Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dirt Simple Magic Dice

Sorcerers get 1 Magic Die per level per day or per adventure. To cast a spell, they must declare the effect and roll the dice. The result of the roll is the result of the spell and what it can accomplish. All magic dice are d6

In combat, Magic Users are limited to casting spells that use 1 die at a time. If they spend combat rounds “charging” up the spell beforehand, they can add another die to their roll from their pool. The total maximum of dice you can cast in one round is equal to your MU level.
For example a 3rd level Magic User could charge up for two rounds in combat, then on the third round release a spell that uses up all 3 of their magic dice.

If the Sorcerer possesses a Wand or Staff, they can cast 2 dice in one round. Each round spent “charging” still only lets them use one more dice on their spellcast. Some very powerful wands or staves may even grant an extra spell die to be used per day, +1 to spell result casts with it, or other more specific magical effects or powers.

Outside of combat, the magic user can cast as many die as they want into a spell as they have as much time as they need. This is usually accompanied by a ritual.

All Magic Users start with the following spells;

Harming- Die result = damage dealt to an enemy within throwing distance.

Healing- Die result = hit points restored to a creature. Excess points are lost.

Conjuring- Creates a 1 HD creature for die result combat rounds.

Warding- Protects against 1 environmental factor for die result turns; darkness, heat, underwater breathing, getting lost, supernatural dread, etc.

Protection- Grants die result +AC vs one attack OR bonus to one saving throw.

Hexing- Stuns one creature for one combat round. Dice result is maximum HD you can stun

Illusion- Creates illusion of die result elements. Each element is a single thing that fools one sense; a snoring bear would be 2 elements, it's stench would be an extra element, a fake goblin that is poking it would be another element, etc.

Levitation- Can move an object in die result = load for one combat round. Dagger is 1 load, sword is 2 load. Halfling is 3 load. Unencumbered human is 6 load.

Counter Spell- Cancels the result of an enemy's spell caster's die roll, reduces enemy spell power equal to roll result.


  1. More great work my dude, I like your dirt simple series. This brings me to ask something that I've been wondering for a long time, what system(s) do you personally use as a base?

    1. I use my homebrew system, ASU, or I make up new rules for a new game on the spot. I have less of a "core" game I draw from and more from some fundamental concepts that seem common to D&D and Retroclone games, at least to me.

  2. I see, that makes sense. I really enjoy your Dirt Simple series, might I suggest an OSR favorite magic with no Spell Levels.

    1. I did that once! Here's something to get you started in creating your own.