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20 Drag N' Drop Monsters

The Trapestrod (6)
 Drag 'N Drop Monsters
For OSR Adventures

Roll d20
(1) Sheepman Fighting-Flock (2HD, +1 to hit & AC, 1d6 spears, gain +1 to hit per other Sheep attacking the same target)
Appearing- 2d6

Reactions Roll (-1 to reaction for each canine or wolf pet in party)
Good- Offer to trade party with fabulous home made wool clothes and sword cozies
Neutral- Cautious of party, bleats to stay away.
Bad- Attacks furiously, believes party is starving for some lambchops.

Sheepmen, while normally at home on the plains and grasslands, sometimes explore dungeons for treasure or to hunt and kill notorious werewolves.

Their leader, cleric sheep who casts 1st and 2nd level cleric spells, wears a golden bell on neck.

(2) Sluggon Goblin-Cultists (stats as goblin, greasy swords d6, immunity to Sluggon slime)
Appearing- 2d6

Reactions Roll (-1 to reaction for every character with high Dex mod or wearing a 'speed' item)
Good- Allow party members to pass, won't be offended if you decline to join their religion.
Neutral- Demands party joins Sluggon cult. Will slime party if they refuse.
Bad- Slimes party to start, will offer party members one chance to convert or die.

The Sluggon cultists are goblins who worship a slug-based deity named Sluggon. Sluggon adores all things slow, slimy, and considers slugs to be the greatest creatures on the planet.

At least one of the goblins is a level 2 MU- but his only spells are Grease (replaced with Slime) and Magic Mouth which just vomits slime.

Sluggon Slime- Slows party initiative and reduces AC and Attack by -2 in it. Save to struggle out.

(3) Longarm Creeper (3 HD, +2 to hit, d6+1 claws damage, can attack from around corners)
Appearing- 1

Ghoulish creature made with extremely long and extended arms. Likes to claws people from around corners, under doorways, through windows, etc. Can sense out of each arm as though it had eyes.

Hitting the actual creeper is not much of a challenge as it has no armor or protection, but usually you will just be facing its arms. Arms alone have +3 AC for being bone thin and black as night. Creeper always attacks children or party members who look like children first.

(4) Blastoceros (3 HD, +2 AC, fires Minor Fireball from its horn each round it faces you)
Appearing- 1

What mad wizard could have possibly created such a thing? It is a Rhinoceros with a horn etched and engraved with arcane symbols; its horn has been changed into a wand of fireballs. (roll Lore or Arcane Knowledge x in 6 chance to notice this if you see the beast before engaging)

The Blastoceros isn't truly in control of its power, but it does try to aim its horn at enemies as much as it can, often not even charging into combat, prefering to blast targets at range.

Additionally, a skilled Mage could learn the Minor Fireball spell from removing and studying the horn and copying it into their spellbook.

Minor Fireball Spell- 2nd Level Evocation
Deals 2d6 fire damage to anyone hit directly. Deals 1d6 fire damage to anyone standing within 15 feet of impact.

(5) Army of Ants (1HD, +2 Attack, -2 AC)
Appearing- 1d4 'Swarms'

Regular sized but vicious purple ants. Each 'swarm' counts as one statblock.
All successful attacks deal exactly 1 damage, except AoE damage spells which deal true damage and the ants cannot save against them.

(6) Trapestrod (2HD, +2 attack, absorbs colors, weak to fire, jumps into paintings and tapestries)
Appearing- 1 or 2

Appear a bit like a dog with hundreds of fabrics and articles of clothing were placed on top of it, wrapped around it, and tied together such that the dog disappeared entirely.

On a successful attack, the Trapestrod 'absorbs' the colors of the victim's clothing and armor, turning armor into bare metal and clothes to simple off-white based colors. The Tapestrod gets +1 to AC each round for 1d6 rounds after absorbing color. It's body appears to have the 'ink' or paint running off of it like blood.

The Trapestrod also has the ability to jump into paintings, tapestries, and pictures inside of books. There it will appear as a regular drawing that moves or changes once ever exploration turn when nobody is watching. The Trapestrod likes to destroy paintings and will 'kill' other characters and destroy objects within them, which are now painted in the original artist's hand and style as though ripped apart by the Trapestrod.

Every exploration turn the Trapestrod spends in a painting or other drawing it regains 1d4 health. Ripping up this page or cutting the Trapestrod in the painting will only make it reappear at another part of the painting next turn. If the painting is burnt the Trapestrod will usually jump out, but will be lit on fire.

Once lit on the fire the Trapestrod takes 1d4 damage per round until it dies, it cannot extinguish itself.

(7) Two Headed Witch (1HD, +1 AC and Attack, casts spells, immune to all attacks or spells that end up dealing exactly 2 damage)
Appearing- 1?

Two Evil Sister-Witches that share the same body. Cast spells like Charm, Ray of Enfeeblement, Acid Arrow, Summon (2nd Level), Burning Hands, etc.
Casts two spells every round, but counts as 2 targets for AoE spells and multiple target attacks.

(8) Small God (4HD, abilities vary, casts spells armed with random 1d10 martial weapon)
Appearing- One
Randomly Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic.

Reactions Roll (+1 if party share Alignment)
Good- Demands party gives up half of the treasure they've found so far, also wants first pick of their magic items and potions.
Neutral- Demands party give up one character or hireling to become the Small God's new priest/wife/whatever.
Bad- Attacks party without warning, calling them Heretics and 'soulless beings'.

Small God either searching the dungeon for magic or monsters to bring under its influence or born of the dungeon; wishes to become a true deity.

The Small God casts Cleric and Magic User spells. If the Small God touches the ground for any reason it loses it's divine spark; -3 HD, loses any health above its new maximum and weeps.

Each Small God has a unique and random Head, Mount, and Color that grants special powers.

Head Roll 1d4
  1. Baby; +2 AC
  2. Eagle; Magically throws one person 1d6 feet per round in any direction.
  3. Shrouded in a White Veil; Takes -2 damage from all spells and magic weapons
  4. Elephant; Extra attack/weapon with trunk

Mount Roll 1d4
  1. Giant Trapestrod; Casts Major Image at will, limited to around itself.
  2. Hot Coals; Immune to Fire
  3. Lotus Flower; Gains vine attack, 1d4
  4. Black Horse; Moves as fast as horse

Color Roll 1d4
  1. Red; +1 to hit and damage
  2. Green; Has two goblin manservants
  3. Blue; +1 to caster level
  4. Purple; Casts Charm on lowest Charisma character in party when combat begins

(9) Dark Doctors (1HD, +2 to damage)
Appearing; 2d4+1

Reactions- (-1 for each diseased or below half health party member)
Good- Gives party members a healing potion, congratulate on good health.
Neutral- Insist on a checkup. Restores +1d6 health and deals -1d4 to random stat. Charge 1d6x10g
Bad- Tries to harvest party members for organs.

Dark Doctors are armed with shiny and cruel medical devices and wear black medical coats. Most also wear a plague doctor or similar mask.

Dark Doctors like to use either archaic medical techniques or pseudo-scientific 'modern' ones. Each doctor carries a tumor, stillborn fetus, weird parasite, or some other gross but thankfully harmless thing in a jar.

(10) Snake Vase Man (2HD, +2 Imitative, d4 curvy dagger, throws snakes out of vase)
Appearing; One

Reactions- (-1 for each Antidote potion party is carrying, he can smell them)
Good- Gives party a snake egg. In 1d4 months of taking care of it it will hatch into a random snake on table below, loyal to first person it sees.
Neutral- Offers to sell party one use poison vials; 20 gold each- save vs poison or die
Bad- Hisses at Party and warns them to stay away. First person that laughs gets a black mamba thrown at them.

Each turn has a 50/50 chance of attacking or pulling another snake from his vase.
Snake Vase 1d6
  1. Spitting Cobra; Target gets -1d4 to next attack roll due to blinding venom
  2. Rust Snake; d4 non-poison bite. It's blood causes non-magic weapons to rust.
  3. Toothy Snake; d6 bite, no venom
  4. Snow Snake; d4 per round chilling venom, lasts d4 rounds. Immune to cold damage.
  5. Jumping Snake; +2 to hit, d4 per round poison that lasts d4 rounds.
  6. Black Mamba; save vs poison or die
(11) Planar Tourists (1HD, d6 metal rods)
Appearing; 1d8+3

Reactions- (+1 for each party member dressed in yellow clothing or with blond hair)
Good- Offer to buy worthless souvenirs from the party for little nuggets of silver.
Neutral- Babble on about how fun and cool party's campaign setting is in strange accents.
Bad- Tour Guide commands them to raise batons; the party is hostile wildlife!

Gaunt blue skinned people from another dimension. Thin skin; females of their species wear midriff revealing clothes and you can see their intestines.

The tallest one is the leader, a tour guide, and has +1 HD and attacks with a crossbow that fires electric bolts, dealing d8 damage each; stuns on a roll of 8. This weapon works in the party's hands but can only use the special electric rods.

Each one of them wears a silver ring on their right hand. If ring is removed from finger or finger/hand is removed from their body they instantly explode or melt into blue goo, 50/50 chance of either.

Each Ring counts as a ¼ Ring of Protection From Elements. Wearing four of them counts as having that spell on constantly. They need it to survive even our most mild atmosphere.

(12) Soot Things (2 HD, 2 attacks deal d4 ash whips, damage charisma on death)
Appearing; 1d4+1

Cruel little bastard creatures made of ash and soot. Tend to hide inside of long cold fireplaces and chimneys, attack any race who has used or benefited from fire before. While this applies to all playable races and beings they do prefer to attack Druids and elves last, as though in respect.

Upon death, the Soot Thing explodes into a cloud of fine, dark, staining black soot. Save or have your skin discolored so bad not even washing gets it out. -1d4 Charisma.

(13) Creature of Map-Mischief (1HD, +2 AC, invisible, trouble maker)
Appearing; One

This creature wishes nothing but mischief upon anyone it comes across. It stalks adventurers and waits for them to bring out their maps. It gets behind any map-readers and memorizes their map fully, sometimes they can hear breathing when the creature does this.

Once the creature has memorized the map, it uses magic to change the real world to no longer reflect their map. Hallways shift or flip position, up and down stairs swap or skip floors. Dangerous traps labeled on maps get switched into different rooms or altered.

Typically this creature will leave the party and change the floor it is on once its gotten enough information from them- so even as the party explores deeper the map-monster will be manipulating an upper floor, giving them something new and different to deal with when they return.

If caught, the monster will no longer be invisble and appears as a naked man with parchment-like skin and black inky hands.

(14) Skullbacks (1HD, d4 claws, throws magic skull projectiles at out of reach targets)
Appearing; 1d6
Can be turned as an undead.

Black, dripping zombie like creatures with dozens of skulls sunk into their broad and distended backs. Every round a skull will loosen itself from the Skullback's body and fly at far off or out of reach enemies.

It is easy to block against the skull with any shield or knock it out of the air with a regular weapon, but if they hit they deal d4 damage.

They also attack nearby targets with their claws. Upon death 1d4 skulls raise up and seek out the Skullback's killer.

(15) Wizard Rope (1HD, +2 AC, deals d4 whip damage or d8 constriction damage)
Appearing; 1d4+1

Rope enchanted to act as though alive. Animated with magic, but also has developed an unnatural malevolence. The rope attempts to whip people for d4 damage or constrict them, dealing d8 damage each turn if target fails a save to escape or fight off its grasp.

Ropes disguise themselves in plain sight, and are not above being picked up by party members and used as typical adventuring rope until the time to strike comes.

(16) Tile Anthroid (2HD, +1 AC, two attacks, duel knives d4, hidden until attacks)
Appearing; 1d4

Tall and lanky creature, human shaped but bug chitin skin and mandible face. Top of head is shaped exactly square like a tile that fits in with the floor of the room it hides in. Crawls up when stepped upon or hears intruders above.

Anthroids are bug-like humanoids who hate normal races, are intelligent but cannot make a reaction roll with them.

(17) Brown Gargantua (3HD, +2 to hit, d6 brute arms, releases spores)
Appearing; 1 or 2

The Brown Gargantua is both the name of the creature and the giant brown toadstool fungus on its back. It appears as like a sloth, with a long but weak mouth that it doesn't use to attack, preferring to use its gorilla-like arms to attack people.

The mushroom on its back releases spores each round. Save vs disease or lose your next turn. This happens every turn you stand close enough to the creature, but each time you lose a turn you get +2 to your next save until you become immune to it.

The Gargantua likes to attack stunned people first, smashing them with huge fists.

(18) Black Chanters (1HD, orates evil spells)
Appearing; 1d6

Reactions- (+1 for each Cursed Party member)
Good- Remain totally Silent.
Neutral- Whisper dark warnings at the party, demands they leave area or else.
Bad- Chants as loud as possible- begins combat.

While they wield no weapons, the black chanters appear as humans and other common races with black throats and lips. Their voice are gravely and evil, each word spoken is spit out as though horrible and scathing.

Each combat round, Chanters randomly chant;
  1. Devil Chant- 25% chance that a party member will accidentally attack an ally
  2. Power Chant- Another chanter deals an extra 1d4 damage next time it chants
  3. Killing Chant- Deals 1d6 damage, no save
  4. Protection Chant- Blocks 2d4 damage from the next single attack or spell the party uses regardless of target
  5. Flying Chant- Black Chanter raises into the air, avoiding melee attacks
  6. Shrieking Chant- 25% chance that a random encounter will be drawn to the battle. Max of one.

(19) Woven Warriors (1HD, +1 HP, +1 to hit and AC, 1d6 clubs and spears, weak to fire)
Appearing; 3d6

Animated golems made of fabric, ropes, cloth and stuffing. Each one is painted a different color along the chest and arms, giving them a unique look and individuality.

The Woven ones tend to attack in unison, their bodies are capable of flattening to go under doors and walls, but strong gusts of wind can push them away such as from a spell or magic fan.

They take double damage from all sources of fire and fail all their combat-based saves. They visibly shake in fear in front of anyone with a sword or axe weapons.

(20) Great Claw (3HD, d10 claw attack, huge, those killed by claw become 1HD zombies)
Appearing 1 with 1d4 'Handlers'

Reactions- (-1 per day party has been in dungeon or area)
Good- Handlers keep control of the Great Claw
Neutral- Warn party to stay away, Great Claw breaks free in 1d6 rounds
Bad- It was a trick; handlers already zombified

The Great Claw is a hulking beast with only one long arm with a giant, faintly glowing claw. Anyone killed by this claw is instantly raised as a 1HD zombie obedient to the Great Claw. Zombies have no special powers and only have to hit and AC bonuses from equipment. These zombies can be turned easily, +1 to turning rolls against them.

The 'Handlers' are normal humans or dwarves with long chains trying to keep control of the Great Claw, but its become very aggressive and is trying to break free.

Extra Loot Table
Roll 1d8

[1] Conch shell, painted gold. Scrapped off its enough to be worth 1d4 gold coins.
[2] Marble Statuette of creature. Sold to the right collector, worth extra gold.
[3] Silk cloth, stitched prayer of random language
[4] Clay Disk, if broken deals 1d6 damage to all constructs and animated objects
[5] Vellum Scroll- Minor altered version of common spell (example; Acid Magic Missile)
[6] Rare Alchemical Ingredient.
[7] Bottle of Rare Wine. Heals 1d4 HP.
[8] Glass Eye. If inserted into empty eye socket functions as well as a normal eye.

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