Thursday, July 26, 2018

Quill Giant

Art by Eugene Korolev
Quill Giant (7 HD, +6 AC, 1d10 stomp, all melee attackers take 1d4+1 when they hit except for spears, sheds quills at range dealing 1d6+1 to all in 40ft area- bombardment save for half, ball roll)
Morale- 17; disinterested in chasing
Numbers- 1, 10% chance of a pair during summer months

This massive porcupine giant is said to be the remnants of the first animal Gods, or their first born depraved children. Quill giants travel the world looking for places to live for a few days, and then travel onwards, with no home. All the possessions they carry they carry in their sack, which includes items of value equal to a small treasure hoard. These items include old goblets, travelers coins and clothes, as well as a few skulls with quills driven through the eye sockets. Some of these items are from ages upon ages ago. 1 in 6 chance of a magic item among them.

Quills taken from the Quill giant can be used for multiple purposes and degrade very slowly; properly preserved they can last centuries. You can use a Quill as a makeshift javelin or crossbow projectile at -1 to hit and 1d6 or class damage. Quill giants may sometimes curl up into a ball, gain +2 AC, and roll across the ground against a large or superior force of attackers; this move deals 2d10 damage or death if you fail your saving throw to get the hell out of the way.

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