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Garden- General Gang Table

Every gang has an HD. This is its current Manpower, and is also the amount of HD of hired guns, creatures, or mobsters they could muster at any one time or for a single hit squad. For example, a small fry gang of 2 HD could only send a single 2 HD pistoleer assassin at you, or two 1 HD knife wielding tough guys. Meanwhile a mafia that stretches across Garden that has 16 HD could send an entire hit squad of heavily armored, automatic rifle holding sweeps to destroy everything you ever loved if you pissed them off enough.

Every gang also has Holdings. Holdings are the businesses, social connections, and extortion rackets they have gained. Holdings help a gang hold on and stick around longer. Each holding has a score, which acts like AC for gang-to-gang combat. Holdings only count for significant features- tagging a few buildings to mark out their territory wouldn't be a holding, but a massive mural depicting their gang leader's victory over a rival gang stretching over a busy intersection bridge would count as one. Especially cruel or mysterious gangs may have a holding value for reputation, which would have to be attacked by destroying their reputation among the common citizens of Garden. Finally any influential people that are allied but not part of the gang, or people who are dirty and in the gang's pocket, also count as holding based on what they can offer the gang. Their holding value stays until they are killed or they no longer support the gang.

Every time a Gang has a big shootout with many dead, or has many members killed at once, roll a d20 vs the Gang's Holdings score + 10. On a hit, the Gang loses 1 HD from their total manpower. Gangs also lose Manpower equal to their leader's HD when the leader is killed. The gang's leadership is passed down to the next guy, and if he is killed then they'll lose even more manpower. Destroying a gang's leadership applies retroactively as long as the gang doesn't have time to restructure itself; meaning in a few hours if you kill all the gang's prominent leaders and the top dog himself, you can destroy the whole organization overnight.

General Gangs
[1] The Lotto Lads
Manpower- 4
Holdings- Night Jobs (+1), Two associate tellers at the Blue Angel Bank (+2)

The Lotto Lads are a gang focused on winning the Garden City lottery. There are many lotteries and gambling halls in Garden, but the first lottery, the Garden City lottery, has never hit. After being bloated by a hundred years or more of ticket sales, the sum of the Garden City lottery has become so astronomically large that anyone who won it would instantly become the most rich and powerful person in the whole city. As such, the Lotto Lads use their money to try and win. Part of the gang initiation is promises and contracts to split the money, so the gang sticks together to better their chances of getting some of that dough. Even split among all of them every member would be filthy, filthy rich.

The Lotto Lads have a uniform skirt and shirt combo they wear over normal clothing made from hundreds of stitched together losing lottery tickets. They get most of their money from their regular jobs and whatever they can leech off of friends or family. Mostly uninterested in gang warfare.

[2] The Cavaliers
Manpower- 6
Holdings- Terrified Bike Shop (+1), Uncle Tam-Tam's Vacant Lot (+1)

The Cavaliers are a biker gang. They mostly hang out around bars, junkyards, garages, and the leader's Uncle Tam-Tam's vacant lot, which contains several dirt and plywood ramps and jumps for tricks. They ride electric scrap hover-cycles and only fight on them too. This gang has younger members then the other and they mostly just cause trouble and vandalize a few properties or do speed-muggings on their bikes. They also have a bike shop owner who they have terrorized and intimidated into doing service on their vehicles, as the members of the gang don't have a lot of money for repairs to fix anything they can't repair themselves.

The Cavaliers wear black leather jackets with stylish pins made from bottlecaps from various alien worlds. Their hover-cycles are adorned with the front ends shaped to look like horses or alien beasts similar to horses from the rider's homeworld. Beyond using small arms, each also carries a large wooden lance, carved from the trees surrounding Garden and painted to use in “jousts” against rivals. The gang fights for leadership using jousts, and they also use them as weapons in combat.

[3] The Fishermen
Manpower- 5
Holdings- Old Man Henna's Fishery (+1), Private Docks (+3)

Tough potty mouths who mostly work in Garden's main lake and the various fishing industries there, but using the canals around the city can be found almost everywhere. Using their private docks, the Fishermen do all sorts of shady smuggling and trafficking there, destroying it would end almost all of their business. Several also work at Old Man Henna's Fishery, who just turned 304 years old and is so senile he doesn't realize gangsters run his operation and initiate new members from the work force.

The Fishermen mostly wear rubber fishing waders and rubber boats, and always smell like fish guts. They use boats with mounted guns as drive-by vehicles and dispose of anybody they murder in Garden's lake. They tend not to stray too far from the water where they are strongest, but will hire thugs to go beat up anybody if they are pissed off enough.

[4] The Gazzer'baan
Manpower- 6
Holdings- Gazzer'baan Quarter (+2), Spectral Bean Plantation (+1)

The Gazzer'baan are a race of aliens who are typically more xenophobic then other residents of Garden, hence the majority of them prefer to live in their own quarter. The Gazzer'baan is the most prolific gang among them and is also a dedicated faction to help the rest of their kind. Most of the support for this gang comes from the Gazzer'baan people themselves in their own sectioned off area of the city, the Gazzer'baan Quarter, as well as a Spectral Bean plantation near the edge of the city; which they sell and redistribute the money among the Gazzer'baan people.

The Gazzer'baan wear dark navy military-style uniforms. The Gazzer'baan gang tends to fortify and entrench themselves in areas during a gang war, and set up powerful machine gun emplacements and grenade launchers and various traps. Their wars are almost always defensive, as they are only really focused on defending Gazzer'baan interests and could be considered a standing army for their race.

[5] The Fringe
Manpower- 7
Holdings- Bad Reputation (-1)

The Fringe is a group of psychic researchers and maniacs focused on reality warping and understanding the more occult and secret mysteries of Garden. Due to their past actions of stealing and unleashing psychic and supernatural phenomenon on the people of the city, they have a worse reputation then most gangs and have few supporters. Their group has more psychics then most others, including a resident Animator, two Electrokinetics, and an Empath.

The Fringe member's wear civilian clothing but wear black headbands with a blue eye emblazoned upon it that is worn on the forehead when in a firefight or when trying to appear official. Most carry this uniform in their pocket until needed, as to not draw attention to themselves. They prefer to fight with psionic attacks and powers to inspire fear in others, and focus on enemy psychics in a fight.

[6] Jailbreak
Manpower- 3 + 2 (Bulldozer)
Holdings- Bulldozer (+2), Cache of Maps & Blueprints (+1)

Jailbreak is a rather small and niche gang of prison escapees and lowlife criminals. Garden has no official authority and therefore few prisons, as people in the city dispense justice through lethal force, but a few private prisons and organizations make use of them. Jailbreak recruits gang members from these places and steals valuable people and objects from within them. Their leader is an engineer and a brilliant thinker- he plans to steal and recruit several key prisoners from around Garden to make a crack team. If he succeeds in this plan, the gang gains +5 Manpower.

Jailbreak wears the black and white prisoner outfits as a uniform, but will switch to any matching uniforms of prisons they break into to blend in with the rioting and scattered prisoners; if they get captured their mates will break them out again. Jailbreak also has a secret weapon; an extremely powerful siege-bulldozer armored with scrap metal and outfitted with several guns inside the cabin.

[7] The Big Brass Band
Manpower- 5
Holdings- Records (+1), Hoggoth's Pipes & Strings Shop (+1)

The Big Brass Band is the name of a gang that began as a simple group of musicians trying to help and protect each other; after getting ripped off and not getting paid for entertaining or getting mugged during street performances the group came together. It has now grown into a full gang, though every member still knows how to play an instrument as a requirement to join. They sell records of their music to help finance their organization.

Brass Band members wear formal wear when playing and when appearing as a show of force, and hide their weapons in instrument cases. Several have incorporated weapons into instruments, including deadly violin bows and tubas that can launch payload rounds.

[8] The Roof Runners
Manpower- 8
Holdings- Safehouses & Weapon Caches (+3), Messenger Boy (+2)

While not overly violent or aggressive, the Roof Runners are one of the most ubiquitous and well known gangs in Garden and almost everyone of note has had to deal with them at some point or another. The Roof Runners specialize in urban exploration and delivering packages, messages, and weapons all over the city to various clients. All of their members learn parkour techniques and can freerun all over the city, and in some cases can outrun vehicles trying to follow the roads. They often keep hidden trapdoors and caches of weapons hidden around the city along the rooftops and flying subway transit systems; stealing from these is considered a very bad idea. They mark their caches with secret symbols; territory markings are made by scratching or painting an inverted V with a stylized stick figure jumping over it. Sometimes they may use a double letter R as a symbol.

Roof Runners blend in well by wearing simple urban clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Expect hoodies and long pants. Most wear gray, brown, and black to help blend into Garden's urban environment. Weapons tend to be one handed or as lightweight as possible; meaning they make up for the lack in firepower with maneuverability and being able to attack from anywhere. They're also well known for attacking from top to bottom; entering a building from the roof or windows and going down instead of storming it from the ground like most would expect.

[9] The Look-Alikes
Manpower- 4
Holdings- Costumes & Makeup (+1), Advanced Technology (+2)

Actors and charlatans who try to impersonate others for purposes of blackmail, protection, and extortion. More then willing to recruit stunt doubles and decoys of famous and important Gardeners- also perform their own espionage. They use makeup and costumes, as well as selecting their most fitting gangsters, to impersonate important characters- but their best trick is a special vocal-card restructuring device. It takes up a full room and requires an hour long procedure, in which case dimensional vibrations restructure the subject's vocal cords for about 8 hours until it starts to wear off. This incredible piece of technology is the only one of its kind in Garden, and despite the gang's declining strength they are unwilling to sell or find another use for it.

Look-Alikes don't have a uniform when undercover, instead opting to use regular costumes and their impersonation of important figures, enforcers, or even other gangs. Occasionally; they represent themselves with black theater masks and rookie members as “stagehands” to negotiate deals. Most of the weapons they use are hidden blades or pocket pistols; but one of their members is a very accurate sharpshooter who picks off people lured into crowds by the gang's body doubles.

[10] The Red-Ring Group
Manpower- 7
Holdings- Protection Money Racket (+2), Red Plaque Jewelry Monopoly (+2), Reputation (+1)

Classic group of tough guys. This gang makes most of its money patrolling its territory and charging rent and protection money from its small business owners. They also are the only source of Red Plaque Jewelry in Garden, which shapes a valuable dull red colored stone similar to marble into any shape or form they need. The members of the gang all wears rings made of the material to signify their group. Strength, honor, and loyalty are honored more then all in the gang, and they practically have an entire language of titles, gifts, and signs of respect among members. For this as well as their honorable dealings with civilians and even other gangs, the Red-Rings have a good reputation for a gang.

The Red-Ring Group has their gangsters wear suits and formal attire, and their only symbol is the red rings made of red plaque they wear to signify themselves and flaunt their wealth. Higher ranking members may wear 2-8 rings, or more depending on their race- depends on how many fingers you've got. All members are trained in hand to hand combat, and they prefer it to gunfights but they aren't stupid and take equal force by arming themselves. Most carry handguns for subtle and effective weapons, as well as switchblades, tasers, and electric shock sticks.

[11] Mrrkba Acquisitions Incorporated
Manpower- 9
Holdings- Properties (+4), Research Division (+1), Shell Corporations (+2), Bad Reputation (-1)

Expansive, extensive, and extremely aggressive corporation with the financial backing to act as some of tough muscle in Garden. Own and manage several skyscrapers and have an infamous sociopath CEO. They are mostly invested in real estate business, and many of Garden's nicest areas are kept clean by the corporate watchdogs. Mrrkba controlled apartment blocs and businesses are kept free from the homeless and opposing criminals by the company's enforcers and high tech security systems. They also disguise their actions with shell companies and the hiring of mercenaries where their own private security army can't work, but this attempt at secrecy hasn't stopped them from developing a bad reputation by most as a greedy company. Removing or revealing any “Shell Corporations” Holdings from the Mrrkba corporation's control turns it instead into another Bad Reputation holding at (-1).

The Mrrkba Corp. acts exactly as a mega corporation would, but in a city without government or laws they can bring firepower to match with their aims. Their corporate soldiers dress as armored mercenaries with shiny weapons, but with shiny circular name badges. Their regular employees and office workers either wear a namebadge or are branded with a tattoo of their corporate logo somewhere on their legs/tentacles/method of locomotion. They tend to use many high tech weapons and often equip their forces with experimental or useful gadgets and new types of armor from their Research Divsion; all of which they go to great lengths to retrieve if it falls into enemy hands.

[12] Candle Smugglers
Manpower- 4 + 4 (Imported Monsters)
Holdings- Torchlight Society Connections (+2), Mystique (+1)

The Candle Smugglers are a gang that does trade and 'smuggling' of goods between Garden city itself and the Torchlight society. Beyond Garden- there is only one known other element of civilization; the mysterious Torchlight Society. While little is known about this group, the Candle Smugglers seem to have the most information and trade between the Torchlighters and Garden go through them. During times of “peace” between Garden and the Torchlight Society, many companies and groups will trade unless war breaks it. But the Candle Smugglers seem to trade and continue their good relationship even during the shadow raids and open warfare between the city and the outside.

Candle Smugglers wear camoflague and outdoorsy wear, even when in the city itself. They are a very rural group in Garden and are among the best at dealing with the monsters in the forest beyond the city. While not a very strong gang in terms of military power, they have managed to get a few trained monsters from the forests and use them as weapons of mass destruction against their foes if things get bad enough. The monsters flee to the woods or the dark corners of the city after being used once.

[13] The Last Stop
Manpower- 3
Holdings- Scrapyard (+2), Pawn Shop (+1), First Impressions (+2)

The Last Stop is a gang who gets all of its fortune from stealing from new residents to Garden. New arrivals, fresh off world, unaware of the rules of Garden and where they are, are targeted by this gang and either exploited or mugged for their property. The gang steals vehicles to scrap for parts, uncommon food items as delicacies, and collectibles like offworld currency and magazines to sell to wealthy, nostalgic members of that race from that world looking for a reminder of home. Most of these new arrival gangs were once very small and weren't very powerful, but recently they were organized. The fright they give new arrivals gives the gang a fearsome reputation despite actually being weak.

The gang dresses in street clothes with a simple white bandana baring a symbol or the letters for the words “Last Stop” in the gang member's own world's script. The gang uses any sort of weapons they can find, but prefer concealed and smaller weapons to mug unsuspecting immigrants to the city.

[14] Horticulturists
Manpower- 5
Holdings- Underground Farms (+1), Crumbles to Pressure (-2)

The Horticulturists are a group of farmers, plant growers, and gardeners within the city of Garden. They are more of a farmer's union then anything else, and have been on the serious decline the last few years. They grew strong and joined together as a gang to protect each other several decades ago when rising food costs and a famine hit the city, but are quickly becoming obsolete in the modern nights. Many of their members are very old and are retiring.

This gang dresses in civilian clothes and wears gray-straw hats as a symbol; the gray-straw coming from a common plant that requires no sunlight around Garden and is useful for many crafts. The gang uses gardening tools for brawling, and shotguns as they would on their plantation. They've also kill a few people by burying them alive in their gardens, but have lost this edge over the last few years and are now crumbling to newer, younger, more aggressive gangs.

[15] The Rickshaw
Manpower- 3
Holdings- Secretive (+2)

Careful, secretive gang of robbers and thieves. Much of their group now is made up of disillusioned enforcers for the city; turning their backs on freelance police work to find ways of creating their own money and place in the city. Their name comes from their rickshaw drivers, who eavesdrop on wealthy patron passengers to get good hints on where to send their teams to break into people's houses and raid certain factories or facilities. The Rickshaw is a secret and not well known gang.

Unlike most gangs, Rickshaw is pretty smart and trying to keep their identity secret. They don't have any gang colors and know each other in a cell-like structure, minimizing the risk of the entire organization being found out all at once. They favor silenced and quiet weapons.

[16] Airwave
Manpower- 12; Effectively 5
Holdings- Tower Central (+3), Broadcasters (+2), Internal Strife (-1)

Massive, extremely wealthy gang that holds a near monopoly on the radio industry. In Garden, a city without television and many electronics, Radio is one of the chief entertainment and communications networks. Airwave gets a cut from almost all radio channels and advertisers; controlling it all from their fortress of Tower Central. Tower Central is a massive tower and office building near the heart of the city- they broadcast their radio all from here. The tower itself as well as an entire surrounding city block is their territory and is very well defended. The gang has very recently been undergoing massive internal strife from receiving a signal from outside of Garden that has caused an entire ideological shift in the gang and fights for control. Some members wish to ignore the signal and keep it more of a secret, continuing to make money with their industry, while others wish to reveal it and reorganize the gang into a group that would investigate the signal or help others do so.

Airwave gangsters wear yellow or a patch that features a black tower with four yellow lightning bolts coming off the top. They prefer to use heavy automatic weapons to lay down suppressing fire; and they can afford the bullets. Every squad carries a personal radio; they use a few different secret channels with code messages to deliver fast information around the city. They have been nicknamed “hornets” because of both their colors and because their radio messages mean if you mess with one, especially near central tower, the rest come at you like you kicked the nest. This gang can use its full Manpower when defending its territory during a gang war, but is otherwise restricted and have a greatly reduced Manpower due to their infighting.

[17] Mayotni Clan
Manpower- 10
Holdings- Protection Money Racket (+3), The Gue Family (-1)

Criminal organization made up of many smaller criminal families. Each “family” is also an actual family, with a hierarchy leading all the way to the top family in the clan. Due to the biological family structure, most of the Mayotni clan are of a select few races, but adopted family members also count, who later on had their own kids, and the clan is slowly diversifying. The current highest ranking family in the clan is the Gue family; and due to several bad accidents and sterile members the family is dying out and will soon cause major problems for the clan unless they can revitalize this family. The clan gets most of its income from owning property and getting paid protection money by business and property owners; and views the Red Ring Group as its up and coming rival.

As one of the older gangs in Garden; the Mayotni likes to wear traditional robes and older clothing when on official business, though family members can wear whatever helps them fit in on most jobs. The clan also practices ritual mutilation; usually cutting of the end of your tail to pay for infractions. If you come from a race that doesn't have a tail, they'll work out a new appropriate method for you. The gang uses long rifles for clean kills, but rarely does.

[18] The Heavyweights
Manpower- 6
Holdings- Silver Stairs Buffet (+1)

The biggest and strongest people in Garden have a gang just for them; The Heavyweights. This gang's members work private security jobs, as bouncers for bars, and as part time boxers and wrestlers. This gang has strict requirements; you have to be at least 450+ pounds to enter, and most of that has to be muscle. Some alien races can fulfill those requirements easily, while others could never. They hang out around the Silver Stairs buffet; which is one of the few all you can eat buffets still open in Garden.

The gang uses no uniform, because any group of guys that big is already a sure sign they're in the gang. For weapons, they use huge heavy weapons when they can't just use physical strength.

[19] Aquifer Hotel Resort & Casino
Manpower- 4
Holdings- Casino (+2), Lazy Piper Water Company (-2)

The Aquifer is known as one of Garden's most luxurious and high class establishments, and they are known for it due to their ruthless business practices and subtle methods of control. Anyone who crosses the casino is invited to stay a week in the penthouse, and every day they are assaulted by mental torments and thoughts in their head; delicious food platters served to their room free of charge, but shaped in the look of one of their family members. Private hot tub with a temperature gauge that could rapidly boil them alive if they wished, or a lucky streak down in the casino that is implied to be able to be ended at any moment by the casino's whim. All of these intimidation tactics are done publicly as possible; to further the mental isolation and feeling of helplessness in the target. Those who do not take the free rooms and invitation are found to have been killed in horrible ways; so nobody turns down the offer and nobody comes away unscathed. The casino was once built on an Aquifer which had dried up in recent years, forcing the luxury establishment to get its water from a water company which has been squeezing them for huge profits, and the casino would gladly reward anyone who could find them a new and affordable source of water for its many baths, spas, and luxury resturants.

The Aquifer Casino mob is made up of its staff; and they hire people to its various roles as one would any job. Uniforms are simple colored shirts, with ties for higher ups, and associated name badges. While their armed security forces uses standard weaponry, members are also all armed with a garrote for silent takedowns on the casino floor or in a room, as to not disturb their other guests.

[20] The Whistlers
Manpower- 6; Half off for Hookmen
Holdings- Unknown (+2)

The Whistlers are a mysterious and enigmatic gang. Their “members” often make up people who have no connections, or people who have been missing for years only to suddenly show up again with the scars and focused, reserved eyes. None of the whistlers can speak- they have all had their vocal cords and tongues removes, but communicate to each other and to their monsterous Hookmen via whistling calls. Needless to say, nobody has gotten a word out of them of what or who they serve.

Whistlers are distinguished by a facial scar, usually just above the left eye or olfactory nerve, stitched closed. Otherwise, they wear black or dark clothes and heavy boots. They also do not have tongues or have had their mouth sown shut. They fight using all manner of weapons; usually free from the normal issues that plague chimney-guns, as well as along with the Hookmen.

Hookmen (2 HD, 1 armor and +2 defense when hanging, 1d6 melee rusted hook-hands, can climb)
These creatures look barely like a humanoid race, but with long narrow metal mouths rusted shut. Instead they attack with their hook-hands, seeking to pierce flesh. They usually inhabit the Sunk; but are seen leaving that area along with the mysterious Whistlers. If left alone for even a minute, or if separated from their 'handler', Hookmen like to scratch marks into walls and doors that almost resembles writing or a primitive alphabet.

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