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Manse Stats + Play what you Rolled Races

Manse Stats
To generate your characters stats, roll 3d6 down the line. The stats are Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Your numbers in your stats generate your stat modifiers, according to the table below. If your stat modifier total when added together is -1 or lower, you can reroll the character.

-2 on 3-4
-1 on 5-8
+0 on 9-12
+1 on 13-16
+2 on 17-18

Using this method; characters only rarely have exceptional modifiers or exceptional faults, but it is easier to roll characters with good/bad qualities then some other games. Additionally, it is easier to keep track of stat modifiers as they aren't going up or down quiet as often and you can take more stat damage without being crippled.

Play what you Rolled
After a player rolls a character; you get to decide your race. In this case, races do not have mechanical influences unless you're playing a special race as class or something. Instead; you get to pick a race based on what you rolled. Consider your stats and choose your class to fit what you are. You could always play a human, or any race of your choosing, but some may be more fitting then others.

Races can be anything but must fit within the confines of the game's basic limits. You cannot have a special ability that would give you a mechanical advantage, and your race must possess all the basic “human weaknesses” such as hunger, not being able to see in darkness, sleep, not being able to breath underwater, disease, and being susceptible to poison and level drain/negative energy. All of the “special powers” of your race come from your stats, or are implied to be constant throughout them instead of needing to have them be a separate thing that interferes with game balance.

Here is a list of races you could play based on your two highest stats + lowest stats and a character motivation for each one.

10 Example Play-Your-Stats Races
[1] Temple Snake
Highest- Str, Dex
Lowest- Con

You are a giant, albino snake man. Your skin constantly sheds and your body's naturally scales are falling out with age; your race has been inbred and diseased from ancient curses and the reserved royal bloodline. Despite being sleek and all muscle, you lack a lot of toughness the younger races possess. You quest to find an egg-mate who can breed life into your dying bloodline.

[2] Familial Beast
Highest- Str, Con
Lowest- Int

You are a wolf-bear man. Despite your fitness; you are easily distracted and lack focus, as well as having none of the sharp senses of your 4 legged kind. Your ancestors were once the primordial spirits of the mother bear and the father wolf; family is the most important thing for you and you will die to defend them.

[3] Elephant Man
Highest- Str, Int
Lowest- Dex

You're an elephant man. You're big, you're smart, but you're clumsy. Your sack feet and broad, wide animalistic fingers make you very poor at fine manipulation, but you're got great mental and magical power to go with your huge bulk and crushing momentum. You fan your ears out constantly to help regulate your body temperature and soak in the water and shade whenever you can.

[4] Hue'er
Highest- Int, Cha
Lowest- Str

You appear as a strange, painted, idealized form of being. Abstract and with few defining features, you are attractive and mystical, but lack much physical structure. You bleed ink. Despite being innately magical, you are still a mortal race, and are said to have been born when a Wizard fell in love with the surrealist painted figures he would draw when not practicing magic.

[5] Cnidis
Highest- Int, Dex
Lowest- Cha

As a jellyfish person; you are surprisingly strong and fast for what you are, even out of water. But you have no face and have a sort of disturbing, alien aura to you, making you hard for people to empathize with or put their trust into. Instead of punching people, you shock them with your wispy poison stingers, which have the same effect and damage as normal unarmed damage. Anyone knocked out with non-lethal unarmed damage by you is still conscious, but paralyzed.

[6] Ring Tail
Highest- Dex, Wis
Lowest- Int

You look like a lemur mixed with a raccoon. You have very flexible hands and fingers, and are very agile as well as perceptive; your sharp senses and whiskers help you avoid danger even in dark places. However, your people are very common among the poorest classes so you have a reputation for being untrustworthy and bad with money and planning.

[7] Noideous
Highest- Cha, Str
Lowest- Wis

You're a big fluffy dragon person. Your race appears similar to a bipedal dragon or dragon-born, but you do not have a breath weapon or scales. Your entire body is covered in luxurious, colorful fur and you are known for your huge personality. As with being quite tall and large, you are also known for being very strong and powerful in combat. However, your lack of worldliness and sensitivity to others means you tend to have low Wisdom and empathy.

[8] Black Rinser
Highest- Con, Wis
Lowest- Str

You're a black skinned, semi-gelatinous creature. Your people were once made in arcane laboratories, but slowly became more adapted to the rest of the world and became more accepted as a race other then as slaves to magic users. You don't have a face besides a small, always open breathing and speaking hole. You can absorb nutrients from food by merely touching it, and the food crumbles into dehydrated gray dust in your hands before being blow away by the wind. Your physical form is very tough when it comes to resisting damage and disease, and your sensory abilities are tied into your entire body, but your physical form is not as strong as creatures of flesh and bone.

[9] Pokal
Highest- Con, Cha
Lowest- Dex

Said to be the spirits of the wasteland sands and tales of traveling merchants brought to life. Pokal's ride the sands on huge metal fans and appear as people made of cloth, wrapped and bundled over and over and over. Underneath the cloth, they appear as yellow-ish stick figure people that wither away and die within a few hours if deprived of their clothing. Their hands are very mitten-like after being wrapped so much, so fine manipulation is difficult. Despite this, their race makes a living by traveling these harsh places and trading goods, and are known for being good hosts and guests and having a million fine greetings.

[10] Power Shroom
Highest- Int, Wis
Lowest- Con

Type of magic mushroom that absorbs ambient mana in forests and swamps. Occasionally, these mushrooms become so enriched by magical energy that they gain a spirit all their own, and become wandering magicians and mana-junkies. You have great magical potential in you, both for healing and destruction, but are physically vulnerable due to both your small size and material.

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