Tuesday, May 29, 2018


This magic axe was found on the body of a northerner, half mummified in the snow while his skeletal legs stuck out. His fingers still gripped its blade, as though keeping it warm even in death. Saltbite is an axe known to feed off the power's of the cold wind and is at home in the frozen parts of the world. It tends to end up in the hands of rugged outdoorsmen, moose-people, and other beings it respects.

Saltbite- Magic Axe +2
Ego- 4
Damage- 1d10+2 or class damage+2

Saltbite is a magic axe with a hefty metal ring halfway up its shaft, a long edge with an iron “icicle” forged into the weapon, and a mystical rune representing the mountains and the winter on the face. There is also a filled in spiral on the bottom of the shaft, which represents the eternal winter.

As a weapon, Saltbite is powerful axe that deals bonus damage. It can also absorb the cold, and when left to rest buried in ice or snow it gains the power to evoke +1d6 forst damage on a successful hit the user wishes. This charge can also be spent to slam the axe into the ground to create a crevasse in ice or snowy lands, which require a save or fall into the chasm and probably die.

Saltbite has a strong ego. If the user does not meet the Ego level of the weapon, then its frozen powers will turn on them instead. Over the course of a day, the holder of the axe will find their main arm slowly freezing, which will only end if they give it over to someone who can control its power. Having a frozen arm means you cannot attack or use that arm, and will need to warm it up by a fire or let it thaw out in a tropical area. Additionally, if the power of the crevasse is used by a warrior without the necessary ego; the holder of the axe must make the same save as the victim.

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