Thursday, May 24, 2018

20 Origins of Magic Incantations

[1] Each star in the sky is another realm of magic. By speaking the name of that realm, you can draw upon its power.

[2] All spells are spoken in the demonic language of hell, and are taught to humans by demons. Spell incantations are essentially prayers to Satan.

[3] The breath of a person is brimming with magic. By humming and making the correct noise, you can channel your breath into amazing effects.

[4] All spells began as runic symbols and glyphs. Incantations are essentially a method to “draw” these glyphs with sound.

[5] The first language of the universe was spoken to create all things. By speaking that language, you can create new magic.

[6] Contrary to popular belief, spell incantations are the random flailings and flashes of energy in a Wizard's brain when they cast a spell, without speaking their body would slump to the ground in a seizure from the impulses.

[7] Each spell incantation is actually a very long, rhyming monologue to cast even a single spell. Spell incantations Wizards use are shortened, condensed versions that can still get the point across in a fraction of the time.

[8] Wizards tattoo their tongues and the inside of their mouths. By speaking strange words and making strange noises in the right combinations, they are creating runic connections in their mouth to cast their spells.

[9] Each spell is a phantasm, first created and formed in this plane by the first Wizard that researched and birthed the spell. The incantation is its name, but it serves no true master.

[10] Humans have names for everything, from the animals to the plants to the sky. But once they had names for even more mystic things.

[11] Elves invented magic spells. To their ears, the incantation is a wonderful piece of unique music, but humans just butcher it as all they hear is a muttered chant or exclaimed nonsense word.

[12] Once, anyone could will a spell into being through simple thought alone. But the Gods decided to punish humans by taking this power away and hiding them behind magic words.

[13] When a Wizard writes down what they want a spell to do, they reveal it a mirror. Depending on their skill and power, the backwards letters may spell out an incantation which creates the effect.

[14] Incantations don't do anything, it's just gobbledegook that Wizards say to trick non-Wizards into thinking their powers are learned.

[15] Since you can counter a spell by speaking its incantation in reverse, spell incantations are invented to be as complex and strange as possible, making on the fly counterspelling difficult.

[16] When Wizards invent spells, they put a trademark on theirs in the form of the incantation. In the Wizard afterlife, everyone can hear the incantations of their spells still be spoken by living people as to give them more street cred.

[17] All magic words are learned from Genies; wishes that are too long lasting or big in scale are just given as spells. “Do it yourself.”

[18] The incantations are words in an ancient language of the first wizards. Direct translation is basically impossible without more samples; but clay tablets of the original script could be priceless in value to translators and mages alike.

[19] Incantations were created from sacrifices thousands of years ago by ancient Wizards; sacrificing hundreds of people and animals to power their magic words then and forever.

[20] Incantations are prayers of protection granted by God to protect the Sorcerer's soul from the evil magic and demons they release with each spell.

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