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12 Kobold Secret Weapons

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Beheading blades [5]
12 Kobold Secret Weapons
For OSR Adventures

[1] Iron-clad mini siege tower. Only small creatures can climb inside it. Attacks by sticking spears and darts out the murder holes, rolls around on cranked wheels. Sufficiently strong people (17+ Strength) could knock the tower over and deal 1d6 damage to all kobolds within.

[2] Freakishly strong young kobold, upper body is extremely muscular and developed. Legs gangly and twisted. Can hurl spears that deal 1d8+1 damage with +1 to hit, but runs at half speed.

[3] Kobold slingers cleverly stuffed dry grass inside clay sling bullets and lit them on fire; deals +1d4 fire damage when hit. Not so clever as they accidentally drop some and start a fire at their feet after 1d6 rounds of using this tactic.

[4] Giant spider, barely domesticated. They mostly just poke it with a stick.

[5] Two long chopping sword blades, attached together with a joint and spring. Dropped silently from a hole in the ceiling. Save or deal 1d6 damage. On a roll of 6, the character is instead beheaded.

[6] Mechanical device made of wood and steel braces. It's shaped like a giant's foot, with a lever that lets it wind back and 'hop' forward, and dealing 1d6 damage to human sized beings it falls on, double to dwarves and halflings. It must be piloted to work.

[7] Magic wand containing 2d6 charges of a low level offensive spell. The first round they use it, they accidentally hold it backwards and do nothing until they figure out which end to point.

[8] Repurposed trombone. When you pull back on the lever, it squirts out flammable oil in a cone 15ft ahead of the device. Nearby kobolds throw torches or otherwise try to light it. Kobold using it will probably swallow some of the oil on accident from the backwash, useless for the rest of fight.

[9] Kobold “Knight”. Armored with scrap metal, holding a javeling as a lance, hoisted onto a mule with a crane. They only use a crane because the suit's joints are rusted shut. Surprisingly good rider, can turn on a dime and tries to run people down.

[10] Magic Pillows. Each pillow thrown when hit gives 1d6 'sleep points' to the target. When 6 sleep points are reached the target falls asleep, as though effected by Sleep spell. They'll usually go for the guy in armor first.

[11] Boiling shells. The kobolds mix together chemicals into turtle shells or bowls, then as they start to fizz push them across the floor like a shuffleboard. The shells spurt boiling hot water and steam upwards, dealing 1d4 damage if you're close. They only do this down a long flat corridor.

[12] Nearly indestructible, animated, headless suit of brass armor. It is controlled by whatever kobold is holding a special human skull above their head. If you kill them the next kobold will grab it, and the armor will attack anyone nearby including the kobolds until it is seized again. You can crush the skull to make the armor fall apart, holding the skull can be used to turn the armor as Turn Undead.

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