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[Dungeon] Massacure at Slave Creek

This is the first dungeon or adventure I ever wrote down. As you can see, it is much wordier then my newer stuff, but it still holds a special place in my heart. I'm surprised how much I got right; multiple NPCs to talk to, multiple entrances, and plenty of stuff to kill you. Not a lot of loot though, the original intention was to get paid for ending the slave uprising to a local lord.

Some of the concepts and setting fluff of this piece are things I no longer use, or have even forgot about. Such is what happens when you write something specific.

 Massacre at Slave Creek
The following campaign takes place after a slave uprising. Dead bodies are strewn all along the creek, making the water red. This is what alerted the people in the town to the south, and when the caravan that was traveling did not report in on time that alerted the Fort to the North. Both are directions which the party members could approach from.

Each area is detailed below. Roll a random encounter each night fall, or during the day if the party is being really loud or spending a lot of time in one place out in the open.

Above Ground
Smashed Wagon + Bridge
Here is the remains of the convoy. The wagon has been smashed apart completely, all of the valuables taken but much of the chassis and the broken wheels remain.

Many slave chains have been thrown down on the ground here in defiance. The manacles have been opened via a key. Anyone stupid enough to put one on would not be able to open it without a key, which is in the possession of Deltus.

The dead bodies here are numerous, but most seem to have been made at bank of the river, as if someone chased somebody there as to corner them. The bodies have no identifying armor or marks, it is difficult to determine which is a slave and which is a soldier. The slaves have taken the clothes and armor of both soldiers and other slaves to better equip themselves. There are very clear tracks and drag marks leading from here to the south-west into the trees.

Warning Tree
Tree outside of the slave camp. The tree has two bodies hanging on it, the first is a dead slave who is cut to hell with the word TRAITOR cut into his chest. The other corpse is a female nobleman who is utterly beaten and brutalized. Her gown was seemingly taken but some of her undergarments remain even on her corpse. She was an Indigo and her bloodied marks are purple.

Slave Camp
Large ramshackle area the slaves have set up as their camp area. Without any good equipment or training they are mostly just set up in a small clearing with lean-to shelters and blankets on the ground for their sleeping and wounded to rest on. The slaves are currently burning a large bonfire and warming themselves on it, as well as making spears and bows and arrows. The slave leaders are the ones wearing modified guard armor (it's normal armor but with the red fabric ripped off) and they wield metal spears.

The slaves will not let party members approach without a promise of nonviolence or to help their cause. Any party member that looks or identifies themselves as a noble or authority figure is at risk of being captured. The slave's are bloodthirsty against any authority figures as they are rebelling. They are not very kind themselves, but will extol their virtues as fighting for their freedom.

Within the camp are several important characters;
Deltus (2 HD, 14 AC, +1 to Hit, d6 damage)
Self proclaimed leader of the slaves, has a fierce rivalry with Icantal because he once was punished with more lashes then he was. Deltus seems currently larger then life, even magical, and full of confidence because of it. Deltus wears the key to the manacles around his neck, and has full guard armor as well as the weapon of the captain of the soldiers, a rapier encrusted with pearls. He claims to have killed the man himself, but has no proof and gets defensive if pressed. The key has become such a symbol to the man if taken from him it physically weakens him. (It has become a magical totem to him; -5 AC and -2 to hit)

Icantal (2 HD, 12 AC, metal spear d6)
Second in command of the rebels, only barely tolerates Deltus and his showboating. Icantal is somewhat more pragmatic, but also more honorable and willing to strike a deal or compromise. Icantal wears some of the soldier armor, but doesn't have the magic of his leader.
Icantal has about 2/3 of the slaves more loyal to him then the leader, but he knows that starting a civil war among the group without more support would cause too many losses and will result in them getting captured anyway, so he bides his time.

Jack Salt (2 HD, 11AC, hammer d8)
Not a leader among the slaves, but a hero among them. Said to be the one who picked up a hammer and killed a guard allowing the rebellion to happen. Truthfully Jack wanted to kill that guard because of his abuses against him, not escape. He doesn't care about the rebellion and would jump the chance to be taken out of here, but he knows he can't leave the slave camp because they won't let their 'hero' leave.
Makes a good replacement PC. Level 1 warrior with 15 Str.

Imprisoned Ladies
While the noblewoman (the dead female Noblewoman named Ilana from the Warning Tree) had been killed, the other ladies have been kept here. They are bound with the same chains the slaves once had on themselves. There is a small built platform with a roof and floor off the ground to keep the ladies in 'good condition' as the slaves plan on ransoming them off as soon as they can.

There are two ladies, Miriam and Intess. Both the ladies are surprisingly well off. Miriam is hysterical but not stupid, of noble standing. Intess truthfully has a silver ring worn on one of her toes, hidden from the slaves who otherwise took everything of value. She is also a level 1 magic user, but only knows how to power a magic discus; giving her a shield, wooden lid or wheel may be an acceptable substitute. She is a replacement PC with the power of Magic Disc.

Soldier Camp
Fortified camp with many tents and barricades and earthworks. The soldiers are bruised and bloodied, but alert and very eager to take the fight back to the Slaves. The soldiers cannot move out without their leader and the court mage however, who they will disappear into the River Cove if the party agrees to help them and does not seem to be working for the slaves.

Hammond (2 HD, 10 AC, d8 Inscribed Axe)
The soldier camp has a second in command named Hammond. He is in charge until the commander can return, if at all. His axe is scribed with the names of his twelve brothers and sisters.

Dark Den
Hidden rocks nearby the slave camp. The slaves have no idea they are here, but somebody scouting around here could find them.
Leads underground at the Dark Den entrance.

River Cove
Large but seemingly shallow cave in the side of the river. Knee deep of water even as one walks inside, but its hard to see that it goes deeper in as you go in deeper. The soldiers and slaves both know about it, and the soldiers are very worried since they know their commander and mage were chased down here during the uprising.
Leads underground to the River Cove entrance.

(Dark Den Entrance)
Falling Rocks Trap
Falling rocks on the ceiling. The area beforehand has a few small clues, mostly the stalactites in the cave stopping around the area of the traps, and the rocks above looking very bumpy and irregular. The floor has a wooden pressure plate that can be activated by a 10 foot pole or other device, or can be crept around if you are careful.

Causes a bunch of rocks to fall on your heads that deal 3d6 damage to whoever is caught within the blast; Reflex save to instead only take 1d6.

If activated this trap is so loud as to alert ALL the Ceruleans deeper underground.

Alarm Tripwire
Second line of defense for the Ceruleans. Does nothing to the party but if triggered it makes many metal scales and chimes fall in a clatter that alerts the Ceruleans behind the nearby door that the party is coming. If faced with strong opposition they will run and call for the entire tribe to help.

The door that leads to the barracks is bolted and locked with a slide. If knocked upon the Ceruleans within might open the slide just for a moment to see the humans outside, and then they'd shut it and prepare around the door for a fight.
Ceruleans (1 HD, AC 9, bone spear d6, blue shield)
Ceruleans have bright blue blood and blue lips, but appear as savage nearly human people. They have a special blue shield power; at the start of a combat they gain +AC equal to their HD, this only lasts for one round though.

Cerulean Barracks
Sleeping quarters and training area of the Ceruleans. It seems they have several wooden and stone weights, targets in the corner, as well as beds and mats of rotted old leaves and straw. Among this area are several pieces of metal, a few broken chain bits and some other gear stolen from the surface, but most of that is in the crafts room.

This area contains 1d4+1 Ceruleans, as indicated by the red lightning bolt.

(Secret Door)
Along the far south wall there is a slight indentation in the shape of a doorway, and by moving ones weight upon it it may slide forwards and then you can move it to the side as a secondary entrance into the Storeroom.

Cerulean Store Room
Food store room. Several urns with leather tops, stretched and dried to make very tight and clean seals. There are 7 urns; roll 1d6 for each Urn's content only when opened or shook to determine whats in it.
[1] Water. 50% chance for fresh or briney salt.
[2] Bright Blue Cerulean Blood-Paint. Magically grants +1 to AC if worn as warpoint, for the first round. 8 Uses.
[3] Empty, but the air within is extremely fresh and seemingly from a mountain top. Ends poisonous gas effects or any breathing-related effects a character suffers from.
[4] Fish eggs wrapped in fish flesh as little foodstuff. Gross but acts as 3 Rations per urn.
[5] Inside of the urn is painted with holy symbols and messages of the Ceruleans. Breaking it in front of a shaman stuns him, can be sold to scholars for 2 Silver each.
[6] Dirty river water. Actually has gold flakes, not processed fully, but whole urn has about 2 silvers worth of gold flakes.

Cerulean Armory
Armory with Cerulean made weapons; 8 long bone spears, 6 full quivers of 12 quivers each, four hunting bows, a basket of smooth stones for slings, and two mostly human-sized breastplates of armor made from fish bone and scale. (AC +3) There are also several stolen items here too, including a metal spear and two iron knives.

The armory is not locked but it is not obvious what it is from the outside.

The weapons in here are not super substantial but combined with the weapons and equipment of the Ceruleans themselves they could be enough to arm the slaves to further their revolt.

Cerulean Leader
The leader's room appears to be a chieftain's room. It has a few war trophies, some maps and documents belonging to the soldiers that are sprawled out along his wooden stump for a desk with a still smoking pipe placed just beside. Underneath his feathered cot is a bag containing 18 copper asses, 4 silver societies and two silver marks. The marks are tiny bars of silver used as military currency but because they are a precious metal they are still valuable, equal to 2 silver coins each. There is also a bottle of green wine, known as Nald wine. Rather rare delicacy, it is worth 1 gold.

The Cerulean's Leader is a large and chubby shaman. He can hold out his hand to continually create the Cerulean's Special shield, but every round as long as his hand is held out. He can use both hands to double the shield bonus.

The leader has another trick up his sleeve. His room has 2d6 mounted fish near the doorway that look ancient and mummified, but if he snaps his fingers the fish will suddenly flop at intruders and bites them with sharp wooden pegs placed in their mouthes for that reason, can only deal 1 damage a turn at most, can be stomped underfoot by any party member to kill them early, 1 fish stomped per round.

Cerulean Leader (2 HD, AC 10, +1 to hit, spirit club d6, painted bow d6, Cerulean shield of AC= HD for first round still applies to him, can use shield power with hands.)
If killed in front of any other Ceruleans, they will all be stunned for one round.

(from River Cove entrance)

Dark Pool
Dark pool, about waist high water. Small ledge of stones go around the pool, but slippery enough that you might fall in. Dark pool contains a long Tooth-Snake.

Tooth Snake (2 HD, AC 12, +1 to hit, bite d4, toothy length d4, poisonous bite; save poison or take d4 damage and lose a tooth) The tooth snake is similar to the Tooth-Fish, except the snake has teeth growing or pilfered along its entire length. As it moves around and bites and attacks party members, the teeth along its body will also hurt anyone in melee range.)

(False Wall)
Looks like a suspiciously flat part of the cavern wall, you can slip between the wall through a crack and go into a secret area containing the Moldy Throne.

Moldy Throne
Ancient wooden throne with gold leaf decorations and a moldy cushion on the seat. Around the throne are six clay servants, meant to bring service in the afterlife, only worth about 5 copper each. Under the throne is a bag with a silver moon disc, worth about 10 silver pieces, or a small miracle with any moon cult who gets their hands on it.

Locked Door
Back way into the dormitory. Rusted lock can be broken with enough force, but might be noisy.

Arrow Holes
If Ceruleans have been alerted, the arrows will fly from these holes from the craft shop as soon as party members step in front of them. Otherwise the Ceruleans will not notice, but a small amount of light from the holes can be seen by the party, loud noise will alert them again.

Spawning Pool Fence
Large fence and barricade meant to keep people out of the spawning pools, and the spawning Ceruleans in.

Cerulean Dormitory
Small living quarters for several adult Ceruleans. They have a few spears here too, but they aren't the warriors and are noticeably smaller and weaker. However Ceruleans do not have gender, these are simply where the runts live.

These Ceruleans will run and call for help instead of fighting, but otherwise they have stats as Ceruleans with very poor morale and to hit (-2).

The Dormitory has very little of value behind a knapsack taken from a few soldiers; it contains a needle, bandages, and a tiny clover with antiseptic properties. Usable as a medical kit to heal 1d4 HP, sells for 5 Copper.

Cerulean Craft Room
Crafting room filled with half completed pieces of cloth, cots, and a few spears. Along the walls are spots are three bows, many arrows, and several arrow holes which the Cerulean crafters use on anyone who passes by them.

Also in the room is a half completed necklace of semi-precious stones, which could probably be sold for a silver piece.

Spawning Pools
Deepest part of the cave containing several dark blue pools. Smells of blood and sex, the Ceruleans bleed into these pools and their tadpole children seem to breed here. Eventually, new Ceruleans rise up to join the rest.

In the center of the room is the soldier's leader named
Sir Mantle. He is a Cucoy and is actually pretending to be dead. Next to him is the actually dead Court Mage, an elderly man named Sem. Sem's corpse has a a small pouch with four Evaporation Cubes. (Deals 3d6 damage if ingested)

Sir Mantle will spring back to life if the party approaches and will try to help them fight the defending Ceruleans. If helped, he will get the soldiers together and end the slave rebellion, with official payment to the party (5 Marks).

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