Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Manse's 1st anniversary + 10 Things In Cakes

10 Things in Cakes
[1] An Assassin jumps out!
[2] A nail file. There was a mix-up; the stripper is on route to the prison.
[3] Goodberry filling.
[4] Giant Spider. The cake is it's version of a trap web. Your knife gets stuck inside.
[5] A tiny city built by the ants. Eating the cake would destroy their entire infrastructure.
[6] Potion of Flesh to Frosting
[7] Enchanted scream and red filling comes out. Just a prank.
[8] Treasure map to a nearby, treasure filled dungeon. Some frosting smudged the “safe” path.
[9] The Wizard, taking a nap.
[10] Magic sword, wrapped in a bow. It's your birthday present.

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