Friday, August 3, 2018

Punished Poacher

I saw this in a dream.
Punished Poacher
(or Ambulatory Abomination, or Suffering Strider, or Darwin Damned)

These cursed beings are punished by the God of the long walkers and herbivores. They appear as a large grazing mammal, with a human's bent upper torso, arms, and head as the animal's front left or right leg. They must spend all moments supporting the weight of the great animal they are bound to. Pulling grass and tubers from the ground to feed their beat with their arm can keep them alive and strong, failing to move quickly enough will allow wolves to tear out both their and their animal's throat. Any attempt to call out for help or communicate with regular humans will spook the herd and only cause more pain as they are forced to act as a leg of a charging, fast, very heavy animal.

There may also be version of this for other races; elves as the third limb for deer, dwarves for rams, kobolds from great crocodiles, and ogres for elephants. This curse counts as a 4th or 6th level spell and requires great efforts to undo. Most prefer to put this creature out of its misery.

Punished Poacher (3 HD beast, 1 HD man, trample at 1d8, can speak but spook herd causing stampede, can only attack once before needing to provide weight support)

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  1. A lovely intersection between gameable, interesting and horrifying.