Tuesday, September 12, 2017

10 Flesh-Crystal Growths

Ever wonder why all the creatures in the crystal caverns get powers from having crystals grow on them but humans don't? Well now they do.

Crystal Growths
Roll 1d10

[1] Yellow Crystals grow from your lower back. Pulling one out deals 1d4 damage to you, but supercharges the crystal with electric energy. Can be thrown as a weapon that deals 1d6+1 electric damage to all nearby, or tied to the end of a staff and used as an Electric Blast rod. Charges for rod = double the damage it did to you when it was pulled out.

[2] Pink Crystals grow on your collarbone. Each day, you automatically absorb one first level spell into the crystals. You heal 1d4 points of a damaged stat or hit points.

[3] Dark blue crystals grow just above your pelvis. They protect you from attacks as long as they are exposed, grants +1 AC per week of crystal mutation, up to a max of +4

[4] Green crystals grow to replace your fingernails on your hands. When you punch with full strength the crystals shatter, disintegrating whatever you punched or dealing 1d10 damage. Crystals don't regrow, but your fingernails don't either.

[5] Golden crystals grow on your elbows. Once per day, can will an energy blast through your arms that deal 1d6 damage and knock back human sized enemies 15 ft.

[6] White crystal grows in the back of your throat, only visible if you open your mouth all the way. Your voice sounds angelic with an echo, your voice cannot be heard by evil creatures.

[7] Pink crystals grow to replace your eyes. Lets you see in all kinds of strange colors and textures, functions as normal eyes but with dark vision. Strong hits to your head will knock one of the crystals out, and you'll have to scramble around to reinsert it or else you won't be able to see.

[8] Transparent, flexible crystals replaced your hair, keeping their length. Soft on your head, but once plucked could be used as razor wire.

[9] Orange, sharp crystals grow on your leg below the knee. If you do not move for a round and concentrate, you can move at double speed the next round. Doing so cuts up your leg as the crystals blossom into your flesh, dealing 1d4 damage.

[10] Black Crystal grows to replace your heart inside your chest. You must ritualistically end a life in order to 'steal' its heartbeat for a while, else you will die. You no longer age.

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  1. Could be improved upon immensely but interesting to say the least.