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5 Kinds of -digo Monsters

 5 Kinds of -digos
For OSR Adventures

WHENdigo – (2 HD, +2 to hit on first round, 2 claw attacks at d6)
AC- 14 on the first round, 10 every other round
Number Appearing- 1 or 2
Morale- 14 on the first round, 8 every other round

Every turn the WHENdigo reverses time on itself, giving it all of its original stats. Hit dice are rerolled and all benefits of 'first round only' are played again. If counterspelled, silenced, or somehow prevented from turning back its time the Wendigo must make a morale check.

WHEREdigo – (2 HD, 2 claw attacks at d6)
AC- 12 + 1d6 to either melee or ranged.
Number Appearing- 1d4+1
Morale- 12

Every round, the WHEREdigo can freely shift around the area it is fighting in. If attacked by melee or ranged weapons, it can choose which one to gain a +1d6 bonus to AC for that round against that type of attack only. It can also strike anyone even if hidden in the back line and can ignore shields.

The WHEREdigo cannot be caught if it flees from battle, it easily disappears.

WHOdigo – (2 HD, 2 claw attacks at d6)
AC- 12
Number Appearing- 1d6
Morale- 14

Every round, the WHOdigo changes appearances with another creature on the battlefield. During the thick of combat, it will be impossible to tell if it is a real person or a WHOdigo you stand besides. WHOdigos are well known for being masters of bluffing; they may keep themselves appearing as monsters so you attack your allies thinking they are actually the WHOdigos in disguise.

These monsters will always surprise the players, appearing as a friendly NPC or different group of monsters before leaping out and attacking.

WHYdigo – 2 HD, 2 claw attacks at d6, 1 philosophic attack that must hit to take effect)
AC- 13
Number Appearing- 1d4+1
Morale- 12

Every round. the WHYdigo may make an attack of philosophy and introspection against a target. The attack must be successful vs AC and the target adds their Wisdom modifier instead of Dexterity modifier to their AC. If the attack is a success, the party member finds little reason to take any action at all and instead is stunned, unable to perform any action for their next round.

WHYdigo tracks seem aimless and random, following them will not lead you to the WHYdigo or their den. WHYdigo dens are areas in space that don't make sense, bigger on inside then the outside.

HOWdigo (2 HD, 2 claw attack at d6 that deal random elemental damage)
AC- 13
Number Appearing- 1d6
Morale- 12

The HOWdigo can, once per battle, perform some impossible feat. Be as toughly armored as plate to bring their AC to 18 for a round, get +6 to hit, deal 1d12 damage for their claw attacks, teleport, possess someone, transform into something else, and so forth. Limits the effects to a 3rd level spell effect or lesser, and each HOWdigo can only do one 'thing' per combat.

The HOWdigo's body is in a constant state of flux, and can often stand on things too soft to support their weight. Their claws shift between boiling hot metal, frozen bits of ice, crackling electric talons and so on with each attack and swing, letting them deal a random element of damage.

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