and any magical material or unit of another object loses at least -20% of itself, whatever it may be. This flask is a powerful magical tool for alchemists and for magical experimentation, and can be used as a semi-permanent prison for beings trapped within.

[9] Aura Bomb - 1st level
The caster creates a hidden blue aura within their own invisible aura; this aura can also be placed on a willing target. The energy of this aura is flaming and frozen in place- it's still easy to miss due to this being a useful trap. When an astral parasite, magical spell, or hand of a rival magic user attempts to grab or attack the caster's aura; the blue energy explodes outward on the astral plane. While powerful there, in the real world the bombs effects are barely felt. The energy generated is similar to a gust of wind or suck of a vacuum orb, putting out candles or flipping papers off tables.

In the astral plane though; the explosion is quite powerful and deals 2d6 + shield barer's Cha modifier. Wizards will sometimes have this spell go off while in their study or at a polite dinner, realizing only then that they're being attacked in the unseen realm.

[10] Blue Banners - 2nd level
When cast, this spell creates a blue banner and a few smaller ones (such as attached to the ends of spears or on horses' flanks) as a military standard. While fighting under this standard, soliders have +1 morale as long as they find they find the color blue pleasing or something respectable. Most beings do, but monsters might find it a weak or passive color and not follow under it.

These banners last for 2d2 hours and cannot exceed the leadership powers of high level fighting men, but they are better then nothing and are a way for a fighting force to get a supernatural edge when they don't have an actual magical standard to call their own.