Tuesday, August 7, 2018

d12 Magic Spring/Pool/Fountain Table

[1] The character who drinks from the stream has their teeth fall out and become Teethpoles! They swim around the pool using the nerves like tails, but can be easily replaced in the mouth by shoving them back in. It takes two exploration turns to capture all his teeth back, or one turn if someone trying to catch the teeth has a Dexterity modifier of +2 or better.

While catching the Teethpoles, a shallow nook in the pool will reveal a cache of 1d6 gold pieces.

[2] The character splits. The two copies of the character have the same stats, but half their level evenly between them. If their level is odd, make one of them the “real” one that gets that extra level. All spells are also divided randomly between them, as evenly as possible.

The player controls both as though they were hirelings. Both are slightly transparent and are seemingly made of water. Once either clone gets a level they painfully merge back together again one sleepless night. If one of them dies, they both die.

[3] After drinking from the pool, the character takes 1d6+2 damage to their Con stat and starts to cough up a thick yellow smoke. From this point on, they are immune to the spell Cloudkill and get +2 to all saving throws vs poisonous gas or spores. The gas clouds they exhale go away as they recover from the Con damage, but the immunity and resistance remains permanently. If the Con damage taken from drinking from the pool kills them; they explode into a 5ft radius cloud of gas that deals damage 4d6 damage to anyone who breathes it, save for half.

[4] The pool contains a Hydrelephant. It looks like a clear plastic mass as big as an elephant. It rises from the water and just spits all its water to knock away people who mess with its pool. Doesn't deal any damage, just pushes you away. Dealing 1 damage will kill it.

[5] Every character who drinks from the pool has a 1 in 6 chance to notice something wrong in the reflection. Any Elves in the party automatically notice it. The middle of the pool reflects an invisible urn floating on an invisible piece of wood, which can be touched but simply not seen.

The pot contains the magic ash of an invisible stalker. Valuable as a magical reagent and can be sold for 20+1d10 Silver pieces at an open market. If this ash is poured onto a fire, the invisible stalker will revive and kill anyone nearby. If the ashes are poured into a fire surrounded by a magic circle; the stalker instead will offer to assassinate any single person in the world you wish- this is just a chance, with more powerful and rich targets being less likely for the stalker to be successful.

[6] The pool is magic and heals 1d4 hit points. It keeps this property even if taken out of the pool, but has a limited amount equal to about 15 potions if gathered right now.

[7] The character is effected by the curse of wandering stones. They find themselves burdened by 2 encumbrance points or equivalent in small stones, rocks, and pebbles that collect in their pockets and bags. Emptying them will only find the stones returning with +1 encumbrance more.

The only way to end this curse is to have it lifted by a powerful magic spell, or to push a boulder up a mountain by yourself.

[8] The water is normal, but anyone who drinks from the pool has a vision of a random room in the dungeon. They will get a hint of a monster, trap, or location of a treasure from this vision. 1 in 4 chance that a vision is actually false and will lead the party into danger in some way.

[9] Drinking the water causes the character to grow a new random limb. Roll on this table.
  1. Head, helpful, can cast a 1st level spell
  2. Arm, can grab an extra thing
  3. Leg, increased movement
  4. Tail. Lizard like, regenerates if cut off.
  5. Crab claw on forearm. Grants +1 AC
  6. Extra mouth, underneath the first. 1d6 bite
All of the extra mutation limbs can be removed via a simple surgery, of which takes a few days for recovery time. The lizard tail is more difficult to remove, which is also easier to hide by stuffing it down a pant leg.

This effect happens to every character that drinks from the pool, but is random each time. Drinking twice will have you roll on the table again.

[10] Everyone who drinks from the pool finds their weakest attribute boosted to an 18. Along with this comes a feeling of euphoria and invincibility. However every time they take damage, they lose that many points off this stat until it reaches back to their normal total.

The change that this water provides is immediate but always somewhat suspect. For instance a weak person would grow huge biceps to show their newfound strength, but without the core body to support it. Someone with their Intelligence boosted would be knowledgeable and skilled with magic, but would space out and forget things often, as though they were always on the cusp of losing it.

[11] After the first person drinks from the pool, the next weapon that character sees turns red hot and burns whoever is holding it; it is smelted into a much more powerful glass-like material that counts as a +1 magic weapon. This can happen to an allied weapon or enemy weapons, and would require planning to avoid glancing at the wrong weapon or stealing the weapon.

The weapon made by this process is made of an unnatural material similar to a mix of glass and iron. It can be sold for x20 times a normal weapon of that type can be sold for.

[12] The first character to drink from this pool chokes for a few seconds, falling to the ground dead. They are instantly revived, but despite looking the same they are permanently changed. Whatever race they were before no longer applies to effects by things like spells or items; a human who drank from the fountain is no longer effected by human-specific spells or “detects as” human for example. The person in instead something else entirely; this trait passes on to their children.

This unnatural state of being grants advanced clarity, making them immune to the fear and mind controlling effects of demons and the insanity of outsiders, but the person can be “turned” by a priest. On a successful turning, they are then “banished” from the material world for 1d4 days until they find a “back door” to reenter. Each time this happens, they learn some terrible knowledge.

Additionally; those with this genetic lineage don't age normally and instead have themselves slowly changing into an odd inhuman form, somewhat unique to them. This includes slowly a extending skull, new rows of teeth, spiral-shaped skin blemishes, elongating fingers, and the power to speak tongues not known to mortal races. After 200 years of life in this form, the person can no longer fit into normal society and will need to be secluded or gather a cult of their children and servants around them to care for them and to influence the world.

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