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Dragon Infested Mountain Encounters

 Dragon Infested Mountains
Encounters & Wandering Monsters

Roll 1d20
[1] Razor Stones. The ground is littered with very sharp, pointy black stones similar to obsidian. Anyone who falls on it takes 1d6 damage from standing height or doubles the fall damage they take from higher. Stones could be used to make arrow heads or sold to certain collector geologists as they are uncommon.

[2] There are four adventurers burnt to a crisp, apparently from above. On their person is a single piece of armor, 2d6 silver, and an unused potion of fire resistance.

[3] Kobolds! You encounter 2d6 kobolds on a scouting mission, will attack if they outnumber the party. Roll 1d4 on list for type;
  1. Scaly, small, traditional. Dragon worshipers, they may be working for one of the local dragons.
  2. Furry, barking, dog-like. These 'bolds are neutral but will trade information or metals for food the party has.
  3. Smooth skin in place of scales. Sneaky, has 1d4 extra kobolds with knives hiding back to strike party from behind if needed.
  4. These kobolds suffer from gigantism and were kicked out of their tribes; half as many kobolds but human-bandit stats.
[4] Ever burning bush. Tries to pretend to be the God of any nearby clerics, is actually just a magic fire that doesn't burn anything it catches on. Can be carried in a torch or container from now on, but dies if the flame is put out. If used on people can warm them and cook food without burning anything- will become friendly if party forgives it for its deception.

[5] Green crystal growing from the ground, looks vaguely like a plant. If crushed into powder can be snorted or smoked for a bonus +2 to Intelligence and Charisma but -2 to Wisdom. Lasts for 24 hours. Dragon and Dragonborn who use it gain the positives without the negatives but addictive.
Can be sold 10 sp per dose, 2d10 doses.

[6] Dragon skull, worth a few thousand gold. Gigantic, full encumbrance if you try to carry it.

[7] Shallow cave, containing 1d8 skeletons. The skeletons animate only if you disturb the strange purple sand on the floor, drawn into runes. The back most skeleton has an iron helmet with gold trim, worth triple regular helmet price.

[8] Tiny fertile valley crammed between two small mountain hills. Filled with tiny trees and extinct megafauna, all small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You can sell these tiny guys to natural scholars for decent silver.

[9] Rock Arachnids. Random piles of stones come to life and form into the shapes of giant spiders. No venom, but attack with sharp rock fangs.

Rock Arachnids (2HD, +3 AC, 1d8 rock damage, no initiate; ie party always goes first)
Appearing; 1d3

The rock spiders are aggressive but are very slow, which is why they wait for prey to come to them. Escaping them is easy. If you retreat, the spiders just fall apart again and wait for their next target.

[10] Annoying chipmunks. Bright, colorful chimpmunks that hide in dens dug into the mountain's side. Every turn the party stays here, the chipmunks make a bunch of noise and draw attention; double the chance of random encounters.
Chipmunk fur is valuable, worth 1 SP per pelt.

[11] Dug into the mountain side is a stronghold for the dwarves. The inside is dark and abandoned, the few survivors are insane and gibber in the darkness, making masterful creations out of each others body parts.

Roll 1d6;
  1. Sword made of a sharpened femur
  2. Shield made of a pelvis
  3. Cloak made of dwarf skin
  4. Poleaxe made of petrified hand + bones
  5. Coin pouch made of a belly
  6. Cosmetic powder made of dwarf ash

[12] Tiny burning clouds of ash spit from the mouths of least drakes, dealing 1 damage. If the party does not run back the way they came from the 'terrifying' assault they will be attacked.

Least Drakes (1HD, +1 AC and to hit, ash cloud breath attack deals 1 damage)
Appearing; 2d6

Failed spawn of the dragons, or kobolds attempting ascendancy to become dragons. Inflated sense of superiority.

[13] Solidified shard of sunlight glowing from under a stone. Can be used like a scroll to either grant Light for 2d6 exploration turns which also deals damage to or turns vampires and other creatures weak to sunlight.

[14] Blue Crystal growth coming from the chest cavity of a long deactivated golem. These crystals grow on magical items, animated creatures, and can infect Magic Users who are over 9th level.

The Blue Crystals can be smashed up into a paste and mixed with water to create an Arcane Mark in ink form. This writing is permanent but is only visible when using the effects of wizard or magic sight. Additionally, the Blue Crystal powder can be blown nearby invisible creatures or illusions that makes them sparkle and glow.

Each pouch of crystal has 10 uses and is worth 100 sp each. They can be grown by implanting them on magical things, as explained above.

[15] Gigantic crater filled with ash. Every exploration turn spent digging have the party roll on this table and chance for random encounter;

Roll 1d6;
  1. Golden Ring
  2. Dragon Fang (as dagger, +1 to hit)
  3. Silver Sabaton
  4. Petrified Flameblast; explodes as Fireball in 4 seconds after exposed to air.
  5. Charred human remains, no value.
  6. Potion of Fire Resistance

[16] Magnetic Dragon! Huge silver dragon swoops in and attacks with magnetic breath attack.

Magnetic Dragon (5HD, flight, magnetic breath)

This dragon's breath attack magnetically pins objects backwards, away from the cone of attack. Those wearing chain must make a save vs paralysis to move again, those wearing fullplate will be totally helpless unless removed from their armor or the effect wears off in 3 rounds.

Additionally this breath attack can be used against metal projectiles which launches them back at the user, dealing damage if they hit.

[17] Rust Dragon! Dark brown dragon with coppery patches attacks from below, such as a crevice before snaking its way up to attack.

Rust Dragon (4HD, rust breath)

This dragon does not have wings. This dragon's moist breath rusts and ruins metal equipment. Each round you are caught in it, your metal armor loses -1 AC until rusted to uselessness. Metal weapons take 1-3 rounds to get rusted to uselessness, depending on size. Sheathed weapons take another round to rust. Magic weapons get bonus rounds equal to their magic bonus+1.

[18] Petrified Wood golems. Activates in the presence of people who have killed dragons or carry dragon body parts.

Petrified Wood Golem (2HD, +1 AC)
Appearing; 3d6

Dragons created and carved these golems out of petrified trees and logs as a way to kill or weaken any dragon slayers in their mountain home.

[19] Wandering Dragon-Slayer, alone. Lost his lance, which has been broken into 4 pieces. The next rolled encounters on this list have a 50% chance to have a piece of his lance until you get them all. When combined, his lance is a +3 weapon vs dragons.
He'll join your party until you kill a dragon, then leave with its heart to his home village.

[20] Rare vein of ore, exposed at the surface. Anyone with a pickaxe can mine it, but the loud noise it makes forces a wandering monster check along with the normal time.

There is enough ore to make 1 shield or 1/3 enough to make a full suit of armor.

Roll 1d4;
  1. Mithril Ore
  2. Infernite; Heat resistant metal, -1 damage taken from fire and +2 vs dragon breath
  3. Cryptick; Necromantic resistant metal. +1 to saves vs death and level drain
  4. Gold Vein. Worth 1d4x500 unrefined

Wandering Monsters
Roll 1d6
(1) Dragon Cultists (1HD, +2 to hit, black iron weapons deal +1 damage vs lawful aligned)
Appearing; 2d6

Cultists trying to find food, gold, and mates for their dragon masters. Their metal weapons feel uncomfortable for Lawful aligned to hold.

(2) Minotaurs (2HD, +2 to damage with d6 axe, +1 AC, gore attack deals 1d4 damage)
Appearing; 2 or 3

Small family of minotaurs, randomly lost in the mountains. Trying to find a safe cave for the female one to give birth. She's heavily pregnant but still fights like a beast.

(3) Thunderbird (2HD, flight, fires lightning bolts dealing d6 damage)
Appearing; 1 or 2

Large brown eagle flies overhead, its cries charged with electrical static.

(4) Giant Millipede (3HD, surprises part 2 in 6, d6 bite, constricts d4 damage)
Appearing 1 or 2

Giant millipede likes to constrict people while biting others. Nearly silent while moving.

(5) Crystal Men (2 HD, get +2 vs magic and spell saves, d6 crystal spears)
Appearing; 1d6

Roll reactions when encountered.
Good- Crystal Men gladly trade their crystal weapons for [5] and [14] (stats as normal weapons, but immune to rusting and magnets)
Neutral- Willing to trade if prompted, but will only trade a single crystal weapon.
Bad- Attack if they sense the party has crystals on them, which they want to take by force.

(6) Mad Dwarf (2HD, immune to mental magic, becomes enraged if surronded gaining +1 to hit and damage)
Appearing; 1

If injured, will limp and try to return to [11], he carries one random piece of dwarf-corpse equipment. Roll on [11] table for which.

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