Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Garden- 20 Alien Drugs

[1] Xalian Eye Drops
Only work on Xalians, in which case they grant a feeling of euphoria and make everyone and everything the Xalian sees look more colorful, friendlier, and more beautiful. If someone other then a Xalian takes one, causes the eyes to pop out of their skull and the empty eye sockets to leak blue fluid like a faucet until they die of dehydration within 1d4 hours.

[2] Bottled Smoke
Created by trapping smoke from naturally occurring bonfires on an alien world. The smoke within must be released underneath your nostrils and breathed in. Makes your entire trachea an erogenous zone, making each breath pleasurable.

[3] Raka Spine-Sticks
Inserted into the spine and other vital points similar to acupuncture. Causes relaxation, improved flexibility, and slight liquefaction of body tissues and bones, letting users squeeze into tighter places then normal and take -1 damage from blunt weapons and fists. Repeated use leads to internal organs moving around and losing form.

[4] Illuminated Dust
Bright white dust that glows whenever it moves. If mixed into water it creates a nicely glowing lamp. If this glowing water is drunk, causes some stomach aches followed by flashes of insight and an increase of intelligence, along with a soft glow and pleasurable glow from inside the user's bladder. Lasts for as long as they can hold it.

[5] Glove of Ceaseless Pleasures
Scaled glove with unique texture from a world with a unique leather made from the skin of a worm-leaf. If a special lotion is applied to this glove AND THEN on the skin, creates a very pleasurable sensation and increase in sensitivity. Feelings of good health and warmth from all touched areas.
Once the glove runs out of lotion you can buy more of it separately, the glove is not used up from a rubdown session.

[6] Magic Sau
Chocolate-like substance shaped after a celebrity named 'Sau' from their world. Tastes a little sweet but with a bitter aftertaste. Ingesting some makes you see outdoor areas as looking wild and free, a wild river runs nearby, and the sky is always a beautiful sunset until it wears off. Often used by landscape painters for inspiration.

[7] Feel-Good Batteries
Batteries filled with an addictive electrical charge. Casual users lick the diodes, more hardcore users use jumper cables on their nipples and connect them to the battery. The jolt of electricity feels like it “stays” in the nerves and feels very good for a few seconds after getting shocked. Batteries have many charges and can be used over and over before losing power. Will eventually fry your nerves and inhibit fine motor control.

[8] Dragon Dance Powder
This powder is either snorted or twice as much is eaten to get the effects. During the drug's duration, the user feels invulnerable, powerful, confident, and extremely coordinated. However, they are compelled by a very strong urge to dance- the higher the dose the longer and harder the user dances for, eventually sweating it out. All attempts to use this drug as a battlefield weapon or to remove the dancing compulsion have failed. Those who take too much may die of exhaustion from extended intense dancing.

[9] Jooki Berries
Tiny white berries with addictive juice. Drinking the juice grants mental clarity and removes -1d4 psychic stress per bottle, but on any roll of 4 you become addicted to the juice and cannot lose stress without it. Withdrawl symptoms cause random psychic outlash and power usage, even non-psychics have weird things happen around them.

[10] Skintint Powder
White powdery substance used in makeup kits, a common drug for young women in Garden. Using the drug enhances the colors of the face or other applied areas. Addicts suffer from very low self esteem without the powder and facial peeling.

[11] Betsy Batter
Special batter used to fry meat. Fried Meats made with this batter are extra delicious and fattening. Each ration consumed made by this batter counts as 3 times as more filling, but the user also gains +1d6 pounds.

[12] Addictive Flame
Fire that burns slower then normal fire, but is enjoyable to feel on your skin. Still hurts you like normal flame. Burns with a whitish glow, kept alive constantly by being fed tinder and fur in small aired boxes for trading.

[13] Sch'Scitalr Energy Rings
Rings placed on your fingers, toes, tail, or other digits that give a pleasing energy pulse to the user to keep them active and focused. Described as caffeine without the crash. The Rings lose their charge over 3 days. Users find that after a few weeks of using the Rings they are lethargic and unable to be focused without them. Hardcore addicts of the rings will stack several on each finger or other protrusion to try and keep their energy levels up.

[14] Chattertooth
Very cold ice farmed from a glacier far up river from Garden- not from offworld. Each trip is exceedingly dangerous. Small bits of ice are held in the user's mouth, which lowers their body temperature to very cold. To some races it's an incredible thrill or even a way to calm down their normally hot body temperature, but to humans and many aliens it's just a way to get hypothermia.

[15] Spectral Bean
Psychedelic bean that makes the entire user's body glow random bright lights upon ingestion. Also gives hallucinations and feelings of euphoria. Those with psychic abilities are said to be able to astral-project while under the bean's effects, but have to risk overdosing to be able to project themselves more then a few feet from their body.

[16] Bogo Tablets
Fizzy tablets that are mixed in with liquids and drank to produce muscle relaxation and warmth.
They're called “Bogo” because they are always sold in two conjoined halves, each half being a single dose for a regular sized being. “Buy one, get one free”. Used common as a muscle relaxant, and also an unfortunately popular date rape drug.

[17] The Drug of Names
Considered a “hard” drug that must be injected. The user feels a sense of interconnection with all beings and automatically knows the most common names and nicknames of anyone they see. They blurt out these names when prompted; and the drug has found incredible usefulness identifying spies and gang bosses. However the drug has very negative effects on the user, including withdrawal amnesia, cataracts, and forgetting their own name.

[18] Losso Crystal
By crushing up and ingesting this crystal, users can find their muscles getting stronger and faster; adds +1 to strength/body and agility for three days after use. Continual use grows crystal in the user's muscles, which causes pain while moving unless MORE crystal is ingested.

[19] Wormy Jr.
This drug is administered via allowing a parasitic worm to enter the subjects ear canal. While it is within, the worm can speak to the subject and shed light on the memories and thoughts of other subjects as well as people in Garden in general, but an assistant must be present to pull out the worm before it consumes the host subject's brain. Wormy Jr. is a psychic phenomenon which can persist a few days after being extracted from the subject's brain. The “original” wormy was killed for not respecting its hosts enough.

[20] Clown Spritz
Spray used on the back of the tongue to improve charima and reaction checks by +1 during its effect. Also gives a great immunity to practical jokes and the ability to pull them off flawlessly. Overuse of the drug leads to enlarged feet, a large red nose sprouting, pale skin, depression, and an inability to communicate without honking. Largely considered to be an urban legend.

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