Sunday, July 8, 2018

Random Color Table

Because I'm tired of writing up more or less the same color wheel for every random table.

1d3- To generate a “Primary” color
1d4- To generate a “Basic” color
1d6- To generate a “Common” color
1d8- To generate “Banner” colors
1d10- To generate a “Normal” color
1d3+9- To generate a "Monochrome" color
1d12- To generate a “Full” color
1d20- To generate “Any” color

Big Color Table
[1] Red
[2] Blue
[3] Yellow
[4] Green
[5] Purple
[6] Orange
[7] Silver
[8] Gold
[9] Brown
[10] Gray
[11] White
[12] Black
[13] Magenta
[14] Vermilion
[15] Violet
[16] Amber
[17] Teal
[18] Lime
[19] Pink
[20] Navy Blue


  1. Nifty! Especially useful for mutation tables, and I appreciate the dice-layout going on here.

  2. Put all the colors in random choose tools and click on button it will give you pop up result of color which changes your day . The tool is Random color picker wheel whch is exciting to play