Monday, August 13, 2018

PoE Incursions converted to Tabletop

The Temple of Atzoatl (At-Zoe-Ah-Toll) was one of the last wonders built by the mighty Vaal civilization, just before their collapse. Millions of people, lost in an instant, with little more than three thousand surviving the great calamity that destroyed their entire world. The temple, which was meant to be the jewel for Queen Atziri and for the Vaal empire, was lost the moment it was finished and is now trapped in an unusual spot in space time.

The entire temple exists in temporal flux. Most magic relating to time is extremely tricky and almost impossible to pull off, due to even minor changes being set in stone due to the massive cause and effect chain that put them there. But the Temple and all within it just died shortly after it was completed. Now, it may be possible to change the past, and change the temple as it exists in the present day.

Temporal Incursion
Once a Temporal Incursion is found, it can be opened by a simple ritual. Someone with Vaal lineage must spill 1 hit point worth of blood on the alter which will open the portal. Everyone who enters will be transported through time and space to the Vaal temple just as it was being completed.

After the Incursion closes, there is a period of 1d4 days where it cannot be opened again at that same location. On a roll of 4, the stars misalign and you will need to find a new ritual site.

The portal can only be opened by someone with Vaal blood; the famous Oriathan explorer Alva Valai has some within her. Your characters have different chances to have Vaal lineage based on their ethnicity.

Vaal Bloodline Chance
Azmiri- 1 in 4
Ex-“Eternal” (Sarn)- 1 in 6
Ezomyte- 1 in 8
Oriathan- 1 in 10
Karui & Maraketh- 1 in 12

Incursion & Temple Mechanics
When the characters enter the rift, they are transported back in time and space to the temple as it being built. They have exactly 3 rounds within this area, but this time can be extended by killing enemies. By slaying a Vaal cultist, or two Vaal servants, their blood and paradox energy can sustain the incursion for another round. Dealing at least 6 damage in one round to an Architect can also extend the incursion by another round.

Incursions are done to change the temple in the present day. Slaying one architect in a room will allow the other to rebuild that room according to their designs. For instance, if there is an Architect that is a master of poisons and other who is an Architect of the Vaal Jeweler's guild; slaying the master of poisons will turn that room into a treasure trove containing jewelry and skill gems. Killing many extra Vaal in the Incursion will also cause a backlash of more paradox energy; increasing the power and item yield of the temple in the future.

The temple is arranged in the following order; four rooms on the bottom, 3 above, then 2, then the Apex which contains the Omnitect boss.

You can perform up to 3d6 Incursions in a single temple. Once all Incursions are complete, you must open a final portal to the temple's true location to loot it, or find it's actual location in the middle of the godforsaken jungle of Wraeclast.

Alternate “Time Chip” Incursion System
When entering the Incursion, instead put a pile of chips in the center of the table. These will represent the number of rounds the party can stay. Put 3x number of people entering the Incursion. If someone refuses to take an Incursion chip for a round, they exit the timeline and cannot reenter this Incursion. This is a good way to escape if you run low on hit points. Killing enemies grants only a small amount of chips based on the enemy; slaying a servant grants a single chip, which is only enough to keep one person in the Incursion for one round longer.

Also; characters can choose to burn two chips in a round to act twice in the past; they become a blur of swords, arrows, or spells as they manipulate time. After you act twice in one round; roll a saving throw. On a failed save, you take 1d6+X Damage, where X is the number of chips you've taken for this whole Incursion. Dying from this turns you character into weird bloody cursed goo and you seep from the ground in the future, your soul trapped in the temple's temporal flux state.

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