Thursday, July 19, 2018

Red vs Blue Alignment

At the beginning of time, all of reality and being was a single entity; a totality of all consciousness and experience. It was a fractal, perfectly balanced existence, where every thing worked as one unit in perfect harmony. This entity was a gemstone; a perfect and flawless thing with all parts existing to serve all other parts, and all parts elated above all other parts. While containing all colors; the gem is said to have been “mostly blue” and as such is sometimes called the Sacred Sapphire; and before it was shattered to make the world, it was what everything was. While too abstract for living beings to fully understand, the totality of peaceful euphoria of this state has been given a moniker; Awe.

This state of awe was lost when a crack appeared; shattering and destroying the gemstone in a cataclysmic instant. The colors and shine from this gem spilled out everywhere; becoming the sky and ocean, the earth and mist, all animals and all plants were created from it. The shining brilliance of the gemstone condensed and became the sun, where as the soft subtle sheen of its facets became the moons and stars. Nobody knows what caused this great shattering; some believe it to have been the work of a nameless thing, or a rebellion or “fall from grace” from within the gem itself, and yet others think the gemstone shatters itself, to somehow enhance its own perfect beauty in a never ending cycle.

Now; many living beings worship this sapphire and its true nature as the true nature of all reality. They know that this life is a temporary, transient state, as all consciousness will be rejoined to Awe; death and life restore the shattered bits of gemstone, as the experiences one has in life and death help recreate the total oneness in Awe. Blue is the most sacred color, and while Red is associated with “the enemy”, all colors exist within Awe. Sages are said to channel the power of Awe in their prayers and will; their own light and healing restoring the fabric and color to the world's wrongness. Immortality and the undead are blasphemous, as they slow the rebuilding of the way things are meant to be.

When the world was still young; there was a man. The Red God is a being of great power that has long lived as the first man; a patriarch of many beings. Laying alongside the eldest beings and creatures, the Red God has created family and mingled blood between many beings, and is the father of all the intelligent “monster” races. It is said that the Red God was the rebellious spark that shattered Awe apart, or others believe he existed outside of the Sapphire, and caused the shattering to create a world. Many more claim he was came to be afterwards; far after the beasts and monsters of the world.

The Red God still lives to this day- the ruler of the Red Cult and ruler of all monstrous races; despite the fact that his children are lost. Monstrous races fight amongst themselves, worship lesser beings, or mingle among the mortal folk. If the Red God were to unite all his children once more; he would have dominion over the entire world. He is a warrior and conqueror God. The magic of spellcraft and Wizardry is seen as a necessarily evil; as it is weakness to rely on the power of the cosmos when you have power from within- The supernaturally skillful, strong, and naturally gifted abilities; as well as the culturally taught and learned magical powers, these are to be cherished and cultivated.

Now; some beings worship the Red God as their father or leader. According to teachings of the Red One; immortality is an utmost goal and should be sought, as death and rejoining with “the Awe” is the death of one's ego and one's own control over the world; ones own destiny is in their own hands. When his followers perish, they are reborn into the bodies of new beings; sometimes changed by their deeds or given new titles and powers- all to avoid being lost forever to the lie of universal oneness. Being subsumed into something greater then oneself is no different then being consumed.

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