Sunday, July 29, 2018

[Class] Witch-Goat

HD- d8; Witch as MU
AC- Base 12 from shaggy hide, max 14, witch max 12

You are not a witch. You are the Witch's goat. Or, you are her “familiar”. If your game uses alignment, you and your witch are always Chaotic. The Witch-Goat seduces young human and halfling women to the side of chaos and teaches them dark magic, and acts as their guide as well as master. Your witch advances exactly as an MU and has all the same spells, saves, equipment, and combat abilities of a generic MU. Your generated stats apply to you, the goat, and not to your witch. You can however substitute your Intelligence for hers when it comes to spellcraft. You grant magic to your witch, she does not need to truly understand or be capable of it without you.

Without a Witch, you cannot cast spells. You are physically a goat and cannot use weapons or put on armor on your own, even if you could acquire some that could fit you- You'd need someone else to put it on you. You start with the thief skill Climb Sheer Surfaces at 100% from your natural goat climbing ability. You can also gore people with your horns at 1d6 damage. You cannot speak. You can however perform several minor supernatural feats, usually used to demonstrate your power or to frighten the superstitious. These include being able to speak as a faint whisper within someone's ear, which is exclusive to your Witch or the girl you are grooming to become your witch. You can also rear up on two legs, make a scream that sounds like a man, or infect other animals you spend at least a day with diseases or cause them to exhibit supernatural events; like bloody milk or sudden panic. You can also cause nightmares in humans by staring at them as they sleep; or the window of the room they are sleeping in.

Your witch must commune with you to cast spells for the rest of the day; but you do not need to be present to her when casting. While she explores dungeons, you merely eat grass back on the farm. If your witch is killed or converted away from you; you can start grooming a new Witch who begins at 1st level. You level up as normal; any Witch you groom can advance twice as quickly if you are a higher level, and you can also perform a sacrilegious, depraved ritual once per lunar cycle in the deepest woods with your Witch to advance her up a level immediately, as long as that is still equal or below your Witch-Goat level. In order for any girl to become your Witch, you have to convert her from her normal alignment step by step into Chaos, and get her to surrender herself to you. Some scholars believe that the demand of the Witch-Goat for young witches to give themselves to Satan is a universal concept; it simply requires giving total control to the familiar spirit, and any culturally offensive or chaotic being or figure can be stood in by the goat.

At 10th level, you have become a Goat of the Sabbath and attract a coven of witches. The coven of 13 witches is made up of 10 level 1 witches, 2 medium level witch hirelings, and your primary witch as the leader. It is trivially easy to get them to do something you want, and they spread the message of Chaos into both their communities and the surrounding woods, attracting allied creatures and monsters of chaos. The other witches in the coven only occasionally cast spells or request your dark presence to aid them in their trivial lives, or are ex-witches who have become old and you have discarded for more attractive, younger witches. The lesser Witches in your coven do not need to commune with you every day to use spells; and instead carry your magic inside them until they cast an enchantment.

Also, you can transform into a man-shaped goat; a huge bipedal unnatural goat man capable of using tools and casting your own dark magic during the right night in the lunar cycle. In this form you count as having maximum HP, deal 1d12 damage with your cloven hooves, and your witches can freely fly through the air, dancing around your horns and screaming in the night. You also permanently grow a second penis, vertical to the first.

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  1. That is how a coven should be built. Well done and thanks for sharing. Player Characters take care - the Goat-Coven is comming.