Tuesday, July 10, 2018

[Class] Nurser

Class inspired by this picture. Art by Astral-Requin
HD- d6
AC- Base 12 from shark skin, Max 14

The Nursers appear as bipedal, land-dwelling sharks. Nursers are usually very gentle and lovers of peace. They can only speak by sucking air through grooves in their teeth and can barely make noise above a whisper; this makes spell incantations beyond them and as such they cannot use Wizardry. Nursers are in touch with all children in the world and have an innate desire to protect them. Nursers get +1 to reaction checks with any mortal child, and at level two they get +1 to reaction checks with intelligent monster and creature children as well. Nursers can never intentionally harm a child without making a very difficult save.

While not skilled in spellcraft, Nursers are very skilled in alchemy and the making of homemade cures and potions. They can identify ingredients and mix potions exactly as a Sage can equal to their level. If the potions are stored in a glass bottle, the potion gains an additional +1 day of shelf life before expiring per Nurser level. Nursers can also make artificial milk through cooking and alchemy since they do not lactate; Nurser children are born being able to eat little tiny adorable bite sized chunks of whatever adults can eat.

At level 10, the Nurser is considered a Caretaker and can open up an orphanage in a major town or city. The Orphanage has a 50% chance to gain 1d2 children every season, usually from parents lost from war, disease, or eaten by monsters. The Orphanage costs money to run, and will require money from your personal store or by shaming rich and powerful locals to help support it. 1 in every 6 children raised in the Orphanage will become powerful wizards or adventurers and will send back a gift in gold or treasure worth 1d10x1000 standard coins.

Additionally; the level 10 Nurser gains improved alchemy skill. If you're using Dirt Simple Alchemy, you can add 5 different types of ingredients with the same effect along with slow month-long simmering the broth and other efforts over a season to create a potion that has 1d6 of that effect which has an unlimited shelf life. If you are using an alternate system, allow expense of gold, XP, or a rare resource over a season to create unlimited shelf life potions. These potions often end up in treasure hoards and personal vaults many years after the Nurser has died and all under their care have grown old and had children of their own.

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