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12 Decadent Noble Guests & Their Dirty Secrets

Okack's Hand [3]
[1] Lady Elu
This mysterious and graceful woman arrives everywhere naked. Despite how scandalous or illegal this may be; her nudity is constantly hidden from sight by a trope of expert and highly trained eunuchs, infertile women, and prepubescent children. They jump, dive, stretch, and pose to follow her every move to keep her nudity from being revealed to anyone as an extremely expensive and decadent form of “clothing”. She is well versed in art and history.

Dirty Secret- She was once a tomb robber in her youth and most of her fortune came from thievery.

[2] Count Gareek Olmanson
Massive, broad-shouldered man with slightly discolored skin on his chest and back. Extremely strong but not very intelligent. Mostly tries to impress others by his martial prowess and ability to bend swords with his bare hands. Jumps at the chance to break doors or throw out rowdy guests even when completely unnecessary.

Dirty Secret- He's a bastard child between his father, the count, and a hill troll.

[3] Lord Okacks
Dapper gentlemen who removed one of his own hands and replaced with it a magitech robotic replacement. There is a bright red ruby in the center of the palm, and magical runes etched onto the back of each knuckle. It can move as easily as a normal hand, but sometimes grips too hard or seems to have a mind of its own. Lord Okacks denies working on and invented other body parts, and drags his feet at the mention of creating prosthesis for others.

Dirty Secret- His mechanical hand was possessed by a demonic spirit and often clutches at people's throats or reaches for knives without his control. It also sometimes scratches runes into wood when Okacks is asleep or not paying attention; the runes reveal the secrets to the spell Summon Demon. He hires prostitutes and young orphans as servants to strangulate to death to feed the hand's demonic hunger, but it gets more aggressive each year.

[4] Prince of the Canopies
Monkey-prince from a far away rainforest. Rides a giant, highly trained secretary bird as his mount and rains down fruit with gold painted on its skin to onlookers. Carries an ivory spear and has an avoidance of shorter races. Poor grasp of the common tongue.

Dirty Secret- If his feet every touch the ground he is never able to return to his homeland and claim himself King one day. He will weep openly if this happens and challenge whoever caused him to touch the floor to a duel. To the death.

[5] Duke of East Mountains
This wealthy duke has, through alchemy, training, and a robust constitution, become immune to the venom of every snake in the Eastern Jungles around his home. Wears sleeveless attire to show off his bite marks up and down his arm, and even carries around a Black Killer in a silver cage around with him, which he allows to bite his arm to show how truly immune he is.

Dirty Secret- His Black Killer had its venom sacs removed and replaced with harmless black ink. He actually is immune to almost every other snake, and gets a +2 to saves against any kind of poison, but the Black Killer is too deadly for him to practice with and he hasn't figured out any method. Actual Black Killer venom causes 1d100+50 damage, which could easily kill him.

[6] Neero Cobbleson
Born to a common shoe-maker, Neero's skill and efficiency has allowed his family upward social mobility. His shoes are the best in the land, and almost everyone in the party has a pair of his, due to their comfortable fit, good traction, durability and fair price. While wealthy, he is firmly part of the nouveau riche and is mostly ignored by the other nobles at the party. He is constantly trying to get their attention and be accepted here.

Dirty Secret- All of his shoes were made by captive shoe elves/gnomes. He keeps one locked in his room at the noble manor, in case someone requests a shoe repair or refit. If given freedom, the shoe elves will make Neero himself into a pair of magic shoes that can travel seven miles in one step exactly once, but will destroy Neero's soul in a horrible, torturous death.

[7] Sir Omnsan
Wealthy landowner who is always seen drinking the finest of red wines. Has a scar along his face, but other then that looks exactly as his father who can be seen in his family portraits, which he brings with him everywhere. He tells the story of how he could the scar from a wolf bite at every social gathering where he can get away with it. Is known for being a sorcerer and is rumored to be constantly seeking methods of attining immortality.

Dirty Secret- Omnsan is a vampire. His scar was indeed from a wolf, but from a animal companion to a vampire hunter who tried to kill him. Omnsan's portraits are indeed of himself in the past, but spread rumors about himself trying to find immortality and magic as to hide his vampiric immortality. He would gladly prefer to be thought of as a immoral sorcerer then his secret be known.

[8] Gef the Good
Unimportant 3rd born son of a noble. Light blonde hair with huge, puppydog eyes. The nicest person here by far. Never expected to take the throne or be of political importance, so mostly just sits off to the side and secretly passes the servers a few lumps of silver mined from his home province. Killed an orc once, still has nightmares about it. Every since the orc killing incident he has had incredible bad luck and tries to avoid any balconies or standing under chandeliers.

Dirty Secret- Once stole a cookie from his younger sister.

[9] Commander Jamis Aurleus III
Military commander, considered the finest outfit in the region. Known to flog soldiers on the back of the leg as a punishment for laziness or unnecessary cruelty to enemy civilians. Well regarded by the nobility as a gentleman fighter. Still not married despite having graying hair, probably won't ever. He takes along his two best soldiers with him everywhere he goes, paranoid about assassins.

Dirty Secret- The real father of Gef, Jamis raped his mother once on military campaign. Is extremely worried about people finding out about it, thinks that Gef's behavior is all for show and he is a ruthless killer bent on killing Jamis and taking his lands as revenge. Gef is clueless.

[10] Arch-Bishop Issa Cantorii
Very affluent and respected high priest of foreign, bird-worshiping religion. Tries to bring religion to the moneyed' without being annoying or no fun about it. He has a gorgeous blue and gold songbird perched on his shoulder, which has a branch from a white-wood tree worked into his clothing for the bird to perch on. He sometimes whispers parables to the bird, but mostly cites religious teachings and invites others for soul-searching meditations with him.

Dirty Secret- Notoriously corrupt, as all church officials are, but was so corrupt that his best friend and fellow bishop was turned into the songbird he now carries. The only way to turn his friend back to normal is to convert someone richer then himself, and it is a daunting challenge indeed.

[11] Muela of the Manmade Pass
Young dark haired woman from a mountainous region. Despite her wealth, still cannot find a suitable husband and is only tolerating meeting with the arrogant types at these events to find a mate. While an elitist and a silent type, is lonely and desperate for attention. Her lands have had sightings of all kinds of crazy and powerful monsters killing bandits and invading armies. She is constantly followed around by a cadre of happy peasants that throw rice and drape silk before her feet.

Dirty Secret- Muela can turn into monsters of 6 HD or less. Beyond having to have heard or seen the monster, or a good depiction of it, there seems to be no limitation or restrictions on her power. She also loses control of this ability sometimes when emotionally strained or physically exhausted; she killed her past two lovers on accident this way and is trying to find someone who could live with her.

[12] Lady Swan-Wing
Albino noble woman, wears wonderfully crafted blue fabrics shaped around her body in the shape of a great fruit. Her servants attend to her with parasols of varying thicknesses, keeping the worst of most of the light in a room off of her even from lamps and candles to avoid hurting her skin. She is a talented musician and plays several instruments.

Dirty Secret- Cannibal. Her skin became lighter after eating her first victim and it has continued to get worse; soon her skin will become partially transparent and you could see her organs. She eats the hands and fingers of musicians to claim their skills. She has gained such skill that she can cast magical songs that put their victims to sleep if they fail a save, or a frenzied song that makes animals go into a wild, frothing rage and bite their handlers.

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