Saturday, August 4, 2018

6 Types of Magic Energy

[1] Arcane Energy. The most purely “magical” type of energy- it is found inside the bodies of wizards and magical creatures; cultivated by a few arcane species, and within spellbooks and magical items devised by Wizards. and tends to have a pale silver light and color, with pinks, purples, and golds also common. This type of energy has the power over the traits of things, and is commonly associated with changing the most base properties of what they interact with. Forged into an attack, arcane energy usually takes the form of balls or beams of glowing light.

[2] Death Energy. The energy of the netherrealm and of death and decay. Naturally forming around dead things, especially tombs and crypts and things that rot for a very long time, like ancient bones or carcasses. Usually black, dark purple, or a bright putrid green in color. This energy is linked strongly to decay, disease, and the undead. Forged into an attack, it takes the form of screaming skulls or grasping hands that may drain the energy or levels of its victims.

[3] Aesthete Energy. Magic associated with beautiful things, vistas, clouds, and the northern lights. Tends to form around works of art and beautiful places in nature, but can also be cultivated by those with artistic skill or by the reading of poems and plays. This energy moves like music and is usually not directly seen; as it instead enhances what it touches. This type of energy is a secondary form of energy that is tapped into to create phantasm illusions, to create magic elf songs that lure people to sleep, to enhance the beauty of an enchantress, etc.

[4] Permafrost Energy. Energies of ice, glaciers, and the unchanging and unfeeling cold. Can be found in ancient frozen places, icicles, glacier crevasse, or even plucked from the downy fur of a newborn baby penguin. The energy always appears as a very deep dark blue or a blinding, shining light blue. The energy is capable of preserving things for the future and melting things from the long past, and is the whispering voice of timeless things. It was here before the world, and it will be here after. Attacks of this magic manifest as blades or shards of ice as well as biting winds.

[5] Verdant Energy. The energy of nature, usually seen as a blood red or a bright green. While it is life energy, it is also uncontrolled and overpowering, and is only found in the bellies and blood of dire beasts and within the most ancient and massive of old trees. When this energy infuses with people it doesn't just heal them or make them stronger, but it also regresses their evolution and makes them like apes or half animal, with their intelligence and capability for abstract thought reduced as their body and senses sharpen. Verdant energy is seldom used by anyone but a Druid, and even then only in careful doses kept at the end of a long stick to avoid contamination.

[6] Intraspatial Energy. Energy inherent within spaces within spaces. It is sometimes harvested within complex or hidden architectures, or found along laylines. It is either a type of deep orange glow or a is colorless “aura” that gathers in corners and underneath things. It is used to create bags of holding, and to make buildings larger on the inside then the out, but it can also be combined with the magic of keys to open the way into realms within things. Such realms are filled with creatures, treasures, and dangers all manifesting the symbolic and overt traits of the inner spaces. It may be possible to enter a weapon to unlock some hidden potential, or even enter a being to remove some weight off their soul and the source of their ennui.

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