Monday, September 18, 2017

100 Curios

Roll either d100 or 1d20 for a single category
20 Books, Scrolls, Spellbooks

1 Mummified Hands of a dead queen. A single spell is written on each of her fingernails; impossibly small text.

2 Collection of leaves from around the world, pressed into a book. Most are extinct, and many can be crushed into a powder for alchemy.

3 Child's picturebook Friendly Maroow. Details a friendly monster named Maroow. The monster is real, but is not friendly. He enjoys eating children.

4 Very thick but not wide scroll wrapped around itself over and over like film. You must allow the thing to unwrap and at the end of the trail it explodes as per fireball.

5 Scroll of raise dead. After the zombie is raised it slowly becomes more and more lifelike while the caster becomes more and more lifeless. The wizard who made this scroll is using it to resurrect himself; stealing the life of another.

6 Spellbook written on panes of glass. Extremely fragile. Putting a certain number of pages together in a certain rotation makes the layers of text form a secret, extremely powerful spell.

7 Extremely complicated mathematical treatise. Anyone who reads the whole thing gets a permanent +1 to Intelligence but -1 to Wisdom.

8 Three sided book, can be opened with any of the three corners as the bottom left corner of the book. Each way it is opened is impossibly filled with different pages per rotation.

9 Regular spellbook written on many pieces of paper rolled into scrolls and placed in seperate wooden tubes. It seems the spells don't like each other.

10 Tiny Origami golem. Will deliver messages of whatever is written on its paper but the messages will start getting jumbled up as more notes get put on it.

11 Unusual red paint with an unearthly smell. If smeared on something it will dry and then reveal hidden knowledge on whatever it was written on.

12 Book of the Fine Assortment – Written by fairies or trickster spirits about how best to steal small items from human houses. The book is regular size, and contains hilariously bad advice.

13 Map that looks too detailed in the wrong spots and seems outdated, many towns are in the wrong spot. Burning it causes a road to appear to the nearest town, which vanishes once you leave it.

14 Spellbook containing (1d4+1) 1st and 2nd level spells. It's easy to read and organized nature means anyone can learn these spells, but once memorized and cast they vanish from the book.

15 Terrible jokes. One of the jokes is so bad it reputedly makes people kill themselves out of shame, but the punchline is missing.

16 Spellbook of a goblin wizard. While poorly written and covered in poor pornographic doodles the book is ingeniously enchanted; it can only be read in absolute darkness.

17 Leather bound manuscript with a metal slot on the cover. Feeding it a gold coin will make the book seek out one person of your choice, and will open to a page of your choice. (Where you can write an explosive rune, for example.)

18 Book detailing weather patterns and thunderstorms. Opening the book on a certain page makes the book 'store' that much rain water, only poured out when opened back to that page.

19 Seemingly regular spellbook with three bound mice. Their tails are chained to the book and they keep it free of dust, mites, and bite the hands of rival wizards.

20 Holy book for a nearby clerical institution. Seems normal, except for disturbing alterations on passages and parables, and all the Clerical spells written in the book are of opposite effect and alignment.

20 Treasures & Valuables

21 Small golden ticket that states it is a 50% off coupon at the local merchant's store. It's legit.

22 Blue ruby, green sapphire, red emerald. Anyone who sees these gems will assume the red one is ruby, the blue is the sapphire, etc. Unless proven otherwise.

23 Tapestry woven by skilled artisans; shows picture of the PCs killing them all. You'll need a disguise to sell this.

24 Silver bow with 1d12 golden arrows. The bowstring snaps if drawing it is even attempted.

25 Small bag of silver coins showing the face of a king who has not yet been born.

26 Tribal artifacts; Giraffe skin quiver, lion mane, leopard pelt, and elephant tail. Moderately valuable to civilized folk, but if you bring them to a certain tribe you can buy 4 wives with them.

27 Golden Grain Ark. Filled with wheat grain.

28 1d8 Pepper shakers. Almost priceless in valuable.

29 Shitty iron dagger owned by the attendant of Thermitheisus. Historical scholars will jump at the chance to buy it, but nobody else will value it.

30 Holy relic of high value to the nearest church, but trying to sell it to them for more then a handful of coin will invoke divine wrath.

31 Single slip of paper for a bank bond. It's value is in the thousands of gold, but the bank is on the other side of the planet.

32 Basket filled with 3d6+2 silver coins, each inscribed with the face and name of a different child's doll. Once belonged to a princess.

33 Small pouch made of troll stomach. Can clearly hear the jingling of gold inside, but the problem is getting it out.

34 Rare incense. Not only is the smell exotic, but anyone who smells it will feel no pain as long as it burns. Worth a fortune to royalty suffering to disease and wasting.

35 Pink fur ladies scarf. Naturally pink, from an extremely rare breed of captive fox.

36 Strangely shiny firewood. When burned, the ash contains flakes of gold.

37 The current patrol and station routes of the nearby keep's guards. Could be sold to thieves guild.

38 Block of salt, perfect for preserving food. Priceless commodity.

39 Gem stones set in the skull of an ancient evil. Removing them will wake it up.

40 Tiny wooden carvings depicting servants, cooks, shepards with sheep, chariots, wives, and so on. Only valuable to those who wish to bury themselves with them for the afterlife.

20 Strange Weapons

41 Tiny gnome fellow tied to the end of a long pole. He is armed with a spear and sword. He claims whoever sets him free will be rewarded but refuses to say how.

42 Improvised and low quality weapon like a wholly wooden spear, pitchfork, bent farming scythe, granite club, etc. It is always found in the hands of a great warrior.

43 Bronze Shortsword. It cannot be rusted, and is also immune to corrosion, acid, and can't be magnetically ripped away.

44 Bear trap with a long chain. Within a moment of inspection it seems obvious it is designed to be thrown.

45 Evil Bracelet; anyone who wears this simply copper bracelet will have that arm transform into a hideous monster version of itself. As good as a regular weapon.

46 Silver Sash. If tied around the chest or waist the cloth can animate and act as a third hand, able to pick up weapons and fight with them.

47 Quarterstaff with secret compartments screwed in the top, bottom, and with two more in the middle. Vial of deadly poison is currently stored in one compartment.

48 Club with free sliding iron core inside. Gives more punch with each impact but noisy.

49 Pistols in a pouch. 1D4+1 single use flintlock pistols that fire out not only a bullet but also the firing mechanism as a rocket; cannot be repiared. If your setting has guns these are strange ones made for royalty. If it does not have guns then these are the only guns that exist at all.

50 Bow with a metallic serpent wrapped around it as a stylish decoration. If removed from the bow and placed in warm water or near a fire, the snake will actually wake up.

51 Small dark dagger with bright red grip and handle. If swung it projects the cutting force to the first thing it hits regardless of range.

52 Stone axe with unnerving accuracy and damage, but only if the user is naked.

53 Garroting string. Choking something to death with this replaces your voice with the thing you choked as long as you are touching the string.

54 Wrist mounted crossbow. It actually works, but takes minutes to wind up and uses tiny bolts.

55 Rusted iron chain that glows dimly in the dark. If you hit a ghost; the ghost is stuck to the chain.

56 Bear claw set into a punching dagger. People who see the corpse believe a bear killed the victim.

57 Spear with a red-hot glowing spearhead. The spearhead is actually fire trapped in a physical, solid, constant form. To 'sharpen' the blade, you must set it in fire and feed it. If it breaks it explodes as per fireball.

58 Short blade inside a walking stick, must twist the handle and pull to get it out. The head atop the cane is an eagle.

59 Paper sword. Is tough as iron and sharper then a razor, impossibly light and fast. Any amount of water or fire will ruin it instantly, permanently.

60 Metal axe inscribed with an ancient riddle that nobody has ever solved. Deals double damage against sphinxes.

20 Strange Armors

61 Trashy prostitute dress. If the wearer is attacked by someone who has purchased the services of a prostitute; this armor grants +2 AC

62 White, chalky powder. If you cover your whole body with it and stand still, you turn as hard as stone. Takes a lot of practice to use in combat, has 1d6 uses.

63 Magic shield that absorbs some amount of damage from every attack the user takes, but gives them that damage next time they sleep. This is a terrible nightmare where they fight for their life.

64 Surprisingly practical plate armor that, using a system of straps and special screw plates, can fit someone of almost any size or race.

65 Iron maiden with two holes for arms. Levitates when occupied, almost impenetrable but the user within takes 1d4 damage every round; jumping to 1d6 if they are moving fast or are jostled around.

66 Semi-domesticated strangling ivy. If watered with alcohol it will protect instead of choke.

67 Extremely shiny shield that reflects back light and some spells.

68 Leather arm and shoulder bracers. Any blade that hits you is chipped and damaged.

69 Iron breastplate inscribed with the words 'thou who wears this shall be chosen by the Gods'. It has no effect.

70 Single left gauntlet. Deals double damage whenever you punch someone with it.

71 Turban that unwraps into healing bandages that have a chance to restore damaged attributes. While you wear it it grants +1 to saving throws that would make you lose an attribute if you failed.

72 Mighty Sabatons. Anyone wearing this receives +1 to Strength and Constitution but their feet sink into anything softer then stone or brick.

73 Breastplate made of spent wands, staves, scrolls, and other magical things that have lost since lost their power. When struck has a 1/6 chance to blast the attacker with a random spell effect.

74 Crotch guard made of leather and covered in wool. Your balls are well protected now, but you become irresistible to sheep.

75 Facemask of the Banshee. You get +1 AC but only as long as you scream your head off.

76 Final Belt. If hit by a spell that would otherwise knock off or destroy your clothing and armor, the belt remains. Grants +1 AC

77 Blade-Snare necklace. When someone swings out you with a sharp weapon they cannot retract it after the attack is over though they can still hurt you with this attack, it is stuck by an unseen force. Lasts 2-4 rounds and takes an hour to recharge.

78 Striped Hyena pelt. While in heavy brush you have a +3 AC against ranged attacks and hunter's traps and are harder to track.

79 Gleaming Tiara. Every time you parry a foe or show your martial superiority over them the tiara zaps them with a laser dealing 1 damage.

80 Red Scarf. While wearing the scarf you move with grace granting +1 to AC and +1 to saving throws vs anything involving dexterity or motion. However, you cannot swim.

20 Consumables & Potions

81 Green potion with golden thread. Drinking this potion grants you the ability to speak clearly with anyone suffering the effects of alcohol or other drugs who might otherwise be too slurred to understand. Makes you slur badly.

82 Brown potion with dark flakes. Drinking this potion will make all your body fluids pure water for 1d4 hours. At the end of that time you will be heavily dehydrated.

83 Small purple-red tablet. Dissolving this tablet on your tongue gives you the ability to see blood as bright red; glowing in the dark. Lasts 1d6 hours or until you stare into sunlight.

84 Eating a small wad of this green stuff will let you spit out a tooth hard and fast, dealing d6. You won't necessarily get that tooth back.

85 Carefully wrapped selection of herbs and twigs and leaves. If burnt, gives user a major insight at the cost of several hours and some dignity.

86 Magical Condom. The receiving partner is 100% guaranteed to get pregnant.

87 Sack of bright red apples; 1d8. They never go bad or spoil.

88 Small flecked vial produces a huge cloud of choking and blinding white smoke. Can be refueled if filled up with ash; allowing it to be used again.

89 Salve of pig's fat. If rubbed on your feet they become nearly friction less, letting you slide around effortlessly. Makes affected skin pink.

90 False Diamond, worth nothing on its own. If shattered, releases 2d4 unseen servants who can pick up weapons and fight. Lasts about a day.

91 White potion. Seems to cure disease, but actually just holds off symptoms for a while.

92 Found at the bottom of a canoptic jar, must be injected into the pit of your stomach. Cures your body of all parasites and bloodsuckers forever. Your blood is toxic to vampires.

93 Tiny amount of magic biscuits. Sustain your hunger for days on end, but cause intestinal problems.

94 Silvery fluid potion. If drunk by a lycanthrope it will not cause them to physically transform for the month, but they will still mentally go crazy.

95 Case of 20 tiny potions. Each is a standard, well known potion (such as a healing potion) but is severely weakened. (such as restoring only 1 HP)

96 Small golden stick. If broken in half it turns undead nearby if they can hear the snap.

97 Dull clay orbs. 2d4+1 smoke bombs.

98 Small eternal shard of ice. If thrown into a body of water creates a path you can walk on. If touched without gloves deals 1d4 damage to whoever touched it.

99 Bag of winds. However instead of the predictable strong gust held within this bag, its actually a hailstorm.

100 Pinch of bright yellow dust. If you blow it in someone's face, they will at one point be buried alive. If they live through that is up to fate.

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