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PoE Incursion Enemies

Each Vaal enemy is encountered in two versions; the living versions in Incursions, and the undead versions in present day when you find the location of the true temple. The undead versions are the same, but have the same strengths of the undead (immune to disease and poison, no morale, supernatural senses, etc.) and weaknesses of the undead (can be turned, holy magic weakness). Most enemies here are also designed to slow the party down as well as being a threat, to make Incursions more challenging with their time limit.

From Left to Right: Vaal Fallen, Fanatic, Architect, Zealot, Vaal Contruct
Vaal Servant (1 HD, +2 AC, doesn't attack, panicked screeching)
Morale- 0, runs immediately
Numbers- 1d6 per room

The Vaal sacrifices thousands of slaves, servants, conquests, and serfs to appease their gods and to power their arcane machines. These temple servants are no different. Due to both the cataclysm and these of low born standing, there is little paradox to be caused by slaughtering them. Their blood still extends the duration of the Vaal incursion spell- Their screams upon seeing armed strangers attract the Vaal's warriors to fight. In the present day, replace servants with standard Skeleton warriors.

Vaal Fallen (2 HD, +2 AC, -2 to hit, 1d8 huge sword, slow)
Morale- N/A
Numbers- 1d6 per room

Vaal Fallen are humanoid constructs made of armor. They are tough but very slow, and their attacks are easy to dodge. They always go last in initiative.

Vaal Fanatic (1 HD, -2 AC, 1d4 dagger, +2 initiative, self sacrifice)
Morale- 15
Numbers- 1d4 per room

Fanatics do not wear armor and simply run at enemies and intruders, they are made up of bloodletters and self mutilators who praise the Vaal Gods. Fanatics will step in the way of spells, attacks, or projectiles targeting Vaal Architects.

Vaal Zealot (2 HD, +1 to hit, 1d6 spear, flaming bolt spell)
Morale- 12
Numbers- 1d4 per room

The Zealot is armed with a spear and the powers of fire. Instead of attacking for a round, the Zealot can hold up their hand and channel a flaming bolt spell. Players can choose to either evacuate, which means they avoid the slow targeted bolts, or they can press on and continue to fight, in which case they must save or take 1d6 fire damage. Each Zealot only casts one bolt spell.

Vaal Construct (1 HD, +1 AC, fire 1d4 magic bolts)
Morale- N/A
Numbers- 1d8

Tube like construct that fires green bolts of energy. The bolts can hit multiple party members if adjacent, but cannot penetrate through them. This encourages party members to spread out, but makes them more likely to get overwhelmed.

Serpantine Construct (2 HD, +2 AC, +2 to hit, 1d4 tail whip attack, 1d4 constriction, slows movement if constricted- save to break free)
Morale- N/A
Numbers- 1d4

Snake-like construct that aims to stun and capture instead of kill. Very fast for a machine; uses tail whips and entangles prey. Cannot tail whip when entangled, instead slows the movement and attacks of the entangled person unless they manage to make a save to break free.

Vaal Architect (3 HD, 1d6+1 magic blast, special abilities, leadership +2)
Morale- 16
Numbers- 2 per room, once one is killed the other fades into Paradox space

Each Vaal architect has a theme that grants them a different magic blast and special ability. Each Architect also has plans for the room they are located in in the Incursion; killing one makes the other one the sole inheritor of the room and in the present day will have changed it to suite his desires. For instance, if the Architect of Treasures and the Architect of Toxins are in a room together, and you slay the Architect of Toxins, the Architect of Treasures will have inherited the room and it will have become a treasure trove in the present day, still patrolled by the undead Architect you left behind.

Architect Theme Table- 1d6
[1] Fire element blast; casts a 2x version of the Zealot's flame blast.
[2] Lightning elemental blast; creates a storm that deals 1d4 damage to all enemies within 15 feet
[3] Void/Arcane elemental blast; creates a breach that summons 1d4 Breach Monsters
[4] Death elemental blast; casts a screaming skull spell- target must save or take -1d4 level drain
[5] Toxin/Poison elemental blast; releases cloud of poison when hit, save vs posion or take 1d4 poison damage per round for the rest of the incursion or until cured.
[6] Physical blast; Whistles to conjure spinning blades and traps, save vs devices if you try to attack him next rond. Fail and take 2d6 damage.

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