Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dirt Simple Weapon Specialization

If you are a Fighter, you get +2 weapon points every level. If you are a semi-combat class, like a Thief or Dwarf, you get +1 every level. If you are a non-combative class, you get none. Using ASU or related systems; classes with d10 would get +2, classes with d8 get +1, classes with d6 get none.

Weapon points can be used to grant special bonuses to the character while they are wielding that specific type of weapon. The maximum number of weapon points you can put in a weapon is equal to your level, which means you will have to diversify your weapons if you're a Fighter. Some weapons may be covered under multiple types.

The maximum number of point total you can put in any weapon is 4, until name level, in which it increases to 6 for Fighters. The limit of 6 can only be increased by divine intervention, a special weapon technique taught by ancient masters, etc.

The total of weapon bonuses is the point total, regardless of what abilities you actually chose. For example, your Fighter may have +1 AC, +1 to hit, and +2 to initiative with daggers. This is a point total of 4, and cannot be improved again at least until name level or other circumstances.

Instead of having weapon points be gained from leveling up; they could also be trained by paying a cost during downtime. Each weapon training may take a season or a "Haven" turn. In this case, the maximum points you can have in ALL weapons is equal to the normal point values above; 2 per level for Fighters, 1 for semi-Fighters, and ½ for non-Fighting classes. This cap is removed at name level or level 10, but your maximum per weapon is still 4, unless if you are a Fighter in which case your maximum for any given weapon is 6. Training any given weapon to 5 or 6 point total will require advanced, expensive training that may be restricted unless a quest or service is preformed.

For a point, you can improve your fighting style for a weapon and pick one of the following;
  • +1 to hit
  • +1 to damage against a specific class of creature (undead, beasts, constructs, mortals, dragons, etc.)
  • +1 AC while wielding that weapon
  • +1 initiative to turn order (does NOT count for getting advantage on an initiative roll)
  • -1 to enemy saves vs this weapon's combat maneuvers (ie; tripping with a hooksword)
  • Stuns for one round on a 20 to hit roll. Each point increases range by +1 (ie; at 4 points in this ability enemy is stunned on a roll of 17 or higher)

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