Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sage Variant- Sage Magic Dice

As Dirt Simple Magic Dice, but applied to Sages instead. They have the following spells;

Healing- Die result = hit points restored to a creature. Excess points are lost.

Curing- Restores die result stat points. If target is diseased, reduces the disease as though they had die result days of bed rest, if terminal/incurable disease, it is suspended for die result rounds or turns instead. If target is under effect of curse, must beat monster HD/caster level to end the curse.

Warding- Protects against 1 environmental factor for die result turns; darkness, heat, underwater breathing, getting lost, supernatural dread, etc. Can also be used to create a Ward that turns away creatures of die result HD or less of a specific type (undead, beasts, constructs, etc.)

Bless- Grants die result +AC vs one attack OR bonus to one saving throw.

Counter-Spell- Cancels the result of an enemy's spell caster's die roll, reduces enemy spell power equal to roll result. If result is zero or negative; spell is nullified.

Warning- Detect a trap or hazard you suspect in die result feet.

Restore- Mend an item that has taken die result damage or less. Purify die result rations or flasks of water. If die result equals armor's normal AC bonus; armor is repaired. If die result equals weapon's maximum damage value, can restore it to working condition.

Revive- Die result + Negative hit points = 0 or higher; revives dead/dying at 1 HP and very weakened. Every turn spent dead increases negative hit points by -1d6 for the sake of this spell. You only get one chance to revive someone; else they can only be reborn by greater magicks.


  1. More delightful Sage art, this one seems to be better off than the one in the mud hud!

    I was thinking about your Dirt simple series of posts, and thought that a Dirt Simple Minion Master/Summoner class would be interesting to see.

    1. Dirt Simple is usually restricted to specific mechanics or rules instead of classes; but I can see what you're after. I did two "simple" summoning classes, the first was the #2 Minion Master from 50 Extra OSR classes, and the second was #58 Summoner from the 100 classes pyramid. I'd like to revisit simple summoners soon as well, so stay tuned.