Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Gestalt Gladius

The Gestalt Gladius- Magic Short Sword
Ego- 2
Damage- 1d6 or class damage

This magic iron Gladius shines with an unusual orange glow when being used in combat or meditation. When fully “ignited”, it burns with a harmless, bright orange flame. The blade itself is reflective and makes the magical glow stand out even more. The handle of the sword is wrapped in a red fabric, which appears to have been added after the original handle was damaged or destroyed.

The Gladius does not seem especially powerful at first, until its user meditates with it. Once claimed, a single exploration turn of meditation can allow the user of the weapon to attune it to any stat of the users choosing. The chosen stat of the user is then what the weapon uses to determine its bonus to hit and damage. For example, a very focused, bright man with a weak sword arm could attune the Gladius to his mind and Intelligence modifier instead of using his brute Strength.

Additionally; whenever the Gladius slays a foe of at least 1 HD in combat, it “ignites”, which increases the user's attuned stat by +1 for 3 combat rounds as long as they hold the blade. This means someone using the Gladius and attuning it to their speed would become even faster and gain the normal bonus to AC from having an improved Dexterity modifier of +1 to their current modifier. Additional kills after the first just restart the timer, extending the duration.

The Gladius has a weak Ego. Even so, it doesn't abide by weaklings. Anyone who doesn't meet the Ego score of the weapon can still use, attune, and ignite the blade through killing, but on any attack roll of 1 the Gladius will switch its attuned modifier to the user's LOWEST stat instead.

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