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50 Weird & Terrifying Powers

Heart Jump [2]
  50 Weird & Terrifying Powers 
For OSR Adventures

[1] You can stretch out your neck up to 6 feet. Lets you peek over wall, snorkel naturally, etc. Enemies that try to cut your head off while you do this get +3 to their attack roll.

[2] Whenever you die your heart jumps out of your body and hops around. If your friends catch it before it gets away and shove it back into your mouth they can revive you.
Every time you get revived this way you lose -1d4 Int and become more aggressive and beastial.

[3] You can smell gold and silver in uncanny ways, even hidden if walls if you get close enough and sniff the bricks. If somebody wears gold you won't be able to smell them over the gold.

[4] Sitting perfectly still makes your skin begin to camouflage and match the background color you are closest too. This happens if you like it or not.

[5] You can speak to frogs and leap 30 ft if you jump on all fours like a frog. You'll die if your skin dries out too much.

[6] You don't take any damage from the back. In fact, you don't even feel any pain from getting attacked from behind. The weapons can be pulled out harmlessly, no blood on them.

[7] Thin layer of frost covers your entire body, forming over your skin when you sleep. The first time you take a fire attack per day is nullified.

[8] You have a throat-pouch. You can drink a potion and store it there until you really need it, which doesn't require a round in combat to drink the potion and get its effect. Your throat swells out and even glows depending on the potion when you have one stored in there.

[9] You have a literal green thumb. Touch a plant to heal it and reverse wilting. Elves want to cut your hand off and steal it.

[10] You have a long monkey tail. You can use it to hold up your body weight and as a third prehensile limb. If somebody tries to grab it or cut it off in a fight your tail becomes a brown snake and bites them, eventually returning to your rear end where it is home.

[11] You have web spinnerets on your wrists which you can use to either create some strong ropes after a few minutes of crafting or fire a net in a combat round to catch enemies, once per day.

[12] Fire slowly knits your flesh back together. Water burns you like acid.

[13] Your grip is strong enough to bend iron and burst steel, but only your grip. You can't lift a super heavy rock but you can squeeze it until it cracks.

[14] Whenever a blade enters your body you can make it stuck fast inside yourself as if it was like concrete, meaning the enemy cannot attack again with that weapon. Extremely strong or large enemies could use the weapon handles sticking out of you as leverage to throw you around.

[15] You do not need to sleep, but you must consume a live mouse each night else you will contract a wasting, blinding sickness.

[16] Hand this character's player a standard index card. Anything they learn they can write on the card they can remember permanently. They cannot erase anything written on the card.

[17] You gain a blessing of fertility and sex appeal that makes you extremely attractive to the opposite sex. It also makes monsters and animals of the opposite sex just as attracted to you.

[18] You are boneless and your flesh is like blubber- crushing and punching attacks deal no damage to you. If you are cut you cannot stop bleeding until you consume 1d10 days worth of rations.

[19] Your eye-color changes constantly and give you a hypnotic power over anyone you make eye contact with. Once anyone has met your gaze, after one day of following your commands they will seek to rip your eyes out and take them for themselves.

[20] Eyes in the back of your head.

[21] You no longer need to eat food to survive. Now instead you drink lantern oil and eat firewood to fuel the fire inside your heart. You can choose to breath fire as an attack but doing so gives you all the penalties of 'starving'.

[22] Once per day your lungs can hold an unnaturally huge amount of air. Suck in a huge amount of air to either hold your breath for 2 hours or blow it out to knock away projectiles or small creatures as a huge gust of wind.
Does not protect you from anything you accidentally inhale.

[23] Tiny microscopic hooks and barbs cover your entire body. Enemies that try to grab you will suffer great pain and damage from doing so. You can no longer have intimate relationships.

[24] Whenever about to make a save vs something that can kill you you have a grisly vision of your death. It grants a +2 to the save but you are haunted by watching yourself die.

[25] Undead ignore you. You also ignore undead, and cannot attack them even if you wanted to.

[26] During the night the moon's gravity will pull you upwards if you jump, letting you make great leaps. If you try to jump during the day you cannot, your feet are glued to the ground from the gravity pulling the other direction.

[27] Your tongue is a foot long and if you mash it into a lock you can pick it just using your tongue. If its a trapped lock however it will cut your tongue off, leaving you mute.

[28] Strange dragon-shaped birthmark on your leg. If you show it to any dragon they will be forced to let you live.

[29] Any potion you ingest has 10 times the potency and last 10 times as long.
Any poison is treated the same.

[30] The wild animals of the forest, jungles and hills treat you as a friend. The domestic animals of the towns, villages and farms hate you.

[31] Topiaries in the shape of animals or people come to life in your presence if you want them to or not. They act roughly how the animal or person they are shaped as you think would in this situation.

[32] Your center of gravity aligns itself to whatever wall, floor, or even ceiling you are standing on. If you aren't touching a surface you float but can't move without help.

[33] You can pull your reflection out of a mirror and have it follow you around with all of your abilities and stats. Your reflection has an opposite alignment as you.

[34] If you do a dance over a hated enemy's grave you can send them straight to hell regardless of their deeds in life.

[35] You deaf but you can 'see' the words people speak floating out of their mouths. This includes people whispering from across the room, whose words look just the same to you even though they're trying to keep quiet.

[36] The first time you're hit with a baleful polymorph spell the result is only halfway. You become a beastman with all the advantages of the animal form you were to become but retain all of your human intelligence and ability with tools. You still look like a beastman.

[37] You can open your mouth and make a snake, spider, rat, or dagger come out.

[38] You can create magic amulets of a birch wood that grant +1 to saves to allies that wear it and that twist and groan whenever you are in danger.

[39] There is a 1 in 6 chance that, the first time you meet someone, they owe you a favor.

[40] Your left hand is ice cold to the touch constantly. If you touch snow with it you can create a small localized blizzard, snowstorm, throw an icicle spear, etc.

[41] You can shatter a gemstone to call upon a spirit of old. The more valuable the gem, the stronger the spirit.

[42] You can walk on water.

[43] Touching an item allows you to sense things from its past. If it's a weapon you can get a sense of what it is has killed, if armor or shield you can sense what it defended against.

[44] Whenever someone nearby you tells a lie, you cough. If you even get close to a great thief or assassin you'll cough so bad you can't speak.

[45] You can turn into smoke or fog. If your body is blown apart by wind you can't reform until someone gathers all your fog back together.

[46] Whenever your character rolls some dice, not the player, they can control the outcome. Once per session the GM can force the player to reroll any successful roll he or she wishes.

[47] You can speak to wolves and your bite deal 1d6 damage. You transform mentally, but not physically, into a wolf every full moon.

[48] You're a contortionist. You can fit and squeeze through any gap as long as it is big enough for your head to pass through.

[49] Your hand can detach like thing from Adams Family. It crawls around independently of your body but you cannot see through it, you rely on your regular eyesight or tactile sensations.

[50] In your hands a long ribbon or scarf becomes as deadly as a sword. You have to make a save to take off any piece of clothing you put on, and if you fail the save you can't take it off.

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