Tuesday, June 5, 2018

WASTED- 20 Deep Cooler Hangovers

These powerful bottles of Booze can only be found in deeper levels of the Cooler. If the first time a Waster drinks Booze is one of these Deep-Cooler Boozes, they receive one of these powers; all further drinks of regular Booze roll on the normal subsequent Hangover table. If the Waster already had a regular power, but drinks a Deep Cooler Booze, they roll on the normal subsequent Hangover table but double the result.

20 Deep Cooler Hangovers
[1] Pabst Polyglot
You can fluently speak both the Enchanted Tongue (Spanish) and the Heartless Tongue (Korean). If you hold a coat-hanger up to your ear, you can make out the transmissions of nearby robots. By sniffing the air, you can identify chemical markers left by mutated animals. You count as having +3 Tinker when hacking computers. Finally, you can roll a reaction check to attempt to imitate the voice of someone else, the moaning of a Rottyman, or the harsh barks of a Spewman and on a good result you can fool someone into thinking that's what you are.

[2] Bloody Mary
Take a flask full of warm blood and hold it in your hands. You can transform it into a Flask of alcohol with a positive buzz effect of your choice. You can use this power once per Cooler run/day.

[3] Millionaire Moonshine
You wake up from getting this WASTED with your pockets and pack stuffed with 3 ply toilet paper. You're filthy rich; gain +1,000,000 TP.

[4] Tuning Fork Tepache
Your body can act as a tuning fork and create very loud reverberations and vibrations as an innate ability. Once per Cooler floor/overworld encounter, you may do one of these-
  • Shatter a melee weapon that doesn't have a positive quirk; either on hit or when hit.
  • Destroy and reduce an enemy's armor by -3 on a successful melee hit or touch
  • Break open a locked door by holding your hand against it and focusing
  • Supersonic scream that drives away mutated animals; too high pitched for humans.

[5] Spiked Fruit Punch
You can empower a single extremely powerful punch with radiation power. This turns your fist bright green and glowing with power as you swing it. The punch deals 3d6 damage to a single enemy and can be used once per Cooler run/day.

[6] Vigilant Vodka
You can alert yourself to wakefulness even when asleep, and all enemies have -3 Stealth if they try to sneak past or stealth attack you. You gain +3 Oblit. for remote mines and other explosive traps. You can also set up a weapon-trap with one weapon of any type and minimal scrap materials.

[7] Metallic Mead
By concentrating for a combat round, you can turn your body slightly metallic which gives you +3 armor against all attacks, but you always go last in the initiative order. If you concentrate again you become unable to move or attack, but gain +6 armor until you choose to come out of it.

[8] Wishing Wine
Once per Cooler run/day, you can wish for a minor item of 250 TP value or less to suddenly appear in your hands. Items that come in stacks can also be wished for in stacks, as long as the stack is less then 250 TP in value. You can also use this power to wish for a minor helpful coincidence, or to deal 2d6 damage to one enemy.

[9] Sword-Sangria
Gain +2 Hit. You may conjure forth a sword at any time as long as both your hands are free. It counts as a melee weapon with all positive quirks. If the sword is destroyed or ripped from your hands, you will take 1 damage, but it can be summoned again after this Cooler run/day passes.

[10] Battery Bock
Your body is infused with electricity and you can fire any energy weapon at the cost of 1 HP. You can also shock enemies to stun them and can absorb a full battery of 20 energy units to restore 1 HP. You can also power most standard items that require batteries, such as electronic doors, flashlights, discjoys, and so on without draining any HP.

[11] Klepto Kumis
Gain +2 Sneak. Whenever you pickpocket enemies, you can add your Sneak score and jam up their weapon for that many rounds. You can also slip them an explosive, which will only explode when they violate a 'rule' you set when you place the explosive. Such as “when they exit this room” or “when they notice us”.

[12] Super Duper Stout
You restore +1d6 hit points every time you drink alcohol.

[13] Lucky Liquor
Once per Cooler Floor, you can declare your next attack will be a 'crit'. It deals double damage.

[14] Mentalist Margarita
Gain +3 Tinker. If you concentrate on someone, you can detect some of their thoughts and what faction they belong to, but their secrets will be locked away in a more protected part of their mind. This concentration also gives those who it targets a subtle itch or tic. Most leaders of the various factions and powerful merchants will probably have trained to detect when they are having their mind read.

[15] Absolute Absinthe
Roll four times on the subsequent Hangover table. You gain all of those bonuses, permanently.

[16] Canine Cognac
By giving a treat or Rubber Ducky to a Mutamutt, you can befriend it and have it follow and fight for you. There is no limit on how many dogs you can attract and command, but dogs require food and many dogs will be too noisy to safely take into a Cooler without attracting all of the enemy's within.

[17] Blackmail Bourbon
You wake up from being WASTED with a strange knowledge in your head; you know a terrible, life ruining secret about the leader of one of the main factions of the Western Wastes. Roll on the backgrounds table to see which faction your secret belongs to.

[18] Shooter's Screwdriver
Gain +2 Shoot. Once per Cooler Run/day you can strategically ricochet your bullets off walls and objects to shoot around corners, cut ropes, and do other amazing feats.

[19] Russian Mule
You can now wear 6 fanny packs at once and can carry twice as much.

[20] Bath-Bud
You have this strange, almost irresistible urge to bathe. As one of the only people in the Western Wastes to do this, you get +2 to all reaction checks and are easily considered a 10/10 in terms of attraction to potential sexual partners. Also, taking a bath in semi-clean water lets you purge your body of a negative buzz effect of your choice.

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